Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Sound The Same Lyrics

[Layzie Bone (Krayzie)]
(Yeah) Yeah...Bone Thugs...
(You know a nigga been all over the world man)
Australia, China, Africa...England (you know it's the same shit everywhere I go, you know)

[Bone Thugs N Harmony (Krayzie Bone)]
Why does everybodys story seem to sound the same? (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)
Struggle in the game (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar), they left the hood for change
(It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)
Why does everybodys story seem to sound the same? (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)
The left some time in vain (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)
Gotta wise, the shit that lame (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)

[Krayzie Bone]
I can remember that little nigga when he was just a young lad
Nobody thought he make it up outta the hood, before the gun blast (gun blast)
'Cause Johnny wanted to be a thug
runnin' from cops out on the block, the boy was hot and didn't give a fuck (scandolous)
Runnin' up in the black mask, niggas if you got cash, drop it off in that bag and make craps fast
Destroyin' the system, make some money to survive the streets
but you deep inside this ain't how you tryna be
But it's all to think when you're strugglin' and can't sleep
'cause ya hungry and can't eat, 'cause livin just aint free..but shet
Pappa been laid off...mamma been laid off
Everywhere I here the same old song...


[Layzie Bone]
To probably take a loss, I'm tryna fight these demons
By any means, by any cost I'm out here reppin' Cleveland
They got be bobbin, weavin'
nigga give me the reason
To let 'em or die, niggas no longer breathin'
Known as a (?), before Layzie Bone it was Steven
And I'm just tryna break even, leavin' you leakers steadley creepin'
Shit get deep when daddy gone (daddy gone)
and momma can't do it on her on (her on)
Lights off, gas gone
mumma, daddy comin' home?
I guess not, sell rocks, rappin' with my niggas Bone
(wassup Wish! yeah...we all we got!) and that's Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone
(wassup Kray! yeah, we all we got...nigga!)
and that's Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone..


[Wish Bone]
So you ever been to the Chi? me too, you ever been shot? me too
Sold rocks, all nighters on blocks
catch cases...shit me too
That's the story no one ridin', nobody can tell it for me
Mumma workin' double shift...daddy who? daddy who?
And when he do it's always later, never came
he done broke that boys heart, man again, damn again
Don't wonder why it's like that in the ghetto
Grew up, outta luck
Don't give a fuck about life so we let 'em go
I know my heart is cold, you know how them ghetto children grow
Give me money and I can keep my temper low
Everbody knows love, clubs, cars and hoes
priorities fucked up, but we already know!


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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Sound The Same Comments
  1. Anderson Corradi Pivetta

    bOom-boOm Clap! bOom-boOm Clap!

  2. Jomo Jarrell

    Still my favorite Bone track in 2019

  3. Carlos Villa

    Full style

  4. Ąlēxąñđrę Xąňđåñ


  5. Risa Fields

    That beat is the truth

  6. Risa Fields

    I all seems so familiar

  7. Devon Lee

    That also sound familiar 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Aj Rodriguez

    2018 , Still the greatest group

    aermax 7321

    ^^^........yup yup!!

  9. ASSman

    krayzie bone is a monster. all 5 are great though

  10. Tedric Stevenson

    Who all didn't like this need too be dead


    Right?, How can someone possibly dislike anything from the thugz for that matter?

  11. Eder Pagliotto

    respect from Brazil... ahh.. Sound the Same

  12. Mansa Gray

    Real music all day 😀😀😀😀😀

  13. Hateit OrLoveit

    who listening to this in 2017?

    Hateit OrLoveit

    @Tony Wright same here

    Tony Wright

    Hateit OrLoveit I've been listening to them since I was 5 years old and I'll never stop listening to this music

    aermax 7321

    .......................two eighteen!!


    2018 for eternity..Bone4Life!MO

  14. Tyler Hardy


  15. Mr1Schoolmaster

    C-town y'all from Miles to St.Clair Keep repping the land BTNH I love this TRACK. Kinda tell you how a Cleveland dude think foreal. realest cut ever yall.

  16. Jackie Vandermark


  17. primer

    @HamNediaj tyessss

  18. Curtis Granger

    in layzie bones verse he says
    "known as a heathen, before Layzie Bone it was Steven"

  19. HamNediaj

    this song makes me think of all of lifes bullshit stupid mysterious problems that sounds the same.. excuses procastinating whining..
    i just want to die and end this shit


    Heh, I feel you. =\ 💯

  20. HamNediaj

    to deadly onetime

  21. teret91

    mean song

  22. 12345tghyu

    dis dat shit