Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Remember Yesterday Lyrics

[Intro: sample of "Good Lovin" by Mammatapee]
Good loving, good love
Good loving, good love
Good loving, is so hard to find
I met you woman, and I just can't get enough, yeah
And if you want some this, care right now now now now
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting on youuuu you you...

[Chorus: Krayzie Bone]
Remember remember remember remember yesterday
Do you remember remember remember remember yesterday?
Do you remember remember remember remember yesterday?
Do you remember remember remember remember yesterday?

[Krayzie Bone]
You know it ain't nothin like family, y'all nigga my dogs
And we gon' be there 'til the end of the road
and stay on the mission to get this dough
Cause we are family, you know we been trues
You know what we've been through, we've got nothin to lose
Y'all call my name and I'll be there
Dawg (dawg) they done lost they mind
Thinkin Bone will divide up and throw this whole vibe away
But we are every day people, every day people
We just niggaz doin what we've got to do
Uh-huh, uh-huh, but still we've got to be united
And try to fight it

[Wish Bone]
Lay down, get down!
You know we really done broke these niggaz down
Ain't nobody been through what we've been through
Ain't nobody gon' watch your back like I do
It's an every day thang, over +Crept and We Came+
Feelin this game, servin this up, that's really that murder mayne
How I rhyme and I flow, I get it straight from my Thuggstaz
When I die I really wanna go right next to my Thuggstaz
Cleveland, Cleveland is where I come from, come from
Leavin, leavin, that's how we came up
Ooh, and can't nobody believe it; yes, you better believe it
Trendsetters in this game and we really ain't leavin
With all my dogs, just admit that we are raw
With all of y'all behind us we will never fall
All-oh-all-oh-all-oh-all-oh-all (what's that)


[Bizzy Bone]
And nigga let the world go around and around
Livin out in this strugglin, hustlin just to get down
Some of us need a memoir, and some of us need the crowd
Children of the underground
Remember how we clowned havin fun, rippin and runnin around town, so dumb
But where we from means anything and a gun
Sounds that they hear in the suburbs
And chirpin they birds, my nigga chirpin the suburbian
On the curb, Layzie he was rollin up the herb
So superb that ya beat is twirkin
A little nigga earned, feelin broke 'til the motherfucker still splurgin
Snatchin purses and sellin dubs and twurkin, twurkin, twurkin
I was talkin in the church, in the church, in the church
And then everybody dressed up
and you know they was perpin, they perpin, they perpin
They not knowin, they not knowin, knowin


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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Remember Yesterday Comments
  1. mason deeks

    I bumped this at my high school graduation it was epic😂😝🤣I miss you all my homies

  2. Austin Adjutant

    Meanwhile migos are at the top of the hip hop billboards. SMFH

  3. c_LIFE uncle josh

    phat lyrics new G-funk-era music and lyrics uncle josh c-LIFE soundcloud one LUV free C-murda campaign

  4. Ąlēxąñđrę Xąňđåñ


  5. Yung Doe

    Kray rock the hook


    Thanks to BONE THUGS for giving us the BEST MUSIC in life.. LONG TIME FAN FROM Philippines..

  7. Mark Robinson

    Rest in peace Willie Charles and Cleon Hopkins

  8. The Real Jrü Gordon

    Rest in Peace Dave Langohr, this song makes me think of you.

  9. aermax 7321

    .......brings tears of joy well as tears of pain ......twenty2 OF ole English to the brain on this one ....bOY!

  10. Lift n Leap

    Wish rap never fell off he just turned it into a promoting bone style of rap for a good while there but still tight shit.

  11. Geronimo Pratt

    best version and wish killed it!!!!!!!!!

  12. The Alahmoe

    ain't nothing wrong with big wish he can still spit y'all forget their first two albums wish was going dumb hard

  13. Fo Fo

    Efsane şarkı

  14. 15bgmelo

    takes me back, this is the most beautiful beast io ever heard

  15. Chronos127

    Easily 1 of my fav Bone tracks!!!!! 1 of Wish's best verses!!!

