Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Don't Waste My Time Lyrics

[Intro - Krayzie]
Stay on the grind and rise on up, give it all you got
[Repeat 5X]

[Verse 1 (Krayzie)]
Shit, we done come up a long way
We crept and we came, we did our thing, just like the song say
Nigga's been talkin about us like it's Bone Day
They say "them nigga's my nigga's ain't kickin it no more."
They say we all went solo, "nigga's ain't even speakin no more"....You sure?
Nigga don't they know y'all been my dogs since back in the day. (Yep)
We been through some rough times, but never enough to make us break up
Besides, Bone is a business. Even if we didn't kick it, nigga this is business
So quit all that beef and come get this cheese
Nobody really been knowin the drama we done seen
Like my nigga Flesh in jail, stressin in that cell
And we been strugglin nigga, so we might spot ya with some bling bling, and pull a glock
Thuggish, ruggish nigga's, probably heard about us runnin up, checkin these busta's
Actin like they ain't gonna respect the Thugs, muthafuckas
We ain't givin a fuck no more, we get smashed and play with the dough
Kickin ass just so that you know, for the money we goin for broke

[Chorus (Krayzie)]
I don't waste my time without no dollar sign
If you ain't talkin 'bout no paper would you stay outta mine
And don't be tryin to test my patience cuz I do pack a nine
But y'all ain't really tryin to go to war
[Repeat 1X]

[Verse 2 (Layzie)]
See these mind's was handed the raw. And nigga's, they fuckin us, make the law
And sick and tired of seein nigga's flossin, put it down real 'til I'm in my coffin
Scrape a lape, can't get me bent. Nigga this tank don't run on fumes
And if I ain't got it you can assume, about to go get it and nigga's is doomed. (Caboom)
Cash is closure, this bank is run up before. Nigga better picture me when I'm rollin
Homie this nine is what I'm loadin, tryin to take me for the easy stick up
You better be pickin up your place or get a taste of this one eight seven murder case
It's dun-datta, no longer "see you tomorrow."
I'll be screamin "not a shotty," he shouldn't have had no problems
Top to bottom, in's and out's, and if you don't know then close your mouth
Guessin games can lead to droughts. When they fall over, your ass out. Blast em out
Number one; my family, number two; don't touch my money
Number three, just respectin everything that really sincerely love me
I'm a real thug strong and weak, the rich was in the poor
But you gotta get on your feet even if they blistered up and sore

[Chorus (Krayzie)]
I don't waste my time without no dollar sign
If you ain't talkin 'bout no paper would you stay outta mine
And don't be tryin to test my patience cuz I do pack a nine
But y'all ain't really tryin to go to war
[Repeat 1X]

[Verse 3 (Bizzy)]
Choke like nigga's choke when they get that corner on 100 and 44
Smoke and think platinum, gun in my coat
Stick to my grill, lane switchin fixin a scrill
Look at the perfect one, show you right, please be still
Bought a new chest, honey coat cover the vest
Black and beautiful, oceanary quiverin lips
I've been to funerals, seen 'em in the casket dead
Across the wall, the shit is hurtin my head
Fed's talkin, they watchin me in the bed tearin my broad up
"That dick is kinda small, my bitch is too much."
C'mon, creep on ah come up and fuck it go to the club, thugs love it
Haters holdin a motherfuckin gun
Bitch you can't be a judge, be real. Enough is enough
Signs are soon delivered, the rivers are filled
Praise Jesis in this ghetto thesis
Only Jehova keep my foster brother breathin, give me the reason. (Cuz I'm a soldier)

[Chorus (Krayzie)]
I don't waste my time without no dollar sign
If you ain't talkin 'bout to paper would you stay outta mine
And don't be tryin to test my patience cuz I do pack a nine
But y'all ain't really tryin to go to war
[Repeat 4X]

Bone Thugs -N- Harmony
[Repeat until fades out]

