Bones - Holland Lyrics

I swore on everything, I would never let you fall
So when you died, I did too
Part of me left that day in June
Couple months later, got that call I was dreading
I couldn't sleep all week

We were just about to get you a ticket, get you out of that town
Who would've thought that this would happen right now?
Your son looks just like you
It's hard for me to compute
You said we would see this through
But it was just me and you
First time I saw your mother after that
She gave me your ashes and a small bone necklace

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Bones Holland Comments
  1. Stryker505

    Reminds me of American Football

    Vlad Mihalca

    yes because it's sampled

  2. Yo'shiyah

    Random, but if you listen to "Bubble Blower" by the producer Alchemist right after this song it matches the feel perfectly

  3. BlueWonders.


  4. Seshinz

    S E S H

  5. dead again

    this is the best song i have ever heard

  6. 7.3L

    Makes me think of my dead grandparents but I’m happy they’re with our Creator now

  7. Lucien Anwar-Smith

    Best bones ever

  8. Lucien Anwar-Smith

    Best song



  10. Huff 23

    American football sample?


    TH 23 yes, The summer ends