Bobby Caldwell - April Moon Lyrics

This is a story I've wanted to tell
I was left for a handsomer guy
All I could do was wish them both well
And gaze at my friend in the sky

April Moon
You know me
I have wept here before
Can you believe I went back to her for more
I just hate that side of me

April Moon
My baby left me with nothing
You know the ropes
Can't you do something
To restore my sanity

I remember the good times
Love was strong so I thought
Do the stars cheat on you
Like she did me
I think not
I think not

April Moon
So full, so bright
Maybe one day
She'll be in my arms again
But not tonight, not tonight
April Moon

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Bobby Caldwell April Moon Comments
  1. Zane Landers

    A monument to my desire for suffering

  2. herrikudo

    20 years later and i still find my way to this song because of batman

  3. tom smith

    screw batman

  4. T-Bus

    “I understand. No holding back...”

  5. TheMasterQuests

    Yea that was schway.

  6. rio blacklion

    Terry McGuiness and Bruce Wayne led me here

  7. Acelyn Fury

    Batman led me here too😄

  8. H0spitaller

    Got here because of Batman, but also this name gave me this chill in memory of my ex, it's her birthday today and she left me and I was an asshole to her, sometimes, but also a romantic slave to that princess and this song is just a wonder to listen to, reminds that there is something more .... sometimes just something above like April moon,,,,

  9. TheMick2639

    Listening to this after a break up. I can't take it...


    I knew the comment section would be full of Batman and I also knew that blonde girl left him for the bad guys before I saw it, and I also know that if you are reading this you knew that too haha, or maybe not who knows, nice song btw

  11. Akeem Campbell

    Yep Batman Beyond led me to this

  12. Alger Blackwell

    Anyone else think this will be in Bayonetta 3?

  13. The Danger Dave

    who else came here because of batman beyond

  14. Mari Laucher

    How handsome does a guy have to be? What about charm, style, wit , smarts? Now that;s sexy.

  15. Robert Stirling

    This song is so beautiful

  16. TheBrandon425

    Caldwell's the real deal...when it's all said and done, he'll get his due

  17. Phillip Woods

    Boy, does he have pipes, phrasing and vocal control. Can tell a story with his songs.

  18. TheMick2639

    What are some other good songs of this style of music?


    +TheMick2639 Darude - Sandstorm

  19. Amber Jude

    Batman led me here as well.

  20. TheMick2639

    Is this the song Batman Beyond was referencing? I was just looking at another song with the same title.

    Joseph Camacho

    Both are fine but I feel like this one fits the story of that episode better

    Louis Pinto

    according to the DC wika it is  Sam Brown's 1990 song "April Moon".


    @Louis Pinto You know, I think the DC wikia is wrong, I'm dead sure the episode was referring to the Bobby Caldwell song. The style fits the episode's orchestral score better then Sam Brown's song. And the Caldwell CD that this song originally appeared on (Come Rain or Come Shine) was released in 1999. Which is the same year that the Batman Beyond cartoon show premiered.   

    Kyle Hyde

    +Zefferwindow Maybe the chapter was referencing both songs, the Sam Brown version talks about a May-December romance (being the male the older), in certain way it reflects Doctor Corso's perspective when he thinks that April loved him and when he discovers that April was cheated on him all along the song becames this version, which is the reality

  21. mokay14

    Found out about this song from Batman Beyond :)

  22. Mark W

    The writers of Batman Beyond forshadowed April leaving the doctor by referencing this song. if anyone knew this song they would have known about April doing what she did.

  23. LifeUniverseEveryone

    I did! ^^ Now I get why the entire soundtrack of that episode was this amazing jazzy cool stuff!

  24. Brad Welch

    the makers of Batman Beyond have good taste :)

  25. Magik Trece

    I was watching batman beyond lol :P

  26. FA Revolution Production

    sad episode.

  27. savage pervert

    Reply to me if if u was watching batman beyond and u decided to come here and check ths song out

    William Simmons

    savage pervert Eyy my boy

  28. John Hatchell

    Who knows, maybe in the future Booby Caldwell will be more famous than Britney Spears. We can hope.

    carmen101 1

    With a name like Booby Caldwell you can count on it😂

  29. AXL ThreeNineEight

    Why is does the video go on when the song ends?

  30. mythghost

    notice how the singer looks like the doc from that ep too.

  31. TenDividedBySix

    Makes me sleepy, but in a cool, smooth, jazzy kind of sleepy.

  32. juswapenelo

    one of the few good episodes in the series as well :)

  33. giehlemanns

    reminds me of Frank Sinatra. Great!

  34. mickypure

    Absolutely wonderful! If only we could hear more of this type of song these days; it would bring music today a little more class!

  35. TheBigChill10

    This is so cool :)

  36. FoggyFogzmeister

    Smooth and sexy. Batman Beyond's got wicked style to make a reference to this song.