Bon Jovi - Only Lonely Lyrics

Another long and sleepless night
You need someone to hold you tight
Sometimes love don't know wrong from right
Another long and senseless
Fight was all you knew they're all the same
There's no one left to take the blame
What's behind this masquerade
How do we win these losin'
Games we play, words we say
Cutting wounds we know they run so deep
Leave it all behind you
Or someday love will find you

Only lonely -- I can't stop hurting you
Only lonely -- but I can't stop loving you
Only lonely -- how much pain does it take

It's getting sometimes I don't know
When to stop when to go
Sometimes we're so afraid to let it show
A stolen kiss so out of place
It wipes the smile right off your face
And when those feelings start
We let them go, let them go

Games we play, words we say
Cutting wounds that run so deep
Leave it all behind you
Or someday love will find you

Only lonely -- I can't stop hurting you
Only lonely -- but I can't stop loving you
Only lonely -- so tell me babe, how much pain
can you take before your heart breaks?

I got this timebomb ticking in my head
This time I think she's gonna blow
How can I say get away
When I just can't let go

Games we play, words we say
Cutting wounds that run so...
Leave it all behind you
Or someday love will find you


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Bon Jovi Only Lonely Comments
  1. Maria Antônia

    Gente!! Será que existe uma coisa mais lindo e charmoso q isso? É demais esse homem!!! Sem exageros ele é muito perfeito e um príncipe!!!

  2. Ольга Черникова

    Подскажите пожалуйста с какого фильма эти отрывки в клипе?

  3. Brenda Elein

    I didn't understand. Sorry bout tha

  4. Brenda Elein

    Sorry I thought they were muving out to another countryl. Aither way. We wish him good always 😊 😃

  5. Shawn Miles

    This is actually one of my favorite bon Jovi songs and video!

  6. Noemí Espinoza

    Primer tema que vi y escuche de Bon Jovi y a partir de ahí comenze a seguirlos...

  7. Risma Byrne

    He's so damn cute in the early days

  8. Patrick Fraley

    Ok. I'm not a huge fan but this album was very good and I still enjoy it to this day. Probably the best they ever made. It had more soul than Slippery.

  9. Stranded Alien

    It doesn't get better than this. Best production, Best album & Best time.

  10. merkurius23

    Omg david looks so cute😃

  11. Fabienne Nocent

    Je t'aime bon Jovi depuis des années ❣️ je t'écoute tout les jours ! Tu es le meilleur ! Et tu le restera a jamais ! Tu es dans mon 💟 a tout jamais 😘 une fan depuis toujours 🙏

  12. Margarita Babayan


  13. Mayara

    Alguém em 2020?

  14. Otto von Steinberg

    I want to see the movie they had planned for this video


    It wasn't a movie. It's video clip for MTV.

  15. evangelina y angel

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 cosita!!!!

  16. Kelly Mcewan

    Still listening to this love this song

  17. pasquale davino

    ciao bon good song

  18. Tora Suzuki


  19. Patty Harrison

    Who is watching this In 2020 What a classic never gets old .

  20. Erica

    Good lyrics. How much pain can you take b4 yr heart breaks.. hmmm

  21. Kim Neslihan


  22. Nur Syakirah

    probably One Ok Rock take a bit inspire from them, the intro The Way Back (One ok rock)

  23. James Fournier

    My over 65 year old mom loves John Bon Jovi

  24. Cherry Rosas

    Sexy sexy Jon!!!

  25. David esteban León camacho

    Enero 2 del 2020?

  26. radost Pencheva

    Only lonely the best single

  27. aurélie Piekoszewski

    Je l'aime ❤

  28. Connie Sue Abel

    I Love ❤️ The Music Of Bon Jovi 💓💋

  29. Connie Sue Abel

    I just love the song "Only Lonely" By Bon Jovi 💓💋

  30. lee chipper

    0.29 Lost Boys vibe.

  31. sicania ale

    Is notte rosa Umberto tozzi

  32. sandra21100

    Está canción es de alguna película ? Alguien me dice el nombre por favor

  33. Kevin Kelley

    Why haven't I seen this before!!?? Damn you, MTV!

  34. 侍忍者太郎

    I like Bon Jovi the best, but I also like :Duran Duran, Bryan Adams, Wham!

  35. skania gouvopoulos

    i am a hiccup away from 50 and ...omg.....still looooove bon jovi.... rock on

  36. The Revelation

    And what's the deal with the pink converse

  37. The Revelation

    Huge Bon Jovi fan but I have to be honest one of the most cheezeist
    videos i ever saw. That was just to eighties even for the eighties.

  38. Jesse Hardy

    Does anybody else think this looks like a killer cult classic

  39. Adriano Almeida

    Isso sim que é Rock de verdade vivaaaaa Bon Jovi curtindo em Dezembro/2019🤩🇧🇷

  40. Alexandre Lambron

    2020 ? 😊

  41. Eirini Ksenou


  42. mjfreaklove

    So 80ish...I love it!!!

  43. Medina Alizade

    He was one hot guy in the 80s ... I'm not straight, but still

  44. Lucas Nascimento

    Cadê o pessoal do Brasil ? Final de 2019

    Ítalo Lira

    Aqui estamos nós! Hehehe 👊

  45. Ashley Ballard

    Who's still listing I'm still listing and always great

  46. Ирина Сорокина

    Он прекрасен!

