Body Count - Civil War Lyrics

This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security. In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared Martial Law. Curfew is now in place. Return to your homes. Any congregating of two or more people outside of your homes will result in you being arrested on sight. Anyone possessing a firearm or any item or instrument that can be used as a weapon will be deemed an enemy of the state and will be arrested on sight. UN peacekeeping garrisons have severed all data transmissions and telephone communications for national security. Any violation of martial law will result in immediate arrest and trial for treason. All traitors will be shot. America is now engaged in civil war.
(Civil war)

It's already started, maybe too late to stop
It's already on, they shooting the cops
They pushing the line, racism is high
The country's divided, you know the fuck why
The press of the pull, and push of the truth
The public is dumb, delusional youth
Our leaders are evil, lie after lie
The public is armed, and ready to die
(Ready to die)

(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
Rich or poor, urban war
Shit might just jump off tonight
(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
This shit is true
Coming soon to a town near you

They don't care about nothing, just personal gain
These politicians wouldn't mind a war, motherfuck your pain
Cops are killing people and never do time
And I heard we killing each other like that ain't no crime
I'm feeling the tension, don't tell me you don't
These fools will get us all killed, don't tell me they won't
There's guns on the streets, it's already too late
The net's overloaded with pure racial hate
Depressed, just instigate, they love a fight
Don't give a fuck about who gets hurt just do that night
They tryin' twist the problem like it's white and black
But if you come to shoot me, yo I'm shooting back

(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
Rich or poor, urban war
Shit might just jump off tonight
(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
This shit is true
Coming soon to a town near you

(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
Rich or poor, urban war
Shit might just jump off tonight
(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
This shit is true
Coming soon to a town near you

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Body Count Civil War Comments
  1. Kyle Jones

    Boogaloo OST

  2. Slick Rickster

    Dave's solo melted my face...

  3. Terry Tyler

    work together and love eachother win together or beware! there are many enemies we have lots of cash lets win or die

  4. One Doomed Spacemarine

    I think I've found a new favorite.

  5. joe mahma



  6. Matt Norris

    two queers dont make a white

  7. Joseph Gangloff

    Fucking ice tea!!!!



  9. uppishcub1

    easily the best song on the album

  10. Lost Forevermore

    This is awesome shit brah

  11. uppishcub1

    amazing song, i love it

  12. uppishcub1

    this is a pretty /k/ song


    The cops aren't the good guys, they're the enforcers of the filthy rich, who keep the rest of the world on their knees, and this shit started back at 9/11, law enforcement and national security has gone through the roof, and your freedom is just a word, and democracy is a joke, your vote means nothing, so what's the purpose of the government.

  14. joeri gielen

    Yep....pure Dave Mustaine solo

  15. Pam M

    Absolutely Love This Collab With Ice-T & Dave Mustaine. 💯🔥

  16. Jon Taylor

    If you dont listen to the intro $$!! And know. Than Fuck you!!!

  17. DEATHMANIAK' SicNDaHead 781

    Nice Love megadeth n body count

  18. cheesy memes

    When a Dave gets a n word pass

  19. Edward Clarno

    Hell fucking yes!!!

  20. Joseph Santiago

    Oh fuck! That sounds like a Peace Sells era solo.

  21. When i became the sun..

    Listen to ice t...he knows

  22. Nikki Diamond

    The public is armed and ready to die! 🤘🏽
    I know that's right!

  23. Pierre Delecto Jr

    Nobody is gonna get extra raspberries

  24. joe mahma


  25. Hanski Islander

    Oivaa toimintaa

  26. Mariano P

    No shooting peaple neweeer neweeer no Racizm 😖 😖

  27. Marko Visić


  28. Panik Attack

    Clean pickups

  29. mj jordan

    No mercy remember

  30. Tom Pow

    This is irresponsible.

  31. Jeffrey Rose II

    This is the best metal band that not enough people are listening to

  32. Baldrick The dung spreader

    This song is more relevant in Europe now than it ever was

  33. Yavuz Artx

    Daamn dat solo.This is good old Dave.
    And all song is fucking monster! Good job!

  34. Maruchan Chiken

    I just came here for 3:13

  35. joeHarem

    The music's good. I like the rebel attitude, too. But don't get people's hopes up about the revolution. We're too lazy right now.

    inmydarkesthour 22

    Too spoiled....

  36. Jason, Christopher Capps

    JASON Society Ancient Aliens Vortex's Matrix StairwaysTo Heaven Or Hell Niburu Annnunikie pleadaains Hybrid Nations JCC One world Religions Jason ism

  37. Tony Sammons

    Cop killer and talk shit get shot

  38. Zie Winston

    🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 we love Dave Scott Mustaine !!!

