Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Only God Can Judge Me Lyrics

[Intro: Krayzie]
Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah [echoes]
Bone (Bone) Bone (Bone) Bone [echoes]
It's goin down man, yo (yo) yo (yo)
This how we do it

[Chorus 2X: Krayzie Bone]
Now that I'm gone
None of my enemies can hate on me now
And all my friends can do is pray for me now
Only God can judge me

[Krayzie Bone]
Now that I'm dead and gone I finally got these niggaz up out of my business
Death has severed all my friendships, it's been hell ever since I've been here
All these fake niggaz come to my funeral, look at them sheddin they dry tears
Look at my baby mamas and them trippin out, actin a fool front of my kids
Then I got niggaz puttin drug paraphenalia in my casket
A spliff, a picture of me still livin and a bullet from a Magnum
Man I feel bad for my family, but in death it's a safer place
than bein amongst these chumps and scavengers, then one of my niggaz say
He said, "I'll see you in the afterlife" (in the afterlife)
Don't he know that it's only G-O after life? My nigga been learned wrong
I don't plan on goin to heaven, I'm tryin to get ready for the resurrection
But until then I'm patiently restin, think of my sins, no need on me stressin


[Layzie Bone]
See now that I'm gone and I'm dead and I'm buried in life in a hurry like why did I run with straps?
I made it, tell Fe-Fe don't worry, I scrambled and scurried but only my lungs collapse
Surely I'll make you a song for that, how could I really go wrong with that?
Sayin that smokin was killin my vocals, not sayin that Layzie put on for rap
Known for rap and soldier'd up, can't none of y'all say that I owed y'all nothin
When I fade to black just hold it up, y'all better say that I made y'all somethin
When the shells collapse and the soul relax, lookin down at yo' body (Wally)
Walk through the tunnel went into the bright light, hopin he did right by somebody
I mean, I ran with the right team, did my dirt had fun in the night life
It wasn't a pipe dream, my legacy tellin me I live Christ-like
I hear what they sayin but fuck all the weepin, I peep it just keep it, I live mine
Celebrate them good times, just read the will, Stevie, Stevon


Life dealt me a raw deal, had to make it for what it was worth so went on to sick-ville
Just what have I done? Signed in my balance then had to get strong when I took the deal
Strugglin and strivin, farther my purpose to toil harder
Tryin to make good off my honor 'til a hater really make me a martyr
Kiss my - gonna miss my daughters, hope I taught my seeds proper
I love my mother and father equal but I did damage to so many people
So much evil it's hard to see through the dark, gotta fight fire with fire
Let it spark and light up my way, they said he went out in a blaze
My enemies steady hatin waitin for me to take my last breath
No longer Flesh, had peace and yet the rest consume and avenge my death
Served my stretch, did my best then it's back to the Lord who made me
All the rest of y'all can judge but it's only up to God to save me


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