Boltz, Ray - Saving Grace Lyrics

She's on the edge of a reputation
Grace wants to change
But it's just so tough
Out with her friends
Looking for attention
Just a girl who wants to be loved

Everyday life is moving faster
Grace is trying by it just won't work
She knows her life
Is headed for disaster
Never knew how much living could hurt

She was running in the wrong direction
Till she met a friend of mine
Now He's...

Saving Grace
From making mistakes
She'll never forget
Amazing Grace
From the heartache and regret
He is saving Grace

On the edge of a big decision
Temptation's calling
Her number's been changed
On her knees
She's talking and she's listening
She's found a way to avoid the pain

Now she's headed in a new direction
Since she met a friend of mine
Now He's...

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Boltz, Ray Saving Grace Comments
  1. bobbi arbour

    me 2 jen my pastor's wife dedicated it 2 me as well

  2. Jennifer Simmons

    Dedication 2 me when I was at Tennessee Baptist Children's Home. My social worker had wrote an article that was dedicated to me.