Bobby Goldsboro - With Pen In Hand Lyrics

With pen in hand
You sign your name
Today at five
I'll be on that train
And you'll be free
And I'll be alone
So alone

If you think
We can't find the love we once knew
If you think
I can't make everything up to you
Then I'll be gone
And you'll be on your own
You'll be on your own

Can you take good care of Jenny
Can you take her to school everyday
Can you teach her how to play
All the games that little girls play
Hear what I say
Can you teach her how to roll up her hair
Can you make sure each night that she says her prayers
Well if you can do all these things
Then maybe she won't miss me
Maybe she won't miss me

And tonight as you laid in that big lonely bed
And you look at that pillow
Where I laid my head
With your heart on fire
Will you have no desire
To kiss me
Or to hold me

And if you can forget
The good times we had
If you don't think
They out weigh the bad
Well then go ahead
Sign your name
And I'll be
On my way
I'll be on my way

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Bobby Goldsboro With Pen In Hand Comments
  1. Ian Spencer

    This song never ages,its still as good today as it was when it first aired.

  2. Ernest Godin

    Very touching

  3. Ernest Godin

    great song

  4. C Flow

    Great song. I liked the songs of Bobby Goldsboro. Aretha Franklin did a KILLER arrangement of this!!!

  5. Charlotte Padilla

    love this music

  6. Bill Widner

    Good song.  Why can't we have more like this?

    Braz DSZ

    True, a beautiful and happy time travel.

    John Jarou

    oh yes.  you nailed it buddy.

  7. cvueguy

    Should have played this tune to my ex before she left with my (then) 12 yr.old boy
    Should have scored much higher than #94, but did chart for 5 weeks on Billboard back in '72

    John Jarou

    +cvueguy yes, it got a LOT of radio airplay where i grew up (mid-michigan area) suprised it didn't chart MUCH higher. such a great song.

    Lynne Barlow

    You are soooo right!!!!!

  8. rakpandin

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    อื่นนำไปร้องหลายคน จนโด่งดังไปทั่วโลก ผมชอบเพลนี้ครับ....

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    Lynne Barlow

    Can you write in English? So we can see what you're saying believe it or not most of the world speak English so why don't you try that so we can all enjoy it.