Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Gun Blast Lyrics

Better back up off me
nigga never no soft your boy'll stop your heartbeat
While you out in the street yellin out what you fittin to do to me
in the middle of your speech ima sweep you off your feet, to sleep
Fuckin with these thugs
thinkin ya'll don't bleed blood
Ima make you a believa pop pop, what you receiva
A mothafuckin bullet from my automatic pistol, hit you him too,
and all the rest of them niggas that you got wit ya
I'm collected and quiet
but surpise nigga i get lock
jumpin out of that rugged dump it
fittin to show these niggas a little somethin
Reppin shit for bone thugs, nigga don't test mine to the redline
but like my Bone Thug niggas they ball show me the light, the light
Caught in the line of fire boy if you want to
and a nigga gon be on your ass like skunk's funk pew
I grab my dick let my nuts swang from my thang
if you's a anybody killa nigga, let the bullets rain
We be puttin em straight cause if you ain't you don got into some shit
with the thuggish, ruggish bloody murda click

[chorus - Krayzie]
Ima stay fuckin em up with me gun gun blast
Ima stay fuckin em up with me gun gun blast
Ima stay fuckin em up with me gun gun blast
ima stay fuckin em uo with me gun gun blast

Undercover man, how you want it man
Ima fool on the loose with a gun in hand
I got a sure shot aim for the runnin man
that'll stop you in the tracks when I'm dumpin man, they did somethin man
Niggas talk real loud words fly out they mouth when you ain't around
talkin like a nigga stole they style when a nigga show up these niggas bow down

Pound for pound from the shoulders nigga I'm the coldest little soldier
these niggas are ruthless I'm takin you niggas believe i got somethin for ya, in the holsta
In the bushes cocked, up on the porch i got a gauge and glock
corner to corner this thing on lock yea it's hot on this block
Nigga got everything short a cannons wild n out but i ain't Nick Cannon
nigga got M-11s SR-15s and i plan to let niggas have it
Fuck this rappin, if it come down to it nigga disrespectin what's happnin
my family my money my thugs myself my nigga i'm flat out blastin
Countin out caskets on you bastards smashin if I'm ever forced to bring the action
ima ride down i'm pistol packin we can definetly get it crackin
Old fashioned like the wild west Ghetto Cowboy nigga 06
fake niggas and real niggas in the real world just don't mix


I'm a hundred proof, want a taste?
take it to the head or the face wrong place you can do it
Never met a sucka nigga runnin with a thugga, not in the game
nigga runnin with a thuggish ruggish in my range
Better do my damn thing and lift ya mayne
bitch won't leave the same way you came
We soldiers tight put up your stripes we'll rip them off
slash somebody back with a attitude that right
I'm sick with the money spent on bullet proof nigga fight fight
Handle that, nigga handle that give back to the music fuck that fuck that
reach back throw back everybody in the car gotta lean back
See now the game was soft so we back
hit em in the head with a relapse
Younger than most of you niggas so what? you die you die if i decide
then we ride
If it's on you rock a bye bye
thuggstas straight up warned you will, obey mine
Oh we will ride yes we ride in the nightime
it really don't matter get high up in the daylight
Thuggstas no fools we know the rules
don't get too close with the attitude, do, cause ooo won't like how i give it to ya


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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Gun Blast Comments

    I like all their verses but wish verse was the most reckless im sorry dude went full blown savage

  2. Jack Molina


  3. oliverrando

    man layzie said wild n out but i aint nick cannon

  4. Andrew Miller

    That “I’m 100 proof, want a taste?” Let you know wish was ready to kill the beat

  5. chino mc urion


  6. rogue99

    Fuckin up with me gun blast

  7. Jonathan Shearman

    (Hittin fist), aaand wheres cutebug?...oooh you suck?(Hittin fist)

  8. David Kuykendall

    That beat is fire

  9. NZ92673

    The Intervention theme song is this beat!

