Bofill, Angela - Let Me Be The One Lyrics

Baby, listen to me please
I've been dreamin' 'bout you every night
Now that you are here with me
All I wanna do is hold you tight

Now take me in your arms
I've waited for so long
Let me be the one
Ooh, please don't deny my heart
Everything I want
Let me be the one

Baby, if you only knew
All the times I've loved you in ym mind
And if you let my dreams come true
I promise you it's gonna feel alright

Oh, now take me in your arms
I've waited for so long
Let me be the one
Ooh, please don't deny my heart
Everything I want
Let me be the one

Now take me in your arms
I've waited for so long
Let me be the one
Baby, please don't deny my heart
Everything I want
Let me be the one

Oh, baby
Oh oh oh oh baby
Let me be the one

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Bofill, Angela Let Me Be The One Comments
  1. S Herring

    Shaq brought me here! 😍😍😍😍

  2. B. Rod Clark

    New to my ears in i missed this after 'Too Tough' and 'Tonight I Give In' is beyond me...but I LUVIT!

  3. Arty G

    Ooooooooweee 🔥🔊

  4. Shawn Stancil

    Beautiful music

  5. Livliv

    Hop out ?

  6. Bengie Adams

    UNSUNG introduced me to her in 2012. Very good voice. It's too bad she was caught up in the video.

  7. George Dickson

    WDAS Philadelphia back in the day of 1980s and WVEE Atlanta The Quiet Storm with Joyce Littelll played for (1984-1988).

    Randall Pope

    My favorites female djs on v-103 were joann and wanda rahmas

  8. Raymond Haley

    I only heard this song briefly on radio, but I never forgot it, still sounds great.

  9. Marvin Fenderson

    with the sax omg

  10. Marvin Fenderson

    your heart will open up

  11. Marvin Fenderson

    bofill is deep some people cant handle the emotions behind her song just listem to her lyrics

    Cydnea Caldwell


  12. Giuseppe Fallica

    This piece
    is selected as pop-fusion classics" standard by-"the new real jazz book": very sophisticated armony!

  13. daphalot

    Loving this song in 2018!!!

  14. Jerry Johnson

    Angela Bofill. Singer. My 'Wednesday One On One'...Angela Bofill vs Regina Belle. Thanks for the upload, Kandyman1028. Blessings

  15. RubiStudios Animation

    There is not one woman left in this world that sweet tender and delicate like her so listen up ladies

  16. A.P. Murdock

    The system took Bofill in a new direction, but the caged bird fell short with future projects

  17. Mike Williams

    Very very good memories......

  18. April S.

    The REMINDER😍😍😍

  19. Warren Edney

    And I’m only 30yrs old my mama had a great ear with the jams

  20. Warren Edney

    Classic jam to ride my lowriders too on sunset

  21. Aldo Richey

    Make you fall in love all over again!

  22. Michael wiselka

    This song right here is what made me fall head over heels in love with r and b. I love the synthesizer and the beautiful base in this song and let's not forget the beautiful voice of angela. this song was also very cleverly written. I still love it after all these years! thank you Angela for such a wonderful song.

  23. Lovell Samuels

    Remember seeing her live in Oakland years ago love her one of the all-time greats

  24. Jerry Johnson

    Angela Bofill. Singer. 'Nuff said. Thank you for sharing your gift. God bless. Thanks for the upload, Kansyman1028. Blessings

  25. Anonymous Please

    Coming across oldies but goodies makes me feel like I struck gold! Love this song!💜

  26. Átila de Almeida Ribeiro


  27. jazz4asahel

    Stumbled across another great to Chordify and jam.

  28. MrTeatreeoil

    Oh I just fell in love with this song!!!

  29. RC LaROCK /The Micstro

    timeless voice..spirit moving..SHE'S A CLASSIC …..thank you Ms Bofill

  30. Kimberla Parrott-Wallace


  31. Marie Rodriguez

    Many Blessings to you and your Family . Truly a Angel's voice.
    Get well .

  32. Black Jaxxx

    Of all the great songs Angela Bofill sang this one here is my favorite. :)

    Cydnea Caldwell

    Me to she us one of the greats i ❤ up there with THE QUEEN OF SOUL MS.ARETHA FRANKLIN ive been wanting to meet Ms.Bofill since i was 12

  33. Claudio jazz

    El dibujo de la portada del disco ,el dibujante captó magistralmente la belleza de ésta hermosa mujer .

  34. Celeste Mccleave

    the SYSTEM one of the underrated producers of R&B

    John Wayne

    thats crazy it sounds like them now that u said it

    Warren Edney

    Absolute Fact

    Elliott Bethea

    Your musical tastes are superb.

  35. blessed I am

    beauty song

  36. Jan krista

    is 2017 and i still love this song

  37. Mike Wiselka

    I love this song it's romantic and it has a lot of great base you really must hear this song on good equipment.

  38. Adam

    Lost my virginity to this song. Man, how fast the years have gone by. Thank you Denise and 98.7 Kiss fm.

    Toi Jiles

    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

    Wesley Shur

    Damn man you lost your shit to a dope soundtrack lol

  39. Daughter of Christ

    This song right here would always be my #1 jam

  40. DEE H

    Superb, Mic Murphy! !! Straight out of your system for Angie!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  41. khalid wright


  42. David Hunter


  43. Julian Touchstone

    excellent album!

  44. Darrell Morris

    Those last notes!!!! MAN!!!! LOL!!! LOVE YOU, Ms. Bofill!!