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Don't Waste My Time Comments
  1. Yaxkoh Torres

    good old days when there was good music 💀

  2. J.T.R. 313

    song was kind of weak


    J.T.R. 313 stfu bruh. Go listen to ur whack ass idol Drake

  3. Myke Burns

    Krayzie is the leader of the group,layzie is the heart of bone he made the call to get em there,bizzy is the soul and harmony of bone bizzy has a very important part of bone,wish is just wish he is part of bone and he makes bone ,BONEZ and flesh is the flesh of bone thugs n harmony

  4. Ralf Voigt


  5. anthony verdun

    so need to hear this right now

  6. Blaze Nine

    wouldn't be bone thugs n harmony with out krayzie, lazyzie, bizzy, wish and flesh n bone

  7. Wagner Cardoso

    the best song bone thug

  8. EL95GE

    the stay outta mine is that a real remix/ alternative version?

  9. Milas Jåddy

    layzie is actually the kind of leader... they said so

  10. ThePhil0659

    bizzy is the wildest, layzie is the small dude with a big dude attitude, krayzie is the leader, flesh da hard hiita, n wish da heart

  11. Milas Jåddy

    Bizzy is the wildness in the group, Layzie is the leader, Krayzie is the fastest, Flesh with the sickest gagster attitude and Wish is the heart of the group--- If the heart wasn't there it wouldn't be the same BONE

    J.T.R. 313

    Milas Jåddy ain't Krayzie the leader

    Big Daddy Creme Cheese

    I mean if you ask me Bizzy is the heart/ soul of the group.

  12. 44M4G

    Increase work productivity rest will grow

  13. Antonio Coleone

    Stay on your grind & rise on up


    i agree playa couldnt have said it any better and i dont know u .get down fucker jokes aint knowing

  15. Jorge Guzman

    Bone thugs always keepin it real

  16. soldier2763

    @everyone that comments on bonethugs songs. correct me or not but all these people saying lil wayne is lyrically / flow better then bone thugs l0000000l ? is this true . i think there full of shi,t bone own there own category of rap. legends tbh. bone dont even rap to there fastest .
    listen to bonethugs all the uncut uni5 album songs.
    search bonethugs- debt to society bizzy goes hard lol

  17. Nefarious Actz

    this my shit

  18. CaLiDubLicious

    dumb as a [email protected]

  19. cyler bull

    @fireman213 jus as long theirs time thier always bone...BONE thugs~n~harmony 4>

  20. two210

    benlanca's comment..
    nuff fuckin said!

  21. Davonta Brockman


    Cameron Redstar

    Still wuz 🔥 but Tru no bizzy no flesh

  22. CashBlake098

    Thug Stories was done to get out of Koch Records.

  23. rj erickson

    bone will never die

  24. J V

    Real Talk

  25. dragonfist25

    Real talk

  26. thedizzit

    why is there such a big blank gap starting at 4:09 until the end of the video

  27. Larz93

    i love this song bone 4ever

  28. bone thugs

    bone thugs eternal...!!!

  29. dragonfist25


  30. Bonethugs333

    can you shut the fuck up?

  31. Cal Martin

    they should have released this song years ago

  32. JokerThaGemini

    casue he dont neeed to be in every song

  33. JokerThaGemini

    eazy got married on his death bed so i doubt he was aware that he got married
    thats why bone thugs refers to tomica as the black widow.

  34. dragonfist25

    Tamica Wright was Eazy E's wife. She calls the shot at Ruthless records and owns the rights to Bone's released songs.

    She's just tryin' to get paid off Bone Thugs...

  35. dragonfist25

    Don't buy it homie. Bone Thugs ain't even getting paid for this. Tamica Wright just released this to capitalize on Bone's comeback album. DON'T support her man, she cheated them out of money....

  36. CantFaze

    this is ill

  37. DubSta

    yup, most of these song on this album are cuts from Thug World Order

  38. Zach G

    i hope one of the songs with Bizzy Bone gets popular and they half to make a video and the album gets so many albums sales they have to reunite for a tour that would be raw cause they would all be together everyone demand that they get back together and make the songs popular by requesting them go to their websites we need the T.H.U.G.S. back for the '08 spread the love if you like the original Bone Thugs~N~Harmony !!SPREAD THE WORD!!

  39. Penelope Peppers

    Gangsta song and its ten times betta with bizzy back on board!