Body Count - No Lives Matter Lyrics

It's unfortunate that we even have to say 'Black Lives Matter', I mean, if you go through history nobody ever gave a fuck. I mean, you can kill black people in the street, nobody goes to jail, nobody goes to prison. But when I say 'Black Lives Matter' and you say 'All Lives Matter', that's like if I was to say 'Gay Lives Matter' and you say 'All Lives Matter'. If I said, 'Women's Lives Matter' and you say 'All Lives Matter', you're diluting what I'm saying. You're diluting the issue. The issue isn't about everybody. It's about black lives, at the moment

But the truth of the matter is... they don't really give a fuck about anybody, if you break this shit all the way down to the low fucking dirty-ass truth

We say that 'Black Lives Matter'
Well truthfully they really never have
No one ever really gave a fuck
Just read your bullshit history books
But honestly it ain't just black
It's yellow, it's brown, it's red
It's anyone who ain't got cash
Poor whites that they call trash

They can't fuck with us
Once they realise we're all on the same side
They can't split us up
And let them prosper off the divide
They can't fuck with us
Once they realise we're all on the same side
They can't split us up
And let them prosper off the divide

Don't fall for the bait and switch
Racism is real, but not it
They fuck whoever can't fight back
But now we gotta change all that
The people have had enough
Right now, it's them against us
This shit is ugly to the core
When it comes to the poor
No lives matter

America's always been
A place that judge my skin
And racism is real as fuck
Ain't no way to play that off
And in the eyes of the law
Black skin has always stood for poor
This is basic shit
They know who they fucking with

They can't fuck with us
Once they realise we're all on the same side
They can't split us up
And let them prosper off the divide
They can't fuck with us
Once they realise we're all on the same side
They can't split us up
And let them prosper off the divide

Don't fall for the bait and switch
Racism is real, but not it
They fuck whoever can't fight back
But now we gotta change all that
The people have had enough
Right now, it's them against us
This shit is ugly to the core
When it comes to the poor
No lives matter

You never see them pulling rich people out of their cars in their neighbourhoods, because they know they got lawyers. They know they'll sue their ass. They can tell who to fuck with. Unfortunately, black or brown skin has always meant poor. They're profiling you kid. They know you can't fight back. But we about to

[News Reports:]
Investigators say they are reviewing body camera and dashcam video of Tuesday's shooting. Police say that Keith Lamont Scott did have a gun in his hand when an officer shot him. But a new picture of the scene shows something at Scott's feet. A source tells our Charlotte affiliate it may be a gun, but people in the neighbourhood say the father of four was holding a book instead

Officer Vinson was in plain clothes when the shooting happened. He was not wearing a body worn camera. But we are told that three other officers wore theirs. The department is under increasing pressure to release police videos from the shooting. But the police chief says he will not do that right now because of the investigation

(Listen to me. This shit is deeper than racism)

Don't fall for the bait and switch
Racism is real, but not it
They fuck whoever can't fight back
But now we gotta change all that
The people have had enough
Right now, it's them against us
This shit is ugly to the core
When it comes to the poor
No lives matter

This shit is ugly to the core
When it comes to the poor
No lives matter

This shit is ugly to the core
When it comes to the poor
No lives matter

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Body Count No Lives Matter Comments
  1. RusShiro

    u cant fight back u aint in power

  2. RusShiro

    at this point only money matters

  3. Abel

    To all you dislikes

  4. dkyelak

    00:58 only 3 strings WTF?

  5. Adoknight Mobile

    The flow is a bit off but this is a good attempt and awesome message! Let's get everyone on the same page

  6. baddbradd89

    If black lives matters, then practice it

  7. Ben Cook

    This has to be one of the dirtiest riffs i've heard in a long time. can't get enough. Fucking rips.

  8. Nonya Buzines

    Ice t killa

  9. Nonya Buzines

    Coco killa

  10. Bodenlose Dosenhose

    When the beginning monologue is more sensible than anything you hear on TV, radio and podcasts.

  11. Gehtdich Nixan

    comerade Ice T is totaly right ....

  12. Nonya Buzines

    Its angels vs demons

  13. Tony Viner

    Workers of the world, unite!

    Read the World Socialist Web Site: wsws org

    Don't play identity politics. It's a losing game.

  14. SuperGreenqueen

    sick song

  15. G Buz


  16. John Rice

    The only color anyone cares about is green.

