Bon Iver - 715 - CR∑∑KS Lyrics

Down along the creek
I remember something
Her, the heron hurried away
When first I breeched that last Sunday

Low moon don the yellow road
I remember something
That leaving wasn't easing
All that heaving in my vines
And as certain it is evening 'at is now is not the time

Toiling with your blood
I remember something
In B, unrationed kissing on a night second to last
Finding both your hands as second sun came past the glass
And oh, I know it felt right and I had you in my grasp

Oh, then how we gonna cry
Cause it once might not mean something
Love, a second glance it is not something that we'll need
Honey, understand that I have been left here in the reeds
But all I'm trying to do is get my feet out from the crease

And I'll see you

Turn around, you're my A-Team
Turn around now, you're my A-Team
God damn, turn around now, you're my A-Team

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Bon Iver 715 - CR∑∑KS Comments
  1. Jaeger Craven

    What I love about this song is how much Justin has evolved his song “Woods.” It all started with JV toying around with autotune and releasing Woods on the Blood Bank EP. Then he evolved it into “Still” with his side project Volcano Choir. Then he and Kanye worked together to make “Lost in the World.” Finally, came “Creeks.” I just love the generally progression and evolution of a little song that Vernon just keeps revisiting

  2. Áine

    This made me actually like autotune in songs. He uses it the right way

  3. Jake Johnson

    Wow 715’s lyric video is actually easy to read Lol

  4. TheForceOfMusic101

    Was anyone brought her by the Nor'Easters?

  5. Bruno Urbani


  6. SamEboi

    hey guys today i am going to show you how to get a hack for club penguin

  7. Ivaylo Ivanov

    I came here for Imogen Heep, hold on...

  8. Cecelia Leslie

    Honey, understand that I have been left here in the reeds

    But all I'm trying to do is get my feet out from the crease

  9. Atoh

    how is this effect done? what vocoder is used?

    arkian beats

    it's a custom software + hardware combined called The Messina, named after the creator himself (Chris Messina)

  10. Im_Not_Roul_ 705

    1:15 X-D

  11. Haven Azzuri

    im so confused at how something so weird and odd sounding and artificial can be so amazing to listen to and so moving like im not a big fan of autotune myself cuz i feel that a voice should be real and i usually like DESPISE the overuse of autotune to the point where you can obviously hear it but holy shit this song somehow doesnt disgust me in the slightest.

    also a friend of mine made a dance to this for school and when i went to the concert i had never heard this song before so when her dance came i was so shocked and confused but so mesmerized that im legit trying my best to get access to the video of the concert SOLEY so i can watch that dance millions of times in a row.

    this song is very very oddly pretty and great to listen to because of how odd and different it is. i love it

    i love how at the end when they start talking about 'a team' they go from a soft sounding 'turn around your my a team' to gOdDaM tUrN aRoUnD yOuR mY A tEaM' and idk why but i love it so much lol

  12. Zuke Luffa

    Sounds like Daft Punk had a bad acid trip and decided to off themselves. This is bottom shelf bullshit. Two or three great tracks on the album, why was this released to the public?

    And at that moment, we couldn’t feel the tides-

    Zuke Luffa It's different, but I'm sorry you don't understand what makes it so great.

  13. Travis Rayome

    This man carried an entire song with his voice and a weird microphone
    Now *thats* talent

  14. Matthew Hampshire

    Doubt anyone will read this, but here goes...

    Me and my soulmate broke up a couple of days ago and I’m heading away off shore to a new job where I’ll spend weeks away at a time, I moved countries so we can be together, we blossomed but more so, recently we have hit some huge bumps in our relationship which took its toll.

    The pressure of going away from someone you love, when life changes so much in such a short period of time, it’s a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve survived years of depression in my old life... but this year I found peace.

    She will always be the one.

    Justin’s music was both our first choice, I find it hard to listen too without becoming a sensitive emotional wreck, but it helps no matter what.

    I have two tickets I brought for us to come out and see you live, in Amsterdam - April.

    I’ll let fait play it’s part in life now and I hope to see you then, with my soulmate ♥️

  15. Ka B

    Right in the gut.

