Bones - Eiffel65 Lyrics

Eiffel 65, baby I'm blue
Had a dream, that I woke up in my tomb
And I was happy, like for once, I wasn't doomed
Then I came to, and knew it wasn't true
But look at me and know I do not fuck with you
Keep that tool, up in my fruit of the loom
Like Lil O, back back, give me room
In this rat race, I would rather lose
Than be like you, than be like you
I would take my life, if I woke up in your shoes
I'd be a due, it's so upsetting
They can need materials, you will quiet, make you better

Eiffel 65, baby I'm a zoo
I don't [?], still that fresh pressed juice
Knock him off, and give SESH the best news
You wouldn't believe what happened even if I told you
There was blood up on the floor, there was mud up on my boots
Took a trek through the woods, just to show 'em how we do
We too deep, when we move
PP3 coming soon
Red dot, like I'm recording
Aim it at you, then I zoom
Freeze frame your life
Wish you could rewind
Eject you from the game, we just living to die
Bloodshot my eyes, I tell no lies
The day I go, stay tune and watch the dead man rise

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Bones Eiffel65 Comments
  1. lucas soares

    God music date in released official vídeo?

  2. By prouting

    Im blue

    Will Adams

    If I was green I would die


    Will Adams EPIC

    Will Adams

    @Jammers very epic


    Will Adams I eat ass


    By prouting il retire sa capote issou

  3. Slime Ball

    This nigga been the goat

  4. Click

    "Thinking the materials you acquire make you better"

  5. Naasir Ali

    “PP3 coming soon”

  6. Garl Gamp 237 doom

    im bloo

    Will Adams

    If I was green I would die


    PP3 coming soon!!!!! Awe shit

  8. Rahul Gomes

    Why tf is Bones so underrated


    Rulio he’s a millionaire I don’t think that’s too underrated 💯💯 plus he never wanted too blow up big

  9. Ergot God

    This tape reminds me of the Garbage/Skinny/Rotten era in the best way possible. It's futuristic. Idk how he does it but he is always one step ahead of the game

    Gray Zarr

    cause hes vegan

  10. Tygar space

    this goes hard 🔥💯

  11. alfonzo

    this is that good good classic bones shit i can fuck with completely bro

  12. OneDeepSolis

    "PP3 coming soon"

    Timur Muedinov

    For real?

    Great value orange juice

    @Timur Muedinov 1:06

    Naasir Ali


    Will Adams


  13. chuck bob beam

    "I would take my life if I woke up in your shoes"

  14. leeder