  47. Julián Di Pace Herrera

    7800 fahreinheit killed all glam metal bands

  48. Kim Milliner

    I love the 80’s and I danced to it today!

  49. Monalisa Hughes

    Im here always

  50. Maria Celia

    Amo amo lindo maravilhoso linda música maravilhosa que arrepia meu deus ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  51. jeannie arnold

    Yes! I am 50. I was living this! Still listening.

  52. Monalisa Hughes

    Godbless you all hugs guys love

  53. Reneé Bergeron

    Me. I'm listening to it now as I regularly do. I had this album on cassette tape.

  54. Angelina The drifter

    😅😅😅😅He was my biggest crush....n I was just a kid in my school boarding....😅😅😅how time flies....

  55. Noahide

    My name is Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. I currently own all the Bon Jovi studio albums on CD. This includes 'This Left Feels Right', 'Burning Bridges' & '100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong, as well as all the regular studio albums. I also own a number of Bon Jovi records on vinyl, including some limited edition rarities. My website is

  56. Alex Thorn

    I miss this version of the bands music

  57. mehgy em


  58. Laura Mac Lean Gray

    Laura 2019 Canada ...💞

    Joseph Shelden

    Laura Mc Lran lm gay for Jon snd got kickrf out of Cansda

  59. Danergert

    A M A Z I N G

  60. Nurse24


  61. Chayenne Camilla

    That MAN! 👌😍

  62. Kevin Baker

    This is when Bon Jovi was good... He turned all Springsteen on us about 86...

  63. Kelly Gallo

    Love this ....still

  64. nelson correia

    One of the most underrated songs by Bon Jovi .Great song !!!!

  65. Elisa Celis

    Porque cuando veo en YouTube sólo se escucha la música y se ve negro Me pueden explicar por qué no está funcionando

  66. neoasura

    I dont care what anyone says, 7800 Fahrenheit is my favorite Bon Jovi album, I always liked the sound they had back then.

  67. Halina Jasion

    Wujek ty tak jak mój brat do każdej kobiety z różą białą...i myślę że nie będzie co wyprawiają razem...

  68. Drer

    Notte Rosa - Umberto Tozzi (1981).
    It's almost the same song!
    But "Only lonely" was made in 1985...

  69. Ludimilla Pierre

    Com 3 anos de idade eu já sabia que vc era o meu amor

  70. Fatima Martini

    I LOVE you Bon Jovi

  71. Jeremy Porter

    Can someone please tell me the name of the movie in this video?


    It's only music video.

  72. Michelle de Andrade

    I didnt know It...

  73. Tee

    Music is the best time machine.

  74. BryanX 64

    Best Bon Jovi album despite their dissatisfaction towards it.

  75. Stalin did nothing wrong 9.5.1945.

    im drunk

  76. TheACE1300

    Bonjovi should step back and listen to this album and the two after it ...and start to produce some good old fashioned 80's rock ..not the easy listening that they are doing today...and they need to get ritchie sambora back as they are not Bonjovi without him. .....:)

  77. Igor Marco

    En mi mente ROCKY 4 canción

  78. Zabrinasw Brina Nina

    in the year of bon jovi era, he was the most favorite singer for me, made me carried to nature last year

  79. Rhoie Eichstadt

    too many cuts on this song

  80. barbara estes

    all you gave me only lonely babe


    Bon Jovi , mea placut cum te- ai sarutat cu ea ,💏 melodia este foarte frumosa 💖💖💖🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, cu multa placere ascult melodiile tale .

  82. Randi Peter

    This was when Jon and his wife broke up and he went through a dark period you can tell by the lyrics in the song

  83. Amidst

    I wish this had been a movie!!!

    Jeremy Porter

    i thought there was a movie of this.. thats what im trying to figure out

  84. Berg Ström

    Bon Jovi is a beautiful woman

  85. Ира Конева

    "Джона Бон Джови пригласили сниматься в Голливуд. На роль капитана подводной лодки. Но он не прошел кастинг, т.к. на подлодке нельзя так орать". Но я ещё люблю.

    Ира Конева

    Вернее не "ещё" , а как-то так многие уже забыты, а этот всё ещё впечатляет.

  86. Paeroa68

    Still love this song

  87. Torsten Wolf

    We were living in a different era. Jon was young and the sound was more unique. Today I still miss Richie. He was my biggest influence for about 25 years.

  88. Kerri Braddock

    Go Richie

  89. Kerri Braddock

    When they were still a support act to bands like Kiss.

  90. roxy rous


  91. Francy Esp

    3:37 WTF?

  92. Andrea Ciccardini

    The original is named Notte Rosa (Pink Night) by Umberto Tozzi

  93. Karla Cabrera

    2019 hereeeee💕

  94. Cherry Grave

    Omg!!! Im so in love with Jon💜

  95. Larry Laudeman

    1984 pit was 15 $a quarter
    Bon jovi burned the way for us all to find ourselves outside our childhoods
    Please come back !

  96. Cristina Pereira

    A melhor banda do mundo, ❤❤❤