Bobby Vee - More Than I Can Say Lyrics

Wo-oh yay yay
Love you more than I can say
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Wo-oh, love you more than I can say

Wo-oh yay yay
I miss you every single day
Why must my life be filled with sorrow
Wo-oh, love you more than I can say

Don't you know I need you so
Tell me please, I gotta know
Do you mean to make me cry
Am I just another guy

Wo-oh yay yay
Love you more than I can say
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Wo-oh, love you more than I can say

Don't you know I need you so
Tell me please, I gotta know
Do you mean to make me cry
Am I just another guy

Wo-oh yay yay
I love you more than I can say
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Wo-oh, love you more than I can say

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Bobby Vee More Than I Can Say Comments
  1. Lawrence Chew

    Love this song more than I can say! RIP Bobby Vee - and sing for us in heaven!

  2. banorock rock

    Cantor ovelha com a musica sem voce nao viverei

  3. christine downton

    That takes me back he had a nice voice

  4. andrew chan

    The best More Than I can Say, IT'S ORIGINAL, not like other COPY CAT !

  5. Walison Henrique

    Ou ou lê ei
    Sem você não viverei .....


    I always loved Bobby Vee and those great Ernie Freeman arrangements. Kudos to the Johnny Mann singers too !!

  7. tom munson

    I think Bobbie was way ahead of his time, he did live a long happy life, i hope?

    TB 7788

    tom munson yes absolutely. he got alzheimer’s that started getting serious around 2010/2011 and died in 2016. a true legend. glad i got to know him. the absolute nicest person i’ve ever met

  8. ภานุวัฒน์ พรมไทย

    My life matches this song😓

  9. Julie Zimmi

  10. Julie Zimmi

    I will make a cover soon! I would be happy if someone visits my channel!

  11. Julie Zimmi

    is the scene from a movie?


    Yes, it's from a movie. Can't remember which one.

  12. Ron Chrystal

    Such a lovely song great time to be alive Ron 70 Australia 2019 👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶

  13. Blue

    Good ol song!

  14. Isaac Gonzalez

    This song would actually be a very great house festival song. It is a great song and I wouldn’t mind hearing something like this at EDC or Ultra.

  15. Patty Farghaly

    My fav version and singer from way back.

  16. zorba nongreco

    sweet as sugar but with a tiny dash of lemon juice.classic pop at the dawn of the sixties.🐂💨💨💨💨

  17. Peggy Platter Hill

    What a dream boat... Always thought he was handsome even though he's older than my dad!

  18. zhu kevin

    So hes the original artist for this song?? Why did the otjer guy gets all the credits doe

  19. nazi chen

    Wow! Amazing voice.. feels like he has sang better than leo sayer

  20. Richard Khan

    Man I was a teen

  21. jetteboy


  22. João Vitor Azevedo

    Alô Ovelha, aquele abraço do Brasil

  23. superallye

    Was this a movie clip? If so it would be interesting to see. What is the title if it's a movie? :)

  24. Yan Staropolli

    Porra Ovelha

  25. Rebecca Jewell


  26. Johnny Mac

    I see a young Brenda Scott sitting to Bobby's right in the pink dress. She would have been about 17 years old then. She appeared in a lot of tv series in the 60's. A beautiful girl!

  27. Jimmy E

    I am getting to be a so called geezer. Just had a good friend who was a fellow geezer pass in December. I sure miss my early youth. My memory is weakening but still recall listening on my grandmas radio to the nightly count down.

  28. Barbara Pineda

    Hey Ricky nelson.i thought that you.sing this was also handson.too but Bob v.knock he's the longer you.

  29. Rungroch Srichamorn


  30. TheRickmast

    The gal in grey is William Shatner's wife in the TwiLight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"

  31. Cherry Cream

    My mum had this record I use to play it over and over again and I still like it

  32. Maddie's Secret Admirer

    What is the name of that girl in 0:51?

