Bon Jovi - Love Lies Lyrics

I was lost, then I found you
Never thought it would be this way
I showed you my heart, left it unguarded
Like a thief in the night you stole it away

Now you're gone, the pain goes on and on
I still hear you whispering to me through the shadows of the night

Love lies, you're just a victim of the headlines
You're running on into a cold night
You're just a number of the love lies

All alone you call it survival
He lost at love to a stranger's lines
Walking the streets, searching with vengeance
For a face that he dreams of night after night

Time goes on, all signs of life stolen, simple dreams were all broken
Best of times become desperation but how many tears must you cry to survive


They met late one night in the city
Both men knew only one would stay
Scratched a picture of a heart on a bullet
And took his life away


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Bon Jovi Love Lies Comments
  1. Brian w

    Had this on cassette in 1985. Wore it out lol

  2. steven brewer

    I can't believe this song didn't blow up. great tune! I grew up with these guys and inspired by samboras guitar playing. and his wayling vocals at the end is awesome!!

  3. Chris avilla

    High school days, staring at the most beautiful girl there, hoping ❤️

  4. kristina touirtou



    Yeah, It's true!

  5. Racoon Estévez

    In these time Bon Jovi was a great and epic band
    Today no

  6. WhiteRussianrock

    Love Lies ... you're just a victim of the head lice!

    Pedro J. Mulero Andújar

    You made me lol right here! 😂😆 cheers!

  7. Carpediem

    Çiçekler🌺, bon jovi🎸 ve ıslak öpücükler💋.

  8. David Scofield

    In top 10 best music of Bon Jovi, the numer one is Dry County...

  9. Donald Chasteen

    My name is Donald Chasteen, I seen Bon Jovi in Ft Wayne, Indiana in 1982

  10. Jazmin Torres


  11. Alan Garcia

    Tenho todos os discos 👏🤘

  12. Racoon Estévez

    I love his first Album and i love this song
    For my is number one in every chat

  13. Yhonny Diaz

    Temaso de john bon jovi inolvidable tema el mejor

  14. Cristian Gonzalez

    Hermosa canción!!!!!!!

  15. 권혁진

    그들은 진실.. 안그냐 상혁아?

  16. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Minha banda favorita excelente álbum ótima música perfeita saudades dessa época 1984 eu tinha 14 anos de idade saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  17. Kevin Mindt

    Bon Jovi. That's it

  18. Ade Sumarsih

    the best first album...

  19. A1 Buenos Aires

    el mejor album de BJ

  20. carolinereads

    Very underrated song but so good!

  21. Arleth Torres

    que buena rola x2

  22. Arleth Torres

    que buena rola

  23. Mp r Mp r

    One of my fav 👍Great rock I love this song... underrated!!!!! 👏 fantastic piano, fantastic Dave!.....and...lyrics, wow😉

    Mp R

    Mp r Mp r my opinion=your opinion

  24. Glauco Napolis

    O Primeiro disco com uma balada dessas!!!!😍

  25. Jawsome

    Wait, this isn't considered one of his greatest songs? Huh.

  26. Alan J Bennett

    Possibly my favourite Jovi track of all time!

  27. viki zxrpl

    Love lies you are just a victim on the headlines 💋💋💋

  28. Alan J Bennett

    Song is fuckin awesome I can't stop listening to it.

  29. Matthew Davis

    One of his best

    Михаил Панин

    Ты ,мудак !!!!

  30. karla yabar melo

    El teclado es insuperable

  31. Alan J Bennett

    Love this album and this song is truthfully perfect

  32. pauric boylan

    First two albums are Raw and awesome 😈


    better than the other recent love lies, I think

  34. Chen Levin

    The melody of the line "you're just a victim of the headlines" is amazing and I love it so much.

  35. Pamela Soto

    Desde que escuche por primera vez a Bon jovi me enamore completamente y sigo todos sus discos

  36. tweevers2

    2:30 ..."and then ig one night in the city,old men new ol the what ya say,they stares a picture of a heart on the voovid and took his love OohaaaAAAAAAAaaaAAAAYYYEEEE"

  37. Karen Lewis

    Love bon jovi. This is a great bon jovi album n others as well. Love Richie n Jon n the others as well.

  38. Optiprint

    Genial y maravillosa canción !!

  39. Ludwik Van Fritz

    I think people tend to forger how important David Bryan is... plays beautifully

  40. Bo Fletcher

    love lies
    you're just a victim of the head lice...

  41. RockstarVideoMaker

    So I have this album with a manufacturing mistake. Side 2 has is not Bon Jovi, it's a Cameo funk band side two with songs from an album the same year, 1984. I wonder if it's worth anything?

