Boltz, Ray - I Go To The River Lyrics

I have walked in a garden
The morning after the rain
I have watched in silent wonder
As everything changed
Oh, what a gift from the Father
Is the Water of Life
Like a river that flows
Deep in my soul
It's from an endless supply

Where do I go when I'm thirsty and dry
I go to the river and I always find
Rest for my soul
Peace for my mind
I go to the river

When Jesus prayed in the garden
His brow was furrowed with pain
And what appeared to be drops of blood
Were falling down like the rain
He found strength for the journey
He found it down on His knees
And where He knelt a river flows
And it flows for you and me

What do I do when I'm covered with stains
I go to the river and I wash them away
Everything's new
Everything's changed
I go to the river

It's a river of healing
It's a river of faith
It's a river of gladness
It's a river of grace
It's a river of mercy
It's a river of love
It's a river of freedom
It's a river of blood

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Boltz, Ray I Go To The River Comments
  1. Jeanie Greenwell

    I heard he cheated on his wife & they divorced & I do believe that he married again (someone else) but that has NOTHING to do with the songs & music that he made before he cheated?? If you all were around you would stone David & Bethsheba {Solomons' mother}

  2. Fe Briones

    This is calling the bad spirit to attend God's party by using the instrument which is not fit for worship , church today married the world - fornication

  3. Kayla Hernandez

    I could care less that he's gay {2⃣} this day his music still brings tears {2⃣} my eyes

  4. Rena Wigley

    Lets go to the river what a wonderful place to rest

  5. April Delight


  6. Desert☘️Oasis

    Had no idea he was gay 😢
    Gods word tells us it IS an abomination unto death. Haven’t listened to him many yrs and came here to see all of this! Dear lord- The entire body of Christ needs deliverance!!!!!

    Julie T

    Justin Gaynor I couldn’t have said it better.
    He knows god & that’s between him & god.
    I agree they need support from Christians not judgement.
    Jesus one new commandment I give.. love one another.
    They need Christians to pray for them .

    Roger Wilson

    @Justin Gaynor p

    Roger Wilson

    @Justin Gaynor really agree tru John 13:34, the words of Christ!

    Roger Wilson

    @Justin Gaynor brovo!!

    Roger Wilson

    God is the only one fit to judge. The rest of should be making sure are ready.

  7. Rebecca Tang

    AMAZING (Y) <3

  8. Josephus Smith

    Brother Ray, Are you still in a relationship with your wife? The feeling of homosexuality can happen; but we can overcome it. I love your song: All she saw were the stones.I pray to meet you to express appreciation for how you blessed me with your Spiritual lyrics

  9. Rob Pal

    Here's the bottom line are you going to back up Ray Boltz or the word of God

    Justin Gaynor

    Isn't it Biblical to show God's love and grace to all? And what about "judge not lest ye be judged" and "yet he who is without sin cast the first stone" and "love thy neighbor as thy self"? God instructs us to LOVE others as He loved us, especially those in sin because they need to be showing God's love the most. Jesus loved, served and associated with prostitutes, thieves and those who were shunned by the "righteous" religious leaders of the day. And He explicitly says multiple times to be humble be aise we're all sinners NOT to pass judgement on others. He didn't give us an ultimatum like yours about who to show his love.

    I admire your devotion to God but if we don't show God's love and grace through our actions to those who need it most I think we miss the entire point of Christ's sacrifice

  10. Rob Pal

    I am tired of this nonsense listening to so cold Christian people who are making excuses for Ray Boltz he is trampling over the word of God read Romans chapter 1 1st Timothy Chapter 6 the Bible makes this explicitly clear homosexuality just as fornication adultery and so on is sinful Behavior no one is born an adulterer just as no one is born a homosexual this is utterly ridiculous and unscriptural

  11. Rob Pal

    Wow what an anointing upon Ray Boltz early days now he's committing spiritual suicide as he is performing children's concerts Jesus said do not offend a little one it is best to tie a millstone around my neck and be cast in The Mist Of The Sea this is serious stuff Body of Christ it's no joke

  12. Rob Pal

    A message to all wishy-washy floundering Christian Ray Boltz is now Define the word of God just read Romans chapter 1

  13. Rob Pal

    Agree agree Body of Christ that the Lord would fall immediately upon raise disgraced ministry as it is bringing a reproach to the body of Christ amen

  14. Rob Pal

    Wow I feel the chills Ray Boltz really have the anointing of the Holy Spirit on him now Body of Christ we must pray at the Spirit of judgement from the Holy One of Israel would fall upon his disgraced new ministry called true it could not be farther from the truth in Jesus name amen

  15. Sandra McManus

    The River of Life is where it's at. Praise God!!

  16. Krianna Kelsey Kate Friday


  17. Alice Atim

    it's not enough to shut up.we can correct or say some thing with love.thanks jesus loves alice

  18. Alice Atim

    it's not enough to shut up.we can correct or say some thing with love.thank you jesus loves you.alice

  19. Crab Creek Desert Lynx

    Tender loving mercy and everlasting kindness! Let GOD do His work! HE knows what He's doing! Mind your own affairs and sins. I love Ray's music and if you really listen to his lyrics, you will hear how much he loves and depends on Jesus! GOD has a plan for this man! Shut up and watch HIS glory unfold! Just kinda ticks me off that people that identify themselves as Christ's followers can be so hateful! Better to take a heartfelt look at ourselves FIRST!

