Boltz, Ray - We Are His Heart Lyrics

Their lonely eyes stare out
From the houses on my street
Sometimes I turn away
Before it starts to bother me
But this time something's wrong
I must have watched too long
I can't erase their faces from my mind

We are His heart
In His heart beating
We are His hands
Are His hands reaching
When will we realize
That you and I
Must do our part
It's time to start
We are His heart

Two thousand years ago
Upon a distant hill
A little boy gave all he had
And multitudes were filled
Where is that child today
Who gave it all away
Where is that love
We cannot let it die

We are His heart
In His heart beating
We are His hands
Are His hands reaching
When will we realize
That you and I
Must do our part
It's time to start
We are His heart

Hands reach
Reaching out in desperation
In a dying world
Their lonely voices cry
I hear a heartbeat
I can feel it growing stronger
We've got to reach out to them
We just can't turn away again
Where is that love
We cannot let them die

We are His heart
In His heart beating
We are His hands
Are His hands reaching
When will we realize
That you and I
Must do our part
It's time to start
We are His heart
We've got to start
We are His heart

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Boltz, Ray We Are His Heart Comments
  1. Lala Masters

    Comfort me when I'm down and out

  2. MultiSirens

    How beautiful! Praise the Lord!

  3. Dakota Durbin

    I love this song..⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓.

  4. brandon flowers

    We love you ray. Even though ray boltz is not living a righteous life, jesus loves him and is not finished with him. But his songs still touches my heart. Ray is a gifted man

  5. Brandon Vandine

    Sad he's gay now. Pray for him. I still love his old music and him so does god

  6. R McCown

    Ray Bolts the shame of Indiana.

  7. Julie Carroll

  8. Judy Sherry

    I play this song for the both of us! We are one of the thousands more awaking to a new world of the universe. Lady Judith

  9. Dalarth Newman

    Hallelujah! This song is a blessing.

  10. Carl Atkins

    It still holds

  11. Carolyn Travis

    This song NEVER gets old!!!!

  12. Matt Gavano

    I still have this CD.. It’s got a lot of mileage on it but it’s been a while since I’ve listened to it.. It was very timely that it was in my play list today! Thanks for posting it and Glory to our Father in the name of Yahushua!

  13. God‘s Channel

    I was reading a book and the chapter about the anchor of the soul and thought of this song.

  14. Rose Graunke

    I will all ways 🌹🙏😇 believe in this song it took me through a very hard time.

  15. Saleemabukhader

    Praise and glory to our beloved savior Jesus Christ.

  16. William Whitley

    Please pray for me and my family we are having a really hard time right now I’m struggling with addiction I’ve beaten with the help of God several addictions already it’s so hard I do have a angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other literally life has beaten me down I lost my mother in 07 to cancer it was devastating heartbreaking I was so mad at God she was such a good Christian woman wife and mother loved by so many I’m sorry for questioning you Lord I just really needed my mom I know she is with you I no pain I just wanna thank you for healing her now Lord I’m praying that you will save me Lord I need you I my lif in my heart I miss you so much I miss your spirit and our talks I you so much more now than I ever dreamed I cannot live without you in my life so I pray this prayer father save me from myself I have messed up my whole life so father forgive me for I have sinned against you and your law please forgive me I need you father and I need the prayers of everyone out there beverage I know I cannot do this on my on thank everyone for your prayers and father thank you for forgiving me and for your mercy and grace and mostly for sending your son to die on Calvary so we undeserving people can be saved

  17. RL Bent

    Ricky mom has gust give up l do not have you do l have nothing left.lois.

  18. RL Bent

    Caleb you're daddy showed me he said look at that mama.

  19. RL Bent

    We had a anchor.

  20. RL Bent

    Ricky David Williams loved his children and jesus Christ Caleb olivia beautiful and always jake olivia Wilder granny me.

  21. RL Bent

    I will be with you soo son.

