Bonamassa, Joe - Too Much Ain't Enough Love Lyrics

You walked in my life
But made me smile
How could I have known
Hunger locked in time
We can start a fire,
But we can't control the flame
And I just can't wait to feel the heat again
In the middle of the night

She cry too much ain't enough love to satisfy me, yeah
I said too much ain't enough love to satisfy me

Well it just seems like yesterday
I was running alone
And I turn my back home love
But baby I wasn't wrong
Do I miss your touch
Or tell myself on the line
Then I can't get enough
When I'm lying by your side

She cry too much ain't enough love to satisfy me, yeah
I said too much ain't enough love to satisfy me
I gotta burn his heart baby

Do I miss your touch
Or tell myself a lie
And I can't get enough
When I'm lying by your side
In the middle of the night

She cry too much ain't enough love to satisfy me, yeah
I said too much ain't enough love to satisfy me
I gotta burn it hard baby

Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me, yeah
But I smoke as fire baby
Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me hey...

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Bonamassa, Joe Too Much Ain't Enough Love Comments
  1. Beppe Branchetti


  2. Степан Кубані

    Им не "хватает" Олега Винника - бек-вокал!!!???

  3. Awake

    Br por aqui?

  4. Cherie2017 R-M

    Great song! 🎶🎷🎹🎵🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  5. Joyce Oshanek

    Never enough of Joe 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰💋🧢🇨🇦🇺🇸🍷🧢💋🎸🥰 💋🎸😘

  6. joseph migliore

    The drum track is very sterile. Not digging this version.

  7. Craig Lawrence

    Terrible version the original was great Joe is a horrible player screwed this version...

  8. christine velasquez

    So, so bad ass song! Sexy repeat, repeat! Can't get enough of this song.

  9. elaine luckett

    So hot🤑love this song,,repeat. Repeat. Kentucky 2019

  10. Сергей Шестаков

    Опоздал,было-было Они боги ,а меня мама не родила дело в бабе-деде,задача)??? Осазнать!? И так нельзя


    stunning! true talents combined to create fuckin bitchin! the youtube video version of this with Neil Schon & Joe will stand the fur way up! holy moly!

  12. 1mtncat1


  13. 1mtncat1

    oh shit, 7 sec in... Lord Above, I'm down!!!

  14. Mr. Rock

    Great song, Great Jimmy Barnes, Great Guitar Player, Joe Bonamassa...

  15. Сергей Поторока

    Всё,что делают Барнс и Бонамасса-сурер!!!

  16. Дмитрий Кузьменчук


  17. Pera Wills

    Two of the best, Jimmys lyrics and Joe is amazing and never disappoints. both massive legends

  18. Adam Strzebiński

    no words how good this song is, it's like going to the highest peak of the Himalayas and putting the inscription "the highest peak of the world"

  19. Mark Hickey


  20. vitaly goji

    Bad lyrics, overdone by Barns. Guitar is perfect. Wish there was version without "singing"

    Barry Rogers

    You know nothing about music

    vitaly goji

    @Barry Rogers You don't need lots of knowledge. Knowledge is secondary when it comes to music.
    What you really do need is developed right brain hemisphere. Most of you don't have that . Too much chlorine in water and TV exposure takes toll. You are very confused people and helpless

  21. Agnostik Man

    Joe bonamassa "god of guitar" ❤️

  22. Daliserbe Thomas Eberwein

    Mehr geht nicht! So geil die Mischung Bonamassa und Barnes

  23. Rémy Macca

    I own close to 700 records in all kinds of musical genres and I can say that Barnes' voice is up there with the very greatest I have heard...

  24. Elin Ellertsen


  25. Ruben Dario Ruiz Vasquez


  26. Giuseppe Cervone

    Una grande voce per una grande musica w il soul alza il volume

  27. Angelia Garrison

    Love his voice! So much passion! Always love Bonamassa!

  28. Carlo

    Killer combination.

  29. Richard Bennett

    Totally overplayed by Bonamassa and over sung by Barnes. Neal Schon played it way better and Jimmy sang it perfectly back in the 90's on the original release. Shoulda left it alone. Just sayin......