  39. Mattley Crue

    You little bastards are missing the entire point of the song. It's about a second American civil war and it's not a fucking joke.

  40. Global Sacrifice


  41. matt koller

    might be in top 20 best metal bands of all time

    matt koller

    holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. matt koller

    body count fuckin rocks!

  43. JT Grogan

    That's the best Mustaine solo in years

  44. Vegeta Solo

    Johnny Depp brought me here


    And let him take you out.😂🤣

  45. Lt. Magnum

    I am surprised Mustaine would collab with him. He is a born-again Christian.

  46. DAlienzombie

    Ride on dem, ride... Tactics will win. Make the KKK and the AC<->AB terrorist organization of selfjustice, not brouhgt up by selfjustice. 13x12 187
    R. I. P.
    Brothers on the mercenary field

  47. Derek Liehr

    Does anyone realize Ice-T is 60 years old ?? How hard core is that ? You go Ice !

  48. Astarte Astaroth

    I wish they go for slower, heavier black metal \ rap


    I don't think black metal/rap would fit Ice-T very well.

  49. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Dudes really? Where are real megadeth fans? Its dave mustaine making the solo i guess he used to play the solo he did on she wolf live at rude awakening

  50. Allen Rizzo

    This song is so true of what is happening in our country

  51. KsE

    This song kick major ass Dave and T great job guy

  52. Fer soga

    estan entre los 10 mejores grupos de metal de la historia

  53. Cory Garrett

    Wow. Those riffs are awesome. So much melody and groove in them. If you can sing the riff you got something good

  54. Robert Lee

    T is rapping to metal music that's all Dave is a metal God . I use to like body count but now that I'm older I don't like there music

    The crap lord Sell

    Robert Lee Than why are you here

  55. Edson Pena

    dave mustaine e ice t cool

  56. TheMadarhorsev

    fuck the fokin warr piggs ufokin s a...BODY MF COUNT ,YOU FOKIN SONS OF A WHOREEEEE \\\ yeahnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Chris Autenrieth

    Amazing Song! He has the pulse of America! He knows that there is blind stupid on both the right and the left! Omg then a Mustaine Solo!! Ice-T and Dave for President

  58. Gary Meyers

    Your ear that Obama ? !!!


    Dave Mustaine SVU !

  60. Paul Stettler

    Ice t is a bad ass old man now...hes the hippest o.g. metal head ...he represents the truth...i dont think i ever heard ice t lie about nothing...he speaks the truth..he tells it like it is...just like donald t would of made a great vice president of the u.s.a. 6 in the morning and im listening 2 six in the morning drinking my grandmas ice t... Word

  61. Ben Craddock

    Always loved body count but fuck they get better and better

  62. Old School

    That sounds a lot like what Mustaine wrote on his United Abominations album or the song Dance in the Rain. When the people rise up against it's out of control government it's a revolution not a civil war. A civil war is the people divided against themselves perpetuated by their government. Their are many traitors in America's government and Media but President Trump isn't one of them I can assure you. The deep state, the mainstream media, the 3 families that started the Federal Reserve and outside communist forces like George Soro's are the cause of the problems of political and racial strife. Along with the perversion of our children and education system.

  63. Douglas Mason

    I'm a hardcore metal head and I've watched ice t for yrs since he announced that he was starting a metal band at the end of his og album and they tried and at first they didn't really get it cuz let's face it when it comes to metal u either get it or u don't and now 30 plus yrs later ice motherfuckin t has put out one of the most badass thrash metal albums ever just check out all love is lost

  64. Stéphane Erbisti

    Dave's solo is from 3:09 to 3:47

  65. onecrazyasspanda

    Watch Mojo Top 10 Anime Collaborations

  66. Scottish Warrior

    N.W.O control system is already here!!!

  67. Tyler Dees

    Fucking awesome.

  68. Sam Dios Jerónimo

    Dave Mustaine es el puto amo!.

  69. Mestre Chris

    Dave transmitting in the beginning

  70. Luigi Cuneo

    Mustaine is for Trump... hangar 18 is started 😓

    Hans Wurst

    Luigi Cuneo with Hillary, this song would be reality (ice-t is a Trump supporter, too btw.)

  71. A Sandwich

    I was under the impression Dave was a die hard conservative. Either way, this song kicks ass.

  72. Tyler Dees


  73. Goddess Of Nightmares

    Dave killed this, so did Ice T this is a badass song! I also loved the beginning. Wow.