  16. Jamal Greenfield

    Wish bone verse is really relaxing it gave me chills lol

    aermax 7321

    ..... nobody been through,what we been through... nobody gone watch yo back like eye do

  17. KiKi Jones

    Layzie he was Rollin up the herb...I remember yesterday...

  18. Thomas Miller

    Bone brthers

  19. antbanks415

    Man, i miss my niggas. i remember when this song came out, i have already missed my niggaz three years prior. Now it's almost been ten years and i still miss em.


    You soft, nigga.

    Youu 2ube

    Feel you bro

    Todd Smith

    @antbanks415 STFU

  20. mvdiablo

    Turn up...

  21. Sammy Torres

    Bizzy Bone <3

    aermax 7321

    Sammy Torres
    ^^^........children ah thee underground

  22. Daniel Hernandez Jr

    R.I.P Tony Hernandez , I remember you would whoop my ass growing up, ha ha, I love you bro.

  23. Violent Rebel 713

    Thatz right remember yesterday the past is always something that means a lot in life it's who you once used to be or what you did in life and all those turn into memories that never die. And then after years or decades have passed by you wish you could go back to the dayz of old.

  24. Gerardo Carranza Ortega

    una de mis best song bone thug forever remember back in the days in seattle, everette,tacoma now im in zacapu hell yea

  25. carolinaconnecttv

    One of my favorite bone songs.MUCH LOVE-CAROLINA CONNECT

  26. Michael

    You wouldn't know real talent if it hit you in the face. In this case, your ears. If your trying to prove a point you couldn't have gone any more wrong because you only made yourself look like a moron. Hopefully 4 years later, now that your 14, you'll understand real talent.

    Erik Wilson

    Michael dafuq

  27. Bandelero297

    I like this song very much especially when he sings just call my name and Ill be there and when wish bone screams out loud and when bizzy say layzie he was rolling up th eherb so superb

  28. Charles Childs

    i remember my hometown cleveland...

  29. bmackins94

    @ss1970chevelle454 theres a version with just krayzie and bizzy

  30. Kaeden J. Watts

    This song helped me through so much, It brings back so many memories but it always makes me feel better whenever I listen to it, one day I need to thank bone for making music like this.

    Sam Ortega

    Only way I can them is by buying their albums

  31. BandoeGang Mj Maltbia

    2 many memories

  32. BTNHworld

    @lemontoalime minus the headphones let the world hear it

  33. OvaHDosE129

    @jayrippa69 lmao. x2

  34. Bandelero297

    fom which track is this sampled from?? the intro sounds really good

    Leo Rocke

    I wanna know the same I wanna listen to the song!

  35. RunawayStatue2010

    @ss1970chevelle454 the version that DJ uneek released.. i know its on "the lost files" and i think it was on a japan album too.. it just has krayzie and bizzy on it, back to back verses.. and the hook sounds more complete than this one does

  36. ss1970chevelle454

    @RunawayStatue2010 what other version?

  37. RunawayStatue2010

    i actually like wish's verse.. but yeah, the other version does sound better

  38. fan1026

    @CFN87 I agree, i love wish but the version without him is better

  39. graffstar123

    yeah i feel you! cause the tracks today arent the same like back in the dayz

  40. rap1222

    summer track !!!
    mizz the bck in dayz trackz !!!

  41. snowbeast01

    yeah neither, but i still like it. bit rougher than the old version though :(

  42. drastic209562

    Bizzy's verse is off beat and I don't remember hearing Wish on this track. I think the better version was off "Behind the Harmony" LP from Japan.

  43. per niklas waaler

    is there a original to this song?can i find it on youtube? btw i got a song with just bizzy and krayzie is that the original, exactly same just no wish.

  44. jimmy russels

    i agree wit pd535..krayzie's other chorus was better and wish wasn't a big plus

  45. dragonfist25

    Ya, it was... (better w/o Wish)

  46. DubSta

    Thanks for postin!this is a bad ass song!
    i love this version better than the other one