Bones - If You Had A Zune I Hate You Lyrics

[Spooky Black:]
Memories of you, they start to fade
Only see your shade when I'm in the rain
I want to be your voice, baby, once again
Want to see your face before the end
Always in the back of my mind
If you were here I'd still be alive
When will you realize
Just another teen suicide
Close my eyes, I'm going cold
Die young, never growing old
I'm losin' my fuckin' hope
All these blunts and they're gettin' rolled

I'm waitin' by the water
I'm floatin' on my back
I'm hopin' that you're ok
All I need to know is that
You're ok when I'm miles away from you
All I dream about is seeing the face of you

The rain hits the window
And it falls like knife
Lying in my sheets
With you, with knife

Hey, I know we're all iPod friendly and stuff
But do you guys have a plug for my Zune?

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Bones If You Had A Zune I Hate You Comments
  1. angel portal

    I Remember listening to this shit when i was like 15 just being sad and confused and smoking too much weed

  2. Necro Mushroom

    My shit was real for you.... I cant believe you really couldnt see it....

  3. Joe

    Listened to this in highschool 5 years ago. Still come back to it

  4. RP Bandz


  5. Brendan Anderson

    Remember when spooky and bones had music videos

  6. Wotan Mit Uns

    Bluntsfromthecrypt has bones best songs

  7. Blonded

    Bones ruined the song

    Wotan Mit Uns

    Maybe by screaming ye

  8. James King jr

    Lol fym the zone was dope af , bones is stupid for that lol

  9. John Granados

    Still fire🔥

  10. Josue Luna

    It’s 2019 and this hoe still a banger

  11. Shyann Martinez

    Brings me back my teenage memories

  12. Lukas Williams

    Wasnt bones more the feature lol

  13. Dylan Adkins

    92 people need to exit the gene pool.

  14. Oleg Titkov

    My warmest greetings from Russia.
    Gosh that song is a dope

  15. Sailor SadGirl

    The rain hits the window, and it falls like night,
    Lying in my sheets with you, with me

  16. Zombie Clown

    This is bada$$

  17. Stephanie Meteer

    Spoopy black 🤭

  18. Allexis French

    i had a zune 🤷‍♀️

  19. OOF559

    2016 winter memories I remember waiting for mafia 3 to download on my ps4 and I always played this fucking song 🔥😭

  20. fadead

    this is the first song that put me on to both spook and bones. still my favorite 😭

  21. massiv pp man xddd

    hey i know we're all iPod friendly and stuff
    but do you guys have a plug for my zune

  22. SaadBoiis T.V

    2019 and this shit STILL SLAPS

  23. dylie Burrito

    I still use my zune...guess you've alienated your audience

    DreadPirate Mystic


  24. Preston Sasso


  25. Preston Sasso


  26. DIYyourWorld

    Dang it’s been almost 5 years since I listened to this . I’m getting old 😬

  27. izzy dizzy

    We still waiting on more spook and bones

  28. Gared Tuttle .

    I like Corbins new voice, but a little bit of this singing style brought back from time to time would be nice.

  29. Dre Babe


  30. Yung Pest


  31. Diablo A.

    Spooky black - IFYOUHADZUNESIHATEYOU ft.(bones)*

  32. Noah Heath

    Whoa bones went stupid hard at the end.

  33. susie bond

    greatest combo ever

  34. Ghost K

    Some please make an instrumental

  35. Miranda Rightz

    Was I the only one crying while singing spookys verse? I guess I’m going thru a mid life crisis lmaoooo

  36. Sour Lemon


  37. Yung Chief

    Jus found this wtf

  38. Josue Luna

    Bro this song is like them songs you be lookin out your window at night just starin at the moon and jammin out

  39. intermy

    Bringing this shit into 2019

  40. Shawn Williams

    Bouta be 5 yrs 😪🤭🖤🤕

  41. Raccoons lay Eggs

    D A N G thats nice

  42. Κύριλλος

    I hate sleeping 4 hours


    Yea 3 hrs of sleep. I hate highschool

  43. 으앵앵

    Shit, the playlist says "Stonercore" so I thought it was stoner rock and hardcore punk mixed together. It's not like I hate hip-hop or anything, but this song is mediocre.

    Xx_Minecraft Gang_xX

    Stonercore would be cool, hearing 10 minute long metal riffs with a heavy drum beat

  44. theoldschooldon

    Die Young ,never growing old

  45. Hikari


  46. Slenderbot

    Bones & Corbin have to work again this collab is legendary

  47. Alya

    nobody was ready to appreciate this-

  48. -AquaLoud-

    Back when i used to listen to this stuff.

  49. Amityvilll

    Damn sounds like a song you’d listen in your car alone throwing away blunts

  50. Amityvilll

    Damn sounds like a song you’d listen in your car alone throwing away blunts

  51. Thiago Patrick

    Bones monstrao

  52. First Name Last Name

    Anybody have the instrumental

  53. Brandon Sinha

    Do another collab! @Corbin x @bones

  54. Erik

    Does anyone have a plug for my zune?

  55. yoitszig

    Still the best

  56. NINA

    spookys voice omgggg sing me to sleep pls


    2018 still my bleeding heart anthem <3 long live TRILLPHONK

  58. Corbin Bowman


  59. Dylan Duval

    Serious joji vibes here

  60. Hell Boy

    "Just another teen suicide" sad songs are my absolute favorite

  61. Edge Jones

    Close my eyes I'm going cold die young never growing old

  62. halu cynik

    I want to be your voice baby once again
    want to see your face before the end

  63. Joshua Navarro

    The rain hits the window and it falls like night
    Lying in my sheets with you, with me.

  64. L-STORM The MC

    I visualized that guy from that "You gotta problem bitch!" video screaming towards the end of this song👀

  65. PearItUp4

    Bones looks like that girl that crawled out of the tv in The Ring

  66. A v a

    I’ve never ever been able to get tired of this song



  68. Erika Rodriguez

    So good, almost too good..

  69. Sotera Longoria

    I love this song ! ❤️

  70. slattgotit

    memories ❤️🖤

  71. OG Wax

    Something You Play While Thinking About Her

  72. Dmac

    I listen to this so much

  73. spooky lean

    still bumping

  74. Jair Caballero

    2018 and still bumping

  75. Electroventure

    BONES don't ever make a mistake

  76. Jd Scott

    Love this joint

  77. Vlad Magma

    damn this takes me back to a simpler time....

  78. Dominic Sardina

    Listening to this on my zune

  79. Michael krusleski

    Still bump this today

  80. joe johnson

    Perfect duo 🔥

  81. Goofy Goober




  83. KICK ASS

    I want to listen to this song while I die

  84. Erebus

    High key made me cry. I have so many memories to this song on top of its lyrics. ugh



  85. VC Cowboy

    I miss Kaimana so much : (

  86. Kuzz

    this song crazy good still