Bonamassa, Joe - Nutbush City Limits Lyrics

I drive home straight now
A school outside house
On highway number 19
The people keep the city clean

They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
They call it Nutbush City Limit
(Nutbush City Limit)

Driving far past the speed limit
Not a sacramental light in it
You go to store on Friday
You go to church on Sunday

They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
They call it Nutbush City Limit
(Nutbush City Limit)

You go to feel on week days
And have a picnic on Labor Day
You go to town on Saturday
But go to church every Sunday

They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
They call it Nutbush City Limit
(Nutbush City Limit)

No whiskey for sale
You kick up no meal
So go get molasses
And so you get in jail

They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
They call it Nutbush City Limit
(Nutbush City Limit)

A little tow in Tennessee
That’s called…
A quiet little old community
A… a one horse town
You have to watch
What you’re putting down
In little old Nutbush

They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit
They call it Nutbush City Limit (they call it, they call it…)
(Nutbush City Limit)
Oh, Nutbush

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Bonamassa, Joe Nutbush City Limits Comments
  1. Heinz Lindenmann

    Best ever

  2. Otzi Otzburn

    OMG Beth!!!!!!!! <3

  3. александр луконин

    Мы все любим Тину Тёрнер!

  4. Corto Maltese

    Maybe better than original

  5. stevie's flyit

    Theres not another female artist on the planet that could get anywhere near this its just utterly amazing.

  6. Nikolaos Mosxakis

    is good nikos tarantella taverna xersonisos

  7. Buffast

    What a voice.. ! what a cover.. ! Fantastic, thanks !!👌🏻👍🏻😆😎😎😎😎

  8. Luis Rodríguez

    she´s the best. Super voice, no other one like her.

  9. Константин Куранов

    Класс !👍😎

  10. pel666

    Beth has such a great vocal sense for Rock, wish she would put out a Rock reprise album with Joe, her old band, Eric gales, Larkin Poe etc....I think it would be spot on! Love all her work nevertheless...but let me finish with a BIG shout for Beth's edgy and inspiring rock voice

  11. Boanca Rada


  12. daipaulig

    Damn, Beth is a powerhouse of a singer.


    nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutbush city limits

  14. Robert Cubinelli

    Beth lets it all hang out, baby !!!!!👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Howard SIX


  16. fusionaut23

    Beth is so alive, I love it. :) By the way, good job everyone!

  17. Tan Trinh

    i stood up

  18. Эльчин Рзаев

    Beautiful song++++++++++++

  19. Geschmeity

    Beth i LOVE you

  20. scheffe55

    Beth, du bist eine Musik-Kraftmaschine

  21. franco troilo

    So good

  22. nikos mosxakis

    good soynd ..nikos tarantella xersonisos

  23. Sey Dutz

    Beth doesn’t sing, she takes you on a journey


    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Gemma Gibson

    I clicked on this by accident wasn't expecting that voice. The woman can sing.

  26. Jim Gallagher

    Can't wait until next month and I finally get to see this amazing lady. Been a fan for many years

  27. Ronald Fleischer

    This is a unbelievable voice! Sorry Tina, but Beth is sooooo very good. Joe Bonamassa I found no word's. God bless you. I love you so much, from Stuttgart to nerdville.

  28. Sheri

    Beth's voice makes your whole body break out in goosebumps. One of a kind powerhouse.

  29. Velvet Wilson


  30. zeus 5029

    She gives 100.1 % ever song she sings.
    God I love her.

  31. Cardón del norte

    El mejor video de Beth Hart

  32. Ron Wohl

    Beth Hart is ok - Joe is a hack...pales in comparison to Tina and Ike's version

  33. welshyyyyy


  34. john j evans

    Beth what a voice!

  35. Federer935

    Brilliant! power, spirit, aggression and raw skill! Real rock at its best! Worthy of being played loud enough to burst the speakers!

    Nick Katiforis


  36. Michel Dumont


  37. Maria Concas

    No one is like Tina Turner but this girl is really good

  38. Pepi Mateo

    Que dos bestias se han juntado por Dios!!!!! Ique placer!!!!!! Joe Bonamassa y Beth!!!!! Alucinantes🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


    Not many pipes can sing that song / ACE / BAM /

  40. Ilse Ilse

    I like this song .. also vey good here ...

  41. malcolm jones

    Loved the original, but this is another ! ❤️❤️

  42. justadrummervienna

    sounds as good as tina turner

  43. Bleck Gilbert


  44. Selahattin Gündoğdu


  45. a b

    Awesome cover! Girl can sang!

  46. Luciana Tiso

    Coppia fantastica!!!

  47. Douglas Larson

    The drummer is dragging

  48. Leonidas Lost

    Just brilliant. Anybody know who the rhythm guitarist is who is really enjoying himself?


    Blondie Chaplin aka Terence William "Blondie" Chaplin is a singer and guitarist from Durban, South Africa.

