Bon Jovi - Burning For Love Lyrics

I've been lied to, you been cheated
I've been cried to, you been mistreated
I've been watching you, you want action
You need love and I need satisfaction

I'm burning for love
Filled with desire
I can't stand the heat
And my heart's on fire
I can't get enough
It's down to the wire
I'm making my move, I'm looking for you
I'm burning for love

You're the victim it's in your eyes
I'm the suspect and love's the crime
Tensions mounting bodies shaking
I can't take the anticipation


Now that I got you in my sight
Can't take another sleepless night
Oh, no, no
You can run but you can't hide
You're the only one I need
To feel the fire inside


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Bon Jovi Burning For Love Comments
  1. Lee Bruce

    Good Song
    Sam. Smith

  2. BloodStone 29

    I actually prefer live version of this.
    But this still gets a like

  3. Racoon Estévez

    This is the Bon Jovi i always remind, today sucks sucks
    Best era Bon Jovi
    1984 - 2002

    Pablito JAJA

    Racoon Estévez yeah bounce of 2002 was the last great álbum of Bon Jovi

  4. josemarcelo666

    😈👏👏👏💥💥💀👿👏👏👏👏👏 aí sim

  5. frizzy red

    The more i listen to this album the more i think its actually his best. Every song is consistent on this album, apart from the last song which i didnt care for all the others are really catchy.

  6. Luis Silva

    Only true Bon Jovi´s fans know this song

  7. Taylor Herzog

    I'm listening to the tape of this from 1984. Has more depth to the sound. This version is clear but lacks depth of analog. Could be YouTube compression


    Bon jovi is the king of the rock always

    David Scofield

    With Scorpions ;-)

  9. Celfeercho

    Excellent Chanson!!! C'est le vrai Bon Jovi!!!

  10. carolinereads

    As a teenager wow this song was the jam still is in 2018.


    La mejor cancion fuerza metal amor ese es bon jovi el mejor de todos

  12. Angel G

    This is love !!! This is how it sounds when it's not (the love) that mutual.... When I was a teenager I lived this song.

  13. Emma R

    I’m 18 and I was born in 1999 and I LOVE BON JOVI! and 80’s music!


    I'm 81 and was born in 1938, just graduated from high school, and I love Bon Jovi as well.

  14. Jeff Ryan

    I think "Only Lonely" is one of Bon Jovi's best songs. I'm surprised it never got the recognition.

  15. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Minha banda favorita excelente disco ótima música perfeita saudades dessa época 1984 eu tinha 14 anos de idade saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  16. Mp r Mp r

    Burning for rock!👍

  17. black angel

    My favorite album❤

  18. Laguna Soeler

    would be good he back to this style and not stupid balad

  19. Noahide

    Great song

  20. Xennial Hipster

    I never understood why people say Bon Jovi is soft and doesn't rock? Show them this, Come Back, Homebound Train, Raise Your Hands and Always Run To You

    Bluesman 78

    Or if i was your mother and Fear

    Alan J Bennett

    Also Roulette

  21. Shanti Mahabir

    Bon jovi, love his songs

  22. Chantal Descheneaux

    Oh yes burning. 🔥❤️🔥❤️❤️🔥❤️👱‍♀️🧒🏻🔥❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Coldacre

    the real Bon Jovi! fucking KILLER!!

  24. karla yabar melo

    Esa batería lo máximo

  25. Fabiana Nuñez


  26. Vegeta the Prince of the saiyans

    l oud music
    o mg
    v egeta
    e ver
    Bon Jovi

  27. Grabbed You By The Pussy

    Sounds EXACTLY like Laura Branigan's song "Living a lie".

    Xennial Hipster

    That's what I've said before too!! I'm guessing Miss Laura was a secret metalhead since that song rocks pretty hard for pop/dance music

  28. slashfcb

    best Bon Jovi song !!

  29. Karen Lewis

    Love bon jovi especially Richie n Jon my fave Band as far as im concerned this album is the original recording with Richie Tico David Jon n Alec.

  30. Diego Cisneros

    the 80's vibe! I've always love this song
    I remember listening to this for the first time in '99

  31. Cheximus Listen to the solo. Now I see where Sambora got that intro ;)

  32. Optiprint

    Satisfaction.. love song.. Bon Jo..

  33. Optiprint

    Wuauuuuu.. yeahhhh :p

  34. Lazaro Millares

    What a Flow and Tune. Awesome.

  35. Ray Velazquez

    una superficie rola

  36. Polaco ADB

    I've been lied to, you been cheated
    i've been cried to, you been mistreated
    i've been watching you, you want action
    you need love and i need satisfaction
    chorus: i'm burning for love
    filled with desire
    i can't stand the heat
    my heart's on fire
    i can't get enough
    it's down to the wire
    making my move, i'm looking for you
    i'm burning for love
    you're the victim it's in your eyes
    i'm the suspect and loves the crime
    tensions mounting bodies shaking
    i can't take the anticipation
    chorus: i'm burning for love
    filled with desire
    i can't stand the heat
    my heart's on fire
    i can't get enough
    it's down to the wire
    making my move, i'm looking for you
    i'm burning for love
    now that i got you in my sight
    can't take another sleepless night
    oh no, no
    you can run but you can't hide
    you're the only one i need
    to feel the fire inside
    chorus: i'm burning for love
    filled with desire
    i can't stand the heat
    my heart's on fire
    i can't get enough
    it's down to the wire
    making my move, i'm looking for you
    i'm burning for love

  37. Aditya Arun

    this and runaway have to be my fav songs from bon jovi

  38. flemming mikkelsen

    Great album the first one.

  39. bonnie bianco

    sounds like laura branagan's "living a lie".


    It totally does!!!

  40. Lawrence Desjadon

    I agree this is their best album, I lived it but then everything after got too commercial and sold out too bad

    bonnie bianco

    the first four was enough for me .my fave is 7800.


    This one is definitely their best! Probably because Aldo Nova is playing guitar instead of Richie Sambora. 7800 was my second fav!


    agreed, 7800* was my fave

  41. Lazar Mihai

    Great song I like it!

  42. Cassie Bloemendaal

    in reply to gennirvana who posted 5 years ago
     glam rules!!
    I AGREE!!!

  43. Michele Lee

    Now this IS Bon Jovi to me..


    hell yeah!

    Dimitrije Kitanovic

    They should play more songs from their first two albums. They are underrated.

    Roman Lesjak

    Totally agree, first 2 albums are really good bud they don't perform their songs just Run away

  44. JoeTyler85

    as far as I'm concerned, this is the ORIGINAL-REAL Bon Jovi sound, it sounds pure '80s but it perfectly defined what melodic hard-rock was about at that time
    later, the group turned into a Bruce Springsteen-obsessed backing band led by an increasingly despotic John Bongiovi and then into a FM bland pop/rock travesty, but their mid-'80s sound remains fresh and vital

    David BOWER

    CameronShaft you are dam right

    Alan J Bennett

    First two albums was great, slippery when wet is way over rated, new Jersey their 4th album was so much better than slippery when wet. Some great songs off new Jersey, blood on blood,wild is the wind,bad medicine and living in sin. But I still agree with you after New Jersey I never bought another bon Jovi album. Just liked certain random songs,like keep the faith had a gem on it, Dry County.

    Bluesman 78

    @Alan J Bennett Keep the Faith and These days Are great Albums

    Alan J Bennett

    @Bluesman 78 sorry I totally forgot about these days,I do actually have that album with the bonus disc however I did not buy it my friend lent me it,then a few months later buggered off to Australia with his family, lucky them ay.

    Alan J Bennett

    Oh I only like a few songs from keep the faith.

  45. Trevor Hammitt

    Loved the 80's, wore this cassette out!!!!


    Still have my worn out cassette of this!

    Flat Feelings

    did it go wonky on you, too bad

  46. Thomas Fogarty

    This may not be Bon Jovi's most well-known or popular song, but it is my absolute favorite of theirs.

  47. Alex Shiroki

    I can't get enough...burning love <3

  48. Simone de Vries

    Bon Jovi Rulessssss

  49. Simone de Vries

    I <3 This Song!!!!

  50. Vanessa PB

    What a GREAT soooong!!!! I love it!! Bon Jovi forever!!!

  51. Faby Sambora SCCP

    B♥n J♥vi

  52. Hernan DetH

    ardiendo de amor jejeje uffff


    AMAZING SONG!!!!!!!!GREAT SONG!!!!!!!

  54. stmh09

    u need love and i need satisfaction ♥

  55. Scotti Briones

    3 people should be burned...and not for love. lol.

  56. FoxyBJ

    l-o-v-e bon jovi!!

  57. maxracer tejada

    @regulators88 a lot of kids listen what their parents listen ,,,,like my nephew ..hes only 15 ....he likes everything , like hip pop , but good classic rock this one

  58. paolo bergomi


  59. Karelle Bongiovi

    I love this song :)

  60. Mike Gagliardi

    @MARIOFREAK821.....right on!!!

  61. Chris R

    @sonorandesertman Cool! I'm 16... in 2011 and I still have my mom's vinyl for this album, and it's amazing.

  62. Mike Gagliardi

    @paoloberg70 ...hey cool. I was 16 in 1986 too. We're the same age. Woo hoo! Hehe. Have a good one. :)

  63. paolo bergomi

    i was 16 in 1986 when bought my first bon jovi album in vynil
    i listened it until i ruined the tracks.
    i still love listening those songs..the first 3-4 album i wll never forget.they are amazing

  64. jusemapu

    temazoo que viva colombia

  65. Chris R

    @regulators88 Thank you! And I'm seeing KISS in concert in a few months, can't wait!

  66. regulators88

    @OutlawSprocket i'm only 16 and people think that theres something wrong with me because i listen to nothing but rock bands like Bin Jovi, KISS, Led Zepplin and all of those good ole rock n roll bands.
    But Bon Jovi is definatley my favorite band of all time!

    Athena Koufalis

    Im 15 and love them to death

  67. Anna Elizabeth

    OMFG tHIS IS ONE OF MY all time fave songs !!! i LOVE Bon Jovi!!!!!

  68. E W

    One of the best songs of Bon Jovi's career.
    "I've been lied to and,
    You've been cheated.
    I've been cried to,
    you've been mistreated."
    I wrote that on my binder at school like 50 times. I wish i was alive in the 80's, long live Bon Jovi.

  69. Chris Dezitter


  70. Mely Gab

    Bon Jovi Rules!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Mary Mertens

    omg i love his voice!