Bofill, Angela - Break It To Me Gently Lyrics

Did you think that your smile
Could hide what's on your mind?
No matter how I tried
I just couldn't be so blind
We've been close but people grow
And they sometimes grow apart
There's just one thing I ask you
If you've had a change of heart

(And) Break it to me gently
If ya have to, then tell me lies
Break it to me gently
At least leave me with my pride
Try to spare my feelings
If the feelings have to die
Break it to me gently
If you have to say goodbye

I'm not ashamed to admit
I really hurt inside
After all these are my feelings
Why should I make them hide?
But I won't hold you back
There'll be no pulling on your sleeve
Just let me down easy
And go softly when you leave

(And) Break it to me gently
If ya have to, then tell me lies
Break it to me gently
At least leave me with my pride
Try to spare my feelings
If the feelings have to die
Break it to me gently
If you have to say goodbye

You always knew that you had my heart
It's still yours, if you wanna take it
But when you go, as I know you must
Be gentle with your breaking

(And) Break it to me gently
If ya have to, then tell me lies
Break it to me gently
At least leave me with my pride
Trust me and my feelings
If the feelings have to die
Break it to me gently
If you have to say goodbye

Break it to me gently
If you have to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye...

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Bofill, Angela Break It To Me Gently Comments
  1. Rommel Gacute

    ganyan ginawa sken ng ex ko...
    pero ok lang yun mahalaga hindi ako ang gumawa ng mali sa kanya...
    mabuti nlang may nkilala ako na mas karapat dapat sa pagmamahal ko at nauunawaan ako palagi...

  2. Julius L. Angeles

    Mellow DC's Sunday 8:00 to 11:00 pm

  3. Reign Catherine

    My heart is now reminiscing.. He leave me broken..

  4. buca117

    If you're that sure it's gonna happen, why are you making the guy do it? Break it to _him_ gently.

    You're just wasting everybody's time and energy, otherwise.

    First to spot a problem should always be the one to fix it.

  5. Hals Toni

    Break it to me gently.. That's deep😥

  6. Lyle Estacio

    Vice Ganda’s version on 09-Apr-2019 TNT brought me here. 😊

    Watdufak 02

    Haha si K Brosas sakin nagdala dto nung dugtuman sa ggv

  7. Joy Estrada

    This is my situation atm hurts......

  8. Rheus Chan


  9. jhelai suchenra


  10. Mary Ann Jean Avila

    my love i miss you so much comeback with me

  11. Sheilamae Ngaso

    Old song better song of generation now....

  12. Mel Dinginbayan

    Though the truth will kill me, tell it to ,matter how it will hurt me just tell me...and i wont hold you back no pulling of sleeves,.just leave me and no more words from me😢

  13. marden balingit

    breaking up simply means freedom from a toxic relationship

  14. BofillFan16

    ...and that don't hurt me much.

  15. henry clemons


  16. ernith macapas

    Very touched this song... thanks for upload .....

  17. Derez Degraffenreid


  18. LJ Ybanez

    I'm sorry guys, but you're making love to this song.

  19. Rafael Catabona

    Sayung sayu na nde tang na mo.. gusto mo kunin mo na ngaun eh..

  20. haide rea

    So nice......

  21. daniel goodrich

    Still make me cry!

  22. Michelle Ali

    I love this song base on my past💔💔💔😢😢😢

  23. Netanyahu

    fcuk the breakup...why so soon.

  24. Frankie Solamillo


  25. tonett bairrington

    it's hard to say goodbye, but goodbye isn't the end it's all start all over again

  26. drkt2005

    Now she was a VOICE. And who are these randoms on this great soulful tract. Geesh

  27. jolan macalnao

    break it to me gently!!ganyan gawa nya skin haha that's life I need to accept but I'm ok now mas my higit p s knya ..,naisip Ko d xa kwalan sobra Ko nsaktan .... waka k Ng mkitA ktulad Ko lol

  28. mhedzkyleempaul메츠 카일 렘 romero

    Its hurt..😟

    daniel goodrich

    I Know!

