Boltz, Ray - Gospel Of Grace Lyrics

They say in the harbor of heaven
Is a ship called the Gospel of Grace
A glorious ship, that once made a trip
Through the oceans of time and space
She followed a star to a stable
She carried the Child of the King
And when she set sail
So goes the tale
All of the angels would sing

The Gospel of Grace is sailing
What a glorious sight to behold
Her heavenly banners are waving
Her sails are covered with gold
They say when a man looks upon her
The glory will shine on his face
For there'll never be
A ship on the sea
Like the glorious Gospel of Grace

She sailed to the land of the lonely
To the meek and the lowly she came
And each one she passed
From the first to the last
Would never again be the same
The voice of the Father had spoken
A heavenly sign had come down
And everyone knew
His promise was true
The heavens were filled with the sound

Then one day she sank to the bottom
At a place called old rugged cross
But the Child of the King
Now her captain
Came sailing her back to the top
And then as they sailed
Off toward heaven
He called out, Get ready my friends
I must go away, but there'll come a day
I promise you'll see Me again

And the Gospel of Grace will be sailing
What a glorious sight we'll behold
Her heavenly banners a waving
She's coming to carry us home
For now we see through a glass darkly
But then we will see face to face
And as we climb aboard
We'll give thanks to the Lord
For His glorious Gospel of Grace
And as we climb aboard
We'll give thanks to the Lord
For His glorious Gospel of Grace

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Boltz, Ray Gospel Of Grace Comments
  1. carolyn Bright

    So true....Amen

  2. Mitsy Hines

    Every time I listen to him sing It makes my day, then I pray that he will realize soon that the ANCHOR really holds. 

  3. Angel Hemlee

    I just love this

  4. S D

    One of the best Christian singer ever.  The song is absolutelly incredible.

  5. greeneyedlady loulou

    I praise God for this song and the talent behind it        AMEN

  6. Sonjah Farner

    tears are welling up what a beautiful song God Bless you 
    you really know how to put across the feeling of the Lord and the spirit and the faith 

  7. mike mattingly

    This is the first Ray Boltz song I heard and it helped me fall in love with Jesus Christ. I am so very thankful for this song in its season. Out of the heart flow the issues of life!

  8. Elizabeth Thompson

    all his songs are inspirational, it touches lives. i realy enjoy listening to all his songs. he is a blessing 

  9. Deborah Pearcy

    This is my favorite ray boltz song. Incredibly emotional and spiritual. What lyrics and what a voice! Scott I feel the same way. Lord keep your son in the palm of your hand. Ray hold on and never let go.

  10. Aime Lokos

     I pray the anchor will hold for some of us that our seas are ragging and God remember Ray B. where ever you are 

  11. john cook

    god bless everyone that deserves it johnny

  12. Teresa Cole

    Father bless Ray, we know he is your child.  Bring him close to you for as before.  

  13. Marina DuPlessis

    He has been an inspirstion to msny

  14. moses khakali

    It made my heart as a living sacrifice to Christ

  15. Cathy Jent

    love you ray boltz

  16. Torrinio Long

    I love this song and this man of God!

  17. maureen alpheus

    Always a blessing.

  18. sherry grogan

    Ray Boltz Is So anointed in all his music. I have listen to him for year's I guess he has gone through the storms himself Lord Hold onto him. give him strength that only comes from you. We Thank You Lord Amen.  

  19. Ben Gray


  20. Scott Horwitt

    This is my favorite ray boltz song. Incredibly emotional and spiritual. What lyrics and what a voice!

  21. TheDagrice

    I've loved this song from the moment I saw this video on TBN  when the album was released. Ray's personal life is of no consequence to me. I love Mr.Boltz for sharing this message with me then when I was at a low point in life&unsure what to do. This song reminded me then whatever life had in store for me,good or bad,GOD would forever hold&keep me. Now that storms have come again&as fear sets in I'm again reminded The Anchor Holds!
    Bless you for posting this&bless Ray Boltz for sharing his gifts with us all!

  22. Patricia Harris

    The 80's and 90's had such great contemporary songs. Ray is right up there.  I wish he would make a new album.  His voice gives me chills.  Also allows me to be still and listen to that still small voice of God.  He hath done great things. Love ya Ray.  Keep on shining!