  22. Fran Fitzgerald

    This song saved my sanity when my mom was murdered thank GOD FOR HIS ANCHOR

  23. Jillian Smiling

    they played this at my grandpas funeral

  24. Rena Herring

    After my daughter macey died I listened to song over and over again. I miss her daily .

  25. Tammy Caldwell

    I love this song. I could listen to this song so many times 💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏

  26. Sheba Nyathi

    Love praising and worshiping god through song

  27. Michael Haering

    ...i hear this song and i know God has my 6...

  28. Shawn Beck

    My mother is in a retirement home. My sisters think I don't care. Now my family who have always been Christians attack's me. I have had a hard time watching my mother getting older 89. She has been given drugs that took away her ability to carry on a conversation. She has Dematia. Stage one. No one gave me a manual on how to deal with this. So I have avoided going to see her. I love my mother very much. But they think I don't care. I forgive them. But they continue to attack me. Please pray God will help me to understand what I am dealing with. Shawn

  29. Clayton Allen GÜYaÑeße TÍnG

    Are we still holding in 2019 ?
    And preparing for 2020 ❤️

    Melissa Pitts

    Trying my best!

  30. Ann Hagan

    I have Survived Many Attacks on my Health-LOSS of many family members watched my husband trust in GOD alone for 8 years of Cancer-His choice no treatments.Not Any sickness have i really faced-Since a Stroke in 2005 -That God Brought me through-Today waiting on test that could be bad news-BUT i know who my JESUS IS MY ANCHOR A HEALER IS.

  31. Kim Steinke

    God bless you ray and thank God that you told the truth 🙏😇 so did I shortly after you. It's a hard road ain't it bud. in the midst of the storm is where a man is truly made where souls are being perfected restored and saved. Amen

  32. Freedom Construction Of Indiana Franklin McCarter

    After having my mother of four years diagnosed with stage for colon cancer passes away November 12, 2019This song is In remembrance of her. Lov you mom , Franklin, Chloe, Alice.

  33. Mary Betz

    Beautiful. Love ❤️ this

  34. Judy Sherry

    I know baby but the anchor will always hold for you! Lady Judith

  35. Janine Burke

    Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ today. He loves you and longs to be Lord of your life. He will help you through. You don't have to be alone! Bow before God and ask forgiveness for your sins and ask Him in your heart to be Lord, accepting His finished work on the cross alone for salvation. He is the only God who gave Himself, the only god who claimed to be God and proved it as He rose from the dead. All others are dried bones in a grave. Not Him! He lives and will return one day soon. Ask Him in your heart today. He will never leave you nor forsake you! Come as you are! He is calling for YOU today. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit our three-in-one God, love YOU. He loves you dearly! Can you hear the Holy Spirit calling you today? Please don't turn away.

    Romans 10: 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. 12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    Janet Watters

    Always look up and keep moving forward. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  36. Julie Kos

    Most beautiful song, and that it comes from a gay man makes it even more special. God loves all!! He used this man and song to help others and help them in difficult times. Love this song!

    Janet Watters

    sometimes GOD uses PEOPLE to get other people's attention. Homosexuality is an abomination to GOD and many people need to read GOD'S WORD and NOT CHANGE SCRIPTURE TO THEIR LIKING. GOD DOES love everyone but GOD wants everyone to turn FROM their wicked ways and TO SERVE, OBEY AND TO PUT GOD FIRST ABOVE ALL THING'S.


    @Janet Watters While what you're saying is correct, the "church" has done a horrible job at restoring those with same sex attractions. The church being ALL Christians who would rather judge these people instead of helping to restore them. I can't think of one reason why anyone with a same sex attraction would go to the church for help because unlike any other sinner, they will be judged, and made to feel ashamed. One day we will ALL stand before throne of a Holy God. How many people will we be accountable for, because instead of walking with them toward restoration, we simply reminded them of what an abomination they are to God.

  37. johncharles4

    What will we say when we stand before the throne of judgement.God loves us and Jesus died for us to be forgiven. Please accept Jesus as your Savior.

