Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Order My Steps (Dear Lord) Lyrics

Jeremiah 10: 23,24
"We will know oh Lord that to Earthly men his way does not belong
it does not belong to man who must walk even to direct his step
correct me oh Jehovah however with judgement not in anger
that you may not reduce us to nothing"

Order my steps, lead me, guide me
everyday send your anointing father
I pray order my steps in the world

Why am I payin' this price for fame now with the shame
I'm goin' blame cause I'm solo empty
When I can stop and give it all to Christ
cause in his name no weapon should be formed against me
simply know that the world gonna tempt me Satan is the enemy
God please help us I don't want to be selfish
I don't want to live my life tryin' to be rebellious

Who be checkin' when ya know ya doin' wrong huh?
Got your steps, give your blessings
Know right from wrong turn the lights on
all ya gotta do is follow faith till they call us all home
but its so hard temptation is everywhere
gotta hold my guard like oh my God

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, now I might not make it to Heaven
but I'm tryin' to come back in the resurrection change my place in paradise
so I pray to God try to change my life
but temptation make it hard for me to make it out
man I gotta quit lustin' I need to stop smokin'
I need God's guidance without it I'm hopeless
Lord please help me stand strong


A lot of soldiers in the pin ain't ever comin' home
can you find it in your heart to pray
so it seems everything goin' wrong
and you're just tryin' to find your way
momma just wanna feed her babies
tryin' to keep a safe place to stay
don't stress it's a test God BLESS all ya
really gotta do is just keep your faith

You can feel it if you open up, you can get it if you need love
as much as a mustard seed is all you need
small person pays for the air that we breathe
and the baby is born, place to go when we leave
food that we eat, weapon when we sleep
it's a miracle no believin' the Lord

What you seein' on the news has already been written in the Bible
but ain't nobody takin' the time to realize that believin' and readin'
the scriptures could mean your survival and I don't wanna die no never
I wanna live forever and I would a lot better
so when Armageddon really come true what you gonna do?


[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] God loves me
[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] ask me how I know
[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] God loves me, ask me how I know
[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] God loves me, ask me how I know
[Kray:] swing low, swing low I know cause the Bible tells me so

You know God is good
you know God is great and everyday I wake
I gotta thank him for my life and even though its hard
I know I make mistakes I give it everything it takes just to make it right
this is Satan's land understand the plan you Jesus
coming back with a furious mind better praise everyday
hurryin' doin' your job glory to the king that's my heavenly father

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Order My Steps (Dear Lord) Comments
  1. Deira Acosta

    Christmas day 2019... Pastor Dee J still banging this 💯💪🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿✊🏿

  2. Mr 3000

    O do you think I did have you all on my pay roll yep a least you all can keep your jobs but don't think that is a down fall for me it's for you all

  3. Mr 3000

    Where was God when I put everyone on my pay roll

  4. Mr 3000

    But show me a God so I will put my mind at e's

  5. jokerbookshop

    With a heart torn to pieces...correct me lord, with your wisdom and not your fury, for you will reduce me to nothing,,,

  6. LeeLee

    10/03/2019, still here for it🤗🙌

  7. tembo 963

    Yesss!! Christ the Lamb of God. The Truth!

  8. Weston Molitor

    God Bless everybody dealing with the temptation in this world. Stay prayed up

  9. oliverrando

    I believe in God but wasent feeling this song even though this album was good

  10. Lavada Nedward jr.

    Please believe that 👆is in everything at all times & everywhere. Take what you need!! Be humble in everything you do and sprinkle a lil extra! Be thankful in this message for👆that give us this!! Amen

  11. Kianna Harris

    First time i ever heard this.and needed it

  12. Don't Hate Just Appreciate

    2019 Guide My Steps Lord ❤❤❤

  13. Christian Merasty

    Correct me Jehovah

  14. Juan Suarez

    10 toes on ground
    And keep yo head upHead up
    Rather your heaven or hell bound....

  15. Detroit Dude

    A very underrated song, and one of my personal favorites.

  16. Khalil


  17. Robert Smith

    If they kept pushing whole heartedly for YESHUA they would make a huge comeback now that Christian rap is big

  18. Eddie Reis

    Great song

  19. Brn knt

    Love this

  20. havich44

    This was talking to me, and when he said don’t stress all u really gotta do is keep ur faith & krayzie verse really talks to me in more than one verse so I wana get myself together & be better & resist the devil.