  42. Optiprint

    Genial, INOLVIDABLE :) Bon Jo..

  43. Jon Gomes

    i love to listen to all song .so i need a female friend to listen to all ur song

  44. loyd gum

    best album they ever did, every song fantastic, very underated.

  45. larry Dotson

    if only his music was the same grew up loving his music

  46. Marcelo de Andrade

    Very underrated song and album. I love the first two albums.

    Bluesman 78

    @Alan J Bennett Keep the Faith and These days were great too

    Alan J Bennett

    @Bluesman 78 for me keep the faith,only had a few good songs,but these days is a fine album,I've been re listening to it lately good album probably my 4th favourite actually.

    raymond vesty

    Marcelo de Andrade i totally agree..i love this album.still listening in 2019..shes a lil runaway 🥁🎸🎶🎵🎵

    Ben Mopar

    My favourite too raw and awesome!!!

    Bruna Valério

    Marcelo de Andrade indeed!

  47. Polaco ADB

    I was lost, then i found you
    i never thought it would be this way
    showed you my heart left it unguarded
    like a thief in the night
    you stole it away
    now you're gone the pain goes on and on
    i still hear you whispering to me
    through the shadows of the night
    chorus: love lies
    you're just a victim of the headlines
    you're running on into a cold night
    just a number to the love lines
    all alone you call it survival
    he lost at love to a stranger's lines
    walking the streets searching with vengeance
    for a face that he dreams of night after night
    time goes on all signs of life stolen
    simple dreams were all broken
    best of time become desperation
    but how many tears must you cry to survive
    chorus: love lies
    you're just a victim of the headlines
    you're running on into a cold night
    just a number to the love lines
    they met late one night in the city
    both men knew only one would stay
    scratched a picture of a heart on a bullet
    and took his life away
    chorus: love lies
    you're just a victim of the headlines
    you're running on into a cold night
    just a number to the love lines

  48. Nurse24

    Bellissima canzone.....

    Polaco ADB

    hoooo te baje la canzone

  49. Waxy

    What a chord progression, heck who writes this stuff on their first album. I love them but I know this is Richie's songwriting genius shining through. I may do an open mic circuit of old, unknown, unappreciated, early Bon Jovi songs!! ;-)


    FatalPies Jon & Richie were the ones who mostly wrote every song for every album they have made as far as i know.

    Keep The Faith

    Waxy Joëlle usually richie and Jon writes together , but this song was written by only Jon , you can listen it from John Bongiovi and the wild ones , jon's band before Bon Jovi

    raymond vesty

    Hey guys&girls.lets not fuss over who wrote it..truth is its a brilliant song which is only 1 of a brilliant album 🤘😎

    raymond vesty

    O yea & the idea of you doing a gig..people gotta hear this 😎🤘

  50. Matthew Davis

    This was my first rock album as a kid. I was hooked then. Listening to this band through the years, this album is their best. They made many great albums. This song is one of their top 5 songs..Too bad it never got the play time it deserved. Richie had a great sound then, and the vocals were great..


    I agree, that it's an amazing song....not sure about it being the best album, or great production but such genius songwriting :D

  51. darrel shimmer

    what are those shoes?

    Chen Levin

    +darrel shimmer WHAT'RE THOSEEEE

    Aja Marie

    darrel shimmer Jon had the first pair of Uggs 😬

  52. Senai Gnansounou boyfriend told me to listen to this...


    +Senai Gnansounou good for you

    James Frady

    +Senai Gnansounou well, i thought it was a good song! Hell, i know its a good song, but still, there is a different meaning for this song for each listener. I listened to this over the summer when i was depressed, and we both know why i was, and i sought comfort and a way to get over the depression and this song was it, of course, you helped waaaay more

  53. constantinescu elena

    Thanks ! Superba !

  54. Cassie Bloemendaal

    i'm a big bon jovi fan


    eat more salads

  55. Butterfly Wings & Sparkly Things

    Just listening on youtube to my favorite guy in rock. Love that I can find these songs that not many paid attention to.

  56. Anıl

    So much better song than new ones. But 100k watch only. :/

  57. jacobson084

    This sounds like a typical AOR band from the early 80s. I guess they got really lucky later on.


    I guess you're just a moron you don't just get " lucky " 30 years lucky at that typical dumb jovi hater

  58. Nini Mimi

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh :) :) :)

  59. hooyou0413

    They also soundchecked Hardest Part is the Night but didn't make it through the setlists.

  60. michael harper

    Bon jovi, word. Brilliant.

