Bofill, Angela - I'm On Your Side Lyrics

In the game of love
Sometimes we get left behind
When pushing comes to shove
Happiness is so hard to find

A fall from love can break your spirit
Paint a rosy outlook blue
Darling, you don't have to fear it
'Cause baby, I'm here for you

I'm on your side when times are hard
And you need some understanding
I'm on your side when times gets rough
And no one else can care enough
I'm on your side to be for you

You can say you're free
Sometimes you're the last to know
You can come to me
When some heartache lays you low

If your lover leaves you crying
You don't have to be alone
Call my number, keep on trying
You know that I will be home

'Cause I'm on your side when times are hard
And you need some understanding
I'm on your side when times get rough
And no one else can care enough
I'm on your side to be for you

Having a friend when you come to the end
Makes it easier, makes it easier
Come back to me, I can save you when
She tries to tear you apart, tear you apart
I won't break your heart

I'm on your side when times are hard
And you need some understanding
I'm on your side, you know I love you, oh
Yes, I do, when times get rough
And no one else, no one else can care enough
I'm on your side to be for you, for you

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Bofill, Angela I'm On Your Side Comments
  1. Theodore Cruz

    🎵 ANGELA BOFILL im on your side 🔼🔼🔼🔼 🎼 ⚫beautiful song from a beautiful woman 🌼♠

  2. anquan arrington

    In tears right now 😢

  3. anquan arrington

    A broken heart can break your spirit......... but I will b ok in time

  4. Wanda Veasey


  5. Toya Nick

    l'M on your side- Angela bofill🙏🏼💝💏

  6. Thomas George

    Beautiful Song !

  7. Keauna Love

    Yessir 2019 in dis peace


    When I was a kid this song use to make me cry

  9. 23LBJ SupremeKing

    Beautiful song

  10. sandy rechais

    One of my favorite Angela bofill songs .i still love listening to 80's 90's music.😙😙😙

  11. Lynelle Murray

    Angela Bofil is gorgeous I love her music especially this song it's one of my favorite

  12. Ditra Comer

    This song makes me cry 😭😭

  13. Martha Robertson

    It's October 2019 this song came out in 1984 35 yrs ago & it still sound good

  14. Kime Acosta

    Who else is still listening in 2019? Like this!

    Lynelle Murray

    Definitely me Sunday October 6 2019

    Cynthia Williams

    Still right cheer

    Katsiama Poisoning

    Angela was always my favorite. Nobody else like her.

    Anthony Richie

    Kime Acosta I Am.Nov 24 , 2019

  15. Jim Wood

    One of the all time greatest singers

  16. Rhonda Humphrey

    2019 and beyond 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Cat Harbin

    I'm going through some things in my life and this song is helping me cope with these things. Thank you for this beautiful song Angela. Your music has the ability to make the hardest of hearts soften.

  18. Rodolfo Ayala

    Wepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Puerto Rican. 🇵🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🎶🎤🙏🏻.

  19. Sabrina Anderson

    Love this song by ms angle bofill

  20. Andre Pierre

    Beautiful Distinctive, and was So UNDERRATED!

  21. Christopher Boyd

    Songs like this and Women like this don't exist anymore. A Damn Shame

  22. Dream Field Academy

    Fell hard for a girl when I first heard this song back in 1984!

  23. Frances Rush

    Classic Angela! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of the Album! You can say that your free, sometimes you're the last to know. . . Having a Friend when you come to the end, makes it easier. . . . Love Mz. Bofill! Much Love!

  24. Melvin SMITH

    Angela Bofills I Try and I'm on your side brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to them She is so uplifting

  25. Thomas 2000

    This Song Cures My Depression. Remember To Stay Strong My People!

  26. Arthur [email protected] up black people

    Her eye's hypnotizes

  27. Narvia Williams

    🌻💐🌺ANGELA BOFILL🎤🎼🎵🎶🎹🥁🎸🎷🎺🎻🌹💐

  28. Richard Thompson

    Every time I hear this song I cry thinking of my Mother, my dad Willie Thompson,mygrandmother and my sister. Still listening 2019

    George Cherry

    There's a good woman out there I want to dedicate this one to who will probably think she doesn't deserve it but she so does.

  29. Steven Alex

    I LOVE her version of this song so beautiful and soft yet powerful at the same time!!!!!!!

  30. Lovelle Payne

    I'll always have love for you, and never had a love that made me feel safe...

  31. Luv Frequency 19


  32. Frank Bridges

    This song just gets me all emotional when I hear it love this song

  33. wade brown

    This never gets old.

  34. james howard

    i love this

  35. keith gordon

    You can say you're free, sometimes you're the last to know.

  36. Stacee Young


  37. The Big Easy

    I don't care how gangsta , macho , or tough you are.....every man wants to hear this from a woman. I'm damn near in tears over here. I gotta go y'all. DAMN!!!!

  38. tinathomas689

    Changing r&b!! Classic...

  39. Jeffrey Baldwin


  40. Frances Rush

    Classic Angela! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of this Album! Call my number, keep on trying, know that I will be home. . . Love Angela! She's up there with Phyllis for me! Much Love!

  41. Richard Sneed

    I cant never get enough of the always beautiful and classy mz Angela bofill she had a very distinctive voice all of her music is beautiful

  42. Keith Robertson

    This beautiful song takes the breathe out of me. Ive given myself to so many underserving ppl that has taken me for granted, used, and torn and broken my heart. Even now im still broken and dont know where i fit in. But i just go on and smile like all is well😁😁

  43. Clementine Dole

    Classic! 💚🎶

  44. Bunny Christy

    Love this song by ms bofill in 2019 still the shyte

  45. Alan Fox

    Check out collection on cherry red records on cd.

