Bon Iver - 22 (OVER S∞∞N) Lyrics

It might be over soon, soon, soon
Where you gonna look for confirmation?
And if it's ever gonna happen
So as I'm standing at the station
It might be over soon
(All these years)
There I find you marked in constellation (two, two)
There isn't ceiling in our garden
And then I draw an ear on you
So I can speak into the silence
It might be over soon (two, do, two)
It might be over soon (two, do, two)
(Two, do, two, two, do, two)
(It might be over soon)
(Two, do, two, two, do, two)
(It might be over soon)

(And I'm gonna shout all my trouble over)
Oh and I have carried consecration
And then you expelled all decision
As I may stand up with a vision
Caught daylight, goddamn right
Within our eyes there lies a scission
(It might be over soon)

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Bon Iver 22 (OVER S∞∞N) Comments
  1. Gary Waldrep

    Why so many saxophones?

  2. Bari Izlam

    What a song! What a solo!

  3. Jones Minorczyk

    I wanna know what cap he is wearing?

    The Current

    It looks like a Baltimore Orioles hat, this is a pretty close approximation:

  4. Jordan Kinder

    My demons: well never let go
    Bon Iver: itll all be over soon

  5. Tenzin Rabgyal

    His songs are beyond imagination

  6. MrDefective

    The women who broke his heart made this man one of the best artists of this generation


    a toast to this mfer's liver infection

  7. Joyce Finn

    Very interesting.

  8. Mat Guerra

    I would love if Justin had Kanye's ego for one day and went on a press tour saying, "I fucking MADE KANYE WEST! I MADE HIM FAMOUS, LISTEN TO THAT ALBUM, LISTEN TO THE VOCAL TREATMENT!! I MADE HIM COME TO THE WOODS TO RECORD TWISTED DARK FANTASY, I AM A MUSIC GOD, I'M FEARLESS!)) START A BEEF and apologize later....

  9. mustardTiger570

    I still get chills after over a year of hearing this song :)

  10. The Briz Show

    How the hell do I get that hat lol

  11. xmemehorseyx

    what a god damn genius

  12. Melanie Brion

    I cannot put into words what this man makes me feel. I’m not religious but I believe there is occasionally a musical genius like this man that brings out the best in people. Like Bob Marley, one in a million. 🙏✌🏻💜🌎🌍🌏

    Connor Crane

    Melanie Brion 22, In A Million

  13. EM LR

    Justin Vernon is simply a genius artist. Thank you for your music 😁❤

  14. Daniel Calderon

    I don't get why he doesn't just use in-ears. Perhaps he has curved ear canals and the molds don't work?

    TheReal Doge

    Why cant he use over esr headphones and they sound better than in ears

    Daniel Calderon

    TheReal Doge I took a second look and realized he’s wired to the stage. He’s not wireless but perhaps his bandmates are? I didn’t see any headphone amps or anything near them. I guess he’s probably obsessed with his sound and mix as I am too but I’d be much more willing to go wireless. I’m a bit biased because I’m a drummer. I’ve had big headphones fall off and I feel as though they’re this big distracting thing on your head that while onstage, kinda screams “look at me, I’m a PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN.” IEMs are much more discreet and I’m sure he could afford a pair with a hundred micro drivers in each but if this big pair conserves the purity of the sound for him..

  15. alex black

    Kanye is proud of this man

    D’Marco Jackson

    alex black came such a long way fr . I fucks with Justin heavily

  16. Sérgio Henrique

    So Good

  17. Hyena Fox

    I like this key better than the album version's key

  18. CharlieKnottFilms

    Love the Orioles cap! Smalltimore represent

  19. The Joker

    His falsetto is so clean, it’s incredible

  20. Snow Owl

    Wow, just magical.

  21. Alex Bernal

    thank u.

  22. Jonathan Luthren

    I’m witnessing greatness.

  23. Eric Spitler

    The horn players look furious

  24. Drifting Dwarf

    Bon Iver's music are so simple and free and genuine and it speaks to you so deep. Would love to see them / him live someday.