  45. psychotropic7

    Get well soon, Ms. Bofill.
    We love you!

  46. D'Artenya Granger

    LET ME BE THE ONE - Angela Bofill

  47. Sam Russell

    1 0 0 T H _ C O M M E N T

    T H I S _ S O N G _ I S _S U P E R B _ A E S T H E T I C

  48. Clifford Moody Jr

    i love this one. a first crush song for me

  49. victornewman06

    Too smooth!!!!

  50. You Toober

    I lOVE this one by Ms. Bofill.

    A Classic!!

  51. matzomaniac

    Jon Phonics..

  52. zulubeat

    I played this album to death in college

  53. FreeThinker73

    LET ME BE THE ONE - Angela Bofill
    #80s #SoulMusic

  54. Emilio Rojas

    One of the most underrated singers ever. Gives me the goosebumps.


    Couldn't agree more. A phenomenal talent. Fortunately, I discovered her early in her career and have been a big fan ever since. Always loved her singing. Always will.

    Stoney Stardust Stardust Tarot

    South Jersey /Philly memories..


    @Gxyz222 their material is definitely in the same category! Angela's style is a bit more understated than Whitney's!

    Jason Camphor

    @Gxyz222 Since when has Whitney ever been underrated?

  55. faith rogers

    I deicate this to my soon to be husdand I love you so much

  56. emperor1fun

    This song is my love and play this song so much until I burn my player out I try and let me be the one is my heart I am very big fan of her music and I wrote to her and I told her from the time I saw her in NYC and  Charleston SC her music is life to me and she is my angel of the night. To sing her song you have know what are doing the two people I have love for is Will Downing and MAYSA They touch I try and they sing that like heaven it shocked Angela BOFILL and that was said in a interview. But this love it and I was in school when I heard this song and it help me ladies and today it feels just like yesterday every time I hear this song IOVE the master and I wish she was able to come out and do it again for her fans. Wish I one of those that took off his boxes and throw them on stage as she was sing this song.

    Cydnea Caldwell

    I know what you mean i ❤ Ms. Angela Bofill way before Whitney Houston R.I.P there was Angela Bofill i use to mimic Ms.Bofill on this song when i was 12 I'm 48 now i love her vocals true and pure vocals ❤

  57. Matt Creamer Audio

    Man, I came for the synths in this track, but I stayed for the stellar vocals. Another 80s gem!

    ordonize holmes

    NorrinRadd22 well you got to work hard to buy a keyboards

  58. jazzluva3437

    My joint!!

  59. cheryl johnson

    this one too thanks for sharing....

  60. Heather James

    Very Nice. They don't make music like this anymore. Angela Bofill is a very rare talent who will never be duplicated .Love  her music.

  61. Floris


  62. khalid wright

    Don't deny my heart everything i want let me be the one

  63. khalid wright

    Amazing let me be the one

  64. Lorraine Davidson

    so beautiful so lovely,love it

  65. JElayne9

    Wow! That song felt good. Nothin' like "back in the day."

  66. 71dhwand

    DAMN I didn't know he did this production. That is a BAD mofo man ! The system is one of my favorite groups of all time !


    This is one of my favorite song from Angie. God bless her and may God blesses her to sing again because her voice is so vocally heavenly. :-)

  68. gerald deyounge

    angie w/ lisa, cindy and sandy b. AWESOME< So Sexy

  69. BRiTT Wilson

    Naw , Its Just His Type Of Music To Listen Too .

  70. Crista Anderson

    It isn't often that I need to be delivered from a song, but this one.....

  71. Wayne James

    Much success, Big Ben,this is a success story if there ever was one,you and your mate,thank God for the re-union and let him be a part of the relationship,He is the glue that keeps people together.

  72. Lemar SkyDance

    How? did he sample it?

  73. 0megadwarf



    What every heart in love dies to hear.

  75. Simon Mills (Bent/Napoleon)

    Been studying the chords.. they're v complex!

  76. BRiTT Wilson

    Tyler Did Bring Me Here & Now I Love This Song . .

  77. Jason Herman

    Tyler brought me here

  78. Keanu Sida


  79. brittany humphrey

    Tyler brought me here .

  80. weBEuntitled

    Tyler brought us here !


    Me fascinaaaaa faaaaaaaaaaaaaan hace muchos años uffff!! :)

  82. mountymich

    @bigben1986 good story

  83. paul troyano

    jazzy and sweet

  84. stillphil

    David Frank! (( one of the baddest *and underrated* 80's producers ))

  85. ordonize holmes

    yamaha dx7 sounds moog bass

  86. scatman44

    Don't Disturb This Groove!

  87. Demitri Scott


  88. Strugglebuggie TV

    Perfect blend of Soul+Smooth Jazz+Synth-pop sounds, in other words, "R+B"

  89. Strugglebuggie TV

    Yeah! The second time around is better than the first!

  90. Peace Smoke

    great story. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  91. mansamusa2012

    Well I was born in 1980, but from the early mid eighties I can recall this type of music touching my heart. The music today does not touch my heart. Just think about it listen to powerful soul music of the 70s. The music industry has taken lot of soul out of our music. People like Beyonce want to go mainstream which means appeal to white people which means her music has no soul.

  92. keepitsleazy84

    5 stars

  93. All Fudge

    when i saw her at the Blues Alley in 2005 and she sang "love in your Eyes" upstairs,nuff said.. I wish Peace and Blessings to her and the family..

  94. sonny0381

    made my day!

  95. buffington180

    Welcome back Angela.