  33. Berit Samuelsson


  34. I wanna die

    plágio do ovelha saporra, só os br entende

  35. ChanKuan Lou

    Original version is better。

  36. Dakota Treasure Hunter

    I have to say that I like the Leo Sayer version better. He made it his own and added some edge to it.

  37. 09kittykatz09

    One of my Top Ten Artists of the '60's.

  38. Greg Palmer

    Leo Sayer slays this one.



  40. Cathie Lavarnway


  41. Ana Luiza

    Ouou eiei, sem você não viverei hahahahaahahahahahahagagagaga pqp

  42. David Jones

    Where have the years gone, brings back good feelings

  43. Ruth Boykin

    Oh yeah! Love this song, played it so many times at the Blue Bird Ice Cream Parlor or at the park bandstand. Memories, memories!

    Milton Moore

    These songs were
    so singable; even jerks like me could enjoy singing along to them!
    All this heavy metal, acid rock,
    grunge rock, etc.
    that is what the kids have offered
    to them today,
    is impossible to
    sing along to! And
    even with far less
    raucous and frenetic and ear-splitting "music,"
    the beautiful tunes are just not
    there. Google Vee
    on TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY & Gerry & Pacemakers on

  44. Milton Moore

    Sadly, everyone
    sitting on that lawn is now either
    dead, or a "geezer."
    You can deduce
    to which of the two groups I belong. One of the
    most touchingly
    arranged orchestrations for
    any of his recordings. Hard
    to limit listening to this enthralling
    recording just one
    time in one sitting.
    I'm good for 3 or 4. The gal in the brief close-ups with the nerdy guy is actress Barbara Parkins, who is now 75 as of 2/24/18. "Dolls" like this were just
    crawling out of the woodwork during this era in Hollywood. Diane
    Baker was another. (I left a couple of remarks earlier
    which are about 30 remarks into
    the "newest comments" section.) Oh, if
    our lives could
    have been as pleasant and uncomplicated , more
    often, as the scene depicted in
    this charming video.

    joe maxwell

    I am convinced, and have studied this video, that is NOT Barbara Parkins in the close up. Where did you get your information that she appears in this?

  45. Jerry de Goeij

    This song and video brings me back to my precious time being as old as Bobby at the time. Timeless beautiful melodious music they don't make anymore these days. What a treasure to hear this song again

  46. Misa Wong

    miss my dad :(

  47. Mr. Benis20

    I played battlefield hardline and listened to this daily.

  48. TheRickmast

    Bobby Vee's original here is a whole cut above Leo Sayer's cover version of the mid was par for the course with 50s songs....see any Linda Rodstadt cover of Buddy Holly

  49. Steve andrews

    Missin out on his 45 rpm om the fm radio? WHY


    Wow, is leo's cover? it is very surprising.!

    Howard Speizer

    Yes,Leo covered it. And he did it well. I like this one a little better,though.

  51. jeffrow naiukow

    Not really my kind of music, but grew up with my folks and family drunk as hell singing these songs. Good times even made a playlist for the next time i get drunk

    Milton Moore

    Not much of a recommendation
    for this song, and
    your playlist, if
    you only seem to
    want to listen to
    these songs when
    you are bombed out of your rapidly deteriorating mind!

    Ruth Boykin

    Really, Milton!

    Ruth Boykin

    So understanding..who peed in your cheerios that morning?

  52. use5555

    Yes it was a very different world. I was lucky enough to have grown up in this time. Life was not any simpler then but it seems so now. It was a much more innocent time though. I was lucky enough to see him in an oldies concert and Man he still had it. He still sounded good. I do miss him and his music. SIGH!

  53. steve dion

    What movie is this taken from? favorite Bobby Vee song!!

  54. manuel fernandez

    128.497 vis.)

  55. Nick S.

    This original is horrible. The remake by Leo Sayer is so much better

    Vrinda Kanchan

    No, this is much better.

  56. shirleyg sawqrfsd

    This song is so Beautiful !!