  17. Jimmy David

    Oh, T... You were going so well, dude. And then you lost a perfectly good chance to shut up and sound smart. That intro is the dumbest word salad ever. Of course *all lives matter,* and trying to erase that in order to focus on just one race, color or etnicity is exactly what we must fight. Because *that* is what racism is all about: to believe that, somehow, you're a special case! By now i guess it's easy to see that *anybody* can be a stupid racist, be him black or white, therefore nobody should be considered a "protected species" by default.

  18. Christopher Spearrin


  19. E-roc

    I love Body Count!! Listened to them as a kid, always about fucked up shit in society and its true!!! We ALL NEED TO BAND TOGETHER!!! WE ARE STRONG UNITED! LOVE BEATS ALL!!! Peace y’all!!

  20. Oscar Vanneste

    Fucking hard lyrics, goddamn!

  21. Zalan Filip

    Any idea how he gets the bass guitar sounding so fat in the breakdown?

  22. Immortal -SIN_21

    This song is like a Haymaker straight to the jaw. A K.O. Punch of Reality. Shit still relevant today.

    And Believe or not this is what makes a Rock Song. Rock was originally about sticking it to the man and presenting to the world a message that higher powers that be don't want you to see. This is real rock and that's why the song hits so damn hard.

  23. Philippe Cirse

    Good for Hellfest ....
    Next! _________

  24. Cody Bryson


  25. Cnut

    what is this ice T is bangin

  26. Taskerofpuppets

    You got it right Ice-T. None of us fuk’n matter these days. Speaking candid blunt truths.

  27. Chuck Abbate

    The powers that be use the blue line for their own means...

  28. Eyþór Árni Úlfarsson

    There has never been more truth than this
    This is the thruth

  29. Will Cisneros

    Holy shit ,,,,2020 we all matter let's are shit together love you all

  30. Marco Angioni

    This fucking rocks!

  31. Not Sure

    Don't let them divide and conquer us. I know there are people from the left and the right reading this. The oligarchs make us powerless by making us hate each other. As long as this guy calls you a Nazi and you call him a commie, we stay powerless. Everybody just fighting over what color of leash we all wear.

  32. Krymz

    if rage against the machine has a estranged twin brother, this is it.

  33. Adah BombDon

    This song is fuckin hype, love it

  34. frick poo

    sadly blk lives dont matter to other blks. thats why we laugh at the term.

  35. Chamir - KF Records

    badass hook riff!! always loved body count

  36. JackyDOS

    my fucking ass is white my hair is eyes are browmgreen. how is now this ...

  37. Derzelas05

    it was always like this, the ritch rooling class had the right to kill you, rape your woman, send your sons to war, make us kill eatch other while prospering from it. It is sad that after milenia of doing this, they still get away with it. Just give it a couple of more years till we will have machines that will work instead of us, we will become obsolete and the ritch will exterminate us like the vermin they think we are...

  38. Alejandro Mata

    Let’s forget for a minute that racism isn’t an honest conversation and that people declaring racism are many times racist themselves or just down right full of PC BS.
    When I get down to my dirty ass truth, it’s all about coalitionism instead of racism. I will never love or hate or care one way or the other about anyone solely based on color, race, creed, or anything else that designed to put you in a little box. Now if I know you personally and you are of a good character or even of useful character bad or good, then that is a different story. The real truth is there are only two real races in this world, predator and prey, and normally they are interchangeable, some days you may be a lion others a gazelle without even knowing it. In the end no lives matter but the dangerous thing with poor people is that at a certain point the ends start justifying many means. I know mine will.

  39. Fk12 FKmassIncarceration

    #Fk12FkMassIncarceration #ProtectAndServeNotKillAndKidnap

  40. Fk12 FKmassIncarceration

    Finally somebody who put into words what my heart, NO MY SOUL FEELS!