  38. Mary Rhodes

    Love this song reminds me of my life thank you God for getting me through all my storms! Such an amazing voice a God given talent! God Bless You

  39. Lisa Warren

    To all with thumb down on this song. Evidently, you don't know Jesus. He loves you all, call on Jesus, he is the anchor through it all. Without Jesus, your eternal life will be spent in Hell, eternal torment. Please call upon Jesus today after He died for you escape Hell. And Jesus knows your heart. But you don't receive unless you ask. Jesus died for our sin, you are a sinner. He arose from the dead on the third day. About 40 days later ,Jesus ascended back into heaven. He will give you the peace that surpasses all understanding. If that heart is beating really fast now, then you are in the presence of Jesus. He is there waiting for you to ask Him for forgiveness, believe and accept the gift of new life that only Jesus can give. Ask Jesus to be Lord of your life. He is the anchor that will never fail you. Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming again, are you ready?

  40. Gospel Music on piano by Alan McCoy

    Very powerful words..
    Thank you Lord, for always being there for me, through all the Storms in my life..

  41. Brian Estep

    God bless you brother . By his stripe , we are healed .

  42. Gbatima Bonney

    In a strange land, thousands of miles from home and feel lost and alone but songs like this lift my spirit...the anchor holds in spite of the raging seas in my marriage, my finances..i keep trusting in you Lord

  43. Lu Smith

    First heard this at the grad ceremony of our gdaughter. It was new to me, immediately had to buy a copy and have nearly worn it out from playing so much. Simply wonderful.

  44. Ilene Malcolm

    My merciful God I give u thanks for ur insperation

  45. Diane Taynor

    We had this song played at our son, Joshua's funeral...he was only 20 years old and died in an auto accident on October 6th, 2003....After more than 16 long agonizing years of missing my sweet boy, The Anchor still holds...

  46. Mission4 Music

    Life has storms but we have an anchor in the Lord Jesus Christ. A song I can really relate to. Friends, be encouraged no matter what life throws at you, God loves you.

  47. Elaine Chavez

    Thank you so much brother. I seen this just in time, I needed this. God bless you!💖🙏😊

  48. Jodi Quick

    Have you ever been so depressed and down that all you can do is cry because you're fighting to stay above and not let go , every since my Dad died I've been battling extremely bad depression and now my mom is slowly fading away because of her illness i feel so alone 😥

  49. krodriques63

    Amen 🙏 Hallelujah praise the Lord the anchor holds. Each time I listened to this song it brings happy 😃 tears 😭 to my eyes. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your blood on Calvary 🙌

  50. Betty Joyce

    Saw this and it is true........the Love and Grace is always there.

  51. Di Bn

    ..".The anchor holds inspire if the storm.."


    I've been through many storms in my life, but Jesus held me through all of them. He is my rock and my strength.

  53. lazan arndt

    If you would add though the sails are torn and tattered , this would rhyme with The ship is battered. Just a thought. I like to sing it this way.

  54. Rose Ann

    My mom loves this song, I heard it on TV one day, so beautiful ✝️🇺🇸
    The anchor holds indeed✝️ Thank You Jesus for Your Work on Calvarys Cross✝️🇺🇸

  55. Mystery Man

    I Love and Miss you Mom.

  56. Jack Freeman

    this is the last song my pawl was singing in the hospitl

  57. Lori Thompson

    just wanted to say god is amazing 3 years ago I would have not been here I was in a coma for 3 days I died that night but god said I still have plans for you and gave me that 2nd chance to make it right I may not be perfect I may not be pretty and may no have much but with god I am rich and pretty so if you get that 2nd chance like I have please don't waste it please

  58. Marva Williams

    Love this song at least I love ray boltz

  59. Shaggy Rogers

    I’m asking for God to help me through this storm I love my best friend but it’s hard now cause she’s becoming unrecognisable to me, she’s changing for the worse and I can’t confront her about it. Help me God

    Lori Thompson

    god will give you the answer you need my friend god bless you lord help this girl that has lost her way bring her back to you and help this man as well you know what his needs are in gods name amen god bless you young man

    Shaggy Rogers

    Lori Thompson thank you for the prayer Lori, God bless you.