  57. Victor K. Panda

    Ironically, I liked, no loved, all his songs but only bought this on 45rpm record. I wish they'd bring 45s back. 33-1/3 LPs are being brought back nicely albeit few. We knew a hit song by sales back then. Today it's all down loads so it only tells how many listen but doesn't tell much because one person can poke a song over and over daily but not buying so we've got unrealistic statistics. I like PSY but do you think 3 billion likes is that many buys? In 1960s people put money to prove what is #1. Okay I'm archaic but a lot of 1960s songs still playing on radios and here on YouTube.

  58. 여심

    my favorite song
    창밖에 아무도없는 이슬이 내리는 새벽
    참 듣기좋습니다 감사합니다

  59. manuel fernandez

    (116.293 vis.)

  60. MrVampiredog


  61. Doug Lolik

    Did anyone else recognize Barbara Parkins, the dark haired girl to his left? She was on Peyton Place & in the Valley of the Dolls later on in the 60's.

  62. Mark meara-blount

    love this song and bobby vee r.i.p your music will live on

    Mark meara-blount

    I love bobby vee so cute r.i.p

  63. John Scavens

    One of the best

  64. Ryjo55

    Woah woah yay yay
    Love you more than I can say
    I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Whoa-oh, love you more than I can say
    Woah-woah yay yay
    I miss you every single day
    Why must my life be filled with sorrow
    Whoa-oh, love you more than I can say
    Don't you know I need you so
    Tell me please, I gotta know
    Do you mean to make me cry
    Am I just another guy
    Woah woah yay yay
    Love you more than I can say
    I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Whoa-oh, love you more than I can say
    Don't you know I need you so
    Tell me please, I gotta know
    Do you mean to make me cry
    Am I just another guy
    Woah woah yay yay
    I love you more than I can say
    I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Whoa-oh, love you more than I can say


    BEAUTIFUL, thanks for this great upload.

  66. Milton Moore

    As usual, my comment was ruined by my device typing a wrong word. I clearly watched the word THRONG appear on my screen correctly, but after posting my comment noticed that the infernal computer changed it to THROUGH! Whoever designed this malfunctioning software should be drawn and quartered!

    Ruth Boykin

    A bit angry are you? LOL Can't wait to push your buttons! LOL

    Milton Moore

    These are comments before
    I figured out how
    to correct mistakes with a certain button. But now I
    cannot get into
    the system to
    delete my angry
    reactions, which
    makes me even
    angrier because I
    am stuck with
    them for Life!

    Ruth Boykin


  67. Milton Moore

    All of us guys ate our hearts out over not having a head of hair like Bobby Vee, the Everly Brothers, Steve Reeves, Frank Gifford, Rock Hudson, and Tony Curtis. I join the through of those who are deeply saddened by the passing of Bobby Vee, who helped ratify that the human voice is God's most colorful and uniquely moving instrument.

    Milton Moore

    Halfway through the above comment, replace
    the word THROUGH with THRONG.

    Ruth Boykin

    Are you bald now?

    Milton Moore

    You guessed it!😆
    Began around 27.
    I took after my father and grand-
    father on my mom's side. My brother got lucky
    and retained his.

    Ruth Boykin

    LOL Clean shaven face? I do not care for the scraggly beards! Someone I knew used to say Don't let anything grow on your face that grows wild around your a******! And I agreed with him, LOL

    Colin Purssey

    Precisely my own feelings Milton, and you've expressed them more eloquently than I think I could. I can identify with everything in your text, especially your remark about the providential endowment of human vocal ability that can evoke and inspire .

  68. Claudio Dean

    Tinha um cabeção.....rsrsrs

  69. Albert Escamilla

    RIP Bobby will always love your classic songs! 😔 🎶🎵

  70. Anne Mott

    always loved his voice (since I first heard it when I was younger).... I missed this era of music but discovered it through 'oldies' stations.

  71. dabble778

    Had no idea Leo Sayer's version was a cover.

  72. desert3347

    I can't think of any of his Music that I don't like.....I'll miss you Bobby.

  73. Anita j Hennessy

    R.I.P. BOBBY...