  29. Mariza De Guzman

    ouch...naalala ko ung nag break kmi dati ng ex ko,,but thankful pa rin kc nkapag move on at nhanap ang forever ko...😂😂

  30. Ja Paraiso

    this my situation before, four years ago. when my husband said he has another woman then he left us, my feelings at that moment as if he stepped on my chest I can't speak, I can't talk, most of all I can't breathe.. very painful, I remembered the pain.. but when he leave I did not restrained... or pulling on his sleeve.. because I know, he knows the outcome...

    daniel goodrich

    Stay strong beautiful!

  31. Jennifer Lagonilla

    it is really painful that you someone you love cheated on you even it has been a long time ago....

  32. Phil Ruscak

    this aint brenda lee

  33. Dee Drewry

    ...gently done or not, it's still a break-up. Regardless which angle or approach on how you strategize if someone cares about you so much. ..It will still hurt like hell..that's for sure!

  34. Dee Drewry

    .....that's exactly just what I did and still hurts like HELL😠😭😢

  35. Carmen Cyganczuk

    such a nice song.
    i am not ashamed to admit...I am in the same boat...but I believe eventually this pain will be gone and a better one will come in.

  36. rhey Kho

    very interested song...nice....

  37. rhey Kho

    very interested song...nice....

  38. Elida Reyes

    very nice song.😂

  39. She Rill

    pati mga nag cocomment ang papangit puta!

    Dustin Freeman

    She Rill
    ang ganda mo sobra!

    LJ Ybanez

    Why are you hating Angela Bofill?

    Gervasio Valdemar

    iha ang tunay na Kagandahan ay nsa Kalooban ;)

    luigimark Molina

    Shit ka

  40. She Rill

    ang pangit nang kanta

  41. Kristy Langoehr

    I'm sitting here alone. No one knows how I feel. I cry and talk to God and ask him to help me make a couse on which man I really want. That why I'm alone😭😭😭😭😭

    music lover

    Kristy Langoehr hello lady

  42. Xie leigh

    no please dont tell me lies, I wanna know the truth even for the last time..='(

    Chai CHAI

    so sad to hear that I feel you girl

  43. Drio Gardoce Angel

    It hurts.... ;-( ;-( ;-(

  44. Milai Daef

    I love this song...
    Very nice.

  45. Binti Alfan

    oh my God it's very painful we are sailing in the same boat

  46. Derrick Alexander

    I meant 1978

    LJ Ybanez

    This song is from Angela's "Something About You" album in 1981.

    Done with Everything

    Breakups is the most painfull feelings that is very hard to handle...

  47. Tham Canterro

    Da original theme song NG mga virgin hahaha kantutan na

  48. girlie sales

    and go softly when u leave

    girlie sales

    +johnpaul eroma wat does it mean?

  49. arlene borromeo

    Break it in to me gently😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  50. Joyce Hewitt


  51. Ma.teresa Cantongan

    I love it so much.

  52. josephine cueto

    80s songs are my forever favorite

  53. Salvation Tutor

    i love it....

  54. Martin Riedl


  55. Ralph Francis

    huh! that's it.

  56. Abdi Razaq

    I really cried when she said I'am not ashamed to admit😥

    daniel goodrich

    You not alone!:)

    Willie Seals III

    Abdi Razaq me too

  57. Pretty Gwenna

    I hope there will be more songs like this. A kind of song, nowadays cannot be compared

  58. jejuara dane tiplan

    Whats the story bwhind this song? i find it very dramatic and full of emotions

    jejuara dane tiplan

    hahahahahahaha nako.

    Sphyro FoxFire

    +jejuara dane tiplan Comment Pa!

  59. gigi zednelag

    beautiful song...

  60. April serisola

    Cloudio Vasile Hodis for u

  61. gina caraan

    my favorite song ever....

  62. Qwerty Uiop

    this song is dedicated for all the people of planet earth... ;-)

  63. Tsiapno Iiza

    like it! ang sakit!