  41. Timothy Duffy

    Look, Ice t, I been a fan of body count for awhile, I first seen you at oakland coliseum in 1992 during the metallica/guns and roses tour. However, I wouldn't be a brother to you unless I point this out. You're getting fooled like the rest of us when it comes to politics. In my own point of view not only is all of Christianity a religious cult but also all politicians, both Democrat and Republican, and all of their pet movements are political cults designed to have everybody fight each other from the moral majority who had to change their name to the Christian coalition because they are such corrupt pieces of shit, themselves, to the feminist movement and unfortunately black lives matter. Black lives matter may tell politicians how you feel so that they can ignore it but it does nothing to bring everybody together to fight their real enemy which is corrupt government. Indeed, both the democrats and republicans should've went the way of Mussolini a long time ago with their dead carcasses being pissed on and dragged throughout the streets of Washington D.C. The remedy for this? start the egalitarian movement where everybody divorces themselves from these designed to fail movements and defend each others rights and freedoms by simply ganging up on Government as one huge United front that's coming at these motherfuckers like a tidal wave. For example, whenever police abuses happen to blacks gather in front of them like what happened during the LA riots where they are going to have to retreat to insure a longer life for themselves and chase them out of there with whatever weapon you can get a hold of. Whenever women get fucked with back them up by encouraging them to beat the fuck out of their attackers and to take no shit, not even from other women, as well as fighting in battle side by side with them. And with every race, creed and culture in this movement, back each other the fuck up and take no prisoners. After all, the only way you can have your rights and freedoms is if you freely give these things to others-and then attack the motherfuckers that threaten your rights and freedoms by having you fight against one another to keep from uniting to overthrow these cocksuckers as you should. As such, the first thing the egalitarian movement should get together to do is fight government corruption. For this, get together with to learn how. Otherwise, Mr. Ice t, please consider starting such a movement and keep it up with the metal to spread such ideas throughout the world so that it becomes a cancer that specifically kills government corruption and tyranny. Good luck old friend, I'll be rooting for you as well as doing my part. Otherwise, it's time to turn things up-all the way up!

  42. John's auto LLC the mechanic doctor

    I love this band ice t your great man

  43. AlLaST0I2

    How come there's no censorship here?

  44. iking311

    The only man that can smoke both HIPHOP and METAL = ICE T

  45. ƒøø1

    Damn, i didnt think someone else thought like me. I've been saying no lives matter for ever now.

  46. Guy

    This music video must have cost about $200

  47. rustybuttpate

    In 1992 I got arrested after drinking too much. Me screaming the lyrics of FUCK THA POLICE was actually entered in the court record lol.

  48. KretinzUnited

    We love bodycount and bodycount loves you ❕🤟🏿🤟🏻🤟

  49. BahamutEx

    sadly super on point

  50. James Butler

    Right down to the nitty gritty point. You are so right, Ice T.

  51. Brandon Wooldridge

    Ice T is preaching some real truth

  52. Westley Rangen

    This s*** has me heated as f*** anyways it's been like what I'm going to be conservative and say that it's been five years since the shooting of Trayvon Martin which was some b******* yeah but all lives do f****** matter dude just because you're black and you've had it rough will guess what I'm white I've had it rough I know tons of white new tooth out it rough it's rough all over like they used to say in the 50s quit f****** crying so much get a job or how about better yet take your f****** some and go down to Martin Luther King and Lake Mead in Las Vegas and start singing it and try to unify people quit doing it for YouTube platform it's whack your whack f*** you iced tea

  53. Westley Rangen

    He shows pictures of police brutality things like that what is not showing is these little lost Wanna Be g********** running around f****** robbing people constantly I mean this s*** happens I live in the 3.5% million City Las Vegas and I've never seen a white kid pulled a gun out on someone and be like give me your fucken wallet but I've seen at least 20 black kids do it and I seen a black kid stabbed a man in his neck for his f****** phone it's been two hundred years of slavery get your act together

  54. Westley Rangen

    Most rich dudes are black what a moron if he's looking for class war well once we win blacks have supremacy thus restarts the sick system

  55. Jeffrey Freeman

    No “black” lives no “gay” lives but Ice T/BC matters!

  56. Holly Stuart

    This is what we need Thank you for doing this. I was hoping you would all come together. To bring us together
    .stop the division, because we need to stand together. Don't let them win!! 💓💕💔💕💓

  57. Travis DTSiNtheist

    Best explicitly RIGHT TRUTH EVER!

  58. Steve Martino


  59. Verce Jovcevska DA PLEYERS

    Uhh im so tired of this bullshit

  60. Harvest Their Bodies Official

    hell yeah!

  61. Sebastián Palominos Labra

    Chile October 2019 - , Police forces are shooting to our eyes, beating people to death, always protecting the rich and criminalizing the poor, for the President and the socio-economical/political elite. No lives matter.

