Bonamassa, Joe - A Place In My Heart Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder what am I gonna do
Sometimes I'm afraid now darling
I still look around for you
No matter who you are
No matter what you do
There's a place in my heart, for you
Here all alone,
Sitting here with my blues
Alone cold and scared now baby
Oh, I've been missing you
All the time I've been thinking
Everything we've went through
There's a place in my heart for you
Yes and I wonder, do you know how I feel baby
Believe me when I tell you now darling
This here is for real
Oh it's time for me to start over
Go and get something new
I'm so lost without you baby
I don't know what to do


Sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do
Sometimes I'm afraid now darling
Oh, I'm still looking around for you
No matter who you are
No matter what you do
There's a place in my heart, for you

I've seen trouble come,
All the tears I've cried
Trouble coming baby
But time's on my side
There's a place in my heart, for you.

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Bonamassa, Joe A Place In My Heart Comments
  1. Hüseyin Ali ŞAHİN

    Joe tamamen seninim

  2. Hüseyin Ali ŞAHİN

    Joe bey size bayılıyorum

  3. Karen Vee

    This man NEVER disappoints!

  4. Karen Lee


  5. Luz Carrero

    SIR, Nothing else to said, But, It's A Place in Her 💔💔💔Broken Heart for Uuuu,FOR UUUU!!!! 💞💞💔

    Luz Carrero

    Sir,this is a very special song for Her Special someone!!!😯😯😉😉😘

  6. Hugo

    Does anyone know any songs that are kinda similar to this? I feel like this is so one of a kind but i want more of these!!

  7. Hilai YOLO

    Can someone give tab from intro

  8. Shooting Stars

    Not a big Bonamassa fan, but on this one he does kill it. Strong Gary Moore feel. (I much prefer him in BCC)

    Victor Kidd

    I'm working on a lyric video by him with BCC ... Subscribe to stay tuned!!

  9. Rik Shafer

    Joe is a terrific singer. I think he plays too many notes, too fussy, even though he is technically brilliant. But this song has great chord changes, very sweet.

  10. Corey41685

    The lyrics are so wrong

  11. Shooting Stars

    Very reminiscent of Moore.

  12. Robert Clayton Jr.

    This one definitely goes out to the love of my life, Julie Gloer. Missing her every day!!!

  13. Call Recklezz

    taysav brought me hear

  14. Carolyn Ridge

    OH MY GOD!!!!

  15. Andrei Vasile

    You're not fam anymore

  16. Gale Summers

    Hot song. Lots of soul and oh so much blues...I give it a 9 - only because I wanted it to go on and on.

  17. Linda Ward

    some of the words are incorrect

  18. Ernest Combs

    Great blues!!!!!

  19. Fábio Valverde

    Yeah, Very good! Joe really learned with Gary Moore, too !

  20. rai63

    great song....

    Marjatta Kurki

    great gitar player

  21. Allard Kikkert

    I love this number.................

  22. Herbert Ross

    passion melody fantastic in every way.

  23. jacques casier

    great guitar player

  24. teresa vandeusen

    Love his music. Great songs.he can play and sing to me anytime.

  25. TheAthelas


  26. James Rayburn

    Joe Bonamassa is one of the great artist that MADE me love rhythm and blues. Two huge thumbs up!

  27. Syrian Blues

    please like this page

  28. Carolyn Williams

    The great thing about being a new fan is that I get to experience all of this music for the very first time. Lovvvvvvving it !!

    Gaurav Cz

    +Carolyn Williams i know that feel.

    Steven Everardus


  29. Don Camillo und Peppone

    oberflächlich und langweilig - dubios im Text

  30. 강은상

    비오는 날 술한잔하며 듣고싶은 곡이네여 블루스향기가 넘 강하군요

  31. verna christopherson

    THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF EVERYTHING I WENT THROUGH IN MISSING MY LITTLE BOY I GAVE UP FOR ADOPTION IN 1979. For so long I longed for him, missing him terribly. Was a run away at 14 had him when I was 18 had no home to take him home to. I loved him so much and cried so many tears through the years, always lost on what to do, to stop the pain of longing for my son. We have finally reunited December 29, 2013. My Son Kevin has always had a place in my heart all his life. The troubles I have been through, all the tears I've cried, this song almost makes me want to cry thinking of all those years longing for my son. Beautiful song Joe!

    Linda Ward

    I don't know why they posted a reply to a totally different song and to a woman named Verna, so unsure of what the screw up is about.

    Linda Ward

    PS Song was "There is a Place in my Heart for You".  And I was not criticizing, you put right in your video to add any changes, etc. You took my word as you took them, that's on you, you walk the path you choose my friend. People believe what they read, so you should be more careful. Just saying.

    Victor Kidd

    You know that I was just messing around with you ;) haha. It's all good my friend!

    Linda Ward

    I almost miss our little dances, at the very least we both have great taste in music!

    Newpath .newpath

    Open adoption is the only way, share the love.

  32. FreedomRocker

    Woooooowwwwww............this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f____ing good!

  33. Maria Winter

    Like it

  34. James Preston Thomas

    Another excellent track by Joe, and I really appreciate the lyrics! He's the current best, along with Beth Hart! This incredibly creative and moving blues, makes life worth while, even at my lowest points! Love Joe and Beth, they (and others) are essential a food for me, and I love to eat!

  35. nelly50113

    You have just sing my live 'it,s painfull. But he will always be in my heart ,thank you so much

  36. Johannes Klan

    you made a very good lyrics-video to this wonderful JB-song.
    thank you very much.

  37. Robin Mitchell

    So feeling this song right now ....Sad day...

  38. liz smith

    Wow! sounds awesome! Mr. Joe is awesome with this song!! actually all his music is just great!!! great cover!!

  39. gizmoisma

    Joe does justice to Bernie Marsden. Great cover...!!!!!

  40. Manuel Cherchi

    Sonds like David Gilmour + Gary Moore sound... Great stuff, and cool lyrics.

  41. MrPateflon

    Gary,is that you?

  42. RedIn Denver

    Jeez .... the more I hear this song, the more I WANT to hear it. I think I'm a Bonaholic.

  43. Leon

    ilove this one. Nice Job JB and nice lyrics video too. keep up the good work

  44. 187bertie

    This tune is just sexy as hell man....Thanks !!!! HOT HOT HOT JB Rocks!!!!!

  45. Maria Winter

    Nur noch Gänsehaut

  46. FloydCountyKy

    I do agree with the other comment on the lyrics. Thanks for sharing. Love Joe!

    1:06 Here all "ALONE". Sitting here with my "BLUES". Alone, cold and scared now baby.

    2:00 This "HURT" is for real.

  47. Victor Kidd

    I try to do my Lyric vids the best quality and perfection for youtube :D thanks

  48. Steve Wilson

    at 1:12 if you listen closely.. i think he says "blues" instead of "boots".. just a thought, great job on the video brother. been singin along to this, and drivin towards the daylight for an hour now. back and forth, lmao!