Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Candy Paint Lyrics

Woo yea, yea,
Excuse me, is that candy paint?
Them Bone Boys is back

Rollin, rollin, roliin
Hey keep rollin, rollin, rollin
Hey keep rollin, rollin, rollin
Hey keep rollin, rollin, rollin
What you say?

I I I I I LOhuhuhuhuVE you
My Impala sittin on them two fours
I I I I I LOhuhuhuhuVE you
My Cutlas with them suicide doors

Move out my way
Move outout
Nigga move out my way
Move out my way
Wait a minute now
Hold a second now
Wait a minute now

Here come grandaddy alway classin ain't no nigga badda than that
they know i'm gangsta 24 on my black caddilac
And as a matter of fact, flipped it and dipped it in some candy paint
suckas get mad cause they cain't

Your boy Lil Layzie comin through all in that black Monte Carlo
I'm swtichin lanes, givin lanes like it ain't no tomorrow
Ima tryna get around cars with no regards for this traffic
look how i yank it, yea i yank it makin it look like it's magic

If you see that dash strong ya know what to do, ya know what to do, ya know what to do
We was fittin to roll not gon let me roll ?? watchin for them popos mashin down that 71


Stomp it bash it with my 350 rocket, Cutlas
white on white it's tight from bumper to bumper can't touch this
For a little for juice i supercharge it
yea his rides tight but ain't tight like mine cause we workin on different ??

I swing my doors open, my doors open
my niggas out in Cleveland swing them doors open, doors open
Big bumps, big bumps big trunks
Try to let off take it to the other side
lets get high, pimpin while i'm deep into my vibe

I'ma come with the cleanest I ain't gon be seen with these niggas don't know who the team is
I love that i breath with Swizz and Bone, nigga that's who
we is
Whatever the purpose it's Full Surface what chu call architects
to hard to check and if you don't move we startin shit


Gotta have it nigga my weapon is automatic nigga
nigga stepped his game up when he came up should have thought about it nigga
Cause these 24 inches spinnin is usually good for makin they heads twirl
just try to be nigga when i journey this world

Switchin lanes, pimpin, switchin lanes, pimpin, switchin lanes, pimpin, switchin lanes
We rollin through your hood like Bone Thug
and i doubt if we ever need a gangbang it's because


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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Candy Paint Comments
  1. King Park

    Wish killed it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Chris Robinson

    Good shit good shit

  3. Hingle McKringleberry

    06 Chrysler on srt8s Wichita burnout foxy lady shotgun times were good

  4. Jazz x3


  5. Reymon Anthony

    Nigga move nigga move out my way good shittt still fuck with bonethugs from this very on

  6. Ivan Mendoza

    sounds like limp bizkit

  7. young blood

    Who's still here 2019 ??

  8. Nicholas Terrigno

    May 2019 still rocking this shit!

  9. Kevin Winn II

    This song should have not made the final cut on the album but s&l is good.

  10. Nathan Kester

    Ha! Good ol' Bone Thugs always got my back. I been a fan since like 1996 back in Junior high school. I love me some Bone Thugs music.

  11. Raynial woods

    Cleveland......... 🤘

  12. Nathan Kester

    27 people don't know what good music is! That's SAD! 😣 Haters! Fuck y'all! LOL! 😆😆😎

  13. Oliver Hernandez

    People saying this song is wack and it’s not

  14. Cheyenne Cole

    Why isn’t this whole album not on iTunes

    Money mac

    I have no idea

  15. Lasialap

    Keep rollin rollin *2018*

  16. Eaze Prestige

    Excuse me is that candy paint?

  17. James Dale

    this song really reminds me of my ex... lol but its such a dope song what ex haha

  18. Romuanpuia Hauzel

    we r candy

  19. Leslie Jones

    dann still bangs. and brings back good summer memories. ;)

  20. Mandi McCallum

    I love this song

  21. Jake Mehoff

    I remember this song .. caught my girl cheating on me so I bet the hell out of her Secret lover to this song. Fuck the shit Fernando Valley

  22. ARies420910z

    Cleveland from N.C

  23. Robert Sullivan

    Still BANGIN this in August 2017.
    - Tha
    -PHUCKIN' Bones Thugs man 🙌

    Shamiah Ledington

    2019 neow bitches!!

  24. Stacey Wing

    love this SONG!!!

  25. R R

    this song just poped in my mind so here i am

    Donovan Carriker

    Alb R lol that's why I'm here now

    Jay O

    same here

    jordy sanchez

    Ha that's wassup

  26. cruz santoya

    That girl sounds bad ass

  27. cruz santoya


  28. Cortez Taylor

    who is the name of the girl singing


    Autumn Rowe.

    Chris Robinson

    Mariah carey

  29. Trent Carter

    ya ya reflex rollin

  30. Sammy Habayeb

    Throwback to bone thugs man good old days 😔😔❤️❤️

    Sammy Habayeb

    Still be bumpin to there songs tho still raw asf

  31. Saikubo

    I don't know what you guys are talking about, this is a great song.

  32. Chemo Hernandez

    Base is dope

  33. J. lew

    for it being a song bone dosent usually do..its not too bad..not their worst album tho.for just 3 in the group at the time they still delivered.

  34. Jordan

    this ain't really my song but it bring strong nostalgia bcuz of the time I did hear this a lot..I was young af like16

    Killa Cam

    u a buster then

  35. ezequiel dos s santana


  36. EmpressIntuition888 Tarot

    Haters will Hate I love this song.People just Jealous that`s all.Bone keep doing yall`s thing.

    Vic Rod

    U right, this that shit. Fuck them haters

  37. Isaiah JeanBaptiste

    I love this song a lot

  38. marcos chavez

    By this time bone is not in their prime definitely a song made to keep up with the jones's hate to say its garbage but it is

  39. Ruthless4Real

    Worst Bone album...

    Oliver Hernandez

    Ruthless4Real yo you like gotta be kidding me

  40. Ray Evans

    This is the worst song bone has ever made

    Ray Evans

    @ThaBadazz0184 bone rapping about cars and money don't do it for me


    Haha valid point every one has his own style and likes it

    Ray Mond

    Its not about cars and money its about switching lanes... but yeah, they need dj uneek back thats for sure

    cruz santoya

    Fuck no i mean it aint the same as the east 1999 album but what do u expect they cant have the same style forever. Do you.?

    Vic Rod

    You don't shit bro...

  41. Nomma Rillnaim

    Is that candy paint?!?