  60. ajaw tony

    Oh, so meaningful and beautifully done.

  61. Kathy zrinyi

    The rapture is about to happen. Cataclysmic event any day now.

  62. lastservant

    Please Vanlady21, Continue to make more videos like this. These songs we grew up on with our journey with Christ. They are precious, and with these lyric video I can share them with my church. Thanks

  63. Dave Ford

    My ship no longer has any masts for sails to be hung from. The enemy, the world, and lying and deceitful people have ruined my life. My ship isn't listing, its sinking and life is no longer a thing I can control. I've had 2 divorces(they both cheated on me) tearing my heart into tiny pieces that blew away in the storms. I keep going thru storm after storm and I have no direction anymore. I feel like the anchor has slipped and I'm being pushed into the rief to be broken and completely sink. I beg for help from God, but it never comes. When life gets to be so painful that you feel sooo abandoned it's hard to go on. My health is slipping away from me as is the rest of my family. Why must so much torment keep coming and destroying what little I have left? Only thing I can think of is that I must have angered God so he has let go of the rope. I only want peace and someone to honestly care about me so I'm no longer alone. Is this yo much yo ask for? How much longer do I have to wait till the ship is destroyed and it takes me with it?

    ESP PupsnKits

    Dave Ford god never lets go. You let go by focusing on your own struggles. If you want something for an example, look at Job.

  64. Southernn Sky

    You stand alone before the Lord on Judgement Day.You do not answer for anyone else .Just love people the way they are,regardless of race,religion,lifestyle,or economical status.

  65. Julie Carroll

    Lawrence Chewning is the original song writer and singer of this song. Please address this copywright issue. Thank you. Also if you can use his channel to link this. I will check back later. thank you.

  66. Susan Taylor

    I love this song

  67. Walter Burrows

    I listen to this song when I have depression and feel down and this song lets me know that no matter what God is with me and he will always be with me no matter what I'm going through

    Richard Baker

    In place of the spirit of heaviness a garment of praise, when depression come just pray to God asking him to deliver you in the name of Jesus, be believing, it shall come to pass that whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered, God bless!

  68. Joann Mohammed

    Good song br Nelson bit don't change the church to the world let the word change and come to God.I'm a young person and all these church putting on a dance show what's wrong with u people. When u dance make sure it's in the spirit not because u want to shake and jump up as if u all in a wild carnival show n

  69. Pamela Turnbow

    God gave Ray an amazing gift of songwriting and singing.. how he can turn his back of our Heavenly Father to leave his wife and children to live in sin with another man is something i will never heart breaks.. and i pray for his family.. and for his soul...

  70. Mike Conley

    Keep your faith in Jesus. He is doing a Great work in your life.

  71. Richard Vernon

    I have prayed for Ray boltz for years and it is my desire to see him come back to God! As we lived in the same city together I have this kinship with him songwriter to songwriter in that way! I never forgot the awesome music he did! But it won't mean a thing unless he comes back to God! I hope he has heard the testimony of Becket Cook!

  72. Richard Vernon

    I lived in the same City Ray boltz came from Muncie Indiana he was already a world-famous gospel songwriter when I came into that City! He was quite known throughout the world! God granted my prayer to be a gospel songwriter in August 1994! Which if you click on my name to the left you will see some of those right here on YouTube! I admired him and I did some of his soundtracks which are very good! Like the anchor holds! After a while ray quit the gospel altogether and decided to go into another lifestyle! I hope he has heard the testimony of Beckett Cook! I am still doing gospel music by the power of God today! And through him I am now a book author as well! I don't know if Ray boltz is living again for Jesus or not! That's only something he and God would know! I hope for his sake he does turn back to the gospel and renew his life with Christ!

  73. Joseph Roberts

    I sang this at my church years ago.

