Boltz, Ray - The Last Time I Fall Lyrics

Today I faced
A world of compromise
I had to fight to stand my ground
One day I'll leave these struggles
Far behind
I will gladly lay them down

When we get there
His voice we'll hear
Slowly each name He'll call
When He calls to me
I will fall to my knees
And He'll see
The last time I fall

I only dream
Of how it's going to be
But I'll keep fighting until then
When every loss
And every victory
Will be offered unto Him

Truth has conquered every lie
Love demands no alibis
Life has loved us
Loved enough to die

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Boltz, Ray The Last Time I Fall Comments
  1. Janelle Stoermer

    I love this song and album. I have always been blessed by Ray Boltz's music. In 2000, I went on a mission trip to Africa. I was eighteen, and really struggled with culture shock. I was there all summer, and had no access to the US except writing letters. The family we stayed with had a cassette player, and they played Ray Boltz albums all summer. That was the one thing that really kept me sane when the culture shock hit. It was something from home. My family had Ray's albums at home, so I was already very familiar.

  2. Jamie King

    Ray is my favourite artist i sing his songs alot.Thanks Ray such touching songs

  3. Whos Rob

    Thank you Josh for this post I am so happy to see it here I remember when I first got saved I found ray's music and it helped me in a lot of ways , I really love this song it speaks to our struggle with sin I 'm so glad Jesus has over come it for us and when I see Him and fall to my knees that will be the LAST time I fall  Lord bless You, I'll see you here there or in the air In Jesus' Name Bless You brother.  Rob.

  4. Joshua Montague

    You're very welcome. :)
    If you'd like to have the song for yourself on your iPod or whatever, just pm me your email and I'll give it to you. :)

  5. kind person

    wow i love these song thanks Joshua for posting these Beautiful song .i love Ray Voice and his love for the Lord and people who Judges people please stand in front your Mirror and see if you have any think hidden Ray Boltz is one of kind his voice and his song touch my heart give me the chill every time and i listening to him every day