Bofill, Angela - The Voyage Lyrics

Here we are together, we're on a ship
Sailing toward new galaxies of existence

All the stars and skies on a evening sea
Beckon me to island ways of long ago

Yema Ya is here with me
She's a gentle spirit
Floating with the wind and the sea
And she rides a wave over the moon
Over the sky
And she never dies

Omo lode omo titi o cholade...

She says, come with me
See the world
Through a seagull's eyes
Come with me and fly

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Bofill, Angela The Voyage Comments
  1. Stanley Carter

    My daughter is named Yemiah! I got it from this song. She is truly special, I knew she was a girl while she was still in her mom's womb! On the day of her birth, I got there after she was born and went to the nursery, she had not been named yet, she was the only baby up on her arms looking around, taking in the world. When our eyes met I knew she was mines! She is very special and anyone who gets to know her realizes there is something about her.

  2. Health Notes From The Hearts of a Natural Woman

    Thank you for your music Angie - how many times your music words have saved my life

  3. MonieMusic

    This song still takes me on a Melodic Mystical Journey after all these years!!!!

  4. Ronald Elston

    Pure classical masterpiece! Thanx Angela!

  5. smooth0906

    Love this! Always was my favorite back in the day and always...