Bofill, Angela - Accept Me (I'm Not A Girl Anymore) Lyrics

In our younger days
We were so in love
And the thought of losing you
Was enough to make me cry

You're the one I want in my world
But I'm a woman now
I'm not just a girl

So won't please accept me, baby
As I am
Going straight ahead and on my own
Won't you please accept me, baby
As I am
I'm not a girl anymore
I'm all grown up now

In another time
In some obscure place
We were lovers then and lovers we are

Some things don't change
All the seasons pass
And you're still around
But how much longer can we last
I'm down

So won't you please accept me, baby
As I am
Living straight ahead and on my own
Won't you please accept me, baby
As I am
I'm not a girl anymore
I'm all grown up now, baby

La, la, la

I'm not a girl anymore
I'm not a girl anymore
I'm not a girl anymore
I'm all grown up now

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Bofill, Angela Accept Me (I'm Not A Girl Anymore) Comments
  1. Xavier Rainey

    Nas brought me here and also RIP NIP HUSSLE #OneTake3

  2. Akima Askari

    Really great singer!....I think she was never given the recognition she deserves.

  3. Ernesto Bardwell

    Angela I Will And Always Love You I Hope You Doing Good And Feeling Better Now Hope To See You One Day In The Future The Love Man Ernesto B Nyc🤗🤗

  4. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from the "Too Tough" Album in 1983?

  5. Ana Jones

    This is real music.

  6. Василий Аксёнов

    красивая песня и исполнение прекрасное

  7. Kalyana Gamini Janath Puswewala

    Another good song from Angela Bofill. She's really talented!

  8. Noonie162

    Wow funny how life throws you a curved ball and you can’t do the things you enjoy anymore. My heart goes out to her. Beautiful song.

  9. Hazelyn Rowe

    I fell in love with her music and voice the moment i heard it. Her voice and music is a gift to us from god. Thank you for the gift.

    Artrel Foster-Bell

    Hazelyn Rowe what’s drakes song to the best in the beginning

  10. Ranona Cirino

    Angela love you music very very connected or collector to me because you not standing on relationship only used to know in life itself to live free to be free and to also be free with your mentality of being grown enough to handle a relationship thank you

  11. Marvin Fenderson

    real jazz

  12. Marvin Fenderson

    angela is deep my oldest brother let me hear her I ve been hooked since then she makes me cry i love her

  13. Paul Donovan

    Kylee Jenner has a themesong!! "I;m not a girl ANYmore!!"

  14. Calvin Jackson

    Timeless beauty

  15. Terence Buie

    angela bofield the best to do it

  16. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from? Something About You or Too Tough?

  17. no 1 draftpick XL

    I've been in love for over 30yrs!! still gets to me!! love her!!!

  18. Mike Blake

    Still in love with you 😘

  19. royal goddess

    I wish she could get better..nd sing her heart out..ik she misses it so much..i love her voice 💜 like she can actually sing.

  20. Lorraine James

    sweetie b u. Do u love u? u r fine. enjoy ur new life

  21. MANILABOY6631

    Come back to us Angela Bofill.

  22. Trippy Longstockin

    I miss such a classy time period I grew up in

  23. David Hunter


  24. Trippy Longstockin

    nice album cover

  25. Derrick Myrick

    Beautiful song, beautifully sung by the goddess that Angie was, a striking beauty! and to think Clive Davis once had her, Phyllis Hyman, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick & Whitney all on Arista at once. Allowed all to languish to make Whitney a superstar, which she was going to be anyway.....

  26. Rhonda Thompson

    I still have love in it

  27. Joanie Daniel

    I played this album until it couldn't play anymore.  Thanks

    Joe Bennett

    Joanie Daniel Angela Bofill is the most underrated female singer of all time


    Joanie Daniel ☆☆☆☆ me too too!!! Happy New Year 2019. peace and love.🎶🎶🎶

  28. Philip Torrez

    I dedicate this to Andrea Jimenez... she has saved me so many times! I love you!

  29. Patricia Bradley

    Beautiful song.

  30. David Hunter

    beautiful song! 😃

  31. Lyn Upchurch

    love love love!!! Her

  32. glennc. young

    Beautiful Voice!!!

  33. glennc. young

    Beautiful Voice!

  34. glennc. young

    Beautiful Voice!

  35. Angela King

    I SO LOVE HER!!!

    Rhonda Thompson

    Angela Starks

  36. ssdd0813

    She's not dead. Just can't sing because of a stroke. She's 60 today


    Actually she had more than one.


    ssdd0813 wow never knew

    Roshan Armstrachan

    She couldn't talk at all but went thru therapy. Hope she has found the strength to sing again! 💜💖

  37. TribalQuester89

    Anyone have the lyrics? Cant find them anywhere!

    Maura Burleigh

    TribalQuester89 I have them from memory

  38. brent badua

    Her voice and her range,indescribable!! Truly a classic diva.Nowadays they use that term for anyone eg.Beyonce,etc,she can"t sing and will never be in the same category as Angie,Phyllis,Whitney or Mariah.

  39. Verdell Gillespie

    I have the pleasure of saying I kissed Angela Bofill since she's been all grown up now... we were at Lambert Airport STL. And we were having vegetarian pizza & strawberry smoothies.. This was in 2004

    Petrus Delassio

    +Verdell Gillespie WHAT!

  40. lepoetress

    I forgot about this one .... this is the cut!!!

  41. Lorraine Davidson

    Such a beautiful voice,love it

  42. ThePasterio

    Hey again baby! Wow, this is really some singing forreal!! Will never forget you angela. Love U and Your wonderful, powerful voice.....

  43. Charlie Wiggins

    She's my second favorite singer, my first choice is Phyllis Hyman.


    Same here! Angela is the pure sweet optimistic virgin girl and Phyllis is the heartbroken mature cosmopolitan woman.

    Maria Leverett

    Mind two favorite singer too!! Angela & Phyllis, Yessssss!!!!

  44. junniecn


  45. james madison


  46. Somer Knight

    All the junkies we saw on TV1's Unsung walking around just fine. All Ms. Bofill did was juice and can barely walk. Life if not fair

  47. Michele Sacky

    Wow, what a memory! thanks for this one!!

  48. Tajeznah

    This is one of my fave tracks from the inimitable Angela Bofill.

  49. launchedout09

    I can hardly type, this song brings back "bitter-sweet" memories but thank God we had the 70's and 80's to hear folks and musicians who can "sang" and play. Thanks PalmBeach for downloading this classic.

  50. aatkins74

    this is one of the songs that I've loved the moment I heard it......and I have shared it with all the young girls in my family and thats a 20 plus year journey for me and this song. they all love it too.....

  51. port2344chester

    Only 8 comments man... ytubers this artist is a rare talent & this tune is a sleeper.. we must rep the old school & show some love to angela bofill... such a talent thats not given her due respect from the music industry & also from fans!!!! Love your music angie .... 1 love from a fellow new yorker!!!!

  52. bigrod8975

    She really sings her heart out

  53. Concordia Yates

    I waited 4 this song. Thanks PalmBeach1028.
    Thia means allot 2 me from little girl to woman. A song that will never get old. Though I don't think allot of people are aware of this song by her. It is timeless.