Body Count - Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 Lyrics

Ice! Explain Body Count.

Body Count is a band I put together just to let one of my best friends Ernie C play his guitar. He's always been playing guitar, we all went to Crenshaw High School together in South Central Los Angeles. And I had the idea of let's make a metal band, let's make a rock band, 'cause I had been to Europe and I noticed that the kids would mosh off of hip-hop. So we put the band together and I used the three bands that were my favourites at the time to set the tone. We used the impending doom of a group like Black Sabbath, who pretty much invented metal; the punk sensibility of somebody like Suicidal, who basically put that gangbanger style from Venice, California into the game; and the speed and the precision of Slayer, one of my favourite groups and always will be.

Trapped in purgatory
A lifeless object, alive
Awaiting reprisal
Death will be their acquisition

The sky is turning red
Return to power draws near
Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears
Abolish the rules made of stone

Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, now ornaments bleeding above

Awaiting the hour of reprisal
Your time slips away

Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure I now reign in blood

My sinful glare at nothing holds thoughts of death behind it
Skeletons in my mind commence tearing at my sanity
Vessels in my brain carry death until my birth
Come and die with me forever
Share insanity

Do you want to die?

The waves of blood are rushing near, pounding at the walls of lies
Turning off my sanity, reaching back into my mind
Non-rising body from the grave showing new reality
What I am, what I want, I'm only after death

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Body Count Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 Comments
  1. Ronald Darby

    Excellent my love it iced tea you FUCKING rock hellyeah excellent that's all I can say I love it

  2. Empty Brain


  3. Brian Ellinger

    Cj is a filthy crook.
    Who would make his grandmother cry

  4. Chad Dobish

    I'm 50 this year, this is the best I ever seen! Ice T rules!

  5. MiKel & CuGGa

    killer shit

  6. Mark Boyd

    This does more positive for race relations than any politician could accomplish. I love Ice-T.

  7. jacktheflipper

    As a proud WHite man this is pretty FUCKIN GOOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Brettskie075

    Like it and sounds great but don't Butcher the Lyrics! Show a little Respect to that at least. Ice Man always talks about Respect well WTF?

  9. Carl Paolo Burce

    Oh man, why did i just saw this GREAT!!! Super Awesome 👍🏼👏🏼🍻

  10. HellAwaits 666

    Excuse me.
    That's fake

  11. David Miranski

    Not that i Need no ExpLanation

  12. Steven Catolster

    nobody forgot, Ice-T did a colab with them on the Judgement Night soundtrack!

  13. dem dschungelkönig sein kanal

    I was sceptical, but wow, great version.

  14. chicken in a breadpan

    immeasurably good!!

  15. Admin


  16. Admin

    holly shit!! \m/ holly shit!! \m/ yeahhhhh!!!

  17. Brian J. Musick

    T'is The Metal that binds us all!

  18. Cole Vick

    I wish Mike Tyson did the last part. That might get Ice T into the Rock and roll hall of fame....if hes not in there already

  19. eldiablonollora

    Muy bueno

  20. Wayne Townsend

    My local rock stations promos run something like "Join us Friday night for the best in rock, punk, heavy metal, and old school hip hop." I don't know a single metal head that won't throw down with Ice T. \m/ Someone nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

  21. HighSpeedEnthusiast

    That mood was just a little bit different in the studio that day...

  22. Atlantis Toy and Hobby


  23. Mark Farrow

    Fucking wow .. great cover

  24. Dimitris Tsinarian

    they were influenced by black sabbath slayer and suicidal tendencies . how can this band go wrong?

  25. Neil Moneymaker

    Yeah man Ice-T or Body Count, are some badass, well-rounded musicians. I bet, if they got the notion to do it, could cover Hank Williams Jr. and sound fucking amazing covering him.

  26. Андрей Московский

    ебать им попотеть пришлось!

  27. David Raul Miranda Oncoy

    Law & Order: UVE

  28. DiabolousSpiritus

    Damn!... THIS...WAS....FUCKING....AWESOME.....

  29. Sheyanne Sam

    I was skeptical about the band. But after hearing this cover.. fuck yea I love it.

  30. bongeggs

    2.2k that gave a thumbs down can eat a dick!

  31. Renzo Morales

    men ese ritmo

  32. Nolan Smolarz

    Death will be their aquittence*

  33. BackAlley KnifeFighter

    We need a Slayer cover album from Body Count.

  34. stop UFO fakes

    Them man are CRUSHING this tune 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  35. Bob Mills

    That was... SO GOOD!

  36. Master Disaster

    Ice and Body Count do this better than Slayer, never thought id ever say that but the proofs in the pudding, absolute crystal clear flawless execution of a song id say cannot be covered i was wrong wrong A plus aint a good enough grade to give here awesome thank you Crenshaw and Ernie C.

  37. Jair H Castillo

    Killer version. They did a great cover.

  38. JoeSena

    I like Slayer. I like Body Count. Yet somehow this was better than I expected.

  39. Marcos Antônio Pinto

    época otima

  40. Lars Larssen

    Лучший кавер на слэйеровские вещи!!!Айс-Ти крут!!!


    *Да вообще банда зачетная!*

  41. Jonathan Bucci

    They messed up the main riff and played it different from the original, besides that, good cover

    Zalu Skowsky

    C o v e r.! =C o p y

  42. art caz


  43. Ares

    Black Metal 🤘🏿 🤣

  44. MrNomad1978

    Damn! This fucking rules! I love Slayer, Ice T and Body Count!

  45. Anders Johansson

    Skitbra Ice-T! Greetings from Sweden.

  46. Adam Drucker

    Judas priest are the metal gods not black sabbath

  47. Alan Long

    Awesome cover 🤘

  48. Mike Hunt

    Nearly 30yrs BODYMOTHERFUCKINCOUNT !!! OG thrash.

  49. 505 Booker 2049384

    Oh shit 😄

  50. vitor

    Plot twist: Ice-T is a better Tom Araya than the actual Tom Araya

  51. mose david

    Pretty fuckin great

  52. Sunn of Doom

    Always thought Ice T was "just another rapper". Then THIS video dropped on me. I was glued to the edge of my seat, diggin' the metal. Had no freakin' CLUE! Instant fan. Went out a bought a Body Count world tour tee shirt! Willie is a gas. Imagine bumping into him at a coffee shop. "What do you do for work"? "I'm a lead guitarist in a heavy metal band", would NOT be the answer I was expecting!

  53. Spencer W

    This is great

  54. Rappa P

    How about doing something original, he can't, copy cat bitch.

  55. Raphael Fritzler

    Nailed it!! 🤘⚔️

  56. Cody Bryson

    Fuck yeah BODY COUNT BADASS!!!

  57. Cody Bryson


  58. LatisARG

    daft punk Giorgio Moroder intro

  59. mridul sagar

    "Gangbanger style" ... umnm are you sure its not headbeanger?

  60. Andrew Rentuaya

    Metal knows no race , no creed, no social status. It eats you alive and spits you out, a metalhead...

    frank bublitz

    Best said I've ever heard

    Andrew Rentuaya

    @frank bublitz mad love for these guys

    frank bublitz

    @Andrew Rentuaya blew me away first time I ever saw 'em. Fan for life.

    Andrew Rentuaya

    @frank bublitz wish they come to philippines..

  61. OrangeeTang

    That was a good fucking cover.

  62. Frederick Fokker

    Body Count, MUTHA FUCKAAAH!

  63. Sandra M

    This is effin awesome!!

  64. Josh Jackson

    I remember when Ice-T and slayer did a song together on the Judgment Night soundtrack way back in early to mid 90's. All of the songs were rap and metal mixes with famous groups.

  65. west coast truth addict

    I call appropriation 😂😂😂😂

  66. Ander Oliveira

    O cover mais lindo que vi na minha vida!


    Great , Greta, Best. So Great. The Best Hip Hop on The Best Band of Thrash Metal Body Count and Slayer.

  68. bill johnson

    I hate this guys voice even when he talks sounds like a ignorant bitch just like ice cube why cant they just go away

  69. Snowflake CA

    Slaytanic recording.

    Snowflakes beware, Slayer & Body Count fills the air.

  70. Anthony Hunt

    ALWAYS A FAN OF BODY COUNT. Always remember hip hop metal and hardcore punk respected each other no segregation on our people

  71. Heinrich Himmler

    Thrash metal sucks ass.

  72. Ryan R.

    Just now seeing this?? Wtf.. it's actually better than Slayer! haha

  73. David Walter

    Been a big Body Count fan since day 1. All I can say is , man they really nailed this one. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  74. Andrew H

    When the brothers do Slayer better than Slayer! Hells to the yes

    tone 503

    What??!! Never, imitated but never duplicated, they did nail it tho but come on man

  75. Roy Evans

    Fucking awesome

  76. Evi Vitriani Larasati

    wah mantab bang

  77. Spyro Vapes

    Why does Ice T’s voice remind me of James Hetfeild a little bit? Might be because of my headphones but when he first started on Raining Blood I wasn’t expecting this.

  78. Niko The Arms Dealer

    I never realized I needed to hear T cover this until now.

  79. Nicolas xshenglongfirex

    i respect ice-t and body count

  80. drpepper03

    Suicidal Tendencies weren't punk...they are thrash metal. Any true metal head and punker knows that!

  81. Rico Salvaje

    They did a great job.

  82. Gravel Voice LLC

    Slayed it!!

  83. DRX30

    A whole new meaning to Blackened Thrash. Although it's thrash metal but i'm sure you guys get the joke

  84. rob m

    Wrong lyrics

  85. Pig Skill

    it s raining blood

  86. JustusGregorius

    Acquisition? It's acquiescence.

    Daniel Treadwell

    It's ammunition


    @Daniel Treadwell nope.

  87. victor du


  88. Jon Brackin

    2.1K people ain't metal.

  89. Jesse Rapkin

    the looks on the drummer's face and the intensity of the singer during Postmortem....That is exactly what SLAYER does to you!! Undeniable every time you hear it.

  90. Robert Valentine

    \m/ He'll yeah!

  91. ShadowOfDeath24

    "Raining in blood".????? wtf...its Raining Blood

  92. sarzi Zainuddin

    The best Slayer cover ever

  93. Choose A Better Name

    Ernie C is a crossover thrash/punk legend \m/

  94. Carlos Lopes


  95. Christian Eliasson

    unexpected metal greatness, saw them live at wacken this year \m/

  96. Delhi Delirium

    ´ IIIICE !!!!! Explain how a bunch of bros are able to spontaneously plug in in the studio and play Slayer songs much more aggressively/convincingly than the latter have for the last couple years ? `

  97. Fookin Spork

    I showed this to my ex when we were still dating and it completely blew her mind that Ice T was a metalhead and had a band

  98. TolerancEJ

    So cool!