Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - I'm Bone Lyrics

[Chorus 2X: LaReece + Krayzie]
Yeah I got a couple cribs, so what, nigga
Rollin sittin on dub, dubs, nigga
But I don't have to wear no diamonds to shine
Don't need none of that cause I'm Bone, Bone

[Layzie Bone]
Look at me tipsy sippin on Grey Goose, finna let loose cause I can
Fuckin with people that's off in the crowd, nigga you know me, I'm the man
Cleveland, is the city, where the Thuggstaz get down
Just come to my town and ask around, they tell you who the rawest in town
Cause I'm a (Thug By Nature), strictly for the paper
Ain't nobody steppin to Steve (B-O-N-E)
I come with the ones, I come with the guns
I come with them things that go bang
It's still an (Everyday Thang), for me to let my nuts hang
You want a performance, where's the ticket?
If the price right we can kick it
Like a lick, I'ma hit it, party on I gots to get it
Keep them foxy women baggin it up (baggin it up)
While them haters stayin actin up (actin up)
You flashin what? I'm flashin flossy nuts
Girl if you comin take a ride with me
And if you ridin with me, sit back recline in yo' seat
Cause in the world where I'm from the sun always shine
And even though a nigga don't want it baby the world is mine, so c'mon


[Bizzy Bone]
I'm out of my mind with the ski mask, chains and gloves
Waitin for niggaz to come out of the club (I hit 'em up!)
Give me the dubs for my niggaz that bang and slang drugs
We fuckin them niggaz up, ain't no love for Bone Thugs?
Nigga fuck y'all! Y'all bitches used up
It's business as usual, I ain't takin no shit, from none of ya
Wanna see my niggaz with no, money huh?
Since a nigga young think he rollin with dummies, oh you a sucka for
That's why I pitch ya bitch, flippin that activist of freedom
And I'm Bone Thug too, make 'em meet 'em
No podium, just a pistol and nails to leave quickly
Youngest Bone nigga, 7th Sign mastermind, y'all get wit me


[Krayzie Bone]
We steppin inside the party, Mardi Gradi
Now give me a shot of Bacardi, let it get up in my body
Make my body body rock rock - I'm lookin at rappers so full of shit
I'ma just get up against the wall dawg and pull on my dick
Tell the DJ don't even tell 'em we in here (shhh) we on the low
No thuggin in V.I.P. for me and my niggaz, we on the flo'
C'mon heyyy - we fin' to get this party started right
Could you put some Thug music on?
Like Bone Bone to get a nigga vibin in my zone, hey!
I hear the same shit song after song, man
How many times is you gon' tell us about you ballin, huh?
How many rhymes is you gon' write like that before you fall off?
That's why we back and we fin' to bomb in this bitch
Ring the alarm, better be gone when we mob up in here
So you better get with the Thugs or shut the fuck up and back up off me
And I don't need no diamonds to shine, nigga I floss me, what?


[Krayzie Bone]
Niggaz talkin loud (uh-huh, uh-huh)
But they ain't really sayin nothin (not a damn thing, damn thing)
Niggaz talkin loud (uh-huh, uh-huh)
But they ain't really sayin nothin (not a damn thing, damn thing)


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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony I'm Bone Comments
  1. Gti Driver

    Youngest bone 7th sign mastermind!
    We starting a party party party
    Hey we fining to get this party started!
    And I don't need any diamonds to shine!
    Still listening in 2019! Hit the like for BONE 4 life

  2. Chief Grey

    EVERYTIME it feels like the first time I heard this!

  3. Shorty who

    Still bumpin in 2018.

    Monica Mclean

    I am Monica Maria McLean


    this is the album version

  5. the mountain man

    the fuck is this shit this aint the orginal


    mjoki Öberg yes it is I have the album 😘

  6. mayhem mayhem

    i love bizzy verse

  7. Egils Kauls

    you translate my last name from latvian and see who is the original:D

    Jay Townsend

    How's about you just tell us instead of making us turn of the music

    Jazmine Harris

    @Jay Townsend

  8. flapjack012

    we steppin inside the party mardi gradi

  9. אריאל אליו


  10. sugaryB1MN

    Yeah im a bone <3

  11. tokenrow669

    Slowed down a bit,

    Jazmine Harris

    Game at this communication popup lookup on olio l popup oliopi Lilli popup plop popup plop pop ipp pup pup polio polio pop o lollipop lol pop in pup pip loop loop pp plop

  12. Fatlum Leci

    Cleveland is the city

  13. Fatlum Leci

    King BTNH

  14. Fatlum Leci

    Omg best SONG

  15. Fatlum Leci


  16. Fatlum Leci

    I liiiiikkkkkkkkeeeeeee

  17. Fatlum Leci


  18. Fatlum Leci


  19. Wargreymon559

    Damn id fuck you.

  20. wodey

    I'm out of my mind with the ski mask, chains and gloves
    Waitin for niggaz to come out of the club I HIT EM UP

  21. sugaryB1MN


  22. martintaylorshaw

    @2561243 his name is Steven Howse, Krayzie's-Anthony Henderson, Wish-Charles Scruggs, Bizzy-Byron McCane, Flesh-Stanley Howse.

  23. emildaman

    i like how Bizzy end his verse. he got a couple othr songs where he do it the same way. kinda starts talkn. haha random as hell but this song hard

  24. emildaman

    @evel80 unless u really talk like that. u thought bout tht 1? fuckn dumbass

  25. David Esparza

    My fave song by them

  26. stephanie520


  27. hagan kipling

    Man Evrysong i hear Of Bone Thugs Is Always Krayzie Bone Sayin Tha Chorus Im huge fan of em Bone 4 life !

  28. Mishayah 'Urah

    That beat is Who knows Layzie Bone's real name?

    Erik Wilson

    Mishayah 'Urah Steven howse

  29. Casey

    lol, why is everyone attempting to "type" "gangster" on the "internet" talking g" on it is the same as acting tough :/

  30. CRJ Blacklight Audio

    this had bobby brown in it andn was supposed to go on thug world order but never made it

  31. JokerThaGemini

    dont post that shit on here we dont care what u claim to do

  32. ivan flores

    i need da lyrics to diz

  33. bizzy523

    yeah it dose soung a lil like 2007ish