Boltz, Ray - I Want To See Lyrics

He sat in the darkness
At the edge of the road
He heard the crowd passing by
But he couldn't go
So he started crying
Like a child at the door
When they tried to quiet him
He shouted it more

I want to see
Free me from this darkness
Sweeping over me
I want to see
Son of David, have mercy on me

Now his heart was trembling
Could this really be true?
A voice in the darkness said,
What do you want me to do?

Eyes opened in a moment of grace
Light filled the skies
One touch
And he sees the face of life

Now I'm like that blind man
Who lived long ago
I want to see Jesus
And I just don't care who knows

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Boltz, Ray I Want To See Comments
  1. Jennifer Clark

    Love this song.

  2. Mary Cardellh

    an amazing song!

  3. Daniel Omar Castro

    This song have a translate to spanish. It is the same Ray Boltz singing in spanish?

    Jennifer Clark

    I have heard the Spanish version. We sang it on a missions trip to Mexico. :)

  4. helene keehne

    he has such a gift.

  5. Jennifer Simmons

    Love this!!