Boltz, Ray - Where I Met Jesus Lyrics

Bessie can still remember
Like it was yesterday
She watched her husband, Oliver
Kneel in the church and pray
That was what she had been hoping for
Still she was so surprised
Was that a glow upon his face?
Or just the tears in her eyes?

He'd always been a quiet man
Everyone saw the change
Reaching to take a stranger's hand
Asking to know their name
Sunday mornings they'd be in church
And after the pastor prayed
Year after year with a voice so dear
Bessie would hear him say

This is where I met Jesus
I heard him calling my name
I was so glad to meet Him
He was so glad I came

Oh, how she misses Oliver
Now that she lives alone
One night while they were sound asleep
The angels took her love home
Oh, how she cried
There were no goodbyes
It seemed he was gone so soon
Then one night she heard his voice
When she walked into their room

This is where I met Jesus
I heard him calling my name
I was so glad to meet Him
He was so glad I came

Bessie, one day you'll do the same

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Boltz, Ray Where I Met Jesus Comments
  1. Louis Adu-Amoah

    Still on this track. Ray may God's keep you and bring you to His loving arms again. I love you man. Always a sweet track

  2. Brandon Inglin

    I meet Jesus August 11th 2005 i got baptized ‼️💯

  3. Boyce Ottinger

    This song touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It is a reminder that we will all pass into eternity one day. Let's make sure it is with Jesus by placing our trust in Him today.
    ~Ephesians 2:8-10

  4. Sue Horley

    Ray Bolts! Love What this song says about the love of God!!

  5. Sue Horley

    l love this song by Ray Bolts, I lost my husband 13 years ago, he took his life,I miss him everyday, I find my peace and strength through God's continued love every minute Of everyday.Thank you FATHER for all your promises.Amen

  6. James Lauzon

    The doors open he's calling you home take care God bless

  7. Sue Horley

    Thank you Ray Bolts for this beautiful song it is a reminder of the night I felt the presents of Jesus in my room, I have never been the same His love is my life,my Light as I walk towards my journey home to live with Him for eternity! Thank you Jesus!

  8. Rob Pal

    Church of Christ we must pray Lorde reveal to Ray Boltz the truth of Romans chapter 1 as he now writing songs that appeal to the flesh and not the spirit

  9. Rob Pal

    I myself listen to rays former songs they truly touch my heart but Romans 8 shall we continue in sin that Grace May abound God forbid

  10. Rob Pal

    I agree with one commentator the Lord can still use his early songs but he has lost the anointing through sexual perversion God cannot bless Romans chapter 1

  11. Boyce Ottinger

    " day you will do the same."

  12. CourtneyN H

    I love this song

  13. Perrot Mboozi

    Im always blessed when i listen to this song

  14. Isabella Bella

    beautiful ray boltz music

  15. Five Star

    May God's grace do the job for and in u ray boltz

  16. MelonJMusic

    Thank you so much! No one knows this song when I mention it!

    Garber Toka


  17. Tela Gilbert

    At times I feel so afraid but when I here the song I remember what God has done for my Family an me.

  18. bruce perrier

    ray touching song no matter how i feel i listen to your songs it helps me with the blessing god gave you will never loose it you still help people thanks bud