    E Fox

    Thanks to social media I’ve been able to see some of the crimes against humanity they’re doing to the peaceful protesters in Chile. Your fight inspires us in the US to stand up to our oppressive regime no matter the cost. We’re afraid of being killed by our Military Police. They’ve brought real bullets to our protests in the past, now they try to do this shit in secret away from the public eye. There are secret blacksite prisons where people are being tortured, mostly blacks, and the only one that became public knowledge is in Chicago, but there are many many more. They’re starting to use high-tech weapons on us when we protest that are inhumane as fck, and lots of people end of dead after getting detained by police.
    It’s clear both of our governments fear us.

    You’re an inspiration to us and many other countries that are watching. Don’t forget that. We’ll join you in the fight some day very soon.

    Sebastián Palominos Labra

    @E Fox Thank you for your kind words, we're very proud to see our brothers on USA taking the fight to the streets and using our fight as a example to show the world that enough is enough. It is clear that both of our goverments fear us, the people, but at the same time they give a fck about our lives, if they can erase us from the map, better that way.

    Now I see a lot of similatiries in both situations, here the police is trained and has been formed as a military police (hundreds of files has been leaked from the police inteligence, they have a record of all the activists, and they've been taking them out of their houses and beating them or just imprisoning them without evidence), for the curfew they put military on the street, people have been shot and then burned inside supermarkets to make it happen as an accident. Currently the protest is alive on the street, but police is far more violent than ever, they're shooting tear pumps to the head of people (one girl has been left blind, another kid is in coma). People has been protesting around areas of
    people have protested in areas where people of high social status meet (like malls) and and have been physically and verbally attacked by the "rich"; we've been told to "go back to our shitholes". Currently President (dictator) Piñera has been lying on the COP25 marking the riots as an ourbust of criminal violence, even though when there is looting police doesn't do anything,
    in this way the government can manipulate public opinion by lying by the press to obtain approval from the masses and boost their political agenda.

    Sadly USA is obviously supporting Piñera, because we have always been the backyard for American governments (see Chicago Boys and Pinochet). But the people in Chile make the distinguishment between the people that fight on USA and the oppresive goverment. We are with you, we have you on our minds and our brothers in Latin America too.

    It's time to fight back, let the flame ignite!

  62. Robin

    There is no excuse for this musical illiteracy.


    Robin yeah.... most people can’t handle the truth thrown up in their face.

    It’s okay, we understand. Now go crawl back in your safe suburbia neighborhood and stay ignorant.

    The rest of us got this shit


    @blackeneds0ul An uneducated wordy black man has truth? Maybe he can fix Africa with it?

  63. Bruno Severs

    Hip hop lyrics on heavy metal music... Is this Heaven ?

  64. ซาง สูง


  65. tava ramirez

    Ice is always relevant, and he is always right!!! We should listen to him and unite.

  66. Patrick Monden

    Time to cash in again, right ice!? , man I'm sick of shit from the likes of you...

  67. ซาง สูง


  68. ซาง สูง

    THEM IS USA BS CRAP!!!!!!!TELL EM T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Jae Dorrance

    In order, it's Capitalism, which is linked to White Supremacy - "Racism is real, but not it".

  70. Richard Kindle

    I don't think there was any truer words spoken

  71. Markcello

    Yeah! Saludos desde Chile!

  72. David Streit

    Great fucking song, love the intence drummer

  73. David Streit

    You are icecold T!

  74. jeff pallaro

    The shitty thing is no lives matter when you have for the day.

  75. jeff pallaro

    Black lives matter. They do. But........ contrary to what everyone doesn't get is. We are all human. So treat people like you want to be treated aye.

  76. karasawa21797


  77. Jeremy and Michelle Devereux

    I love Body Count generally, but not this one. Music is decent, but the message is deceptively anti-white. Tired of getting preached at my millionaires no matter what democraphic they pretend to be from.

  78. Lonewolf Vicious

    I have a new found respect for this man now #salute

  79. R Brian Parker

    No, normally I'd agree with you but no... ALL lives matter. To point out one life over another is putting priority on any particular race or religion or creed or sexuality. ALL lives matter. I understand where you're coming from but you also need to understand where those of us that feel no one should be oppressed, taken advantage of, etc., feel. ALL lives matter, Ice. It's not about black, white, gay, straight, etc.... there are wrongs that have been done and they are a matter for ALL of us to take of. To say BLACK lives matter is the victimize one group when there is far more to it than that.

  80. Clio Duczyk

    If there is NO water nomore AND oxygene air,..............who'lives does not matter?