    Bob Lehman

    If you get the chance by all means take it. You won't regret it.
    Great Live performance.
    BON Iver are so talented.
    Absolutely blew me away.

  25. Justmarce_07

    Who's the female sax player behind justin?

    sean fitzgerald

    Stephanie Wieseler of the Sad Sax of Shit.

  26. Crashoverall

    Amazing artist

  27. Wade Smith

    This queen faggott is where his no great talent kkk ass hole is because he gave and gives up the nasty smelly corroded ass and mouth up when ever and how ever the demand requires it too, let’s not forget the desire to give it up; nothing like auto tune..., hmmm...!!!


    learn to write before you judge, asshole.

  28. Lotte Sophie

    this is so good that it makes me angry

  29. elshano3

    this album was something special because it gives you a mixed emotion through your body, both sad and happiness. i really like this! <3

  30. David Herzfeld

    it builds, you get a little clarity, and then it falls apart again. This man can write a song.

  31. apachedisco

    This song is litterally nothing. It's all random shit that sounds good. Nothing about this makes sence at all. Random weed thoughts.

  32. javajoelovesyou

    This song makes me tear up nearly every time I listen to it, including when I was at Rock the Garden.

  33. Pema Ghising

    what type of pad is he using on his headphone?

  34. andrebjermo

    Who is going to Globen 31:a? 😍

  35. Drews

    If anyone has time I would really appreciate some feedback on this song I made.

  36. Emmi Söderlund

    This is true goosebump material. Excause me for picking up me jaw right about here.

  37. muhluri sibuyi

    Saxophones man, saxophones.

  38. Emma Cleveland

    This song, particularly this rendition makes me feel the way I do after a really good cry. Fresh, like some weight has been lifted and hopefull. But still at the back of my throat and body the felling of sadness has not yet gone and the memory of being upset lingers. A kind of beautiful melancholy I guess....

    ZM Rushlow

    Emma Cleveland well said

  39. William

    Better than the album version.

  40. Lord Noob

    oh man taht man is awesome his voice ohhhhhhh i fell in love :) go on bon iver

  41. w l

    pretty lame

  42. Travis Evenden

    Is Justin Vernon setting Bon Iver up as the Emo/Indie Dave Matthew's?

  43. Robert Garvan Snyder

    Pretty sure he's using this app for the intro and throughout.

  44. Jordan G

    Anyone know where that cap Is from??

  45. Diana H

    How I fucking love his music.

  46. gianluca socci

    Music for interstellar voyages

  47. Dustin Lee

    I’ve worn some shitty hats in my life but...

  48. Samer Shoufani

    i wish it never ended

  49. Curtis Jeffs

    what keyboard stand is this?

  50. Gavin McCormick

    Killer fucking voice

  51. Cavernous People

    damn that voice is perfect

  52. Balaji Yadhav

    Legion. !!!!!!!!!!

  53. dcampan2

    The truth is that Legion brought me here...Amazing...

  54. Johnson M

    Folktronica, art pop or whatever you want to call it, this album really pushed it, in terms of being able to hear a new sound and to be honest it's incredible!

  55. Ken Coleman

    Legion brought me here. :)

  56. Thais Sales

    Uma obra de arte! 💕
    Conheci essa música maravilhosa na série Legion, não saiu mais da minha cabeça.

    Renan Pereira

    Thais Sales tbm conheci pela serie

  57. S L

    I love love hate relationship with his music

  58. cs85b

    This album is incredible. The previous albums have been so real they make you step into a place and reconsider everything you have ever thought possible. 22, A Million has taken this approach on music in it of itself to bring light to something so beautiful it transcends through human nature to enlighten souls and capture emotions long lost or buried deep. This album will play out as one of the most influential pieces to modern music in this century.

  59. thegroupfoundedinlms

    fuck yeah

  60. drews0n

    The Sax....

  61. Tavon Kacey

    One of my fav Artist of all time tbh...

  62. marcus cummings

    This is such a spiritual song. It’s just so beautiful

  63. SidMcgnarly3

    Dude loves Ebbett's Field Flannel .

