Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Bone Thug Soldier Lyrics

[Intro: Layzie]
Twin, what's happenin Lay'?
That's how we do that?
Nigga Thugs is on the Line, yeah

[Chorus: Krayzie (Layzie)]
Y'all don't, know a (I'm a Thug on the Line, what?)
Bone Thug, soldier (Mo Thugs, nigga!)
Y'all don't, know a (I'm a Thug on the Line)
Bone Thug, soldier (Mo, Mo Thugs!)

[Krayzie Bone]
Finger on the trigger from my 9-millimeter make your (Body Rott)
(Body Rott) And when you drop, make the party stop
Leave 'em in the bushes, we them niggaz makin pushes in your squad (squad)
Catch a nigga sleep, he truly die
Wake up inside the coffin, don't make my niggaz start it
They doin this regarded, tossed him back and lost it
Awww shit, my niggaz they get the ammo
We takin over the panel, thuggin on every channel
Invasion, "Thug on Da Line"
Put it down for the nation, "Thugs All Ova Da World"
The Thugs, they cool and the only thing we smoke will be the bud
But trip and we gon' rip shit up, shit up


[Wish Bone]
Snatch a nigga, break a nigga, show him how we do
Take that, eat that, rob and take it to your crew
Nothin new, nothin new, we not sayin nothin new
But when the Thugs get after you (oh my God!)
Don't you know that you can stick a nigga, hit him from the back, take that
And I'm a real thug before all this rap, believe that
And I will kill niggaz, ah-ah-ah, we steal nigga
Don't believe nigga? Pap-pap-pap, believe now nigga?

[Layzie Bone]
I'm yo' soldierrrrrr - I, I don't give a fuck nigga
This Steve nigga, what the fuck is goin on?
I'm yo' soldierrrrrr - (what what) don't believe niggaz
What the fuck is goin on? What the fuck is goin on nigga?
I'm yo' soldierrrrrr


[Layzie Bone]
And I done been about my business for a long time
Motherfuckers talkin shit, same song motherfucker wrong rhyme
What the fuck is goin on? Layzie Bone in here
Now give me a motherfuckin beer and I ain't got no fear
I roll, with my dawgs and my dawgs with me
Now who the fuck they wanna see? The B-O-N-E
Or the Mo, T-H-U-Geeeeeeee's
(Thug Thug Thug Thug) Nigga we grow like trees
And I'ma fuck a nigga up, buck a nigga up, beat a nigga up
What nigga, I'm a Thug on the Liiiiine (I'm a Thug on the Line)
What you goin through? What you goin through nigga?
(What you goin through?) I'm a Thug on the Liiiine
I want my money nigga; you get yours, I'ma get mine
I want my money nigga; you get yours, and I'ma get mine (yeah)


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  1. dafuqawew

    yall dont know a BONE THUG SOLDIER !!!!!

  2. Greg Van Deurzen

    support bone!!!!!

  3. code187copkilla

    no but you can find the album at your local best buy or

  4. DamianR

    Man hell naw u all better go buy this shit -___- i got almost all their albums including this one:p i just hope the money for this one goes to them. Guess im just a true fan .___.

  5. leyla hay

    @PersianG go on google and type youtube mp3 and copy this url into the adress bar and itll convert it to mp3

  6. Fredrick Solace

    Bone ... one of a kind

  7. 1RouGhL1

    Most of the songs arent avaible one ares, limewire, kazaa bearshare..


    Bone thugs songs needs to be in perfect shape lmfao


    ayy dont use limewire... get dvd video soft youtube mp3 converter.. u cud get any song.. with high quality

  9. Michaella Jackson

    Dis shyt iz sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jay bone

    krazy bones use to b ma klass m8

  11. jay bone

    soundss siiik

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  13. bizzy523

    bone thug solier