  21. havich44


  22. J P

    my God Layzies last verse smh

    Rodney Hendricks

    Yea bro. It bring goosebumps to my body ... dope verse by layzie

  23. Darren Morris

    Always brings me to a little moisture in my eyes. Allergies.

    Cantu Shea

    Lol! Allergies....yeah right.

  24. Shirley Knox

    This song is beneficial to my life.... I thank God for the moment which is forever.... Amen

  25. Arnold Mweyola

    I wish Africans and black Americans would get along.

  26. Steven Haire

    They actually kept it real talking about a need for repentance...most rappers just say oh god is blessing me while they sin...thier god is Lucifer but bone acknowledges they gotta change to make it to heavon

    mowriyah lovelinessthelamb yashara'l

    Their God is not Lucifer..they talking heavenly Father Yahuah..

    mowriyah lovelinessthelamb yashara'l

    Their God is the living God of heaven... halleluyah

  27. E Walt

    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 amen!!! Praising giving thanks for the wisdom I’m receiving, thank you for saving me!! God is god!!!! He loves me..

  28. JonnyBGood

    Jesus coming back with a furious mob🙏

    Bo Majesty

    Lonelyontop yes indeed!

    Terrance Geneeha

    Amen, bro.

  29. Deontez Williams

    he's coming back soon get ready.
    my fav line😁😊😊

  30. Bryan Griffin Yisra'el

    O YaHUaH The El of Yisra'el 🙌🙌🙌

  31. Alex Hitchens

    They have repented the power of Jehovah is Great!!!

  32. Saletia Wilford

    praise the lord in your word dear lord

  33. Deanna Powell

    still love this song

  34. Alexis Scottie

    thanks for this song

  35. Candace Richardson

    used to replay this song... been so long since I've heard it

    marcio escobar

    024 992943589 zap

  36. Helen Valladares

    God please help us I don't want to be selfish I don't want to live my life trying to be rebellious

  37. Helen Valladares

    I love this song it's my favorite song from all the songs they ever made , they honestly are saying they need help to get away from temptation and without Jehovah's holy Spirit and guidance it's impossible

  38. Johnny Martinez

    gods soldier i am 😇✊


    EVERYONE!....PSALM 83:18..,

  40. Chocolate Girl41

    i love this song it motivates me

  41. TE'KEL 927

    This song is light......Jehovah is our ONLY hope. Don't get it twisted....Armageddon IS coming and there is a hurrying of it...."Jesus and his serious mob." Seek Jehovah the answers are in his Word.

    Dana Hudson

    Robyn Harris " O am the Way the Truth and the Light....says the Lord...

  42. Chillie Willie's Hot Wheelies

    when im down this song makes it all better.

  43. oliverrando

    Never heard this song


    what did u think of it?

  44. One Thought


    Rekumalacono ..😁✊✌

    Christian Merasty

    One Thought whats your one thought

  45. B- Square

    were all sinners against God, Jesus, and er body else . how can God forgive you or order ur step except thru his son? what ever u call him.

    #DJ DaWyTe_ BeNo


    Erik Wilson

    +Bernard Harris what is a mustard seed? Does mustard come out of a seed? I never knew

    Erik Wilson

    +NjunThatCould must take forever to fill up a bottle of mustard if you gotta pop open seed woooooow

    #DJ DaWyTe_ BeNo

    study the mustard seed sounds like you take what you hear and don't do research rather than look it up yourself to see if the things you hear are true.

  46. Nathaniel Malanoski

    Jakthebomb re

  47. Jasmine Berkley

    they took a creepy ass song and made it hot.

    Kessler Tripp-Wallace

    the only reason why you think the song is "creepy" is because you only hear it at funerals

  48. Anthony Do

    God is good!

    One Thought

    +Anthony Do Jehovah God is good, yes :)


    Of course

    Gary Rodriguez

    Always there and always on time, remember the All Mighty will never allow anyone to take more that they can't bare.


    love this song.  

  50. SyncOfTheWord

    they even highlight Bizzy in one of the vids, how the whole child abuse thing messed him up and then show the clip of when he's talkin bout the illuminati like they're 'good' or something...that dude is messed up. i dont think that he sides w/ the devil like kanye and jay obviously do...he's totally messed with.

  51. SyncOfTheWord

    sorry dude. real bad interpretation on my part thee. apologies.
    anyways, check out a series of vids on here entitled SATANISM IN HIP'll be shocked. the evidence is immense.

  52. Gods Son

    nah man i love jesus i just wanted to point out my favorite artist, not to be offencive

  53. SyncOfTheWord

    SEE...that;s some bs...u wanna comment on a song giving props to the word of God being TRUTH by comapring them to 666 there any irony there??