    Sandra McManus

    I agree!

    Rob Pal

    Crab Creek Desert Lynx all your wishy-washy Christian so call Christian wake up do we believe Ray Boats or the word of God Romans chapter 1 1st Corinthians chapter 6 it's all over the Bible 1st Timothy Chapter 6 so on and so on


    Yes it's wrong because God word stated so in the book of Leviticus ch 19 verse 20 Everyone has their short comings and down falls "For all have come short of the glory of God (key word ALL) Let us pray for him and not Judge. GOD STILL LOVES HIM NO MATTER WHAT!

  20. Paul Mulkey

    I went to replace an album at Family Christian Book store. I was told they don't sell his music anymore...because of his life choices. How hypocritical can you get? A Christian store? Wonder what Jesus would say?

    Crab Creek Desert Lynx

    +Paul Mulkey ..I have a pretty good idea what our Savior would say....his speck vs my plank!

    Johnathan Thompson

    he is not gay!!!!!

    Dave Elliott

    This is so like todays "Christian" did Jesus shun sinners? No. He befriended them and loved them. This is the only way Christians are going to reach people. Not by pushing them away, love them. Love the sinner hate the sin. It's a tough line to follow. That's all.

    Jennifer Irvine

    Look online to see if you can find the album.

    Lori Lee

    Jesus would say....Come out from among them and I will accept you!!

  21. City of Angels99

    His music touches my heart 💖 people need to stop being so cruel to him because he is gay

    Johnathan Thompson

    I know that Ray Boltz is now gay. why are y'all talking about him?

    Lori Lee

    @Johnathan Thompson God gives ppl over to their sin! And Satan will drag them to Hell! Ppl are going to Hell! Don't you care???

  22. Debra Hamilton

    he who is without sin let him cast the first stone...said jesus himself....

    Jeff Happ

    and when a woman walked forward and picked up a rock. Jesus also said, 'Mom! I'm TRYING to make a point here.'

  23. patty

    We all have a cross to bear

  24. to with love

    certainly am stop listening to your songs men thumb down for you cant be sticking a man ass

  25. to with love

    I mean I love the guy song but come on men cant believe your a gay dude

  26. heynowmal

    Love Ray!!

  27. Darkoaa Christiana

    Yes we need to pray for him...i feel very sad to Thats guy life. Why ray???

  28. J.L. Jr

    It's also an abomination to divorce and marry someone else that is not the one you vowed to God and were made one flesh. God never grants freedom to remarry after divorcing your spouse if you read the bible that it is an abomination and just as much living in sin.

    Johnathan Thompson

    I am going to get remarried again. you got a problem with that?

    Johnathan Thompson

    I am going to get remarried again. you got a problem with that?

    J.L. Jr

    No, not at all; as long as you don't use the same Scripture to bash gays who want to marry.

    Johnathan Thompson

    +Jerrall Wells it so happens that I am getting remarried and to the same girl that I was engaged to before. you got a problem with that?

  29. BARBARA Papineau

    God would never make someone gay ever I can't understand how anyone would actually believe that if you read the bible that is an abomination a really bad sin that's not judging that's fact that

    to with love

    I agree with you ms barbara

    Timz Green

    He doesn't make them gay Barbara , but he gives us freewill and a choice. He allows you choose according to his will and word or according to your won will and desires. The word of the Lord declares 'And if it seems evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve'- Joshua 24: 15 . So he give us the opportunity to choose. Now because we have a choice to choose between good and evil , the devil will temp us and how we react will determine the choice we make. You either give in to it or resist . No one was born to be gay, God makes no mistake , But if you make the choice to be , you will be ,but if you choose not to be you won't be. The devil makes us think that we are weak and this is the only way, But the devil is just a liar! If your desire is to change with your whole heart, you will. The bible says that if you don't want to change, then he gives you over to a reprobate mind , where you will only believe that you were born this way. I don't beat up or bash, nor judge because that is left up God, But if you surrender your all, not half of you, he will change you.

  30. BARBARA Papineau

    Ray you have a nice voice your songs like theme anchor holds and others have touched a lot of people lives

  31. BARBARA Papineau

    I really love Ray bolts music but I watched his story and it's hard to understand I really don't understand how he could think that that is the life for him we need to keep praying for him

  32. Joann Wood


  33. Miranda Kadiwa

    I feel like dancing each time that song

  34. StaceyMz

    really nice song!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Lucy Baylon

    Thank you Lord for using him for your glory...I am always blessed by his songs....Praise You Lord!!!

  36. margie cunagin

    Did Ray Bolts write this song?

  37. michael merkel

    this was the song that my church was singing when i WAS FILLED WITHT THE HOLY GHOST WITH THE EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES...