Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - So Good, So Right Lyrics

[Krayzie Bone]
Yo, I think it's really time we let these niggas know
What's goin' on with Bone Thugs, mayne
Yeah, 'cause...

[Felecia and Krayzie Bone (Krayzie Bone)]
They don't know, they don't know, they don't know
(With what we been goin' through)
They don't know, they don't know, they don't know
(Just where we're headin' to)
They don't know, they don't know, they don't know
(Come follow me now)

[Krayzie Bone]
They wanna' know if Bone Thugs +Sound the Same+
'Cause one of us left, but four of us remainin' the same
It'll be like - just pick up the album, mayne
I bet they'll refrain from all of their claims
You know we still the shit - hey, hey!
Light it up, light it up
I feel good, I feel good
Nigga, from my vibe, I feel good all over!
Been through rough times and they been mighty hard
We been ridin' in the dark
'Til I look in the light and my find spot!
We climbed so far, them haters was tryna bring me on down
But really, nobody can stop us with everything we know now!
Sucka-free, we see underneath all you fake thugs
From all these wack rappers, we come back to save ya'
None of you backstabbers will never-ever fade us
Man, I'm so glad we back in action - nigga, say what?

[Chorus 4x's: Felicia (Krayzie Bone)]
So good, so right
(If you really, really good to get just money, money)
Just me with you tonight

[Layzie Bone]
Who would've imagined, so many problems
Even the karma, I must admit
We been through so much crazy shit
That it's still in my mind, unsure and futhermore
Shit hurt, Bone Brothers did it with Bizzy
Supposed to be a new beginning
But, I'm screaming out, "Where is he?"
Yes, I miss him - how could I not?
When I know Bone is all he got
One day, we might get it together - fulfill the whole plot
I ain't gotta mention how I feel about that other thug
Flesh Bone - here you go, some lock-down love!
You know what really make me feel good
Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone - really keep it all hood!
That's right! We still pursuing our dream
There ain't no "I" in our team
That's why we doin' our thang!
We gettin' money, money:

[Chorus 4x's: Felicia (Krayzie Bone) {Layzie Bone}]
So good
{Money, money}
So right
(If you really, really good to get just money, money)
To be with you tonight
{Money, money}

[Wish Bone]
They used to look and see a thug
Now, they look and see a paid thug
First niggas find and make this paper
Through the neighborhood!
Yes, we blessed - we know this!
So I drop to my knees and let 'em know who we rollin' with
Every night - make money, watch paper!
Grind now, fuck later!
If you miss it, gotta' battle back!
Get that money, money - need that!
Gimme some, I'll take that!
Since a youngster, knew about them greenbacks!
'Cause it ain't fo' all the money
Fuck what they sayin' - chase money!
Do without it, live without it!
I can't do that!
Live life - I like!
I need every penny
Pennies times this life - better give it to me, to me!

[Chorus 4x's: Felicia (Krayzie Bone)]
So good, so right
(If you really really good to get just money, money)
Just me with you tonight

[Outro - Part 1: Krayzie Bone]
Light it up, light it up
I feel good, I feel good
Nigga, from my vibe, I feel good all over!
Light it up, light it up
I feel good, I feel good
Nigga, from my vibe, I feel good all over!

[Outro - Part 2: Felecia (Layzie Bone)]
(Money, money)
So good
(Money, money)
So right
To be with you tonight

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony So Good, So Right Comments
  1. Madd Mj

    This was my favorite song. when i was playing nfs carbon while drifting im listen to this song.. yeah so good so right till this day 2019

  2. Jhon darren Catambis


  3. DS17

    I love ❤️ this song and I love bone 🦴 from mom kia 👍🏽🙌🏾

  4. Lvndoe_Dozo

    Just one of the ones who’s still bumping this in 2019.🎧😌🎶 Bone music like this hit the soul man.😩

  5. John Markworth

    July 4th 2019!!!!

  6. Yasmin Nannup

    It's still so good & so right & still bumping it on my stereo in 2019 ❤💋👌😁😂😊😇😆😛💯 88>

  7. Aj Hill

    Bumping in high school all yall that's still bumping i fool$ with u 100 percent

  8. haterAden Williams

    So good so right!!!☪️🎧🖤

  9. Lana Mac11

    28th sept 2018

  10. steve bernal

    But I'm screaming out
    Where is he !?
    Because I miss him
    How can I not ! !!!
    - Layzie Bone.