  54. SyncOfTheWord

    y'know what? i dont listen to Bone no more cos i dont listen to secular music...n the fact this was followed by what it was on the album...accompanied by will.I.AM. left a bad taste in my mouth like John.......maaaaaan....i hope they are truly looking for God....i love these dudes. but God's will on EVERYTHING...dont be caught up too much in the song to love toward BTNH before the CONTENT. JESUS IS KING.

  55. Gods Son

    these are the only good rappers in hip hop in my opinion
    bone thugs n harmony
    three 6 mafia
    bun b
    big krit
    this is the last hope in hip hop

  56. msapplecore

    I love dis song i love you heavenly father!

    Johnny Martinez

    msapplecore amen



  58. juan diaz

    @SuperSWEETAPPLES what do you mean, "if i fall" that song was about god. "lord what have i done" krayzie bones verse in "it's all mo' thug" "Hard times interlude" bizzy bone's "father" and "Jesus" and in "home" they pretty much talk about the struggle they face in earth and they want to go home as in heaven.

  59. Sdzamarron

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony FTW WILL ALWAYS LOVE THEM !

  60. Ben Harvey

    look krayzie bone up hes a jehovahs witness

  61. wazowski96

    @wazowski96 i'm just trying that it's god behind all the inspiration, people worship "yahweh" or "god" or "allah" but it's the same, people just see them differently im just trying to say it's not idols its the 1 god people worship, just with different perspectives of him, if you were born in another culture most likely you would believe in god the way their holy orders teach you

  62. MrJRod116

    @wazowski96 there are other "gods" in the world. money, love of self, lust are all just to name a few. the One who created this universe is the One i believe in. if you believe in any other god besides Yahweh, than you are worshipping idols

  63. wazowski96

    @MrJRod116 so you're saying the god you believe in isnt the one influencing and guiding all the people who believe in "their" god? then u contradict yourself, it's said that there's only 1 god and for u to say that god isnt the same regardless of the differences is contradicting that

  64. MrJRod116

    @wazowski96 im sorry buddy but you are deeply wrong. what other "lord" was sitting in His own glory in heaven, humbled Himself, took on the form of a man, let them spit on His face, nail Him to a cross just to die for your sins? Jesus said "I am the WAY, the truth and life, no one comes to the Father EXCEPT through ME" so you have to understand, those other "lords" you pray to, only lead to one place, and not with Yahweh.

  65. wazowski96

    @MrJRod116 i dont care about reading into other religions but seriously, isn't the lord the same for every religion, they have their own perspective of the lord but in the end of the day you have to realize its the same thing people pray to at the end of the day

  66. wazowski96

    @gamhazell well using profanity doesn't really prevent you from being a religious person

  67. wazowski96

    @jsosa504 well krayzie bone's my fav, and i kinda follow him but it seems as if he's real serious about religion nowadays

  68. Bongo Busuku

    pray to GOD in jesus name to help them dude....

  69. jsosa504

    judge a tree by its fruit. i dont dout they wanna seek God but how many of thier songs are jus strait evil? i grew up on these dudes. no dout they in the struggle of good and evil .they got talent, no dou t.they gotta go hard like this and they will be bleesed. i pray for them.1 life 1soul 1 God.amen

  70. Angel pothead

    @blessed0712 they use to play with the quija board

  71. 2 wizzy

    @heavensouljah wich is supposed to mean, if somebodey kills your kids don't be angry if you like god, and if you are more like wanna have a payback than your supposed to represent the devil, with killing peeps, wich is a sin

  72. MrJRod116

    one believes in bahai, one is a muslim, one is a jehovas witness, and 2 are professing christians...which "lord" are they talking about?

  73. KoaKineTingz

    im heavensouljah and i can testify that god is the truth the way and the life...god uses all things to over come all odds expectially when its time to test your faith in him ..with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes long life just ask our elderswho knows about it!! hold on to thy rod and walk the path of righteouseness and all that is done in the dark shall be reveald in the light..we are all fallin angleswho do have the choice to be more like our father or satan?chose wisely..bth,peace out!

  74. Tim Majors

    I first heard of them when they came out with Crossroads years ago. Loved it!

  75. LaDonna Gladney

    (= O WHAT???? I NEVER HERD THIS! (Starts to dance) YAY! I got to find dis i, mean this. YES LORD. =)

    Curt's Clocks - The Atmos Repair Specialist

    Stay dancing

  76. Dario Farias


    Man you should check out Bizzy Bone. He has many religious songs!