  46. Special 109

    Nice Song Make You Do A Lot Of Thinking About Your Pass.

  47. Marsha A Booth Booth

    Good good music

  48. Yolanda Johnson

    I like this song!!!!

  49. Latonya Harris

    Rip dad miss u so much and love u

  50. Regis Brasil

    Vim aqui por causa da Jennifer holiday q cantou essa musica e arrasou
    Angela canta bem mais Jennifer foi muito forte na voz levantou a música


    Here we go Angela. . Tell'em how much having a friend makes it so much easier. . Beautiful. !!!! Got you on tonight . Enjoying every bit.

  52. Richard Sneed

    Some people dont know good music when they hear it i grew up listening to music like angela bofill,Stephanie mulls Anita baker, phyllis hyman,vesta williams shirley murdock real love music!!!

  53. K Camille

    Is that Walter Hawkins on keys/piano?

  54. My Opinion!

    I am not sure what to think of Ms. Bofill singing this song. But I do know what to say about Ms. Jennifer Holiday singing "I'm On Your Side." She TORE IT UP! Now this is singing! Now take a real listen to Ms. Holiday singing it! A WORLD of DIFFERENCE!!!

  55. Veriona Green

    I love this Song 2019th

  56. me mann


  57. Izat Izat


  58. doll mckinney

    One of the greatest voices ever clear & sharp! !

  59. Tamara Allen

    And for those who think she is dead- you are wrong. She had a stroke several years ago but is very much a live. Phyllis Hyman is the one that is dead!

  60. Tamara Allen

    I’m truly on your side, man! You know who you are! ❤️2019

  61. Yemoja Olesgun

    Eye love this !🙏🏿💙

  62. Odessa Clark

    Thank you, its nice to have someone who truly cares!

  63. Antonio Jones

    When I tell you this song floods me with so much emotion. I love both versions of this song. Jennifer is a powerhouse and when she sings that bridge she reaches the the mountain top but I’m sorry Angela’s voice touches me and gives me a feeling I get overwhelmed with tears. Music is extremely powerful. You don’t get much music like this now. It’s touches you to the core. Who else has to wipe away tears after this song?

  64. S Ali

    If you cant enjoy and/or appreciate the brilliance of this song, you have no soul.

  65. Yamin Haniyah

    " A fall from love can break your spirit " Such a true and delicate verse. Dec 2018. I hope you all had a wonderful  and look forward to having a better next year.

  66. amanda curry

    I've always loved her and her music..


    Been trying to let you know Chris, so get on it if you mean business!

  68. Keith Lamar

    Mrs you babe. Panther

  69. Ranona Cirino

    On and on the best when you first started out in a relationship because the love and the sex is the bomb and you can't stop see other making love again

  70. sparkles Shine

    It's 2018 and this song still give me chills It's m3aning behind this song


    I saw her years later at SOB’s in NYC. I’m so lucky to have seen her twice.Amazing voice. I was very sad to hear about the stroke.


    She is so great!! I saw her when I was 19 on the campus of ASU. She opened for Michael Franks.Great memories.Mike was great also

  73. Anthony Riche

    I remember being in high school and getting chills listening to this song in my room. I just played it again and still got the chills. My goodness!

  74. Donna Houston

    A lot of people take this kind of woman for granted

  75. KandiKisses32

    I just started singing this song and had to come and look for it. This music was soooo good it made it easy to be in love back then.

  76. tyrone hill

    Homecoming LU 1980, Boy was she beautiful and sounded like an angel.

  77. tukie nukie

    Jesus! This goes with the way of the world now. I can really relate to this song. I'm there for everyone, but...Only God is on my side.

  78. sabrina brown


  79. Gloria Hardy

    go beyond the sexes to understand the message it is oh so powerful

  80. William Childs

    Angela I will love you all ways because your music touch my heart when I frist heard it! I will always be a fan of your music! thank you!

  81. Dream Field Academy

    1984...8th grade when I heard this song and fell madly in love with Angela Bofill. CLASSIC X INFINITY.

  82. Gloria Hardy

    again trust your hart you will get it

  83. Nicole Cruz


  84. Don Reed

    Wow, inspirational...never give up

  85. Kelvin Wicker

    an beautiful lady singing an wonderful fulfill song with passion and a great meaning miss Angela bofili song this song with everything she had in her from an great standpoint of telling an story about her song I'm on your side what a perfect song that's song from Angela bofili

  86. Cee Cee876

    My husband sent me this song today. I asked God for someone who would always be my side and be my friend...and there he was again...I love you Zee!!

  87. Aaron Rodrigues

    Prefer Jennifer Holliday's version better though

  88. James Alexander

    it's nothing like experiencing that first hand

  89. David Crump

    Take me back 2 what was good in music.

  90. Warren Dowdell

    that Hammond organ and her pretty face

  91. deborah hannigan

    i could always go to him when i was down and call him and he would come down to my house

  92. deborah hannigan

    this was a very beautiful cd to a person who was special to me he was more of father to me then my own would always say deborah your my daughter and i remember them words dearly

  93. bob gardi

    so beautiful…. thanks for sharing

  94. Live Girl

    Among Littleton so so sorry for your lost I lost my son two years ago on Christmas eve And think About him ALL the time I know he is on my side so you did not bummed Me .Everything is going to be Alright just know that your mom is with you Stay Strong my brother I'm on your side Dont let it tear you Apart

  95. BeastOftheD N.B.L.

    I usually cry when I hear this song. It's like listening to my mother speaking to me

  96. Ronald Upton

    To have a beautiful woman on your side......Awesome! :)