Bon Iver - ____45_____ Lyrics

Well I've been carved in fire
Well I've been caught in fire
I've been caught in fire, whaaaa
Well I've been caught in fire
I've been carved in fire
I've been caught in fire
What comes prior to?

I've been caught in fire
I stayed down the other night
I've been caught in fire
I stayed down
(Without knowing what the truth is)
I've been caught in fire
I stayed down the other night
I've been caught in fire
I stayed down
(Without knowing what the truth is)

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Bon Iver ____45_____ Comments
  1. anonymous shinonome

    *hears harmonized saxophone*
    me: i feel u bro

  2. ella grace

    this entire album is bonkers but like the good kind of bonkers. i’m currently working on a cover of 33 “god” n it’s rlly brought my attention to just how unique of an album this is n how good bon iver is.

  3. Mauricio Björk

    viejo oeste

  4. thee LAWD

    the new album sounds great but 22 a million is their GOAT album

  5. TheDriftingsmoke

    tears all over my beard and mustache when the banjo kicks in.........

  6. Mr Manning

    So weird to show so many saxes when it clearly just 1 (or MAYBE 2) with a vocoder effect.

    anonymous shinonome

    It's a messina. A combination of hardware and software to make that harmonic effect."Onstage, Justin is singing a song, and he’s playing a keyboard that can create harmonies simultaneously,” he said. “Normally, you record something first and then add harmonies later. But Justin wanted to not only harmonize in real time, but also be able to do it with another person and another instrument. The result is one thing sounding like a lot of things. It creates this huge, choral sound."

    “Here’s the thing — it’s not a thing. There’s a laptop running software, and then that software is run through a physical piece of hardware, that is then doing another thing,” he explained. “It’s many things working together and none of them are ours, but the product is. Basically, we used things the way they’re not normally intended, and we put them together. That’s how we get the sound.”
    The input signal goes into Ableton Live where it is treated by two Auto-Tune plug-ins. The first just tunes the vocal, in the way Justin has always done it, and the second plug-in creates just a single note, the tonic of the key of the phrase that is sung or played, and that then is sent to an Eventide H8000, which is set to a MIDI harmony program.

    Justin can play the white keys of a MIDI keyboard at the same time, and the H8000 receives the Auto-Tune tonic input, sometimes a dry input, and the input of the MIDI keyboard, and the H8000 generates up to four notes based on what’s played. It involves a degree of randomisation, so you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get

  7. Tony L

    I'm going to listen to this album while on 4ACO DMT, to welcome in fall.

  8. Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back

    Bon Iver: 2:01
    Me: *nuts*

    anonymous shinonome


  9. ThePunkPanther

    Replika brings me here.

  10. Lavafish

    All those saxophones together gain some good organ character :)

  11. Moist Towelette

    My replika said this was his favorite song...

    Lisa Speth

    Sci-Fi Geek mine says that too

  12. Teno Ransom

    So much contrast within this track, it balances itself out from beginning to end.
    also, those quick pricks of banjo notes to finish off the track with is so far from human comprehension.

  13. のぢGrey

    I think this just defeated me. Came out of goddamn nowhere too. Son of a bitch touched my soul again. What a hero. 🙏

  14. adridoesthings

    why have i slept on this for so long.

  15. Gianluigi Capellani

    Thank you ❤️

  16. Lance

    Reminds me of my (and Justin's) home state Wisconsin. The calmness and warmth feels so midwestern. Downtown Milwaukee, Mississippi river, northwoods, UW-Madison campus, the Dells, Lambeau Field, all of it. I close my eyes and it's the only place my mind can go when listening to this.

  17. Jose Soto

    What is he on?

  18. Sean Manley

    he said in the press conference before the album dropped, that this was his favorite recording on the album....imagine that

  19. LLQ 4Ever

    It’s amazing the visuals and thoughts/feelings your mind comes up with while listening to Justin and his art. I appreciate the shit out of this mans existence.

  20. Mae Zhao

    I found this really really amazing poem that has 45 playing in the background. The poem and the song work so well together, makes me cry everytime:

  21. Nicholas Keough

    So comforting...