  74. tedibair

    Bobby.... This Song Is For You. We Love You More than We Can Say...
    Thank you for all the Pleasure you Gave...
    I am doing what I hate most in life. Showing gratitude when someone dies instead of when they lived...
    So pleased you lived to enjoy your Music being shared with your Sons...
    Thank You RGM304


    Beautifully said. ✌️ RIP Bobby Vee

    Rebecca Jewell

    Beautiful. Thanks

  75. Vrinda Kanchan

    RIP, Bobby. There is a special place for you up there.

  76. Debbie Trethewey

    May you Rest In Peace Bobby Vee thankyou for the fantastic music.

  77. madrina334

    Rest In Peace Bobby Vee.

  78. Samuel Lok

    RIP Bobby

  79. Randall Grathwohls

    God's Speed

  80. My Place of Things

    Loved everything he did. May you rest in peace Bobby Vee.

  81. Cheryl DeShon

    RIP, Bobby -- you'll be missed

  82. Ady Banner

    R.I.P Bobby :(

  83. 55dbau

    Rest in Peace Bobby.

  84. james kahongeh

    May his soul rest in peace.

    bernie swing

    Well said sir!

  85. algywatt

    This song was originally on the flip side of a Crickets 45...the a side was "Baby my Heart"...but Bobbys great version gave the composition a brand new lease of life and established it as a classic. Thank you for the music Bobby...

  86. Thomas Pick

    "More Than I Can Say" and "Charms" are my two favorites by this artist. Great songs, performances, good arrangements. Simple emotional songs with a melody. These songs hold up over time.

  87. Phil Beal

    What a voice, beats all this new electronic rubbish....... Could/will listen to Bobby all day long. Listen Record companies, find a true voice :) Old skool is best

    bernie swing

    You are so right!!

  88. Clark Human

    Ahhhh, the dislikes. *Why*??? Although I was born in '75, my dad always played this on his guitar and kept music like this alive. Glad he did because I have a wonderful personality because of music like this. I swear!

    Robert Fishman

    I was born in 1975 as well, and I very much enjoy Bobby Vee’s music.

    Chris Rose

    Forget the dislikes, Clark, trolls were simply born too late and hate the world for it...

    Frank Hyland

    Your dad had good taste in music. Some people would put a dislike if their Mother was singing . They were less cynical times then, unfortunately it's just the way of the sad trolls these days.

  89. John Vandehey

    Could say bring it to every Bobby Vee song. He had so many simple, romantic, lost love type nostalgic songs from the best mini-era in pop music, the early 60s. Orchestration, voice, message. In every song it's there.

    Greg Palmer

    What about the Leo Sayer version? Went to #2.

  90. Myra Bridges


  91. Kurt Steiner

    super song
    alte zeiten werden wach

  92. Chris N

    Bobby was perfect for this era. As cute as could be and sexy, but wholesome. If he was young today they would have him showing his pubes in magazine layouts---which wouldn't necessarily be bad thing.

    Milton Moore

    Since I'm "old school," which is my God given right, I believe that the issue which you speculated upon as being a good thing is dependent on
    what gender you are.

  93. Peggy Platter Hill

    wow I'll say it again...what a foxy dreamboat

    Clark Human

    You too hun.

    Peggy Platter Hill

    +Clark Human haha thanks!

    uncle fester

    Yes YOU Are!

  94. toni-carole altheide

    Thanks for the memories, Bobby, Toni-Carole, England

  95. Alpen Jodler

    Ahh ! nostalgia......
    I remember a friend who played this with a bass speaker out of its box so he could show me the cone vibrating to the bass notes....

  96. Roger Huff

    inform me mr. dj i think he did a tour with america bandstand ?

  97. Howard Speizer

    The definitive version of this song. None have ever done it better. A number 1 song in my book.

    Joe Sampson

    +Howard Speizer Better than Leo Sayer's version.

    mr. warmth

    +Joe Sampson bobby tured with dick clark one summer

    21 Servent

    Joe Sampson no that's a damn lie

    mr. warmth


    marcello da silva rego

    leo sayer acho melhor