Bonamassa, Joe - Dislocated Boy Lyrics

I've been gone a long time
Lost in the seven seas.
Sail on, don't you come back
Until you learn the birds and the bees.
Who will you find waiting for you,
Squeeze blood in the wine.
Left to call my preacher
And my very lovely wife.

[Chorus 1:]
I said, hey now, knocked down, why'd you do it,
Roll me like a hurricane.
All is a bust and I'm numb, like novocaine.
Who done it, what's up, you said,
Sell me out why don't you boy,
I'm alone, severely broken,
I'm a dislocated boy.

I have cauterized my addictions
And I've suffocated my pride.
Before you and I embarked on
One hell of a ride.
Boy, I've had these blues
Since I been six years old.
But tell me don't you worry
About my very heavy load.

[Chorus 2:]
And I said, knock down, drag out, bar fight,
Knuckles on the floor. and there's shattered glass,
And one hell of a scar.
Broke down and hungry, you said so.
Sell me out, why don't you boy,
I'm alone, severely broken,
I'm a dislocated boy.

All I need is my old guitar,
And I'll play you the best damn blues.
Heavy affections, and I hate to lose.
Thirty-five years ago,
I was born on Robert Johnson's knee
It's all been for you baby.
I'm gonna make it back someday.

[Chorus 1]

So tell me about your working class hero, baby
Tell me 'bout your kin
Mine was born in Mississippi, 'round 1923.
Blue collar flannel shirts
Was my Father's way.
Worked in a factory,
'Til his dying day.

[Chorus 2]

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Bonamassa, Joe Dislocated Boy Comments
  1. Katarzyna Olszewska

    Revelation Joe! More live songs like this one, Sole Gin, Dast bowl and a few others. I admire and respect you as musician and man. As a muses you are perfect ...

  2. Oleg Ruso

    Very powerful

  3. Oleg Ruso

    Absolut power.

  4. Joyce Oshanek

    Talented to no end ! 🥰❤️🥰💙🇨🇦🙏🇺🇸😘🎸🍷👍❤️❤️❤️🎸🎸🎸

  5. LJ Prep

    Lovin' it, Joe. Keep on writin' and playin' forever, please.

  6. Mi B

    1st place in my playlist now

  7. Michael Chavanon

    This song is a true masterpiece

  8. JACK Alleman

    Keep it strong and real.The blues shall never die

  9. Eli Nachtigall

    He whispers so tenderly into the mic, "Dislocated Boy" you believe it too. And yes, rather a glass of wine, I have the chewing gum and should get really fine red wine taste ... the taste will last for a long time

  10. Trevor B

    Sat down, grabbed a glass of wine and a guitar, dropped the beat and in under ten minutes wrote one of his best damn blues tunes I've ever heard. 2:34 says it all!

  11. Alda Rizzo

    every one of their songs are good

  12. Eli Nachtigall

    Oh yeah ... oh god ... and how I love the "Dislocated Boy". And all those guys who put their dazzling personality in this cool song ... he gets more, and more perfect, when Joe makes his casual bubble gum turns ... when proud and mischievous smiling faces beam towards him ... Joe's tender into the mic breathed "Dislocated Boy" ... the little story about the 7 minutes duration ... and soooo sweet and casual: Can I have a glass of wine? But of course, of course ... I never get enough of Joe and his crew, to be honest.

  13. Kashaslove


  14. Sifet Felic

    Great Song, Great Joe Bonamassa, thank you for a good Blues. Regards from Bosnia .

  15. peterson dias

    Foda pra caralho!!!

  16. elena skrypnikova

    absolutely , totally talented . Can't stop listening 1

  17. Sue Zgol

    Wow, I loved hearing how he wrote the song and John Henry which is one of my favs as is this song.

  18. renaud debelle

    J' adore et vous?

  19. Iryna Martynovq

    Бонамасса самый лучший.

  20. James J

    Can hear Eric Johnson in those pentatonic runs...very nice!

  21. David Norman

    Damn this guy is so prolific!

  22. Helton Winter

    Always good! Always great!

  23. Бодхисаттва Омм

    pretty boy

  24. Александр Хоханов

    Very cool composition! Come on, Joe light up !!! Greetings from Russia!

  25. Denise Smith

    Joe rocks the blues....WOW !!!

  26. Sandra Smith

    "Nasty" funk!! Thanks, Joe!!

  27. Francois Froge

    ❤ ♪ ♫ ◕‿◕

  28. Isabell Lippold

    I am in love with your sound!!! Been listening to nothing but my Bonamassa CD all the way from Oslo to Trondheim (that's a 7h road trip!) HAHA

  29. Eduardo Moreno

    Great song, great tone, great guitar, great U-BOAT Watch!

