Bonamassa, Joe - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Lyrics

If I ever leave you, baby
You can say that I told you so
And if I ever hurt you
You know I hurt myself as well

How is that any way for a woman to carry on?
Do you think I want my love long gone?
Said I love you more than you’ll ever know
Than you’ll ever know…

When I wasn’t making much money
You know where my paycheck went
You know I brought it home to you, baby
And I never spent a red cent

How is that any way for a woman to carry on?
Do you think I want my love long gone?
Said I love you more than you’ll ever know
More than you’ll ever know

I’m not trying to be
Just any kind of woman, no I ain’t
I’m just trying to be somebody
You can love, trust and understand
I know, I know, I know that I can be
A part of you
But no one else can see, yea
But I got to hear you say
I got to hear you say
It’s alright, it’s alright

I’m only flesh and bone
But I could be anything that you demand
I could be clean of everything
Or just a tiny grain of sand

Is that any way for a woman to carry on?
Do you think I want my love long gone?
Said I love you more than you’ll ever know
Said I love you
I love you, I love you
I love you baby baby baby more than you’ll ever know
More than you’ll ever know
More than you’ll ever know

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Bonamassa, Joe I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Comments
  1. Andres Doce

    what a Joe


    Love Beth Hart! She reminds me of Janis Joplin!

  3. Iris Ruby De Groot


  4. Alex Ainsworth

    The only extra addition that could've made this better was if Gary Moore could've been here trading off with Joe!! That's pretty much my idea of heaven 🎸🎸🎶


    j'adore ce morceau

  6. VirtualVisitor999

    Astonishing, wonderful, amazing, incredible. Bonamass+Hart

  7. Bertrand Burg

    Toujours aussi élégant jo

  8. Abraham Guevara

    I´m so in love with Beth than she will ever know

  9. Carolyn Hoffmann

    completely captivating, very, very nice!

  10. Diana Armenta

    Prefiero quedarme ciega a ver que te marchas

  11. Александр Бутылин

    Ты прекрасна темпераментна и грациозна исполняеш от души благодарю тебя 3а твой талант

  12. Misty3133

    Heart felt 💯

  13. Barry Beeching

    Beth is the modern day equivalent of Janis. What a powerhouse!

  14. Steven Postlethwait

    Ear orgasmic singing with majestic horns and rhythm mixed with smooth silky blues guitar !!!
    Fuckin unreliable!!!!!!!

  15. JimmyJoe Perry

    Looove!!! Becky Coghill Perry

  16. Charles Cyklop

    is the earth still on ;)

  17. Tim Goossens

    Blondie Chaplin spotted at the start

  18. Sienna Cole

    Left me speechless...

  19. Mrbignutzful

    Sweet JESUS !These 2 were made to perform together ....Beth and Joe ...Most AWESOME !

  20. David Gadea

    UFffffff !!! Superb !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!

  21. gunnar þ björnsson

    Tammy winett song, stand with yours no wath you hef, don't no you get?

  22. MrBigCBK

    Great Version but I do like Gary Moores just a little better.

  23. D Jane


  24. riqwe

    Doesn't matter if is Donny, amy or Beth singing, i'll never get tired of this song

  25. Anatoliy Maydanov

    Просто атас

  26. souag ali

    God .Her voice!

  27. Trevor de Koekkoek

    Love Beth's performance in this and Joe's solo at the end was freakin amazing.

  28. fiorella fenati

    superb voice

  29. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    My god , what a voice she has..... Undescribable.... But the most hauntingly beautiful sound that just cuts to the bone ....I love it ....and Joe , always the champ of his guitar skills.... Like no other .....

  30. hein de rave

    joe is great,but what a voice she got,beth youre the best.

  31. Sandy Naylor

    Joe is RIPPEN THIS SONG UP🎸📻🎹p.s

  32. Yellowshark667

    match made in heaven!!!!

  33. Jorge Mora Colín

    A torrent of emotion, which nature itself could not control!

  34. Donald Cook

    The best on the planet!!! Beth and Joe so incredible

  35. blonde lebanese

    Goddamn that was amazing! I love watching the two of you together!❤️

  36. benjamin pouech

    twelve kids...I hate kids

  37. Paul Pat loyal

    The emotion shines through and no one can emulate what someone sings from the heart!

  38. Ralph Anthony Mallillin

    I still love amy winehouse version

  39. katja akman

    speaks right from my heart

  40. J.ferrer Ferrer

    Fantástico blusss

  41. philip gray

    dam man fucking hot

  42. Kekenutikeke Nuti

    What a voice and song and the guitar is just wooow amazing.Spicles and love it.10+++++ my congrats.Awesome sher.

  43. Jackson Twatswamper

    708 people actually didn't like this?

  44. The Wanderer

    These two together make me want to cut my veins off. I can't handle that much passion.

