Bofill, Angela - Galaxy Of My Love Lyrics

Time and space can never be enough
To hold my love
When I look right into your eyes
The love just shines

I saw you, you saw me
And that moment of ecstasy came down, forever
Time and space is a place where we virtue
Reality surrounds the love

I go deeper into your love
Fallin' deeper inside your love
It's a fantasy kind of love
Galaxy of my love

I saw you in my heart
Already knew, always home
And thankfully, the supreme
I seen it good to bless our lives, our ways

Happiness is the key to a space and eternity, and light
I love you, you love me
And I love expensive galaxy of time
Of time

I go deeper into your love
Fallin' deeper inside your love
It's a fantasy kind of love
Galaxy of my love
Of my love...

Oh, deeper and deeper...
Oh yeah... Mmm...
The love, the love...

I go deeper and deeper, and deeper and deeper inside your love
Ooh... oh whoa...
I go deeper and deeper, and deeper into your love
Deeper inside, deeper inside your love

I go deeper inside your love
Fallin' deeper into your love
Oh, it's a fantasy kind of love
Galaxy of my love
Oh, my starship just come to me...

Oh whoa, ooh whoa, whoa, whoa
I go deeper and deeper into your love

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Bofill, Angela Galaxy Of My Love Comments
  1. Wayne Trumbo

    2019 ... GALAXY ...

    Jeremy Otaku28

    Wayne Trumbo you ain’t the only one.

  2. Daniel W. Taylor

    this jam is timeless

  3. Ernesto Bardwell

    I Fall Deep In Side Of your Love💝💝💝Touch Me All Over With Your Love Lovely 😍😍😍🐦💿💿Mr Satin Soul🌉Nyc

  4. shasha-muse

    The 4 people who gave this a thumbs down are on another planet.!!!

  5. Пётр Лор

  6. Ernesto Bardwell

    When This Song Came Out💿Angela Was At Her Highest😄 She Still A Angel😍In My Eyes Get Better 💘 💿 E Ernie B Nyc 🗽

  7. Bayylien Rahn

    I sampled this song for my lofi remix


    Bayylien Rahn Oh no

  8. E Green

    Your music is transcending to the soul, timeless....... beauty

  9. E Green

    Angie, where are you today 5/25/18. I came across this song while listening to Angle of the Night. I can't tell you how much your music got me through tough times, your the Angel we miss you so much.

  10. James Ellis

    All eyes on me

  11. Diego Augusto

    So sexy song! Great!!!

  12. Brian Spencer

    A song to be listened to when you're with your favourite person.... oh yes!!!

  13. Just for Fun

    I have been a fan since day one what a great voice thanks to youtube & smart phones shes always with me!


    Just for Fun ☆☆☆☆me too!!! Peace and love.🎶🎶🎶

  14. SergKnight

    Any one know who has sampled this?

  15. Jason Gora



    This is beautiful

  17. Nyshema Phillips


  18. Melanie Biggins

    This song goes hard... I love the background music.

  19. Tyme Traveling

    Time and space... can never be enough.... to hold my love.....

  20. Zion's Dawta

    I go deeper and deeper inside your luv

  21. Zion's Dawta

    Yes nice mood when I play this

  22. BNforever2009

    beautiful beat and simply awesome--all Angie!!!

  23. GB H

    This was the HOT jam!!..Was it not Deeman wil?

    Deeman wil

    Yes most definitely a hi ot jam!!!

  24. Deeman wil

    "I saw you and my heart already knew, it was on!!" Love this jam!!

  25. Vonte Wms.


  26. BrandNew HipHop

    her music is so epic!

  27. d1rdyd

    Same here !!!

  28. Tajeznah

    Thank you for posting ~ gorgeous "quiet storm" song. Luv Angela Bofill.

  29. J Gilbert


  30. Shun Jackson

    angela, ive been listening to you for a while now. i love the way your voice sounds in my ear, in my thoughts, in my mind. i gave the wrong person my book. i will be tuned to you on unsung next monday, cant wait, i love you angela, very much, and i will continue to love you more and more, i thank you for helping me, and you really do, i love you angela bofill!!

  31. The Galaxy Ranger

    I feel like there's a mystical power within this song , i can't quite explain it , it's kinda like one of those songs that gets you imagining different things , different places , etc .... lol

  32. kyereCat


  33. Shun Jackson

    Angela, thank you for your voice, your guidance, your love, and your music, helping me reach my universe, love, rfj.

  34. Kingmickey20

    I played this song on my 15th wedding anniversary. My husband and I almost made child #5. This song is sexy hot. Play it with caution.