Bones - SunnyDay Lyrics

For me there ain't no finish, I get it then I replenish
I get up and I go get it while you sitting in the dirt like
How he do that? Bones, why you do that?
Always high, never hiding
That knife, it hop off my body
I let it fly if you doubt it
It will add some miles to your mileage, I make it go
But you knew that, but you knew that
It's the graveyard legend, they say that they independent
But they went and hired suits for business, booking, etcetera
It's the ultimate contradiction, I love how they got conviction
Result of false belief in self, it's time to hem up their britches
They swear that they're something different
It's time to hold up the mirror

Let them see what there really is, what there really is
Let them see what there really is, what there really is

Blunts in the backyard
(Sunny day, sunny day, sunny day)
Blunts in the backyard
(Sunny day, sunny day, sunny day)
Blunts in the backyard
(Sunny day, sunny day, sunny day)

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Bones SunnyDay Comments
  1. Peyton Schmidt


    SunnyDay SunnyDay SunnyDay

  2. Valera Tutu

    Костян пиздатый

  3. HeartUnderBlade

    Костян ебашит по максималочке

  4. maletinha

    homem da minha vida fodase

  5. Ян Ian Вишицкий Vishitskii

    My life falls to the Earth and crashes like an airplane in the SunnyDay

  6. 蕭條傷心

    if you didnt broke ur neck with this one, fuck you listened it wrong

  7. Brook Fallz

    Flip that mane baby

  8. Brook Fallz


  9. Travis Balog

    Kinda wish he rapped on the beat before it switched up...

  10. Duane Kroneck


  11. Dmitry Ilichev


  12. MinecraftFun 1300

    Единственный минус этого трека—это его длительность

  13. Carmen Robles

    Graveyard concrete jungle street were dreams are made from

  14. Thomas Townsend

    How you do that bones ?

  15. Джон Джонс

    Вот Костян это Топ , ни то что ваши Тимати и Гуфы (блевотены)

  16. dog

    porros en el patio

  17. gustavo hipolito

    DeathweedSquad São Mateus here.

  18. càleb darkunlocked


  19. Briar Babcock

    Listening to this on a very sunny Michigan day. Sesh

  20. HyperZ

    Bones has a awesome voice

  21. Дота Даун


  22. Nitsua Eezeoh

    Nothing is as hard as that drop idc

  23. Ghh Ghhh

    Underground 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  24. xlGraveyardairsoftlx

    Team sesh u have to get up two a million in at least one ☝️ year. U guys deserve it lol

  25. Preston Sasso


  26. Preston Sasso


  27. Дарья Степаненко

    борщ ин зе бек ярд

  28. FiKus

    Ссаный день, ссаный день, ссаный день.

  29. Gunis _Alex

    From these words it all began

  30. chefecan Blazeit

    bones: blunts in the back (pirate noise)


    лайкните чтобы американцы подумали типо я что-то крутое написал

  32. Nicolas

    144p and become a old school.

  33. Dylan Adkins

    376 people need to exit the gene pool

  34. Caio Marcos


  35. Антон Васильев

    борщ in a dead boy

  36. Gustavo Henrique Duarte #paunosubaru

    rei dos bacon

  37. MusicAddictz __

    So deep...

  38. Newslap

    sunny day sunny day sunny day

  39. Dylan Irv

    SESH 2019!

  40. Kenvano Blockplotnikov

    Russian SESH

  41. Hrshe

    "Sunny day sunny day"

  42. Keith Kinsinger

    Anyone notice the Alan Jackson shirt?:) Hah

  43. Sonny Shenanigans

    Hype 🌞🤟

  44. Gta females

    I been listening to bones for 3 years and now I’m 15😂


    Man this beat is still out worldly

  46. Thunder Kidd

    Шатаут hool

  47. João Vitor

    Vim pelo Rei dos bacon


    посмотрите на этот ритм, для костей, пожалуйста

  48. Мыкола Парасюк

    Верните мне мой 2017

  49. P3tk0_

    B l u n t s I n T h e B a c k y a r d

  50. Preston Sasso


  51. Sandeep Christadoss

    blunts that look like chris travis penis

  52. Sandeep Christadoss

    blunts in a cops yard

  53. Sandeep Christadoss

    blunts in my dead grandma

  54. Sandeep Christadoss

    blunts in a 7 year old girl

  55. Sandeep Christadoss

    blunts in my asshole

  56. Sus Juice

    The production is fuckin nuts!

  57. Zeus Production

    Сеш сука качает

  58. chubs mcgee

    This is sick as fuck but it seems like the bass is choppy it might just be stupid high frequency tones tho I love the intro tho it's eeri 😎

  59. Infierno Terrestre

    Vídeos parecen de la deep web👌👽

  60. Vulgo Tarso


  61. Бэрон

    Бедный Костя,никак свет не может починить.

  62. Sandeep Christadoss

    this one gets me super wet

  63. Scare Crow

    1.25x 🔥

  64. nayden

    i listen to the UNRENDERED album EVERYTIME i go to school and i always replay this song atleast 3 times, shits fire

  65. Эдуард Костин

  66. ATT0sToJI Dan9I


  67. Karl Drabsch

    If Bones name was actually Beyonce, this is what it would sound like.

  68. Max Usmanov

    Санный день

  69. Disarray 11830

    How does this only have 1 mil views, it's one of BONES's best songs

  70. octube


  71. Alexis MM

    Deep Columbine aesthetic

  72. Metalhead

    1:47 👌👌👌

  73. ghhh hh

    1M SESH

  74. BylemTu

    1 000 018 th

  75. Efro

    So creative and dope I love it.

  76. Sara Shelly

    Why do all of Bone's music videos look like some type of snuff film? lol

  77. [VHS] Pirate Crack

    that's Hi8 ?

  78. illenys

    Intro is so fucking great

  79. K Y L O

    damn it's already been a year..

  80. Dmitry

    one year #sesh

  81. Matheus Marques

    0:54 when you're crying and somebody calls your name

  82. 12421452142

    1:12 drew is that you behind bones xD

  83. Kayon

    i liked,_,

  84. Júlia Vitória

    Que Deus proteja todos nós fãs de Bones e que eles não se tornem muito conhecidos pra não atrair modinhas, amém

    Jose Delapaz

    Júlia Vitória you got nice titties

    Júlia Vitória

    Jose Delapaz ❤

  85. Jon


  86. Neybeatz

    This shit is fire as fuck

  87. aquawater


  88. mary_ Queen

    Просто лаааав эту песню🖤🖤🖤

  89. Tyler Eastburn

    Bones and ghostemane would be partners in a school shooting

  90. lamont lyles

    Team sesh or no sunny days for you..