  74. joe hutt

    Megadeth (2004) The System Has Failed *Full Album* -- listen to this album all of it non believers ok and his solo,s are top

  75. joe hutt

    oh thats daves solo too non believers

  76. joe hutt

    ice -t is the boss, seen dave.m but fuck ice is got it goin on

  77. Michael DeTorrice


  78. Jorge Gordillo

    Sick ass fuck

  79. David Blackburne

    So damn true! Thanks for this post, this 61 year old says we need more of these!

  80. Dralis

    I know it's Dave's solo, but there is NO WAY he can play that clean, I've tabbed the solo out by ear for myself, it is WAAAY too difficult to be played that fast and that clean as it's on this song, I bet that Dave played it slowly, and it was sped up in post, I'm talking about the 3:37 part.

  81. ShredAddict 80

    Badass \m/

  82. Master Disaster

    Body Count be killing songs, im ADDICTED to replay on all of them.

  83. Tamás Czeti

    Beatifull solo. Thrash Meatl feeling! Beatutifull! Strong! : )

  84. mike Fitzhugh

    Funny... seeing how trump hates the U.N.

  85. buck baumann

    Yo T. BC should do a version of ST's "Join The Army".
    I'll rep it like I do the original.
    Because "black, white or brown it's all the same to me".
    Shit. Them riffs are off the hinges too!!!\m/

  86. Bruh Dudeson

    I was just listening to Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized” and saw that this other band had a song of the same name, nope it’s fucking Ice T and it’s a sort of a cover, I see the recommended, (ft Dave Mustaine), I knew Ice T was a Rapper but god damn this is better than I expected


    Lizard Overlord he has always loved rock and metal he said his favorite bands are black sabbath suicidal tendencies and slayer

  87. Juha Farin

    This is fuckin' awesome!!!!


    NOV 23 Seattle

  89. Chris Nolan for Cindy Crump

    terminal City ricochet. anyone.

  90. Marv E

    If u a Megadeth fan u should know who is who playing the solos.

  91. Mike MêgåDēãth

    loves megadeth with a passion. and now im loving body count. good work guys. any friend of mustaine is a friend of mine

  92. Karl Stonetwisted

    this album is so fucking awesome ,..loud and louder

  93. Leroy Najatahn

    I like the style of Body Count, but the lyrics confuse me. Maybe its because I'm white, but I get offended when people try the whole "white shaming" thing. But hell, what do I know XD!?


    This song isn't about "white shaming", though. I get more like... people on both sides are guilty of doing these things, and it's not going to lead to anything good, that's why he's not saying anything for any stance other than our leaders are corrupt, the rich are selfish, and news outlets thrive off the violence and death, which is true.

    John Balnis Sister

    TheKarret The message I get out of this is, the media and politicians are creating tensions between races through race baiting " the politicians are evil, lie after lie". We shouldn't be fighting one another, instead come together and fight the real enemy as mentioned above. " The delusional youth" are buying into the propaganda .


    Yep. He's gone on about that in the No Lives Matter song, too; with the "Don't fall for the bait and switch; racism is real, but not it. They fuck whoever can't fight back."

    Lenny Zefflin

    Ice-T is anti-white.


    No, Lenny, you're just anti-logic. Why would he have Dave Mustaine on this song? Why would he have a metal band, which is often deemed "white people music"? Why would he perform on tours with white people? Why would he star in a show with many white co-stars? Show me something he's said that's specifically anti-white.
    Acknowledging racists of all races are spewing their retarded shit is not anti-white; notice how he's not specifying any race as bad or good in this song. People on both sides are getting shot and killed - The Dallas cop shooter was black and wanted to kill white cops, yes, but on the flip side, the Charleston church shooter was white and wanted to start a fucking race war by killing black people while they were just in church.
    "They try and twist the problem, like it's white and black" - actual lyrics of this specific song. Sounds to me like he's anti-dumbshits whose words you're probably drunk on; spurring on racial hatred because they're weak-minded and scared little bitch babies.

  94. Robert Cubinelli

    Keep pushing the line....our leaders are evil to the marrow. Amerika did it once...the glorious American Revolution, Civil can do it again!!! When Americans get shitted on like in the times of King George, it will happen again...this time, Total Fire!!

    Vince Dunn

    Robert Cubinelli unfortunately the free republic lost in the civil war.
    Maybe next time we'll beat the shit out of the tyrants and take back our country!

  95. LOCKED & LOADED 100% !

    Soooooooooooooooooo FUCKING TRUE !!! BAD ASS SONG FULL OF TRUTH !!!! This ain't about race. It's wrong or right. I'm on the right. LOCKED AND LOADED !

  96. Vic Rattlehead

    Intro = Endgame

  97. Rick Jarvis

    Dave should solo like that for Megadeth. That sounds like old school Dave Mustaine!