Bon Jovi - Breakout Lyrics

This time girl I've had enough
You're too hot to handle with kid gloves
It's too late I hear a knock on the door
The game's over baby I can't take it no more

Breakout, Breakout
Take these chains from me
You held my heart for ransom
Baby, set it free
Breakout, Breakout
Your lies can't hide what I see
I'm better off on my own

Promises made me in the heat of the night (Whoa-oh-oh)
Those words were broken under bedroom lights (Whoa-oh)
Your lips they burn your body calls my name (Whoa-oh)
I can feel the fire but it's all in vain (Whoa-oh)


You say we'll meet around midnight
You're gonna make me feel oh so right
I'm saying oh no not tonight
You gotta let me go


You say we'll meet around midnight
You're gonna make me feel oh so right
I'm saying oh no not tonight
You gotta let me go

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Bon Jovi Breakout Comments
  1. Kevin King HC

    La mejor canción del álbum

  2. Wacky Swedy

    Parece que Danger Danger escucharon un poco a Bon Jovi..jeje

  3. Closer2theheart 68

    I always loved this song. It has a strong Dokken vibe to it.

    Tracy Lee Staton

    Closer2theheart 68 my thoughts exactly 👍🏻

  4. miroslava djuricin

    Great song. BON JOVI FOREVER. ❤️❤️❤️🌹💋

  5. John Kliegle

    Time ta BREAK OUT the good shi boys

  6. Keith Richard

    What makes this song Work is Tycho pounding the Skins... Reminds me of the late John Bonham... You notice they follow his beat instead of him following them

    Keith Richard

    .stupid talk to text

  7. Walter Villegas

    Alto temaaaaaa

  8. Epic Terry

    This sounds like Danger Danger- Naughty Naughty
    and Y&T Contagious
    combined into one song haha I know this came first

  9. Elizabeth Anne Pearce


  10. James Cutts Music [JCM]

    what a tune!!! that intro always psyches me up!

  11. Nicholas Osthelder

    Tico kills it up on the kit.

  12. Alonso Arturo Gutiérrez Pérez


  13. carolinereads

    Classic! That beginning, Breakout!

  14. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Minha banda favorita excelente disco ótima música perfeita saudades dessa época 1984 eu tinha 14 anos de idade saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

    mauricio santos

    Qual o nome do disco , bon Jovi e banda não porque os cara são os melhores pra porque música combina com a banda e a voz do vocalista e banda toca com música em sintonia e isso

  15. Arleth Torres

    pero que buenas rolas se avientan estos chicos

  16. Michele Perrin

    J'adore cette chanson : Breakout" l'écoute en boucle, ne me lasse pas et il est SI BEAU💝💝💝💝

  17. Yan Moreira Alencar

    bon jovi é foda

  18. jhon presly

    this is the real jon bon jovi folks

  19. Thomas Nitsche

    Hey .... Das ist der beste Song .... von dem Album 1989 ... ich habe die LP in Hamburg Saturn gekauft .... Ich hebe dieses als Viniyl .... zur meiner Marine-Zeit gekauft .... iss the Very Best .... .... hey.... hey..hey.... ...... da kannten wenige Bon Jovi .... Ich bin AC/ DC Fan .... ich darum , mein Beileid an Angus und Familie und der Band .... ich habe das Leid mit Bon auch erlebt ... .... auch sein letztes Konzert .... haltet Durch Jungs .... und eine Hand , die Eure stützt ... .... ... Tommy aus Kali ( Kamp - Lintfort , Germany )...... sorry das ich die Plattform hier genutzt habe ,,,, aber Jon , versteht mich .... !!!!

    Bluesman 78

    Das Album kam 1984 raus

  20. Karen Lewis

    Love bon jovi. This is a great album n others as well. Love Richie n Jon.

  21. Jimmy Brown

    My favorite song by Jon, love the keyboard tbh

  22. Vince Hernandez

    A true gem of the early years.

  23. Rob Perouty

    Why are all the classic rock albums full of diabetes, erectile dysfunction and depression drug ads. What are you telling me iHeart?

  24. Oliver Jones


  25. Chris Frazier

    Love Bon Jovi! But Def Leppard is way better 😊

    Katarzyna Moroń

    ❤bon jovi ❤def leppard 🇵🇱

  26. Connie Karg

    That was the bad ass 1980's....Bon Jovi and every hard rock to heavy metal bands.  Only Youtube can give us our memories.  Rock On!!!!

  27. Lisa Allen

    I know what you mean. This was the real Bon Jovi in my eyes.~~

  28. jacobson084

    Aldo Nova? Well almost...