  81. tengu190

    Very RATM

  82. Marcel Lehmann

    War is forever , AS long AS we pay for it .

  83. Dawn Bringer

    When poor white people defend the system it has always boggled my mind. I do not understand at all why you would defend the police but the most I can figure is some fellow white men, a group of which I am a part of feel that even if we're poor and live in a cardboard box then some black dude has to live in a soggy cardboard box.

    The police are not there for us, and I'm referring to pretty much every white person who has bills they have trouble paying. the police are there for little more than to essentially behave as the pinkerton guard protecting corporations from labor organizators aka RABBLE and thieves. Do you really give a shit if the super market is a victim of shopifting? They factor that shit into their cost of business. I'm not saying shoplifting is OK, or I endorse it I'm just saying I don't feel sorry for the corporations who are the victims of it.

    Especially because when they catch people it goes on their permanent record and their lives get fucked 10 years up the road.. when they're trying to be productive citizens and have finally "Grown up."

    Which did more damage, a couple hundred dollars in merchandize or the fact that some of the victims of the justice system cannot get hired, they cannot get promoted to management, etc they have their reputations permanently destroyed, etc. all because of one petty crime not even adding up to a 1000 bucks in damages- they've lost far more than the shoplifting victims did.

    Mya Buttreeks

    You nutted it out. 10 Years for petty crimes means the state loses a shit ton more then if they were rehabilitated.

  84. Lankey Bastard

    As someone who grew up hungry and alone I can vouch. If you ain't got money, or are willing to hurt people to get it, no one gives a fuck.

  85. john gillespie

    the only employee allowed to kill his employer, something very wrong there.

  86. Brian M.

    Race, Gender, Gender ID, if we aren't the rich white male establishment.... Thank you Body Count. Somehow I didn't hear this song till tonight and its everything. BTW I saw you guys at City Gardens in '92

  87. Dc Krow

    Ice Tea is a Trump supporter.

  88. Mr Burgess

    Despite being only 13%.............

    You know the rest.

    xxx xxx

    Yes i know the rest, your a racist POS. Hopefully your racist ass gets shot


    @xxx xxx Stats are racist now? That's weird but okay. By the way, it's funny how you wish he gets shot and the thing is he wasn't even racist.

    xxx xxx

    @pacxam11 those stats dont counter in the fact of white supremacy, so its a false arguement also, the 13% is a nazi Dog whistle claim.

  89. Max Deville

    this song blows me down


    Racist exist they are black and brown yellow white. So i agree with just ignore it its separates us. Think it was Morgan Freeman that said race isnt a concern just ignore it. Im an organ donor i don't give a fuck if I die and a black Asian white or anyone can use it take it . We have to admit we are homospaipiens

  91. Josh Cain

    Tupac said it back in the day, "they don't give a f+_k about us" .the behavior of police towards the American people speaks volumes about the way those in powerful positions view the public in general. They maintain a position that assumes guilt and criminality against anyone not in law enforcement, in any and all situations they behave based on imaginary danger. During a traffic stop you are not an individual, and you have no rights should the officer wish to take them. They believe that they have to control the "stop" which means you, by any means necessary, if you don't obey everything they say with a smile then you are attempting to control their stop! Your being and existence becomes theirs. It's their stop, their scene, their responsibility. Never trust a person who can and will use everything you say and do against you in court and doesn't mention it untill your cuffed and headed to a cage. Never trust someone who has qualified immunity and claims to walk a thin line. Never let someone with body armor on claim to be sacrificing, never believe someone who considers his own safety first is laying his life down for you. How can someone say the Miranda rights over and over and not hear it themselves. They don't say they might, they say can and will be used against you. So no matter what you say, they will use it against you. Because they are , what , for you...

  92. Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    All lives matter this isn't about race white s get arrested a lot and Black s Facts 2019 look up the prison population that's the truth In God's eyes all live matter Tho shall not kill why badges are tarnished

  93. Joel Anderson Todingkulla

    Madd Dogg meets Metal.

  94. Jimmy Shelton


  95. Guilherme Arruda

    Great Work.

  96. Louis Lingg and the Bombs

    oh yeah! Right on!

  97. Scott Young

    White lives matter.

  98. Farshid Rodsari

    Makes me wanna fight

  99. Jerimiah Gentry

    3.6k people are sending thoughts and prayers.

  100. Angel

    Black guns and rifles matter