  30. Chris Permenter

    Love this one. Hell of a job joe

  31. Jan VanDamm

    Go to see the 12 year old Dustin Tomsen playing and sing Joe Bonamassa's song Blue and Evil. Included guitar solo. He reminds me a lot of the young Joe Bonamassa

  32. Boris Grgić

    Anton and Michael is the best grooving duo in the world ! Awesome !

    Yan Searle

    amazing no one play like him master guitar player I realy feel what i do I love is team anton fig kevin shirley 2 thumbs up

  33. michael denlinger

    this is my anthem. I was born without the center of my brain which connects the left and right brain. I'm a dislocated boy.

  34. Blue Poppy

    Une tuerie cette chanson

  35. squallypokadum


  36. Ricky Timms

    Your blessed...and so are we ...We love you Joe. PLEASE dont ever stop !!!

  37. Ann Brandenburg

    I have never considered myself a blues fan until I watched my first Joe Bonamassa video! Joe has talent to burn! This is one of my favorite songs that I listen to over and over again! I have introduced several friends of mine to his music and they are just as addicted to his music as I am. We are 67 and still rocking!!

    Radostin Nikolov

    14 year old here. this is by far my favorite song from joe. he is extremely talented and I wish him all the luck because honestly, he deserves it

  38. squallypokadum


  39. Blaine Barre

    That's me too!

  40. vintage6string1

    Anton looked a bit like Nick Mason at the end of the video.

  41. sandra harakaly

    put joe and jonny lang together then were talking

  42. Michael Cary

    3:50, wow!

  43. squallypokadum

    heard it on radio 2 the other night, thank you bob harris I'm going out to buy this album on my next day off

  44. John David Hart

    The spontaneous song improve is a really cool ability. Jeff Healey once explained to me that he envisioned his songs by just playing and making it up as you go. You,know you love it and don't know fully what will be next. Awesome Joe. You're a cool dude.

  45. John David Hart

    Everything you do is totally cool Joe. Wow! Always bang on in that creative edge yet so very human. Freaking amazing song writer and player. Your guitar style reminds me of a mixture or BB King and Duane Alman , Alman Brothers.

  46. Bruno Paulin-Lopez

    great mothafuckin' groove!

  47. reyzn bran

    that old school drummer deserve a thumb's up


    Anton Fig was a sessions drummer from South Africa. (He also played on David Letterman Show with Paul Schafer)

    Robert Rohde

    Maybe Dan Patlansky who is from South Africa could tour with Joe here in the United States. What a lineup that would be. If you have not heard Dan before I strongly urge you to check him out. You will not be sorry.

  48. Twelve Above

    Great feel! So cool!

  49. Lorgren Benirus

    Great song, love the story how this song came to be :) Now I will go and buy the album.

  50. dan miller

    A white boy can play the Blues ! awesome !

    Bobby Osborne

    He's not the only one, man. STEVIE RAY VAUGHN brother...SRV. WARREN HAYNES

    Twelve Above

    For sure!!!!

    dan miller

    Ya when Joe & warren get togeter it gives me chills !

    Noah Cross

    Ever heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan? Bro he's like the God of blues along with Eric Clapton.

    Amlan Suryabanshi

    Gary Moore

  51. Carlos Tello

    Great track!

  52. Burt Arthur that Brad Whitford playin with you here? Killer song it!

    Amlan Suryabanshi

    Burt Arthur yep

  53. Alan Smith

    never ever gets old...

  54. its Finn96

    love this...something about this song live just gets me tho

  55. Gyula Pékh

    Évekkel ez előtt elutaztam Magyarországról Németországba egy Bonamassa koncertért. Akkor tele volt erővel. Dögös, virtuóz, és dallamos bluesrockot játszott, hatalmas intenzitással és nagy énekhanggal...
    Ezért az unalmas, monoton zenéért egy lépést sem tennék.
    Joe, vedd le a gyerekcsináló sapkát, és kezdj el megint játszani..!

  56. Nahue Gonzalez

    5:50, feeling it!

    Christine Johnson

    hillbilly deluxe

  57. banffboyjh

    I am sooooooo loking forward to your July 19th Red Rocks, Colorado "Salute to the British Blues" concert.

  58. Terri Grief

    I am sure I know this soundboard wizard from the Austin, Tx area. I recognize him from the Pressure/Lotions/Pulsations days. One of the best damned I've ever seen in this Craft.
    I'm thrilled to see him working with Bonamassa! Movin' on up babe...nice guy to boot! Love, Terri

  59. Cathy McCoy

    Joe, you rock man! ❤

    Rick Hall

    nothing like a dislocated boy!

