Bobby Darin - I Want You With Me Lyrics

When I was little, my mama said to me
Someday you'll find a love to last eternally
I want you with me
Everywhere I go...
Please don't leave me
You know I love you so.
I'll be the ruler of this whole wide world
If you'll only say you'll be my girl
I want you with me
In everything I do...
You know I need you baby
You know I'm in love with you.
There is no mountain that I can't climb
Find me the mountain, child, I'll find the time
I want you with me
Every day of my life...
You know you can make me happy
Baby, won't you be my wife.
I'll swim an ocean with a ragin' foam
If I know you'll be there when I come back home
I want you with me
You know I love you so...
Yes, I want you with me baby
Everywhere I go
You know, you know, I want you with me
Yeah, yeah... I love you so...
Well, I want you with me baby
Everywhere I go.

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Bobby Darin I Want You With Me Comments
  1. ausfan100

    This version is running too SLOW. The correct speed as released on For Teenager's Only is in the video below. Elvis' version wasn't bad, however Darin owns this song which he recorded in 1958. The arrangement is reminiscent of Chuck Willis' "Hang Up My Rock n Roll Shoes".

  2. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Even though he might have did it a few years before Elvis Elvis's version is superior to Bobby's nothing beats the Elvis between 1956 and 1962 the golden years of the king

  3. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Elvis version a thousand times better more soulful more cool more more rebel more rockabilly everything that early Elvis represents he blows Bobby Darin away I don't like this version too much another great Elvis song early Elvis rules 56 + 62

  4. RAC628

    ..BD wrote this, too? wow! first time to hear this song and i like it! ... sounds like an Elvis rock 'n roll song :-)... i like 'em both.... ( fr. a new Darin convert :-) ..

  5. Dudu Gicu

    Even so, ELVIS IS THE BEST!!!

  6. quality333

    i would have made priority that radios stations played this song constantly and made sure it became a hit  Unfortunate it did not happen that way

  7. califgirl47

    Thanks for your diligence to the tempo and your great pictures.

  8. drmjr78

    Elvis did many covers - I didn't know this song was one of them - Elvis liked Bobby Darin's music.

  9. Anthony U

    Very cool version, I only knew Elvis's version of this great song...thanks for sharing!