  64. Angelita David

    thanks for all this song. beautiful .......!

  65. Ellen Daño

    I love you're song


    This early 80 ' s suburb music. lol

    Dr. Anton Casurao Strategists

    no... this was a popular mainstream music...


    @cas antone Yea but it's still suburbs back n the day lol

  67. Julie Boudreau


  68. Janet Guira

    I love this song

  69. Elizabeth45

    Good song for your genaration!!

  70. mitch cole

    Does. Sorry

  71. mitch cole

    God Bless her. After her second stroke she's not able to sing but she can speak and goes on gigs w people like Maysa Leaks covering for her and she dies perform by speaking to the audience about her wonderful career

  72. Adison Yang

    i love this song

  73. Bob Rodriguez

    I was looking for the Juice Newton "Break It To Me Gently"; completely different song, but this is really good!

    LJ Ybanez

    Break It To Me Gently - Angela Bofill

    Gerald Olarte

    Angela Bofill is the original singer sing a song of Break it to me gently....

  74. James Owens

    I'm a HUGE fan of Angela Bofill, and I was overjoyed to hear her version of this classic tear-jerker! Thank you egaygigi for this beautiful post.

  75. Bernard Houston

    l love the song or music selected

  76. Miguela Dano

    Ang sakit mu magdedecate wow! Conducting..............

  77. Joewellyn Lim

    so sad... but I love this song

  78. The best music there is

    What a sad but beautiful song , I must admit I have never heard of this singer before , but I will be looking on you tube for more of her tunes .

  79. John Lester Quilantang

    Nice song I really like it

  80. Peter P

    Loyalty is so important. A retired Catholic priest in Canada.

    Allan Gentle Rudio

    Peter P hello father. I have been loyal to the one I love...but that person just fooled me not once but i am questioning God why did He let that person to come back...when he already know that the person would break my heart again...

  81. selenna phillips

    OMG.. this song is such a heartbreaker.....I used to listen to it over and over again.

  82. Paul Cruz

    its so beautiful ... so sentimental that i almost cry ..

  83. Bob stark

    wie jeden tag war

  84. rina mercado

    Break it to me of the beast my favorite song..

  85. Doyle Hall

    Breakups are sometimes very painful, but breakups can sometimes make way for another to come into your life, even if it's unknown to you at the time.

    julius jim Calago

    +Doyle Hall im agree to you sir.

    Doyle Hall

    Thank you for your comment Julius. My current girlfriend sent me that song. She is the love of my life. I will never need to look elsewhere. We should all be so lucky.

    onetruelove _2012

    +Doyle Hall
    its been almost four years!


    Doyle Hall ddsd

    George Rivera

    Doyle Hall On shut up.

  86. Jasmin Labrador

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out. ...

  87. Esther Oliver

    Add love to your life add angela

  88. Emeterio Valledor

    How can I forget this song, it's always in my mind and heart.

  89. Maria Gonzales

    lovely song.....i used to say this before to someone special"just let me down easy,and go softly when you leave"...i still sigh remembering every moment,but luckily im done wth sadness....hello new world...!!!!

  90. Harry Dantolan

    Love songs don’t leave you but lovers often do.

  91. Shiela Seneca

    nice song

  92. Lowel Legaspi

    Some people if you break it not gently she hurt..... If you break her gently she's not hurt to much.....

    Dee Drewry

    Lowel Legaspi ....gently done or not, it's still a break-up regardless how it's done. It will still hurt like freaking hell.

  93. rizalia samson

    ..luv it

  94. Rob Bravo

    so can i get my stuff i have to leave, LOL

  95. Dimple Isidro

    Wowwwww so good

  96. maesacrizdestiny

    Im hurt so much right now!! :(

    Charles Jason Hunt

    How can you become stronger in life if you do not have something to struggle for. Your challenge is to overcome, Learn from it and move on.WE have all been there .  We feel your pain.

  97. Lenie Biasura

    only one thing i ask if you've had change your heart break it to me gently if you have to, than living with know you can have my heart if you want.