  10. Andrew Miller

    If bone came at migos like this, quavo and offset would be tucking their jewelry like Debo was comin was through

    soso girl

    Yes!!!! On god

  11. J. Lew

    Lay went in

  12. Unusual Kush

    21 and migos dont want it with these real g'z

    soso girl


  13. Free Indeed Music TV

    The thuggish ruggish bloody murder clique

  14. Kael Salvz

    No instrumental for this?


    It sounds like they sampled this from the Intervention theme song.

  15. Drew B.

    Boy is bad ,fuking up me gun gun blast ,uhhh

  16. Santo Luis

    Lazy fucked em up!!!!!!!

  17. MrCeberus77

    Camron Living A Lie! #DipsetAllDayEveryDay

  18. deadly steele

    Bone hard

  19. Don Carreon


  20. Jamal

    Yea this straight up kray kills it as usual

  21. deadly steele

    Krayzie dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sam Mamai

    I love this song😍

  23. DestroyerX61

    The machine gun is a beautiful musical instrument

  24. DestroyerX61


  25. dasa5023

    Wish went off!!!!!

  26. LeGod Larriors Destroyer

    This is not in Apple Music 😞

    Brandon Ayers

    Nope I just checked. It's on Google Play Music though.

    Micah Bell

    LeGod Larriors Destroyer it’s on Spotify, every Bone Thugs N Harmony album on Spotify!

  27. Jai Dhe

    Fucking GOLD!!!

  28. Cm H

    Wish Bone straight up ripped this track to pieces! I love it!

    Kevin Winn II

    Wish showed out

    Jonathan Shearman

    Muthafuckin Spice 1 ass muthafucka on the warpath bitch.

  29. Freddy

    das dat shit right there

  30. o k


  31. Oliver Hernandez

    From the movie killa season

    Under Construction

    the Camron movie? wordddddd


    Love Bone,they killed this. But to put it over Cam-Living a lie. No I can't..Cam destroyed this.

    that dude

    cam mumbles too much yo bone killed it harder

    Toan Hanh

    i never put it together this was living a lie ...almost equal amts of destruction


    BLACK FLAG MAFIA 414 they both wrecked this

    Liberal Tears


    Bully 1824

    Camrons Living A Lie is Way Better than this Bullshit

  33. Danny Standridge

    caught in tha line of fire BOY if you want to

  34. Danny Standridge


    Danny Standridge

    +Spider Locsta where u want 2 meet

    Danny Standridge

    +Danny Standridge u goddamn kids needta stop playin

    Danny Standridge

    +Danny Standridge look g this is not any kind of hate just trying to keep people from making wrong decicions

  35. killa keiss the general

    bone bitch

  36. koolkat518

    I'm only here for Krayzie


    @Jerry Kingsley I only like Bizzy & Krayzie (Krayzie slightly more than Bizzy). I'd say Layzie as well but he's always been a bit too inconsistent. You'll hear him spit something great & wonder why he doesn't give you that quality all the time. And Kray's first album went Platinum & the 2nd went Gold

    Jonathan Shearman

    Im only here for Fle....AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH, (PULLING MY HAIR), LOOOOOOOL, (Falling over kicking cute feetsies)...stinky poop and pee song.


    @Jerry Kingsley He went platinum if you must know...

    Jerry Kingsley

    @thalegacy6 the reply above tells the story... his first went platinum because bone was hot. Many were disappointed after purchasing. (If i recall, back before people could download any song they wanted...pre napster?) That's why the second only went gold. Fool me once, shame on Not really hating, just saying...the sum of the parts is lesser than the group (if I said that right)

    Jerry Kingsley

    @koolkat518 see, that's more like it. I KNEW no one could listen to bone and say 'flesh wish layzie and bizzie are shit but krayzie is the goat'

  37. Lemon Escobar

    Instagram anyone?

  38. Terrian Chever

    Nice track. I like how Wish came on it. I'm just giving this album a chance cause I like when its all 5 and not just 3 but this one nice

  39. YFLOInternational


    5 ULTRA

    Jonathan Shearman

    1 ultra, 1 cutebug, 1 crum bum, 1 souldja, 1 G.

