Bobby Caldwell - Come To Me Lyrics

Come to me
Let me hold you
In my arms
Darling tonight
Come to me
Come to me
There's no need to stay
Alone this way
Baby come to me
Let me love you honey
Keep you warm
Holding you tight
Come to me
Come to me
All your cares will be history
Come to me
Come to me
I would never mistreat you
I would always, always be around
In this world you'll need someone
I will never let you down
Come to me
Let me love you honey
In my arms
Darling tonight
Come to me
Come to me
All your cares will be history
When you come to me

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Bobby Caldwell Come To Me Comments
  1. Chelsea Smith

    I could be seeing him rn. So SAD

  2. Sherra Sanders Hendricks

    The Cat in the Hat is one of the greatest musicians ever.

  3. CAPO QS


  4. Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey

    This could be a gospel song. 😄

    The Lopez Extravaganza

    It sure could sista

  5. S M

    What s golden voice 🤗♥️

  6. Nettie Richardson

    Bobby was always wonderful no matter when you saw him. He is the consummate artist! Thank you Bobby no matter what you sing, it’s always perfect!

  7. Melissa Schroeter


  8. 王恩恩


  9. June Harris

    Can I just say "WOW"!!!!!!!....what an absolutely beautiful song, sung by an amazingly gifted, talented singer!!! I love Bobby Caldwell's unique voice!!!

  10. comic c

    la canción de los cigarrillos parliament

  11. Gerald Johnson

    Bobby Caldwell. Singer. 'Nuff said. Thanks for the upload, Dufrense1978. Blessings

  12. headedsomewhere

    WOW   ;0


    I saw him in concert last year and this cat is B.A.D. He is so silky smooth and can just flat out sing. I'll be see him again this weekend. His vocals and performances never grow old.

  14. 井川直樹

    いい声 ボズスキャッグスとスティービーワンダーをたして2で割った感じ

  15. ChanelSoLovely

    I can't believe this is him live. Almost no differentiation between his studio voice. Amazing.

  16. Rush 2112

    Hey everybody check him out on the captain beyond concert footage from 1971.
    That's him on the drums. One of the best drummers that ever picked up a pair of sticks.
    And an awesome head of hair too!!

    Jaimie Nichols

    +TheGodmonster Are you sure?

    vandal nonesuch

    You're right! I took a look and, Caldwell is referenced as their drummer, not only in that video but in many others! Man, he's just killing it!

  17. Nobel Star

    Class! What a voice! And so soulfull. I am am a big fan of Mr Caldwell.

  18. Bambang eko Nugroho

    so sweet this song,

  19. Ganu Manel

    I always thought he was a black guy :D
    Was I in for a surprise.

  20. Teresa Clinch

    yes I love this song, so wonderful

    Teresa Clinch

    I love him

  21. Janine Taft

    My next band song to cover...  I am moved by everything this man sings...  MAN, SO MUCH FEELING....I can't wait to learn and sing this...hope I can do it justice! <3 

  22. Susi Gilmartin

    Gosh, I love this guy!

  23. MrPoppa2

    Bobby is pure musical magic! I think He is better than Sinatra, will that get me shot?

    Elaine Delvecchio

    He's different thanSinatra but both great!


    I would agree

  24. Denny Knipp


  25. Faurocious

    He is repected more on the Soul stations. Growing up back in the day, every brother I knew had Booby Caldwell in his album collection.

  26. DesertFish

    Im in love! He is sexy!!

  27. mike oliveri

    I saw bobby perform in NYC town hall he was amazin!!!

  28. susanmarty26

    Bobby Caldwell is amazing in every way. Cannot understand why he is more popular in Japan then here in the United States. His style, voice and everything about him is so unique and soulful. I could listen to him for hours; there is not another.

  29. nicsfan4ever

    Check out his duet with Toni Tennille of the Captain and Tennille on this same song- pure awesomeness!!!!

  30. C W

    I thought it was Sheamus from WWE SMACKDOWN!!!!!