  11. Alyssa Mendoza

    2018 ✋

  12. Maycel Delinela

    still listening to this and it's already 2018. ♥👌💯

    Edward Moore

    Maycel Delinela The music they putting out now sounds better then these new rappers now that's real legendary.

    Kush Mob 420

    december 5th, 2018, wats good

    Marcus Eilum

    March 2019😎💪💪

    aermax 7321


    Maria Mares

    September 😎😋🙌

  13. WicKked WiazZard

    Bones music is a breathe of fresh air I fucks with the new era but real heavy hitters in hip such as bone has soul I feel good listening to this

  14. dasa5023

    Song is so fucking underrated

  15. Greeno B

    Styles P- Leaving the Game (So Good, So Right)

  16. Lyse Encinas

    *2018 🙌
    ForeverBTNH 💙🎼

    Brown Flow 1996

    Lyse E.C. Most influential group ever period. 💡💯

    Aj Hill

    Yes ma'am

    Aj Hill


  17. Coty Hoyle

    Still listening in 2017 Fuck these other so called whack rappers

  18. Joseph Cardenas

    Bone thugs, will always be on top, and f**k what errrrbody thinks.... This song I'm feeling....

  19. Ian Williams


  20. seth987

    bone is boss

  21. Tyler Hardy

    still bumpin in 8/2016

  22. Thug God

    This song is "so good so right" haha

  23. Thug God

    Good song!

  24. Will Wayze

    Great rendition of Brenda Russels 1980 hit "so good so right"

  25. kyle garcia

    Check out prom night by chance the rapper, you'll be amazed

    Andre Dean

    kyle garcia love both of them. they both kill the tracks that made the sample to their song

  26. Master Hand

    Light it up, light it up
    I feel good, I feel good
    Nigga, from my vibe, I feel good all over!

  27. MsDS106

    Is in LOVE with Krayzie Bone! Love this song!

  28. Worn out Testicles

    I've always despised 99.9% of hip hop after '97 because it fell off hard...but once in a while these dudes release some old-school sounding classic shit. This being the perfect example.

  29. 100pjp001

    yea I know they've given us classic albums over the years but I want something new to look forward to and apart from Dr Dre's Detox album which may or may not be good there's not much else. It's dead.

  30. IGame4Eire

    @100pjp001 :D Atleast they gave us good albums before they messed up(:

  31. 100pjp001

    I know listen to me lol. I was just pissed off with the outcome of the album, they made us wait 2 years then it was mostly shit lol. They've fucked up badly.

  32. IGame4Eire

    @100pjp001 oh hehehe

  33. 100pjp001

    Yea they did then it all fucked up and now Krayzie's left Bizzy who knows with him lol. Bone thugs have no discipline or organisation at all they just do what they feel whenever they feel it so that's why nothing gets done properly with them.

    They get sidetracked with other projects, perform show after show and they make 100s of songs for the Uni5 album so it's no wonder why it's shit, didn't have time to work a handful of songs to perfection and make them memorable classics. shit!

  34. IGame4Eire

    @100pjp001 havent they united as a 5man group with the album Uni-5?

  35. BTNH4Lyfe

    I wish Krayzie and Wish didnt leave BTNH....

  36. 100pjp001

    This was the trio then, and now the new trio Bizzy, Flesh and Layzie because Krayzie announced his departure from the group and Wish with him I think.

    fucked up but hopefully we'll get good music from them either together or separate. We'll see what happens tho.

  37. lilbricks8037

    this is my favorite song from strength and loyalty

  38. reppinthavillagerz

    todd stevens is thuggin as fuck

  39. Tri-Jon'Nae Harding

    we gettin money money money money!!
    B.T.N.H 4 LIFE!

  40. StONe AGe

    Bone doin it again Felicia has a great voice too

  41. Emillo Sabatino

    these guys are legends

  42. ttacka


  43. rookie805


  44. Dennis Ferguson

    gun song bro