  64. Harrison Edwards

    0:15 sax player on the right practicing his blow job techniques. You're welcome.

    Cara Pierce


  65. Robbie Stott

    Mesmerising. Art. Not much better than this! Amazing

  66. Robbie Stott

    I’m looking for a sax teacher in West Yorkshire. Reply if you know anyone

  67. Elizabeth Nicole

    This song makes me so sad for personal reasons and memories associated w/ it but i love this song nonetheless. It really has its own life and takes up space like any soul would thats why i think it feels so heavy

  68. Soul

    this was amazing

  69. Spencer Murray

    Watching this high put me in a trance lol

  70. jloffe

    Does anyone know what electric guitar it is at 2:13 ? Thanks!

  71. Aaron D

    Chills! That's it!

  72. Justin1911

    JV loves the sax at his back

  73. Chloe Lee

    Pretty sure I’m in love with this man

  74. Jonny Gonzalez

    please get my new album at

  75. shaneomac151

    I didn't want the sax solo to end!! I don't know about you but this song sings of the urgency to experience life before its too late.

    Allison Grubbs

    shaneomac151 take a listen to the sax solo in 45 - went to their concern last week and it was purely amazing!!

  76. Luis Limon

    Bearface?!? YOOOOOOOO fuq

  77. lev cooper

    nice hat bitch

  78. Thomas Van Drielen

    I come here mostly for the goosebumps but also for the cheeky smile at 0:55 from the saxplayer behind Justin

    sean fitzgerald

    Stephanie Wieseler - she’s an incredible sax player.

  79. TheRachelxAdventures

    i was there <3

  80. Luan D

    That's so different, pure magic.

  81. Josh Husselbee

    Look at all those band nerds kickin ass

  82. krystalinthecity

    Saw him in Oakland. SO AMAZING.

  83. Zoltán Péter

    the whole song is the glowing ember on a chunk of wood and the sax revives the flames on it

  84. Ken Durasi

    what the fuck vernon you're out of this world aaaa

  85. Michael Elijah

    Not enough sax!!!!!

  86. donnie

    when I listen to Bon Iver I feel like I have listen to God himself

  87. Billie Elmhorst

    Nice SNL skit!

  88. Clément

    Does anyone know what is the team logo on his snapback ? Thanks


    Baltimore Orioles (MLB) if you haven't already figured it out.


    Thanks :)

  89. mantra3000

    The sound is incredibly good.

  90. Rebby K

    Is it just me or is it just way better to listen to the live recordings of his music than watch music videos? With other artists that's not always true.

  91. Matthew Knotts

    That sax is sex for the soul

  92. Kelly Nogueira

    Good ❤️

  93. HeyTrueBlue

    Fucking love the creepy, mysterious sounds

  94. Nicholas Cleveland

    Do I dare say better than the album version?


    Yeah I agree. I loved the album but it felt like it didn't have as much soul to me (compared to the previous albums) until I heard them perform it live and that experience just takes it up a notch. I think the live instruments and his vocals being less auto-tuned makes it better.


    I dare.

    Ethan E

    Nicholas Cleveland oh for sure better

    Kevin Terrell

    I think the live version of every song is better than the album.

    Zach Aitken

    That's why I keep asking for a live album

  95. baclash

    That was magical

  96. Cj Vergara

    This song has a strange reminder of what death may be like. My closest brush was with DMT and after I experienced it to their song 'woods' I realized just how musical wisdom this man carries in his spirit. He inspires so many raw emotions every single time I play his music. This song reminds me how close we are to our deadline.

    Robert Delatte

    Cj Vergara this song is a message. It’s about I am the Omega. I just turned’s coming soon.

    Tyler Meadows

    Cj Vergara he’s the human version of dmt

    Jonathan Luthren

    Thanks for that.

  97. Cesar Perez Rosas

    Great lyricist and apparently a blatant racist, take off the cap justin you have nothing left to prove or showcase, and no one left to impress

    Cam Gregg

    Cesar Perez Rosas I don't understand. Explain?

    Kent Mendoza

    It's a the mascot for the Baltimore Orioles - it's a bird