  31. francesco russo


  32. UandMe Surf'n

    Bobby's voice sounds like an instrument,'s sooo smooth, I wonder if he sings to his mate??...He's sure is BLUE EYED SOUL.........mmmm

  33. francesco russo

    Bobby Caldwell e Boz, musica meravigliosa, love love

  34. Louise Pinto

    bobby is the modern day mel torme. like mel he has written for everyone and like mel he is a multi faceted musician and one of the greatest singers of our time. the consummate pro. it was said that if mel were better looking he would have had more mainstream sad as that is i think the same can be said for bobby. to me bobby is a God.

    E. L.

    Louise Pinto Are you kidding? He's gorgeous.

  35. Exactly Right

    This whole CD was great.

  36. PoopTruffles

    Cum to me?

  37. Cora Stanley

    Michael Franks is another artist that I thought was black because of his voice and style and found out later that he is white.

  38. Diosdado Santos


  39. Eyob Solomon

    @murdok620 ture hahaha

  40. Eyob Solomon

    @murdok hahaha... so true!!

  41. smoothgroove

    @micvelo Nicely put. Bobby is one of those artist that you can to forever and never get tired least I don't.


    Same here never get tired of listening to him

  42. SAXY RIC

    Any man madly in love should make sure that his woman hears him either sing this to her or dedicate it to her. And hopefully he will also TRY to live up to it. It can also be dedicated to you child for whom you will love just as deeply.

  43. micvelo

    @CoverGirl084 Amen to that. I couldn't believe the original comment but hey, some measure success by their "hits". I measure an artist's success by their ability to touch the listener's emotions and the senses. Hey, I have a playlist of somewhere around 80 of Bobby Caldwell's songs. Nice mix of originals and covers... and while I have my favorites, I am constantly tweaking it for "airplay" because they're all good.

  44. hollidayevery

    As amazing as Bobby is, he is surprisingly (although I should NOT have been surprised) incredible covering Sinatra-styled songs!! SIMPLY BRILLIANT MUSICIAN (that incapsulates his abilities singing, playing piano, and interpreting songs with such depth of emotion)...

  45. butchmoore73

    man the damn labels didnt push bobbys work, they thru him in with the jazz crowd, i didnt think that was cool of them, he had a lot of dope joints.

  46. CoverGirl084

    @wgbdklsby that may be true but those 2-3 songs have made him quite rich from being sampled..and those 2-3 songs are classics what have you accomplished that anyone will remember you for huh?

  47. Rico d' Jazz Crooner


  48. alan britos

    im not crazy about him he has just 2 -3 hits in his long career

  49. John Courty

    this guy sounds better than himself thats how good he is


    An AUTHENTIC artist...a Timeless songwriter.....

  51. Charles Patrick

    one of my influences as a could I ever forget such a unique voice and a special the man Bobby!

  52. santamara


  53. smoothgroove

    He was feeling this one.

  54. wendel88

    @catine09 yeah its beyond belief that he did not become famous for his dedication and talent. bobby is an extremely talented muscian. people missed out on it sadly

  55. ochappi66

    thank you for uploading this. I love this song.....

  56. christine smith

    i am so mad, that the only thing we ever got out of the radio stations was the song what you wont do for love. what an awesome song, but was this mad denied a wider audience? absolutely!!!! he's one of those artists, that for some reason, wasnt enough for the popularity scene. think of how many people have been denied the beauty of his voice. the music lovers out there that have missed out on such a great performer. love this video, and thank you

  57. coffeeman6

    A awesome musician brother who I had the pleasure of meeting. A kind and pleasent man with a pleasent family. YOu go bobby.

  58. Kala Koa

    He was here in Hawaii a few weeks back. I wish I had known earlier. Not too many stations here were promoting his concert. I finally found out about it the day I was to attend another concert. As much as I liked Journey, I would've gone to see Bobby better. He was my "time" and I would've better related to his songs.

  59. expectare maris

    he's flawless. these live clips are amazing. I'm so happily stunned.