  16. Honest One

    So this is what all those hipsters riding around in their Volkswagens listen to huh? Just lying to themselves like yeah the new Bon Iver is wayyy better than the old stuff. 😂

  17. Alex Taylor

    Holy mother of all Christs on all sticks. That god damned auto tune was a god damned instrument. Ripped my god damned heart out.

  18. Bo Peep

    Wow, now I just wanna run through a forest, bare footed along a creek wearing a beautiful dress and go in it up to my knees

  19. lazyitus

    Check out Imogen Heap using this effect on a song called Hide and Seek.

  20. lazyitus

    Saw him last night at Red Rocks. It was amazing. This song was so beautiful.

  21. Killua

    715 - RIACHOS

    Descendo pelo riacho
    Eu me lembro de algo..
    Ela, a garça, se apressou
    Quando eu a culpei, pela primeira vez,
    Naquele derradeiro domingo

    A lua baixa, iluminando a estrada amarela
    Eu me lembro de algo..
    Aquela despedida não foi nada fácil
    Todo aquele palpitar em minhas veias
    E tão certo como agora é a noite, o agora ainda não é a hora

    Trabalhando com seu sangue
    Eu me lembro de algo..
    Em B, um beijo irracional na penúltima noite
    Achando ambas suas mãos
    Enquanto o segundo Sol passava pela janela
    E sim, aquilo pareceu certo
    E eu a tinha em meu alcance

    Então, como vamos chorar?
    Porque a princípio isso pode não significar algo?
    Amor, um segundo relance
    Não é algo que precisaremos
    Querida, entenda que fui deixado aqui nos juncos
    Mas tudo o que estou tentando fazer é soltar meus pés do vinco

    Então eu a vejo
    Vire-se, você é titular no meu time
    Vire-se agora, você é titular no meu time
    Pelo amor de Deus, vire-se agora!
    Você é titular no meu time

  22. Tyren Drake

    Its a vocoder not auto-tune

  23. Ry The Undefined

    This song brings me to tears. Every time.

  24. Relaxer

    I miss the old bon iver not this auto tune shit


    You mean old bon iver songs like woods?

    And at that moment, we couldn’t feel the tides-

    Lewis LMAO

  25. Eli Lockie

    Reminds me of the potential of humans in creative outlets.

  26. Trevin Hughes

    Sounds like Vernon listened to James Blake's "Lindesfarne I" then went in to record this song.

  27. Joshua Burns

    Y’all are my A-Team. God Damn you’re my A-Team!

  28. Yandolf

    The raw emotion these waves and words deliver to my human brain is nothing short of eternity.

  29. Jordan Barclay

    bon iver just said "X-D"

  30. Gavin Meeks


  31. Funkbutterfly

    Huh I thought "crease" was "creek" this whole time.

    Gabriel Lukkes

    Yeah me too😂 took me like 3 plays through the album and this video to catch on

  32. No Nope

    i remember something

  33. Yedidya K

    one of thos songs youd rather not know the meaning to makes the best feels, thanks Bon Iver!!

  34. Mark Whitty

    Very Imogen Heap, the very same as hide and seek.

  35. t-an

    Fav song from this albums

  36. Vielheim

    the barclay crenshaw remix is gold ngl

  37. Alonso / Dying Adolescence

    holy fuck

  38. Graham Yost


  39. Daysn Lucas

    I get massive Imogen Heap vibes from this. Fucking beautiful song.

  40. saurav 01

    O man this is amazing 👍 😍😍😍😍

  41. No Nope

    Scrolled through, can't find it...
    God damned turn around now, you're my aaaaaa team!!

  42. Cory Traistaru

    Does anyone know where I can find the instrumental to this?


    There is no instrumental. It's all processed from the vocals through pitch manipulation and vocodex

    Cory Traistaru

    THURDEYE lmfao I know that. It was supposed to be a little funny? Laugh damnit. Don’t correct me lol.

  43. Daniel Olaniyan

    Haven't Heard This In 3 Months

  44. Giullian

    basically lindisfarne on crack

    Trevin Hughes

    Lol i thought the same exact thing.

  45. RedPugie


  46. Landonb1994

    Madison Scouts 2019....yes....I’m so excited to hear the Madison hornline play this....

    Bon Iver might be the new “ballad master” in DCI.’s only the beginning.

    Logan Rogers

    This is the comment I was looking for. I can already imagine how loud they're going to make it and I can already hear parts of it in my head. I can't wait for 2019, already got tickets to prelims

    Jenny Jackson

    This just made me even more excited for DCI finals this year 😍

  47. Alois Trancy

    Person: how much auto tune do u want in your song?

    Bin iver: *yes.*

  48. Andres Berrio

    Llegué aquí por Alvinsch xd

  49. Astolfo

    I love this song and Woah by EDEN.

  50. Jarri


    Lα Comadrejα ͡• ‿‿ ͡•


  51. 1028official

    Imogen Heap: am I a joke to you

  52. Jacob Maxine

    My school’s advanced choir sang this and it was so amazingggg


    Jacob Maxine that sounds really cool!

    Jacob Maxine

    gbluecheez there’s the link!

  53. Nathan Ortiz

    I now have a completely different view on auto tune,both as a listener of music and an artist

  54. Edgar Regalado

    This is the only song that i liked of the album, it didn't grow in me, but this one is awesome

  55. Ryvitt

    A complete ripoff of Hide And Seek, ok...

  56. A C

    It’s a nice idea but so many of those lyrics aren’t correct. Fake News

  57. C G

    Mmm watcha say

  58. The Redhood

    alguien mas esta aqui por alvinsch??

  59. Shauntil07

    Dylan Moral brought me here!

  60. Luigi Castilla

    What does “you’re my a team” at the ending mean?


    you're my number one

  61. John Pagel

    Puppet would sound great with these lyrics @Monstercat 👌🏻💯

  62. prod. Winston NA

    This song is a perfect evidence tht the voice is an instrument on its own😔

  63. Brothers Jackson Videos

    This is a great track that to me is just a natural progression for Justin. Really reminds me of Woods, something I think he experimented with but wasn’t sure how it would be accepted (given the fact it was a b-side). I personally loved Woods, it being my favourite Bon Iver track, so I think either his fan base liked Woods, or he just decided to make tracks in the sound he had a connection to. Either way, I love this and I love the album.

  64. Nessa Rae

    What is this effect I need this ASAP 🔥🔥🙏

  65. Krakas 90

    This song touches something deep within and is able to move me to tears : I miss my A Team

  66. Tori

    I really miss taking to the person that showed me this song

  67. lwkking18

    wow! real bad!

  68. Raym Janjua

    so much friggin auto tune


    It's not auto tune lol

  69. Jeff Miller

    this is art

  70. yvettemadelaine

    Still the best

  71. ouch thathurted

    What is this song about anyone?

  72. Neilton Paulo

    Acho que não me pegou. É voz+guitarra, apenas <3

  73. Kirsten MB

    This is the perfect counterpart to Imogen Heap ❤️

  74. Frying1Pans

    XD at 1:15

  75. Khal Drogo

    *Jaden Smith*

  76. Rethabile Headbush

    catching James Vincent McMorrow vibes

  77. jack doering

    Do some acid and listen to this album, your soul will explode

  78. CarlosPlayerHDV2 lol

    like si vienes por alvinsch

  79. Aaron Pena

    "We are Humans".

  80. chase lofundist

    This song made me forget everything all my troubles and pains for these precious 3 minutes

  81. Orlando King THATS THE HOT STUFF 888888888

  82. erik masterchef

    fire af

  83. THA ComeBack Kid

    Great work

  84. 3 name changes allowed every 90 days. Learn more

    2019 anyone

  85. Azirah Ahmad

    I fucking love this song ??????????????????

  86. TheMoonlightPixie

    Song is incredible. Video style sucked. For being the official video, there was a surprising amount of lag and misspelling.

    Levi McKinley

    haha, that was the entire point of the video. To make it seem more robotic and artificial. (Ik this is an old comment but no one replied)

  87. Matthew Powell

    Waiting before 🎶💚

  88. Nowhere Near

    the Nömak cover is even better!

  89. Dean Chhoeun

    CHILLS throughout the whole track. gold.

  90. Mark Markin

    What font is it?

  91. Krishan Oberoi

    God I love this so much

  92. Ramanuj Baruah

    Fuck this album is too good.

  93. Kevin Gonza

    Supera esto Bad Bunny fracasado

  94. Meghan Elric

    No version of this could ever compare to the performance at Festivals of Disruption. Left me in tears then and it still does to this day. Please look up his full performance there if you haven't already.