  22. David Williamson

    Justin makes pure music. His music is pure. I know it is special because although it speaks to me, Iwould hardly be able to relay what it says to me in words. I think that is part of its charm. His lyrics are enigmatic and vague. It feels as though I am unpacking a riddle every time I listen but the riddle is made by me. Like I said it’s pretty hard to explain what the music does. It is like a confrontation with a monolith. You can’t be the same after. His music is not contrived and it has no apparent intentions of its own, just what you bring with you to each new listening.

  23. Sunniva Huse This girl has covered your song "Heavenly Father" and she is amazing!

  24. Tej Jerkič

    Did justin play that sax or someone else? It's awesome either way

  25. Andy Arkell

    What to do in a fire. Douse with water and thank fuck. You heard it here first.

  26. lauren mikayla

    acid trip at a jazz club

  27. Trif Alex

    it's 11 pm, a chilly cold wind comes through my window to my feet. it's raining, i'm listening to this song and reading a really good book, i don't need anything else. it's perfect.

  28. arnov pachani

    Now I can die peacefully 😊

  29. iamtig

    sad sax of shit

    well fucking played lads

  30. Todd Brzozowski

    Just keep doing what you do! Fuck the comments and sideways suggestions. The music you make is incredible. It bridges the gap for people like me that love Dylan and waits! You are a modern songwriter with such beautiful lyrics and song structure, it amazes me. Im a big fan!

  31. Stallnig

    This music is very comforting, soothing...

  32. porte gruel

    C'est tellement beau

  33. Clay Kinser

    Most will miss it entirely, but ye imagery he chooses is meant to heal specific part of the viewer.

  34. LazarusxD

    This is us.

    nothando banana

    Thats were I heard it. N I fell in luv immediately

  35. Nanu

    This Is Us brought me here.

  36. Aaron Mattus

    Seek the sign...sphere of the air..that omnipresent...number 9..

  37. topitmunkeydog

    this came on i thought it was johnny cash

  38. Caligula

    Kate, you can do this. 🖤

  39. nocturnalanimal

    I am so in love with the aesthetics of the video.

  40. Morgan Healy

    I love this song and this album... but what does this song sound like??? Another song, I just can't put my finger on it! It's like a late 90's, early 00's euro club song or something like that... like something Anastacia would sing, but I don't think it's her. Driving me nuts! Maybe just nuts... It had a syncopation on the last word of the chorus which in 45 would be the word "Night" in 'stayed down the other night'. It's all I got.... any help appreciated.
    Love the song regardless.

  41. bella •

    This song makes me wish I never quit playing saxophone

  42. mangerang

    I always think about squidward at 1:10 lmao.. fucking love this song

  43. Testiclops

    2:14 just listen and enjoy

  44. Banzai Jogger

    Perfect song for camping

  45. Arturo Sanchez Rojas

    why does this whole album sound wack, is it my musical ignorance? somebody help


    It's definitely an acquired taste. I'm not even sure I fully love it yet but I want to? And just because of the music itself not to win hipster cred or anything. I think that speaks to something.

  46. Fatal Bert

    Does this qualify as music?

  47. owa

    Sad sax of shit

  48. Frazier Pollard

    Well I've been carved in fire

    Saxophone: fwoof

    anonymous shinonome

    that fwoof hits u in the fucking feels man

    theworst junkie

    Made my day

  49. Joseph

    Why isn't this shit 10 mins long?

  50. Daniel Ryan

    It's very difficult but I think this might just be the best song on the album

  51. Andres Lira


  52. Alon Elhadad

    I think fire means shootings, why stay down then? sure the smoke just a mettafor

  53. alennart1

    Most underated song on the album

  54. b. t.

    For those of you that are new here, the song doesn't start until 2:09

  55. Luan Souza

    god what a terrible song

    b. t.

    ROFLMAO oh my god funny, wow opinions are funny, thanks for the laugh.