  77. Oh Legit

    @MusaTheGift Oh and originally in hebrew it was YHWH, or Yahweh. In english it translates to Jehovah.

  78. Oh Legit

    1. Psalms 83:18.
    5. God hated esau out of a righteous anger, there's a big difference from the hate that we see today.

  79. Oh Legit

    @MusaTheGift Originally in hebrew it was YHWH, or Yahweh. This translates into Jehovah.

  80. armarock92official

    Man I want the instrumental to this song!

  81. Quinteria Grier

    All that I can say is God's been good to me!!!

  82. Madessa Barksdale

    @aka4god if u listen to krayzie bone's lyrics he even says he was wrong about meeting the dead ones at the "crossroads" and now talks about Paradise

  83. Madessa Barksdale

    @aka4god uuuuuuuuuuh sorry dude but Jehovah is God's name my mom is a witness i think i know more then wat UnknownSista0fBeauty is tellin u, dat is absolutely correct, they are indeed christians, do ur research, and dont read the KING JAMES bible

  84. Oshun

    @UknownSista0fBeauty O boy, smh. I heard that all before. I done my research on the translation of hell. I study the bible very well. I was seating in church and listening to my pastors attentively before you could spell Jehovah!

    What you people refuse to see and understand is the other obvious text in relations to hell: Like, everlasting punishment, and fire Jude 1:7
    Mat 25:41 Depart from me, ye cursed, into EVERLASTING fire
    Mat 12:40 Jesus descended three nights in the HEART OF THE EARTH

  85. Oshun

    @LivinInHarmony1 Sorry, but Jehovah witnesses are not Christians, whether they claim to be or not. They believe in Jesus as being just a prophet and I heard they don't believe in hell, so how can they call themselves Christians if they don't believe in the basic beliefs as that of a Christian?

    "How can two walk together unless they are in agreement."
    "A house divided cannot stand"

    William Pence

    Oshun Christians believe that Jesus is God's son has nothing to do with hell so witnesses are Christians

  86. WorldOfSnakes

    @blessed0712 people who told you that crazy satan shit about bone thugs must have been fucked up in their head themselves

  87. michael toombs

    @xxkhmerbloodxx they dont believe he is the son of God only a prohet thats what muslim thinks not me

  88. xxkhmerbloodxx

    For facts, It is so many secs within christianity. The regular christians that you see now a days that celebrate christmas and all that stuff is so far off from the Jehova witness's belief. Yes they are all christians but the belief and traditions are a little different. Jehova witnesses also believe that Jesus was God's first creation instead of Jesus being a part of the trinity which most regular christians believe. So when I say they are not all christians, i mean the luther baptize etc.

  89. Madessa Barksdale

    @xxkhmerbloodxx jehovah witness is a christian....n i want sombody to tell me it aint if u aint experienced dat shit urself, if u aint witnessed them ppl preachin, they ARE christians

  90. Madessa Barksdale

    @PrincessBrePink naw yo these dudes arent givin niggas wat they like they r true bout they shit, these niggas r tru bout god n down fo they thang

  91. Madessa Barksdale

    @xxkhmerbloodxx ....ok krayzie bone believes in Jehovah but incase u didnt kno Jehovah is god, n Jehovah's witnesses are christians, they belive in jesus, Jehovah is just God's name, ppl need to realise that they are quicc to judge, i kno my momz is a jehovah witness n she is a christian, she believes in god and jesus, so dont say that they dont, listen too the song man

  92. xxkhmerbloodxx

    Denvecholox3, Bizzy and flesh are still muslims. Krayzie bone is still claiming Jehova. and Gunotruiz, they are not all christians. Christians are not the only ones who believe in Jesus. Islam does as well. you guys are dumb as hell. listen to the song.

  93. xxkhmerbloodxx

    Denvecholox3, Bizzy and flesh are still muslims. Krayzie bone is still claiming Jehova. and Gunotruiz, they are not all christians. Christians are not the only ones who believe in Jesus. Islam does as well. you guys are dumb as hell. listen to the song.

  94. Daks Prasad

    they are all christians. listen to rebirth they mention JESUS

  95. xxkhmerbloodxx

    Krayzie Bone is not a christian, he is a Jehova witness, Flesh n Bone, and Bizzy bone are Muslims, and maybe wish and layzie are christians.

  96. marlon mackey

    you know what is a trip the first album was SO EVIL. they were giving praise to a demon. then they repent and now they are doing this.... i love it. i wish them all the best.