  23. Cynthia Holmes

    This is one of my favorite Christian song.  It is important for us Christians to have an anchor which holds in Jesus name.  Thank you, Blessed Father!  Amen!  Let the anchor hold in spite of the storm.  All praises to you, oh Lord!  Amen and Hallelujah! 


    May God bless you Ray! Beautiful!

  25. Jessica Sloan

    ive always loved his music. btw dmbarry777 i didnt know about that till i looked it up and i cant judge the only one whom can judge is god. no matter what i love the music and still listen to it to this day.....God bless everyone 

  26. LA Us

    One of my favorite songs.  I've sung it several times in my church.  It has so much more meaning for me now.  We forget our fellow believers have lives where pain raises it's ugly head.  I'm so thankful for Ray's transparency in the pain he must have endured for so many years.  My prayer is that we as the church begin to embrace that pain in each other, praying and not condemning each other.  You, Carol and the family have my prayers and love, Ray....your friend and advocate, Stan

  27. Norman Vail

    Listen to Kenneth Copeland sing...' HE IS JEHOVAH'

  28. Christina Suzanne

    I love this song!

  29. Angela N.

    Hold on, Ray Boltz, God loves you. GOD bless you for this super inspiring song; it's feeds my soul !1

    Angela N.

    GOD loves you Ray; keep on pressing on!

  30. sis b

    I love this song.

  31. Jay Kaa

    Nicely song bro and what a journey.....

  32. Selina Goodwin

    I have been to at least 4 of his concerts, he is awesome.  This world can turn Christians into what they consider the way it should have been all along.  I pray Mr. Boltz knows the truth and this world is so very up our treasures in Heave....AMEN

  33. Wendy Matthews

    I had been bedridden with a very serious illness for many years when I first heard this song and it was so special. It spoke to me in such a deep way as I knew too that the anchor had held all those years for me. I am now able to walk again and am no  longer bed bound but this song still is so special. Thank you Ray Boltz I'm sure you have been a blessing through this song to many.

  34. Loretta Grant

    A friend gave me a cassette of his yearsssss ago and I just fell in love with his voice. Love, love, love!!

  35. Gatey Cooper

    I love this song

  36. killer1014021

    AMAZING SON !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Debra Lake

    I have been playing this song over and over. It truly touches your heart and soul, so much that it makes you want to fall on your knees and worship the King of Glory. Lord God release this man from the evil grip of the enemy. Father, your mercy is far much greater than any sin can be. My heart goes out to this inspirational man that he is. I declare and decree this day that this man will be made free. Holy Spirit move upon him in his greatest need, which now. Amen!



  39. jeffrey allen

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful song of encouragement and God Bless You 

  40. Gerald Talalele

    There is a thorn in my flesh that i can't seem to overcome. It has battered and bruised  me, torn and ravaged me. . But the Lord's Grace always restores me and his strength always uplifts me. But I know and believe that my lord and savior Jesus Christ will deliver me with his abounding Grace.

    For all my brothers and sisters in Christ going through trials and tribulations. I pray that our God and Father Uphold You with his righteous right hand. May he deliver   you.and  Sanctify you for His Glory. May The Lord comfort you in your darkest hours. He is there For you , Loving you. So that we can love one another. In Jesus name Amen.

    Pray for me my brothers and sisters in Christ. That I may overcome this trial and tribulation in Christ Jesus is the Victory. Amen.

  41. Helen Huff

    great song!! Anchor holds no matter how bad its broken when God is in control of your life! Praise his holy name!

  42. Elizabeth Ridings

    Regardless of anyone's life this song is uplifting and shows a person that has leaned on God for the storms in his life (which, by the way, is no ones business. That is between him and God). Just sayin! Thanks for posting and for not removing! God Bless

  43. Christian Guerrero

    This song never gets old

  44. candicherry1987

    thank you for uploading.

  45. derc montgomery -Vocalist

    this song is my'testimony'.I have been singing it for s few years!