  30. Sandro Sadhukhan

    Which amp is Bonamassa using here? Sounds like an Overdrive Special to me

  31. Layne Lair

    Love this music! Bravo!!!

  32. Brawl Champ

    Now one can hear where Mahalia Barnes has her great voice from... ;)

  33. Rebecca Bromell

    this is what it's all about!!

  34. SuperEdge67

    I’m sorry but this is Jimmy Barnes featuring Joe Bonamassa not the other way round. It’s Jimmy’s song after all.

  35. Robert Abbott


  36. gagik ghukasyan


  37. skip campbell

    great song jimmy your fantastic

  38. Joe Swisher

    The harsh cut of jimmys voice with the smooth sound of Bonamassas guitar is the perfect blend

  39. Sifet Felic

    I Love this song, amezing Guitar and Voice, just Perfect.

  40. Игорь Недоступ

    Джо Бонамасса мой самый любимый блюз-роковый гитарист. Да и вокальными данными не обделён. А в паре с Джимми Барнсом это НЕЧТО!!!

  41. BrotherCane

    blue jeans blues in id tempo ?

  42. David Millar

    Can I give this a million thumbs up. Peace ✌️ from Scotland.

  43. Henry Thompson

    Monster axe to✌

  44. Haklik Mária


  45. Barry Rogers

    Probably some of the best guitar playing you will hear



    James Sweet

    Jim sweet here another awesome song between great heavy weights one singing and the other on guitar they are a TRUELY great duet together unstoppable Force big thumbs up from me


    *SWEET !!! ...*

  47. reckless mom

    Fantastische Musik!! 🎸🎶💗🎼🏆🔝👍

  48. Henry G. Thompson

    It better with the women singing back round

  49. czarekdan

    this duo is great, heavenly good!

  50. Samuel Martin

    Un seul mot à dire:" putain!"

  51. Alan Poland

    Oh YESSSSS!! Too Much Joe & Jimmy gets it done!! This is ONE GREAT COVER....
    As with Beth Hart, Joe fills the gaps like no other.....and is the 🎸CHERRY🎸 on top of the proverbial 🎼❤️🎼 cake!!

  52. Henry G. Thompson

    man who is that on that monster axe real fuckin deep

  53. Competence Certificaçao Digital

    Too much!

  54. Γιωργος Μαυρουδης


  55. Gerhard Federl

    Thank God for Jimmy! <3

  56. Final Frontier

    My brother introduced me to the guitar playing of joe and I have say he is exceptional. I really like Jimmy Barnes as well

  57. Enrique Aldanondo

    "Demasiado no es suficiente amor"

    Entrastes en mi vida,
    Con la sonrisa de un ángel.
    Cómo podría haberlo sabido,
    El hambre encerrado en su interior.
    Podemos encender un fuego,
    Pero no podemos controlar la llama.
    En el medio de la noche
    Ahora no puedo esperar,
    Para sentir ese calor otra vez,
    Y en medio de la noche lloras.

    Demasiado no es suficiente ...
    Amor para satisfacerme.
    Demasiado no es suficiente ...
    Amor para satisfacerme.

    Parece que fue ayer,
    Que estaba corriendo solo
    Le di la espalda al amor,
    Pero nena estaba equivocado
    Extraño tu tacto?,
    Me digo una mentira
    No puedo conseguir suficiente,
    Cuando estoy acostado a tu lado,
    Y en medio de la noche lloro.

    Demasiado no es suficiente ...
    Amor para satisfacerme.
    Demasiado no es suficiente ...
    Amor para satisfacerme.

    Sombras moviéndose en la pared
    Lentamente empezamos a caer
    Acostado en una piscina de sudor
    Otra noche no puedo olvidar.
    Demasiado no es suficiente ...
    Amor para satisfacerme.

  58. Donna Rawiri

    Love this version the best...that guitar is awesome

  59. Nina Swer

    This has always been one of my favourites 😎😎😎

  60. Henri Corbin

    I prefer the original with Neal Schon.....

  61. René B Bad

    Hey, nice... but it is hard to outplay Neal Schon from the original.

  62. Hakan Dursun

    Impressive !

  63. Doc

    two greats together doesn't get better .......what a voice ! should have one million views !!

  64. leonardo elias

    Simplesmente as guitarras mais fodas que já vi em uma canção de blues .........Joe botou pra lascar ai tocou demais +.

  65. Vitor ribeiro


  66. Pablo Palermo

    oh my..... joe you did it again, God bless your soul, thnks .... again

  67. Maurizio Spagna

    ....un brano da stracciamutande....

  68. Manuel Pinto

    Joe bonamassa fantastic

  69. Carlos Nells

    great lyrics too ! Wonder if Barnes wrote the song?

    René B Bad

    Jonathan Cain (Journey,) Jimmy and I believe Neal Schon (Journey) wrote and played on the original.

  70. Maurizio Spagna

    Great song, great voice and legendary guitar of Joe.
    Chilling on the skin ....
    for music connoisseurs "rock" !!!!!

  71. Gelato Oliver

    Fool cool!

  72. thanos hat

    The grovers

  73. Shana C

    Love this! Love them! Joe and Jimmy....exceptional talent here!

  74. Gavin Dempsey

    I did 2 shows with Jimmy in the 90's in New Zealand as a support artist and he is the most awesome dude you are likely to meet.Thanx for the memories brother.Loved this song since it came out in the 90's too.
    p.s Joe rocks this song.Killer solo with stunning wah wah control.

  75. seine knechtschaft

    Amazing voice!

  76. Google Music Channel

    Joe Bonamassa feat Jimmy Barnes-Too much Ain't Enough Love

  77. dji zzah

    not bad, not quite as good as neal schon

    Eduardo Hernandez

    Yeah sure,ja.

    Cem Sarioglu

    Too much ain't enough Neal!

  78. Jerry W

    One of those songs that can;'t be done any better than this. Thanks Jimmy

    Jim Rasch

    I usually stay far away from the "better" and "best" discussions, because it is a subjective no-mans land. But outshining the vocals and guitar on this one.... well best of luck to anyone going for that, they´ll need it. One can only hope they achieve it and share it with us.

  79. Боян Любенов

    You walked in my life, with an angel's smile.
    How could I have known, the hunger locked inside.
    We can start a fire, but we can't control the flame.
    Now I just can't wait, to feel that heat again,
    And in the middle of the night you cry.

    Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me.
    Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me.

    Just seems like yesterday, I was running alone
    I turned my back on love, but baby I was wrong
    Do I miss your touch, do I tell myself a lie
    Can't get enough, when I'm lying my your side,
    And in the middle of the night I cry.

    Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me.
    Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me.

    Shadows moving on the wall
    Slowly we begin to fall
    Lying in a pool of sweat
    Another night I can't forget.

    Too much ain't enough love to satisfy me.

    Ryan Byrne

    Amazing voice and guitar


    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Amen!

  80. Ezgi Kula

    böyle şarkılara ihtiyacımız var !

  81. Arkady Yablokov

       Отличный трек с прошлогоднего альбома  Джимми Барнса  "30:30 Hindsight" (2014)...

    Gr. Seregin

    Да, добротно.

  82. Amar - Farid Bachtoula

    cette voix est magnifique il l achante tres bien

    Od ette

    Toi tu fais la différence, pas moi! Toi tu es un pro, pas moi! Pour moi, c'est aussi, aussi, rythment blues...
    Tu vas dire que je n'y connais rien et tu auras raison! Moi c'est le type de musique que j'aime , mais les noms alors là?....

    Amar - Farid Bachtoula

    Ba le jazz c est plutôt django Reynard c du jazz manouche

    Amar - Farid Bachtoula

    Alors tu aimes cette musique hé bé mdame

    Od ette

    @Amar - Farid Bachtoula oui! Le Jazz, le jazzi, le rythmen blues, et donc le R.B. puisqu'il faut appeler les choses pas leur nom!!

    Amar - Farid Bachtoula

    En fait c du rythme and blues RB si tu veux

  83. De Girolamo Filmmaker

    Amazing Best Version

  84. Lady Segula


  85. Anne Hurskainen

    yes, intense, just great!

  86. gill Cook

    Too much Joe ain't enough to satisfy me!!!!!!

    emiah pio


  87. Robin Sheard

    What a Song!! well written Roll the blues on we will follow you Joe. Rock on.