  61. BryanX 64

    And on the Circle tour they played several early songs like Get Ready, Only Lonely, Roulette etc. They always played Runaway though.

  62. BryanX 64

    They did play it live, in '85. Theres a recording of it in Philadelphia I think here on YT

  63. utubenoobie01

    Their first album is their best by far!


    Agreed. Remember when it came out and thought it was new Aldo Nova (who plays keyboards on it per credits) Saw them open for Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance tour when this came out

    Daniel Hohenberg


  64. Chris R

    They played Helsinki last year, Jon hurt his leg in the middle of the show. I saw them a few weeks after that, 2 front-row shows in Dublin where I got to meet Jon. I saw them 3 times in the USA before that. Best times of my life.

  65. csnake71

    5 times!! 2 continents!! :D I´ve only seen them two times, back in, was it -88, The Jersey Syndicate-tour, in Helsinki, great show it was, and -95 inTurku, they were headlining Ruisrock-festival, after the These Days album was released... Since then haven´t had a chance, I live in northern Finland so not so often they come to my neighbourhood to play :D It´s nice to know there are still young people who listens to real music played by a real musicians:) Well, my kids are into rock also! :D

  66. Chris R

    Yeah, we're a dying breed. I had just turned 14 when I put this video on YouTube. Too bad almost no one I know likes them... I've seen the band 5 times on 2 continents and I'm traveling to see a Richie Sambora solo show in a month.

  67. csnake71

    Great to see that you go and search these older and not so much played songs! Keep on rockin` Patricia! :)

  68. tannishan1

    This is definitely my favourite Bon Jovi song.

  69. Josue bohórquez

    @Valentina440 si mami, you´re right

  70. Josue bohórquez

    the old times better than today´s for sure

  71. Christiana Popovici

    one of my favorite bon jovi song... this just soo beautiful.. this, shot through the heart, roulette are just sooooo beautiful they are way too underrated .

  72. nickles lavas

    I listened some live version of this song many years ago but not cool as this one

  73. Vanessa Ferreira Franco

    eu amo essa musica =(

  74. Hannah Schofield

    God i love this song.

  75. Magnum

    @germansillies Yes it is isnt it? the first 2 LP's were far superior to anything else the lads did since then...

  76. ntinaferstavriston


    unfortunately they almost never play those songs.... it was a big surprise to me that they played only lonely in 2010, another favourite of mine...! :))) great song anyway, if they play it or not! ;)

  77. Chris R

    @ntinaferstavriston If it counts, they just played Get Ready for the last show of the tour in Lisbon, Portugal. Other than that, nothing since mid-2010.

  78. ntinaferstavriston

    that' one of the greatest bon jovi songs!!! so sad they never play it live, like all their songs from their first two albums.....

  79. German Yepes

    bon jovi's old stuff is great !

  80. nickles lavas

    best version of this song...thanks for uploading.

  81. Gautama Ramesh

    what a voice! and a great solo...!

  82. andreaizrod

    @MAGNUM2E yeah me too :)

  83. trelemorele


  84. Chris R

    @AccountUntitled You're very welcome. I'd upload more videos but now, any video I upload with Bon Jovi songs are instantly blocked, by YouTube. Most of what I already have uploaded is blocked too. It's a shame really :(

  85. dragonballz1432009

    All Bon Jovi does is great music... LOVE this band ^_^

  86. Lisa Reed

    Boy this takes me back to the days when I had my Camaro........Good times!!!

  87. Daniela Moje Lima

    Mega Clássico master blaster

  88. Tristan

    @entersandman2909 true and bon jovi are just an underrated band (MY FAVOURITE)

  89. radwallner1994

    and took
    his life

  90. Chris R

    @lionesss666 Yup, although they've kinda been slacking on it. Come to think of it, they haven't done anything from the first 2 since they did Only Lonely in Holland about 2 months ago...

  91. Liz Shea

    @MAGNUM2E apparently they were/are playing more songs from their first 2 albums in the circle tour.

  92. jonbonjovi1962

    @dizetti cause it's all bon jovi raw if u lkow what i mean?!?

  93. kenith brian d almeida

    bon jovi is awesome

  94. Chris Dezitter

    Best Bon Jovi album

  95. gamadmaster

    best song they wrote ,for sure!!!

  96. Fernando Solis

    agree, this and 7800 fahrenheit are such underrated albums

  97. Amani J.

    Every time I hear it I wanna cry!
    just so sweet memories with this album in my childhood in my older brother car, they're the best & they'll stay the best forever!!

  98. Maca sdfg

    Bon Jovi forever!!

  99. David Mrt

    Bon Jovi....lo mejor hp!!!!!!!!!!