  46. Tony Eads

    I am just gonna say that God has placed gifts in vessels and this vessel has a true God given Gift! This song has ministered to SO many people through the ages that we may never even know about. I can truly say that God has used this song and several others performed by Ray Boltz to minister to a part of my heart that was hurting! Thank God for music and it's profound gift to usher in the presence of God! In spite of our circumstances God is still on the throne and his ear is still listening to the cries of his children! Amen and Amen! I am so glad that HIS anchor will hold from now to eternity...

  47. Ferdinand Kaal

    great song loveley to hear it

  48. Laurie Anne Carney

    We are all God's children and we all have so many storms in our lives. I love Ray Boltz, All you work is very uplifting and encouraging, God knows we all or at least I need people like you in my life.

  49. chosenwingstravel

    Great song!

  50. Doug Blair

    Desperately plying the waves. No solutions. Self-help proving ridiculous. Now the Master leaves His shore; defies the commotion; comes up close by way of those waters and provides the only possible rescue. Indeed the only possible anchor of security anywhere. Thank you Jesus.

  51. ducktape1961

    This is a great song to dscribe God's unfailing love for all

  52. teresa dover

    One of my favorite songs

  53. Mello Mel

    I have always loved tgis song,This live performance was simply a,mazing: I love it when an artist is acccompanied by a full magnifies their message that much more....and I know it is both pleasing and sweet to His ears.

  54. irvin shelton

    Judge not lest ye be judged, pray our brothers and sisters who are struggling in life, we need not condemn we need to be that good Samaritan helping our brothers and sisters in time of struggle. Reaching down with our hand stretched lifting them out of the ditch, instead of beating them down with their past that has been forgiven covered under the blood. God teaches that when He forgives our past sins he remembers them no more, as far as the east is from the west cast into the depths of the Ocean never to be remembered by him. (Irvin, S.V. 11/11/2013) 

  55. angela tate


  56. StarBlazing2019

    Jesus has helped me through storms. The worst of any was when He saved my son from leukemia. Thank you Jesus!!

  57. Minden Gal

    I still love Rays songs and singing. Please continue to sing. So blessed with so much talent.

  58. Taira Becker

    I love the music and there is only one judge

  59. Merriam Cooper

    Love this Song!!! God's word is the Anchor of the soul. Christians who aren't
    reading and studying their Bibles cannot be anchored in the faith

  60. Tessn Furter

    The only way to face raging seas.....

  61. Erna Reid

    This song came into my spirit this morning and i had to find it. Such a blessing when u can turn to God for answers in ur situations, he will give u a song, a word from the bible, that's why he send his blessed holy spirit to comfort us. God is good he cares about us, all we got to do is trust him. So even though the storms are raging, the anchor holds in Jesus christ. Beautiful song. Keep looking to Jesus he will never let us down. Thank u Jesus for inspiring ur servants to pour into our soul.

  62. Janice Densch

    Beautiful and very true.

  63. Richard Lawhorne

    This song as always inspired me since the first time I heard it, because it is so true our Lord is always steadfast and with us to help us through the storms of life. This also reminds me of "The Lighthouse" another inspirational song I love. Thank you for sharing this, the words speak by themselves but Ray does a beautiful job with it as I am sure he has faced many storms in his tormented life.

  64. Brian Sklar

    Such a beautiful song with so much truth as to how the Lord can be a source of strength in our lifes when we are facing the inevitable storms of life. We all are work in progress, there is no sinless perfection this side of glory. But this song tells us that whatever storms we face, no matter how severe, as long as Christ is in our lifes, THE ANCHOR HOLDS, and we will come through. Pray for Ray.

  65. Sandy Haney

    My precious cousin passed away unexpectedly last week. Her son asked that this song be played at her home going celebration. The words are a great comfort.

  66. 5963flyer

    You have been used by the Lord thru your anointed music. I hope that one day, when we pass each other in heaven, that I can simply say, THANK YOU...

  67. tatjanasutube

    Powerful song..God bless and lift up the singer.

  68. tatjanasutube

    Lovely song..God bless and lift up the singer.

  69. cabbagepatch981

    Amen. God uses each of us in ways that will touch others. We are all just His vessels to spread His love to others. I am thankful that we have technology that allows us to listen and watch these great videos that touch our hearts so much.