  56. Nate Benne

    Does anyone have any idea why this is titled _45_ i'm very curious

  57. Jeremy Peterson

    the divine comedy hell

  58. Yael Valerio

    I met Colin Farrell...

  59. Amber Jane

    Troye Sivan's Insta story sent me here and I have never been so thankful

  60. Ben Garcia

    Maybe he's trapped in hell and needs water.

  61. dvdnn11

    Sorry to say but you are wrong about the quality of the mixing.

  62. donnie

    On repeat.

  63. Aaron Norcia

    Bon Iver has the balls to experiment with music. I appreciate that.

  64. D G

    Anyone know what he was caught in?

  65. Fin's Contingency Plan

    I love how when the bass comes in it outlines a fourth chord in the progression that you didn't realise was there all along.

  66. Bigo Jr.

    that ending was so good...

  67. Eva Kulpinska 1.5 speed is listenable and sounds like a good gospel song !
    Specks of banjo highlight the piece - - I'll be back !

  68. Ché Coetzee

    This song is over way too soon.

  69. Nick Weinling

    0:55 anyone else trying to make words/letters out of the distortion?

  70. Maitiu Jarrett

    5 lane divers

  71. Jake Kendrick

    The first time or two I listened to the album I disregarded this song. After a while though it basically reached out and grabbed my heart and stopped me in my tracks.

    Beautiful, mesmerizing, painful.

  72. mantra3000

    It's his Spirit of Eden.

  73. Pedro Yuri

    Such a beautiful song. Damn.

  74. Philip Bridges

    This is my daily thoughts manifested in sounds/lyrics. I feel like I can die now that some 3rd party has accurately described my entirety as I know it today.. and everyday its nearly the same. simply drowning. but the thought leads me back to "what comes prior to"... is it this? "it might be over soon". yet this could be considered the confirmation which i've looked for. and whether or not it actually happens, I have recognized the relevance. Its always a maybe, unless I believe what I see or continue to try and see what I truly believe. instead of idling. or is this the movement?

  75. Braden G

    He's goddamn amazing. We'll be talking about him years from now.

  76. ana costa

    22, A Million is Bon Iver's Kid A

  77. Matheus Alves da Cunha

    THAT ENDING..... <3

  78. Danitza

    Luscious, lustrous, gorgeousness.

  79. ace101ification

    it's very haunting and yet calming. I especially like the sound of the morphing saxophone.

  80. kei

    banjo sound made me cum

  81. Elijah Freiman

    I think its kind of interesting that the visuals in the video are warped, similar to the air above a fire.

    Emily Schultz


  82. Philip Morgan

    Death to lyric videos

  83. sauce

    This song is so beautiful

  84. Bane?

    fuck me, the second part of this album is pure eargasm

  85. Dani Red

    If I see this video once more I think I go crazy... ok... let's play...

  86. Clotilde Vivier

    Justin's voice sounds like Woodkid's in this...

  87. Hollie Legendre

    Absolutely my favorite on the album. Holy fuck. Tears, nothing but straight tears. And some good hot sax. <3

  88. Matheus Alves da Cunha

    the best

  89. Jeffrey Davis

    why not a banjo at the end?

  90. Oliver Gargan

    My favourite on the album. That sax intro though 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 experimentation at its most creative.

  91. Dah Dah

    Realising that Bon Iver is shit at singing ...

    Ethan Neufeld

    Dah Dah EXCUSE ME

  92. 1984therocker

    It was either this one or 8 that has 150 sax's in the mix...

    Jacob Rice

    1984therocker 8 (circle)

  93. Samuel Poff

    This song is fuckin rad.

  94. Justin Simmons

    best track on the album imo

    Justin Simmons

    I wonder if the sax was played through the messina to give it that effect

    Joshua Brusuelas

    +Justin Simmons it was!

    Justin Simmons

    @Joshua Brusuelas fucking genius idea

  95. My Grandma Died

    anyone remember when bon iver made folk music?

  96. Erin Johnson

    The banjo is the best part


    The best part was scrolling down through the comments and found your channel. They're really good.

    Erin Johnson

    Thank you! That is very kind. :)