  60. B Verrico

    Nothing but smiles at the end and to as where it came from Joe, you are in tune with the Rock/Blues Gods :-) The Vibe is strong with this one !

  61. Laurent Quaedvlieg

    ONe of his best studio songs!!

  62. jean DEPAS

    balaise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. MrPicklepick

    Love it !

  64. Daryl C Mills

    I know where it came from.

  65. Marco Gonzalez

    Un verdadero maestro, de lo mejor musicalmente hablando en los ultimos tiempos

  66. SuperRosa74

    Super joe de best

  67. Curt Burroughs

    Blue & Righteous! Joe B. is the REAL deal! Love it !!!

  68. Curt Burroughs

    Blue & Righteous! Joe B. is the REAL deal! Love it !!!

  69. SuperRosa74

    Bravo joe sei de best one

  70. kalle manninen

    0:00-7:24 AWESOME!!!!

  71. joe johnson

    This is such a great song, I can listen to it 100 times in a row :) it has such a low down groove and so many things going on in the rhythm track, Very cool, Then the solo tracks are with ripping power, And the lyrics are very cool too! I guess maybe I'm just a Dislocated Boy!

  72. Allan Raymond

    It is cool that Brad Whitford is jamming with Joe.

    B Verrico

    +Allan Raymond and that's Brad's son at Joe's right in "Driving Towards the Daylight"

  73. Jose Casqueira

    Einfach Genial

  74. Traian Pierre Constantin

    Méchand bon rythme. Surprises agréables constantes avec M Bonamassa. So good.

  75. Leslaw Gorka

    europa zostaje w tyle BONAMASS-AKKRA

  76. tedja

    so Marshall Erickson can really sing.

  77. Kalogeropoulos Iraklis

    3:45 !!! ! !


    +Kalogeropoulos Iraklis Absolutely!!

  78. Renan Biella

    Brad Whitford  \m/

  79. Piyapong Brahmawong

    I like and many happy all you song Joe Bonamassa.

  80. Colin Ingalls

    That beautiful rippin guitar solo at 3:49 though!  Such a killer guitar player.  I love this guy, it's hard to find such good music like this anymore.  Joe Banamassa keepin it real!

  81. piotrtom1

    That's how the music is done :) SRV reincarnation... no doubts :)


    definitely different styles but both are musical geniuses.

  82. Cindy Morgan

    Second best to Stevie ray vaughn

  83. Denise Hamel

    OMG he will be in Orlando on 12/16/14  waiting to see if tickets drop and them I am GOING!!!!!!!!

  84. M Laurent

    My everyday song:-)

  85. Alison Sumner


  86. Suzanna Andrea

    To Brad Rogers: Yes im aware that if you play blues you can sing blues but I happen to a be a guitar freak n I cant compare anything in life to th way I HEAR blues wen I hear excellingly awesome proficiency that moves my heart n being the way this guy n so many other talented artists play it....blues is lyrics n singing which joe is so good at as well- but the way HE PLAYS N MOVES HIS MUSIC IS SPECTACULAR HIS INSTRUMENTAL IS AMAZING THAT KIND OF BLUES SOUND ONLY HAS ME WANTING MORE - the sounds of blues to me is like a kiss to my emotions so yes im not drawn to the lyrics or history of blues singing at all as youve noticed n yes I have heard of many blues singers - but im more a fan of blues artists that are skillful guitar players for that blues 'sound' that the guitar makes utterly astounds me n stops me in my tracks - like that kid Tallan Noble Latz - he cant help but sing But When He Plays now THATS WAT IM TALKIN ABOUT just like Joe here in this video: that music is so awesome- it truly propels me n sends me I adore it - I love the music way more than I love the reason for it.

  87. OverNightGaming

    3:48 favorite part when those drums kick in followed by a flaming solo.

  88. Donn Russell

    This is my all-time favorite Joe Bonamassa tune!!!

  89. Maria Lenkina


  90. Lee Richards

    The men in that studio should be " in awe of you". Seems to me the guy at the end was a little " out of touch" with what you were telling him about how you wrote the song. As far as i am conceded he should have been hanging on your every word! You are musical genius and will go down in history as the greatest guitar PLAYER ever! 

  91. rnmclrnn

    Man. That groove.

  92. Carlos Smith

    fuckin awesome song ! heavy

  93. R R


  94. Giants588

    Definitely one of the best guitarists of the new millennium. 

  95. Judy G

    I've watch this over and over and had never been disappointed with the song...master of blues...luv your music Joe...go get em" :-)