Bonamassa, Joe - Black Night Lyrics

No one Care's about me, No I ain't even got a Friend
Well my Baby's gone and left me, When will my Troubles end
Black Night is Falling, Oh I hate to be alone
Well I'm crying for my Baby, Another day is Gone

Got no one to talk with, To tell my Troubles to
I Don't even know the Minute Baby since I Lost You
Black Night is Falling, Oh and I hate to be alone
Well I'm Crying for my Baby, Another day is Gone

Well my Mother Had the troubles, My Father had them too
My Brother Slipped away yeah, And I Don't even know what to do
Black Night is Falling yeah, Oh I hate to be alone
Well I'm Crying for my Baby, Well I'm Crying for my Baby
Another Day is Gone

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Bonamassa, Joe Black Night Comments
  1. Derrick Swinney

    his best song!!! dont hate the messenger of truth, just digest it.

  2. TheC5corvette

    I here so much Gary Moore in this song.....

  3. Aldo Todo Música Aldo All Music

    Thanks JAke for you Good Music

  4. Reese Callison

    Lord i hate. To be alone....

  5. TheMusicRealm

    I love the crying guitar

  6. John Smith

    I am still looking for a female that sang this song. I heard it on Pandora once and never heard it's been stuck in my head for 6 months.

  7. Miguel Garcia

    anyone know where to find a video for this jam?

  8. MrManc55

    Of all the Joe Bonamassa songs on youtube , This is the one i keep coming back to , Love it thank you

    Derrick Swinney

    because it's the best one my friend.

  9. Andrea Edgeworth

    unbelieveable talent...can't get enough of his music!

  10. Alex Espina

    blues del bueno 🎸

  11. dario carnuccio

    ocrop oid

  12. pantaron saike


  13. pantaron saike


  14. CapeRR tmac

    Like a cross between Gary Moore and Eric Johnson.

  15. Silver Stone

    love this song....I hate to be alone

    James Sweet

    James sweet I love Joe and his unique blues just like Gary Moore and Stevie Ray Vaughan truely one of a kind and his body of music is all the proof you need if your not sure about blues artists this is the one you should hear trust me he's one of the best blues guitarist ever

    roy yates

    Superb, but can't remember who did the original! Doh!!

    roy yates

    Charles Brown! Covered by errr muddy waters.......

  16. Steve Attwood

    Joe must have inherited Gary Moore's guitar genetics. Can you tell the difference?

    Robert Brake

    Steve Attwood that’s what I was thinking ✌🏼

    Derrick Swinney

    @Robert Brake great knows great!

  17. Antonio Dias


  18. Octavio Roso


  19. Иван Иваныч

    perfect music

    Derrick Swinney

    perfect or as close to perfection art can get my friend.

  20. Bermuda Schwartz

    Walter Trout

  21. Desmond Reeve

    What more can you say the guy is absolutely fantastic. Des

  22. Alan Emond

    Every song he plays/sings -I relate to-reflections of times throughout my life. simply put-Joe is the prime example of what real music is, A way to say things that we ourselves cannot put into words. Thanks Joe for sharing your feelings with us all. And thank you Jake for sharing this,


    +I agree with you Alan, there is only one other Blues Guitarist who creates that feeling perhaps you will agree and that is Simon McBride. I saw him live at o2 Empire in Shepherds Bush yesterday 25th April 2014 and thought he was as good as Joe. What do you think?. I would love to hear these two play together. lol

    Alan Emond

    I will check him out-thanks

  23. Lee Hutchings

    Gary Moore?

    Clive Money

    Lee Hutchings no Joe Bonamassa


    super joe

  25. BGoldtone

    One of the greatest guitar players on the planet crying for a baby he probably never lost! Call me Joe. I can't give you any guitar lessons but what I can talk to about is lessons on love lost...
    By the way i hear a lot of Robin Ford influence here..

  26. smokydogjoe

    Thanks for this share JT