    Erik Oviedo

    @Jonathan Shearman shit up

  40. DJEmonTV

    Is this sampled?

    Terrence Davis

    +DJEmonTV I believe this is the same beat for Cam'ron - Living A Lie

  41. Devon Belton

    This shit too fiyuh, like if you agree

  42. Spike Bat

    240p ...

  43. Jamum100

    @BluPrintTele it sucks that they're really not a group anymore. but they're always bone, they'll come back together eventually

  44. Koray123100

    @BluPrintTele thank god for youtube

  45. Greywolf324

    gotta say man fuckin and up with my gun gun blast! jkn but ihad too give up props too wish

  46. kushroller1

    @kaii9ty2dwag Then u need A)therapy, B)stop listenin 2 Wayne lmfao

  47. Crlongboarder

    @wouterthebmxer I think it's strength and loyalty. But I have no idea because I just started to get into Bone thugs.

  48. Wouter van der Linde

    Which album is this?

  49. mussilini syke

    when i hear this and lil wayne... i feel like killing lil wayne!

    Steven Jeremy Lunt

    mussilini syke then get on the mic n smoke his tired ass raps haha

  50. MrKoolRideR


    Jonathan Shearman

    Poop n pee at its finest.

  51. lilbricks8037

    i like cam'ron verison but this blow out cam verison no disrespect to killa kam

    Aaron Johnson

    lilbricks8037 Cam Ron should've got on this one


    Camron just aint the same after big L died. Of course bone thugs destroys all of dipset. Hell just Krayzie bone alone

    Bully 1824

    Definitely not better than Camrons Version Dipset All Day EveryDay 🦅🦅🦅

    Oliver Hernandez

    Bully 1824 man but what’s the name of the song of cam version cause I like heard the song but don’t remember the name

  52. Jay W

    @Deandre281 of course .. becuz BTNH are wayy better lyricists than Cam

  53. Crunch Buttsteak

    Bone Thugs are almost as good as TRU.

  54. dracounsigned

    @Deandre281 you canot compare bone thugs with camron

  55. michael toombs

    wish bone killed it too they all killed this

  56. two210

    @darkway1991 ooo shit for real? haha
    well good look on the correction homie

  57. Gemini Sykes

    @benlanca fuck yeah wish went hard as hell.

  58. Gemini Sykes

    Layzie and Wish killed it.

    Johnny Martinez

    Gemini Sykes they all killed it as usual did u hear layzie diss twista in this?

  59. Scroo Yoo

    Sorry about the racist comment my dumbass brother was posting shit on my account. This song kicks ass!

  60. Scroo Yoo

    learn how to spell you filthy black people.

  61. YFLOInternational

    Best rap ever created.

    Hands down.

    5 ULTRA STARS... FucK ALL Haters... we ride

  62. cynicjo

    got em runnin scared fuckin em up wit da gun gun blasttttttttttttt

  63. proud mommyof3

    this is th shit

  64. lime187

    killer tune

  65. zerominus

    camron's version was better except for the singing part, bone thugs still killed it though.

  66. HustlinHard420Ck

    you should shut it man,
    cuz im comin man,
    white dude behind u wit a gun in hand,
    pistol whip you twice for frontin man, camron cant match tha bone thugs plan,
    lookin at tha bigger picture while were blunted DAMN

    aermax 7321


  67. AtomikHypnosis

    BONE THUGS SOUND WAY BETTER ON THIS BEAT..but this was originally
    Cam'rons beat x] go CHECK it out

    its called Cam - Living A Lie
    the beat sounds better on HIS
    version thou..

  68. Justin Smith

    "Undercover man, how you want it man? Im a fool on the loose with a gun in hand. I got a sho' shot aim for the runnin man, that'll stop you in your tracks when im dumpin man."


  69. Martell Tha Cool

    Cam'ron verse is assed out compared 2 Bone Thugs.
    Ohio Stand Up!!!

  70. rookie805


  71. pdot

    vote this hot shit

  72. carloctave

    Hey, what year did this song come out?