Bonamassa, Joe - I've Got Some Mind Over What Matters Lyrics

I can see the future but that was yesterday
Saw my deck of tarot cards and now I can't see my fate
I got some mind over what matters
And now I'm deep down in a hole

She took a caddie, so I gotta hitch a ride
Left me in the dark with daggers in my side
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole

I win a race, some say I lost
I put the blame just before I crossed
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole

Hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm

Might think I'm a bad man 'cause I made her cry
But you ain't lived with her and seen the other side
I'm tryna get to the bottom of why I made her hurt
I may not dig no hole but I'm gon' get shoveled

I had no Jesus in my heart
I went to church and boy I did my part
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole

I took her out, gave her good champagne
She drank it down and left me the pile of pain
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole

I bought her dresses, a new pair of shoes
She gave me grief and a whole lotta blues
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole

I took her to Paris, a nice Texas town
She didn't like it so we turned right back around
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole
I got some mind over what matters
But I'm still deep down in a hole

Hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm

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Bonamassa, Joe I've Got Some Mind Over What Matters Comments
  1. Robin Wood


  2. michael koller

    Alter ich halts nicht mehr aus ich werd verrückt! Geiler song!

  3. Lorna Young

    Don’t cha know this guy makes his guitarvtalk to ya

  4. J Shobe

    "Took her to Paris, a nice Texas town" LOL, classic!

  5. Alda Rizzo

    oh Joe you are a nasty boy, that beginning luring can make a woman cry

  6. kbfults

    Everyone else plays similar,,,,hits the note, twists it, pushes it,,, but Joe adds more by wraping the strings around the notes and holding it, til he's heard what he likes,, unless he has to bend some more or bend the guitar!!!!??

  7. michael koller


  8. 3117ss

    nicely SICK....!!!

  9. JE Black

    A little scary this song was my life in 1995.

  10. Mike McDaniel

    I love the way he bends that one note into submission @ 3:43

  11. 1FNJO

    He's sure makes sure The Old Folks Boogie carries on

  12. Zacharia Kasapi Phillips

    Why would we not want to see the solo😭

    Cracking song though❤️

  13. jimmy morris

    Wow, now this song talks to me Buddy, so impressed I just put it on my to do list! on the other hand! Not like I don't have enough songs on there already! Thanks alot! Arrr. lol, Keep it up Joe, this album is the best you've ever done, must be finding your place

  14. Walking by the Spirit Always

    The Lord Jesus healed my broken heart and mind too. My husband of 22 years, the love of my life, was having a 2.5 year affair with my best friend at church when I thought we had the perfect marriage. I was suicidal for 9 months until I cried out to Jesus to kill me, and I received His amazing grace and love. I am praying for this man who I just discovered, and all the broken hearted. God says He loves the broken hearted and the songs in the Bible are the Psalms.

  15. Ted Hoffman - NOAA Federal

    Reminds me a little of the groove of Ian Hunter's "All American Alien Boy" with that incredible Jaco Pastorius bass solo..

  16. Gone Baby Gone

    My face hurts.

    From grinning :-) .

    Thanks man.

  17. John McDonald

    starting to get SOUL

  18. escrupi escrupi


  19. Jackie Bystrek

    What an amazing live version...can't get any better...simply beautiful!

  20. Marco Messina

    way too underrated. Can't wait to see you in London!

  21. jose miller

    I have been following Joe for years, many years. But now...WOW. Joe you have it all. Love your singing, love the band, but Love love LOVE the guitars..all of them. I believe you are the absolute best anywhere.

  22. DustDevl340

    Love this. Well done.

  23. Cigare&Whiskey

    I love this style better than too heavy electric, Joe.

  24. Marilee Denr

    Shared worldwide lol Marilee

  25. reyzn bran

    joe makes me relove blues with clapton i just lost it . but please use gibson sg sometimes

  26. Tim G

    100k views and less than 300k subscribers....must be some cosmic joke

  27. allgaritm


  28. Tina M. Marrone

    Love/Love you so much, that's all I got <3 xoxo

  29. Cristian Villaverde

    Cada álbum melhor que o outro... Each album better than before

  30. Michael Trimble

    Wo, this may be my album favorite. We don't hear JB do this kind of number much, he should do it A LOT more, he's got it in the pocket. Too cool.

  31. Marilee Denr

    Love Marilee

  32. Dwayne Tempest

    Blessing you Joe for a long life ,good GOD.we are saved .

  33. Marilee Denr

    Getting 2 Marilee..

  34. Chewy Bacca

    Nothing like that Fender

  35. Epson Souza

    O melhor!

  36. Marilee Denr

    Me and my fiancee want tickets

  37. Marilee Denr

    When you coming Jax Florida

  38. Marilee Denr

    I really love this lol Marilee

  39. Marilee Denr


  40. Stephen Walsh

    Great talent BB King is smiling down from heavan☺☺☺

  41. Marilee Denr

    Ahhhh it.

  42. Kevin Brookshire

    Best Joe release EVER!

  43. Ramone Ramlingam

    Awesome! JB

  44. Sharon Carroll

    Such a funny song ! Every time I listen I pick up something else . So cute !