  74. House Prayer

    Hi I'm king Judah. Lovely music!

  75. Peggy Hixon

    I really need this I lost my dad yesterday but. He got saved daddy will Chou in heaven one day

  76. wenceday Duncan

    The anchor holds in spite of my numerous battles

  77. kbhvac

    We cannot lay the hand of blessing on what GOD has not and is not blessing. Great GOD, great salvation, great song, great talent, but it does not purchase an ‘indulgence’ for anyone for any sin. You cannot pay penance by singing it with a ‘thousand tongues’. One of my best friends in the Lord was in bondage to homosexuality. He hid it from most everyone, including me. He had an apostolic anointing. He died without having yet been delivered. I am sympathetic to those who struggle with addiction, but I do not excuse their sins. I am a former porn addict (over 40 years, over 20 years after I was born again and filled with HOLY SPIRIT) and I know from my experience how powerful the bondage. But GOD is more powerful and in HIS wisdom, will and way HE delivered me in a moment when I was all alone, right before I fell asleep. It’s been years and I have had no relapse. What I could not do in my own strength, Jesus did in HIS. But while I was still in my bondage, I never believed or claimed GOD made me that way. I just kept walking and believing and trusting that HE is able. I confessed my sin to HIM and HE forgave. I still don’t know why HE saved me. I am just grateful that HE did. HE chose me. I did not choose HIM. But I did not refuse HIS love and forgiveness when HE came to save me from all my sins.

  78. Jeff Bunkle

    I still listen to this song for one simple reason... Inspite of Ray's beliefs Jesus always forgives... ALWAYS. and his message rings true

  79. Darla Woodman

    When i first heard this song sung by a gentleman with one foot that was actually thr fr my son. But the man passed n went on to b with the Lord. Thanku n God bless.🗽😇😁⛪

  80. Jaclyn Shaw

    This song is so beautiful, it was played on my late brother funeral. He was holding on until the very end..

  81. Jodi Quick

    I Absolutely love this song . the last 6 weeks I've been really sick and septic and knocking on deaths door and I fell like the devil is trying to take me out the game but I'm still giving it my all because I know we serve a mighty awesome god and he's not going to let me drowned because our Anchor holds amen . please keep me in your thoughts and prayers .

  82. Carolinablue Bear

    Time & sound stands quiet

  83. Kim Steinke

    And he came out to Truth the same time i did. He loves his God. So do I . [email protected]

  84. Christine Hodges

    I LOVE this song.

  85. Cheryl Mcdaniel

    Wow. I remember Phil Gardner singing this in church . beautiful song

  86. John Tabor

    I understand & do Truly Identify with this here Song. It's been a long Road out there now for me to be walking around & wandering aimlessly with no one out there, except for Jesus.

  87. Tay

    We buried my papa today and this song was sung. I miss him so much.

  88. Elaine Haase

    I come to this song especially when, I am feeling like life is getting to much for me. I, listen and a new healing always comforts my soul! It reminds me that with God all things are possible. Thank you, Jesus!❤🙏

  89. pamula wallace

    I love you ABBA farther!!! I love you soooo much-loved!! JESUS!!! 💖😇😍❤️♥️🇬🇧💖🙌💕💜💞🤗💙💯💓💗💗💗💗💗

  90. pamula wallace

    Thank you for the video 😅💞👍

  91. Mary Rhodes

    Love this song been through so many storms yet God is my anchor and always will be couldn't make it without him almost lost my son a few months ago yet My God saved him this is the second time he has so I dont that my God is real he has gotten me through alot of difficult times also saved me from taking my own life! Thank you God! Love this song story of my life!

  92. Dolan Nolan

    This song was played at my papas funeral😔😢😪💔💕💖

  93. Denise Hedden

    🥀I had to come back I lean on my faith thru song's like this🥀☝️🥀🕊

  94. Rhoda Bruce

    I am trying to figure how 2700 people dislike this song when I can’t even understand just 1. Proves the devil is alive and well.