  45. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Beth and Joe complement each other So very beautifully, their talent is unsurpassed.. I do have the DVD, it is truly Amazing 💕🎼💕

  46. José Gabriel

    Tout simplement magnifique 👍

  47. Karen Finley

    Awesome, bring life back in order on a broken ❤️

  48. Lucy Hill

    does anyone have a link to Beth doing , "i've been loving you too long

  49. Лилия Егорова

    Эти люди живут музыкой.Деньги.... вторично.Невозможно так петь и играть если нет души .Браво!!!!!!

  50. Jelena Kozina


  51. BOULA Blxc

    Mmm j’adore 🔥🔥 joe est parfait 👌

  52. Mario Rodriguez

    I loved✌🏼

  53. Rita Rita


  54. C.N. Smith

    You melt my soul

  55. Régine Thomas

    Cette voix nous prend "aux tripes" !! Elle me fait parfois penser à Eartha Kitt !

  56. Aung Lay

    you are my favorite singer 🎤🎼



  58. Amaji Raines

    Why have I not heard of this great performer? I just stumbled upon her while listening to LZ and she has me hook, line and sinker. Wow, what a talent!! The total package: Stylish, sexy, talented and passionate. And Joe....awesome!!!!!!!

  59. jimk4334 home

    this is so good. love playing my B# harp along. magic cover by Beth and Joe, they are so good together. Thank you for lots of lovely stuff.

  60. Ken Bryant

    Wow. I am just in awe of both of them. I love her voice. If that is not enough his talent with that guitar is second to none. Wonderful

  61. Greg Karn

    This is just drenching with TALENT. Amazing

  62. Tom Crean

    Wow joe firstly i am irish and i am biased . Ilove my gary and rory but fuck sake joe . You are nowhen it comes to s. being subtle joe there is no better . Beth love you too .

  63. `Randy Cuffaro

    Hell Fuckn YEA !!!!!

  64. Tom Crean

    Iam die dard rory gary and steve guitar man but now joe have to let you in that group and beth unbelievable. This is how its done love it.

  65. Joss Nichols

    If you like this check out Gary Moore’s version

  66. Laura Gorsuch-Grosz

    Eh... damnnn. Thank you.

  67. Igli Fucka

    Chitarrista super Beth unica! GRANDIII

  68. joel PHALIPPOU

    Omg... omg... omg

  69. Jill Heppy

    Love the blues the vibes are kicking some real music what a voice 🎤💃🎼🎼🎼🎼❣🎼🎼⚘⚘⚘🎼🎸🎼🎼🌈🎼🎼💖🎼🎼🔥🎼🎼👍💋good vibes beautiful clip from the heart ❣

  70. Juan Carlos Liberona

    Nothing sexier than a tattooed sweaty woman singing the blues

  71. Rick Cano

    Amazing guitar, amazing voice and Beth's body is even more amazing!!

  72. Tammie Shepperd


  73. Chrissy Margo

    Grace Potter Lizzy Hale Maria brink n Janice Joplin all in 1. Great

    Carl Carter

    Chrissy Margo you got that right👍

  74. Charmaine Parrish

    Love Joe And Beth , Two Awesome Singers And a Great Song

  75. Aurel Birnaci

    Thanks girl, for your hard work to keep this talent alive

  76. Kornel M

    Dzięki Beth i dzięki Joe. Dajecie całych siebie - prawdziwy artyzm.

  77. Paul Lanouette

    Ive seen and heard a lot and honestly without naming names like Janus Beth is by far the most diversely talented and awe inspiring of them all! In my humble opinion

  78. Paul Lanouette

    I just hope I can find this kinda passion from anyone in my life!

  79. j b

    🖤your a inspiration all you overcame the ones lost and still standing..

  80. dan scintee

    Oh , my god . .....

  81. Frédérik TOISON

    Un vrai bonheur que cette version !

  82. Mike Rogers

    I simply just love..

  83. Dream D

    Слушаю и получаю удовольствие.🌹

  84. юрий сиделкин

    Я уважаю того хлопца, шо на солло гитаре, там его не меньше заслуги!

  85. юрий сиделкин

    О красиво,бомба!

  86. mico serbo

    four you s

  87. Ray Mcclure

    The second coming of Janis Joplin, and I love Joe...!!!

  88. Rickey Engle

    Show Me,,,

  89. Der Stef

    626 idiots have to leave this planet right now !

  90. Fabio Mendes


  91. Rosario Bellassai

    So good!!!!

  92. Carl Carter

    Sweaty,sexy and powerful what a great song.

  93. Dana Burkett

    Beth and Joe, the whole band just amazing, the best!!

  94. Chuck H

    The power and precise control of her voice is absolutly incredible! Holy wow!

  95. Mark M

    Actually it was not originally by Donnie Hathaway but rather written by Al Kooper and recorded by Blood Sweat and Tears in 1968. Check it out...Beth and Joe give a great performance but BS&T's version is spectacular, imo.

  96. Jorge Pedrero

    i Had this BD Concert, playing so fkin LOUD !!!!

  97. Marion Moore

    Thank You,
    Beth, Joe and band.
    Superb, love the
    earrings Beth.

  98. Dusty Gackleford

    Donny**** Hathaway