  45. John House

    The new album just plain rocks and swings! Grammy incoming..

  46. Onedayspecial Band

    Great Tune

  47. TheSergphil

    Красавчик!!! Всегда. БРАВО!!!

  48. didier bretonnel

    29 imbéciles n'ont pas aimé !...

  49. Юрий Фабисюк


  50. Eric Bee

    Modern day robert johnson! Done! Its over!!!!! No more no less! He is now the modern day blues king hands down!!!No man has done more for blues in the last 30+ years than bonamassa. Not just the king But the fuckin blues king!

  51. Leigh Bruerton

    He was good. He’s getting better.

  52. Geeky Dad

    Reminds me of ‘Key to the highway’. Loving this song and the new album 👍🏻

  53. Jeffrey Drews

    Joe...You are just unbelievable...Great job on this song and this album!

  54. michael palermo

    jpoe bopnamsaa big gay lolllll

  55. Simon Page

    Reminds me of Eric Clapton's "Rambling on my mind" from the album "Just one night"

  56. Duffey Towell Short

    All I can say is, "F*^KIN" A !!!" As this National Treasure ages, he only gets better and better!

  57. RebelWraith 81

    Joe you are a fantastic performer but your best stuff is way behind you. You got away from your roots and now your new stuff sucks. I still listen to your old music with Eric and Kenny.

  58. Richard Lee

    Hats off to Joe the man can do it all thank you very much mr. Bonamassa if y'all don't dig the Blues you'll never get it thank you again Joe.

  59. Michael Neely

    This song summarizes most of my married life. Never failing to disappoint the one I love.

  60. Michael Neely

    World Wide Awesome!

  61. steve trivett

    Guess what I’m buying tomorrow....😎😎😎

  62. William Amos

    This is an amazing style contour. Being an old country boy.....this one really struck some old feelings. Thanks Joe B.

  63. Hemuli K.

    One more night till this album out.. and two more nights till seeing and hearing Joe live !! I sound like a little kid waiting for the Christmas... but.. some decent music can make a 50+ yrs old fella post stuff like this.. waiting :)))

  64. jacek k

    Wow next Great Song from coming Album „ Redemption” 💪🏻☺️🎧🎤🎸🎼Amazing! See you around in Oberhausen 🤗

  65. mermaidilee fish

    This is such a fun song, it's fun to listen to and shake the old hips in tempo.

  66. GoodVibesOfficial

    ♪♫♥ ;)

  67. David Hartman

    Just got the CD in the mail last night. Burned it to a stick so that I could listen to it in my car and at work. Great job Joe!

  68. Дима Симанычев

    Ну просто здорово

  69. Mircea Bunea

    excelent !

  70. Roman Rockblinds

    Yea - a-a-a-a-a-!!!!!!!!!!!! JB style!! Thanks!!!

  71. dominique clément

    Thanx Joe !

  72. Kelly Roberts

    Joe channeling his inner Robert Johnson it!

  73. Tavo Bravo

    you re one of my favourite guitar players!

  74. Suzanne Houlden

    Got my advance-order copy of Redemption in the mail yesterday - perfect timing for my b'day!

  75. Woody81

    I do dig joe but were are all the rock and rollers these days. When was the last time u saw some cat walking in with a bottle of jack, a bag of powder and a serious drug problem. Some of the best music was made and best riffs came up while these cats were high as fuck and probably forgotten more world class riffs than the cats of today will ever come up with. ✌️🥃🥃
    Edit I do love joes vocals on this tho

  76. Daniel Asensio

    Es carlos villagran :v

  77. Les Williams

    I know that SRV is smiling down

  78. Fernando


  79. DMSProduktions

    Rockin' it Joe! \m/

  80. Lamberto Jeuring

    Joe gets better and better by the time, love it!!

  81. Pip Pipster

    It’s mind over matter:
    If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

  82. Stephen Grant

    He is a natural with a guitar. Great performer.

  83. Marilee Denr

    Feelin it.❤

  84. Marilee Denr

    You don't have any bad song's and that's Marilee

  85. Marilee Denr

    Love it Joe...

  86. Glenda J

    JBonamassa is one incredible artist..

  87. Kenjh71

    Joe got some great guitar faces.

  88. Randy Brindle

    Old style Rhythm and blues....way to go Joe..

  89. Ellen Hannigan

    Wow seasonings of life are palpable on this one brilliantly done ! Mmm mm love it! 👣🎸💕....

  90. игорь максименко

    Грани - любимого дела Блюза - Шикарно Joe !!!!

  91. Curtis Kokko

    Dude can do no wrong!

  92. Ahmet Taha Kocabıyık

    Müziğinin İti Köpeğiyiz Co Reyis.

  93. MattPakk

    Please release the album!

  94. Michael Hansen

    Once again the blend of voice, guitar, and total band is above superior. Joe, you and your band make my life so much better in all the good ways. God has really blessed all of us with you. Thank you.

  95. Steven

    Robert Johnson delta blues

  96. Brian A

    So much blues from one person!