Bofill, Angela - Love Me For Today Lyrics

Today, my love
You're here with me
Just hours till you go away
Tomorrow's just a fantasy
We're building out of dreams today
So let's enjoy this moment all the way

For there's no place I'd rather be
Than lying here in your embrace
No masterpiece from history
That moves me like your smiling face
Time's precious when you got no time to waste

Oh, so love me
Oh, love me
Love me for today
Just love me
Oh, love me
Love me in a way
That tells me that you want me
Tell me that you want me

The birds all sing a symphony
Of joy at the end of the day
They give their graceful melodies
Back to the skies where they play
For a single time will come to fly away

So love me
Oh, love me
Love me for today
Just love me
Oh, love me
Love me in a way
That tells me that you want me

You'll always be my guiding star
Wherever I go
For you have one
A special place in my heart
In my heart

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Bofill, Angela Love Me For Today Comments
  1. Deeman wil

    Such a great underrated track. I loved this album. Angie showed how versatile and superb she was.

  2. Subelia Little

    Cold ass track

  3. Titaan359

    Love this track...incredible. Thanks for the post.

  4. ordonize holmes

    david frank plays ob8 memory moog dmx linn drum machine roland jupiter 8 ppg waveform synths

    Melanie Biggins

    David Frank is cold-blooded when it comes to keyboards, synthesizers and moog.

    Richard Franklin

    David Frank/Mic Murphy (The System) were one of the most underrated producing duos in R & B History. Part of the danger of being a trailblazer? You never get the full credit that you deserve. They did great work with great artists, just like Angela Bofill.

  5. Derrik Jordan

    Angie was also a co-writer on this song and came up with the original verse melody that got it started. My title, lyric and I wrote the chorus and bridge as I remember. It was back in 1984 so a bit of water has passed under the bridge as they say.


    Thanks for this great art

    Robert Gonzales

    Great job Derrik!

  6. Derrik Jordan

    I wrote this one for Angie (my lyric) with Alan Palanker. It's about being in the moment and loving your life. Angie is the bomb. What a great singer and such a lovely person. We love you Angie. The System rocked this one out big time.

  7. soulchildsacomin

    "Love Me For Today" and Howard Johnson's "Let This Dream Be For Real (12 inch remix)" are my favorite produced songs by the System!

  8. tedfiles

    nice song .... good grazeegroover...

  9. bigben1986

    wow i had a feeling the system produced this. there so dope. and angela rocks.

  10. Deeman wil

    La,la,la,la,la,la,la,la..La,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la....Love this tune.

  11. musiclover3928

    Wicked album. Brilliant production by The System. Thanks a million for uploading!

  12. hanahime1027

    I love this song. Thanks!