    Leonidas Lost

    Thanks dude. Love the look on his face and he gets paid as well


    Two things.
    Beth is one of the best singers of all time.

    And that look joe gives as she hits a high note.
    I'd have proposed after that hahaha.

    Great stuff.

  50. Janneke De Visser


  51. stantheharpman

    Beth does Bob Seger and Tina Turner proud with this, what a powerhouse vocal she is!!!

  52. brett brinkman

    Love it when JB looks over to ,probably the producer , when BH does that 1st growl....he mouths whooo….SO GOOOD!!! I grew up listening to I and TT but, this.....Yeh.

  53. Kürşat Kayı

    Awesome !

  54. Richard Lowry

    Loves me some Beth...such passion

    Richard Lowry

    anyone that would time to cover Humble Pie and Edgar Winter will forever be my hero

  55. Gang of Eagles

    Great singing! Tina would be proud!

  56. Stephen Smith

    They call nut bush city limit....awesome.

  57. Karin Storer

    of all the Best that got now on the -Blues-scene and a bit harder both do it and have the fun .it is important that the Best now do this the most is an enjoyment in what they are doing and I am happy as last year of leaving us a lot and it sure is also a lot more important to continue with them into a future where we can be sure that's not all we all have for some years to come.I am only sad about the way Mewe has made all this apart from a few a same kind and the people who seem to have the control think that the most are where they get the tasteless EMOIIS +other show offs.some just sell as buy such taste less pictures as well so Trumps taste with a taste of Haloween.better to love the music +listen as life can be a bitch anyway. love KARIN

  58. Marcel Wolfs

    That smile of Joe, hearing the amazing voice of Beth, fantastic!

  59. Karsten Jensen

    Holy moly 👍👍👍💪💪💪😊

  60. Flick Dasher

    lou reed on the other guitar? spooky!


    He's one of the Beach Boys, Blondie Chaplin.

  61. bronco devil

    She sings the hell out of this!

  62. Margot Nicolau

    The inheritor


    i'd love to hear her sing Tobacco Road.

  64. José De Mon-Serrat Abílio

    Muito Show essa mulher e essa banda

  65. KIKI6886

    WOW!!! That was fabulous!!!!

  66. boz box

    Fuckin' Beth! I will have it. Great band, great cover. And it's me Beth. Cheers to all.

  67. George Edmonds

    Man can this lady rock,best version of the song, I've ever heard!

  68. Raj Jain

    That voice.
    THAT VOICE!!!!!

    I'm slain.

  69. topolovatulmic

    Beth is great ! Love this song !

  70. JD Gragg

    Mercy~! ...........that was 'STRONG"!

  71. Hans van Gelder

    Joe gets inspired by so much energy!

    panos nikoloutsopoulos

    Beth σκοτεινή δύναμη Dark force. over

  72. Frank Stidham


  73. Carola Adolf

    WOW !!!

  74. Tammy Ward

    Beth made the Queen Tina Turner PROUD!!

  75. Harry de Lange

    Wow man , I love that woman, Beth Hart, she puts all her energy in that and other songs. She's a power woman. Respect. She is a black and white person.

  76. Deuce Devil

    they are tight !!

  77. Diderich Langmannen

    Beth is cool ... but the guitar is by far not dirty enough.
    Joe needs a real good fuck!



  79. Maureen Pene

    Your simply the best! (other than Tina I mean) Fabulous rendition, so jealous right now.

  80. cyrille cové

    Beth Hard est fabuleuse..

  81. cyrille cové

    au moins elle a essayé.....seule TINA TURNER peut l'envoyer... Mais elle se débrouille bien...Dommage ...!!!

  82. Federer935

    Awesome - just awesome! This is better than the original! No dancers but musically more powerful and defined. Beth's voice - magnificent!

  83. koly lohov

    с каким воодушевлением музыканты отдаются музыке! я в восторге! браво!

  84. Drewas

    Dare i say it better than the origional? Beth Hart out muscling Tina Turner, why is she not better known. Others loss i suppose.


    WOw getting ready for a show and we are covering this one the is the best cover ive heard band and vocals were on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Srđan Popović

    Beth Hart....enough said....

  87. playAgainMe

    My aunt lived 30 mmins from Nutbush and I didnt know it. Thumbs up for awesome Tina Turner.

  88. KG84C

    Aussie here - bloody fantastic!!!

  89. Maria Wakefield


  90. Paul Maguire

    Bloody awesome.

  91. Maga Mad Dad


  92. Phil Frank

    What a solo, fantastic!

  93. Дмитрий Бельский

    Ярко ! Броско ! Залихватски ! С Вызовом ! Браво ! Фортиссимо !!!

  94. John Kochen

    I love seeing Beth Hart getting into her groove as Joe plays the intro. She feels the music on a level given to few and she is gracious enough to share that with us.

  95. uwe meier


  96. Terry Oesch

    She is dam great

  97. Leonid Parfenenko


  98. Константин Червяков

    Beth, You're the best !!! ❤️💋💋💋