  70. statikreg

    I'm an atheist, so you all mostly sound insane to me, but I have to say this is a pro bass line. Love it.

  71. Sarah Muwaganya

    Anointed song!

  72. sarah perry

    Love this!

  73. Sarah Muwaganya

    Great message, great talent. We thank you Lord for you give such great talents to help your people in all circumstances of life. The raging sea; we face it daily, at our places of work, in our homes and every where, but, when we fall on our knees, there is one Mighty and creator all who is able to still the raging sea for our good. Romans 6: 19 We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain.

  74. Denise Thorbjornsen

    Thank you Jesus for those who fear you and pray for their enemies.

  75. keyfa henry

    This has been a blessing for me as it helped me to stand firm when the devil wants to make me a shipwreck. God bless you Ray

  76. Wizzy Belle

    This song is helping me through the most difficult time in my life thus far. My mother went to be with the Lord less than a week ago and this song reminds me to let God be my anchor.

  77. Angella Ndaka

    Bro Ray, God has used u to bless the world...i listen to this song in my down moments, that always reminds me that God sees us not as the world looks at us, im blessed, blessed blessed to be able to access this music. I hope i meet u in heaven to sing for you "thank u for giving to the lord" because many times Ive been at the point of giving up...and i always find myself getting the strength to wait another day. Thank you ray n God bless you.


    The Holy Spirit led me to play this song after a period of facing storms of life especially after loosing a loved one. I shed tears and loved the Lord more, knowing he is the one by me in the midst of the storm.

  79. Peggy Holley

    beautiful voice pray for him

  80. Kelly Simon

    I saw this wonderful artist 3 times in concert in Indiana...he was double dipped in the Spirit as each time I hear this song I get goose bumps.

  81. tom stephens

    Jesus loves us ALL without condition. He is the Anchor through all my storms in life.

  82. Mary K

    Addresses what I am feeling at the precise moment. So grateful for it here right now. Thank you.

  83. Janet Bresler

    It is an amazing song written by Lawrence Chewning thru the loss of his unborn son, when his wife miscarried. It was a very touching testimony. No one can sing it like Ray. His voice really carries the song and drives it home.

  84. Union Best

    oh, may his soul rest in peace. GOD is grate GOD who never fail.

  85. Trishas1950

    @ darcia dunn...."What a precious & endearing memory...thank you for sharing it with us. God Bless You." ♥♥♥

  86. justbein'me

    Long time Fav, Ray Bolts, thank-you Lord for the Anchor!!!

  87. TheNcohs13

    Amazingly powerful song

  88. TheNcohs13

    Love this song.

  89. stevenb1998

    jimmy swaggart has a wonderful arrangement to this song on youtube..

  90. Shane Pass

    I saw Ray perform and help set up the stage in 2001, I still believe GOD has a great plan for Ray. I still believe in him as a man and a child of GOD with a purpose! GOD Loves you RAY BOLTZ!

  91. Edward Milambo

    Thank you Lord

  92. rebecca durrett

    i dont know what i would do with out jesus in my life he has helped me out of so many bad time and places even people. i dont even thank i would be here today if it had not been for jesus in my life .i love this music

  93. Tina Schuman


  94. Suzanna Danna from Indiana

    Every so often, I just have to hear this marvelous song that is sending chills down my spine at this present time. I lost sight of it and opening phrases but thank goodness they came to me this morning . . . .

  95. Anesha Simpson

    This is a powerful song. I love it very much but my favorite of his songs is "I pledge allegiance"

  96. Bailee Graves

    Ray Boltz is a man of God. You will never convince me otherwise. His music has carried me through many a dark night. This song applies to every one of us!

  97. michelle stevens

    The Lord has shown Himself to me in many ways and through life's storms he has always been there for me. His light will always shine in my heart.I owe my life to him. Glory be to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. culkinvfd247

    the Lord called her back to his love and then called her to stand beside him as proof of his Love and greatness. Sorry for your loss.

  99. emily agudetse

    Ray Boltz, God bless you

  100. steve trams

    i love this song he truly sings from the heart