    Rob Perouty

    Actually Aldo Nova is playing keyboards according to the album credits... so close.  Thats who I thought it was back when the album first hit the radio.  Bon Who?

  29. Brian Keith

    I wish Bon Jovi would go back to their roots and kick ass again! this new pussy shit sucks!

    Tristram Coffin

    I know what you mean but it would be fake. I think it is important to be genuine. When you are in your 20s and you feel invincible you make music like this. When you grow up with 4 other guys you make These Days and Bounce, both great records btw.


    still relevant...or more relevant than ever should i say...

  30. tarheelredbone43

    this entire album is excellent.  i wish that their music was still like this

    Python God

    No it isn't

    Nessun Dorma My Way

    @Python God i know,it's quite generic cheesy type of 80s rock,their best song by far is DRY COUNTY !

    John Kliegle

    Me and my brother got one of those rent ta own curtis Matthias stereos! Crank it! Blow out the speakers daily! Ha said I got your double for nothing,,scamming poor people! Il put you outta bis...ha

    Bluesman 78

    Nobody can do the same music over decades over and over again.Imagine Bon Jovi would do this in the 90s. They would not fill Stadiums today.only little arenas or clubs

    strange wonderer

    Bluesman 78 they absolutely would

  31. Pokerface1337

    Never been a big Bon Jovi Fan but this song is great!

    Rob Perouty

    It all went downhill after this.

    Don Foley

    rperouty Most people say it went downhill after Bon Jovi Crush. Me, I personally think that it's all great. This is a GREAT song to use to get angry at pimples.

  32. tarheelredbone43

    i agree with MAGNUM II ! the first two albums were so very good. i wore out two cassettes of this album!!

  33. Ma Rie

    very nice band, i love :) but i prefer Scorpions haha

    Don Foley

    Ma Rie He sang Rock You Like A Hurricane in Tokyo once. Just search "Bon Jovi Rock You Like A Hurricane"

  34. BryanX 64

    IMO Have A Nice Day was their last great album.

    Don Foley

    BryanX 64 All were great. All though Have a Nice Day is one of my personal favorites.

  35. LaerteSatriani

    This is the badest beat song ever. hahahah

  36. Rorawr

    i wish they played stuff from this album on recent tours!!

    Bluesman 78

    They did Roulette Get Ready or Only Lonely

  37. Jackie Nihil

    I love this old hard rock / glam metal style of Bon Jovi!

  38. LadyNightOwl63


  39. Marga Dovgal

    Awesome ♥ ♥ ♥

  40. Mario Fraschetti

    Volentieri! :)

  41. giuppy flower

    se vuoi te lo traduco io :)

  42. bassmanjoe

    Was boss, for the first two albums anyway.

  43. bassmanjoe

    I agree, but this is a killer tune. The early Jovi is the best in my opinion.

  44. Mario Fraschetti

    Menomale che ci sei tu a decretare come dovevano suonare i BON JOVI.
    A voi questa libertà di espressione che vi ha dato internet vi ha montato la testa.
    In mezza riga smontate il lavoro di produttori, fonici, tecnici, ingegneri del suono, megainvestimenti di case discografiche e industrie. Vergognatevi pezzenti!
    Scrivo in italiano perché non so parlare in inglese, ma visto che siete tanto bravi ad usare internet per scaricare le canzoni, sarete bravi ad usare internet anche per tradurre questo.

  45. Shane Thompson

    This is the best quality I have found of this song. Well done!

  46. Chris R

    Probably because it wasn't a single.

  47. Chris R

    Sorry, what?

  48. wahrheitverdad

    Bon Jovi is boss.

  49. Marie Samek

    Im suprised this song didn't become more popular, its freaking CATCHY!

  50. Magnum


  51. BelialBKK

    Wanna hear this song live again.

  52. Gautama Ramesh

    I've always loved the keys in this song....Bon Jovi Forever!

  53. bonjovi1984

    kissa perke bon jovi nn le canta piu nei live ste canzoni qua boooo

  54. hardmike13

    @motleycrue24 I like the keyboards! Sounds a lot AOR. It's awesome!

  55. Chris R

    @motleycrue24 Uh lol, at least 99% of their songs are guitar based. This and maybe a few other songs are keyboard driven. Some songs I can't even hear keyboards...

  56. kenith brian d almeida

    bon jovi rulez

  57. Magnum

    superb song. this was one helluva band back then. not any more though but thats life. please jon, do one tour where you play all the stuff from the first 2 albums!